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Form W-2: Wage and Tax Statement

What is Form W-2?

The IRS requires employers to report wage and salary information for employees on Form W-2. Your W-2 also reports the amount of federal, state and other taxes withheld from your paycheck. The IRS also receives a copy of this form.

As an employee, the information on your W-2 is extremely important when preparing your tax return. To ensure you have it in time, the IRS requires your employer to send you a W-2 no later than January 31 following the close of the tax year, December 31.

Verifying your name and Social Security number

The identifying information section of the W-2 is essentially a tracking feature. If the income you report on your taxes does not match the information on your W-2, the IRS will want to know why. Similarly, the IRS will match the reported payment amounts with your employer's tax return for accuracy.

Most importantly, since the IRS receives a copy of your W-2, it already knows you have taxable wages and may contact you if you fail to file a tax return. If the name or Social Security number on your W-2 is inaccurate, you should immediately report this to your employer to be corrected.

Attaching your W-2

When you finish and prepare to file your tax returns, remember that a copy of your W-2 must always be attached to the front of a paper-filed return.

If  you e-file using TurboTax, then your W-2 information is sent along with your tax return electronically, and no attachment is necessary.

What if I received two or more W-2s?

After you have entered in your first W-2, you will be given the option of adding any additional W-2s you may have received. Simply click on the Add W-2 button, and we will walk you through step-by-step adding all your W-2s.

If you have yet to receive your W-2, refer to our Missing Your W-2 or Corrected W-2 Form article.

Additional Questions

If you need to correct or change any information you have entered from your W-2, the steps you take depends on if you have already filed your tax return.

  • If you have yet to file your return, simply navigate to your W-2 in TurboTax following the steps below, and correct or change your information.
    • Select Federal Taxes (Personal in Home & business edition)
      In Online TurboTax, click the bars at the upper left corner to show Federal Taxes on the selection list; enlarge the screen if needed to show the left side selection list.
    • Select Wages & Income, and in the new screen, choose Explore on My Own.
    • Scroll down to the Your Income Summary screen until you see the Wages & salaries, and click the Update button.
    • Click the Edit button next to the W-2 you need to correct.
  • If you have already filed your return, you will need to amend your return. See our How to Amend a Return You already Filed article.

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