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Error 510 when opening tax return

When opening your tax return in the Windows CD/Download version, Error 510 may indicate one of the following:

  • Your tax return file is damaged or corrupted. This can occur if you saved your return directly to (or opened it from) a portable device, such as a flash drive.
  • The file you're trying to open is a PDF file, which cannot be opened in TurboTax. It needs to be opened in Adobe Reader.
  • The file you're trying to open was originally a PDF file, then was saved as (or renamed) as a .tax file.


If you're trying to open a PDF file, just double-click to open it in Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free if you don't have it on your computer.

If you saved your return to (or opened it from) a portable device and got one of these errors, try making a backup copy of your original return and then retrieve the backup from your portable device.

Still getting errors? Your data file is most likely corrupted. Unfortunately you'll need to start over by choosing New Tax Return from TurboTax's File menu, as corrupted data files cannot be restored.