TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ
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Why am I being charged for TurboTax Free Edition?

TurboTax Free Edition is a free solution for simple federal returns – 1040-EZ or 1040A with the standard deduction.

The only reason you would be charged is if you upgraded to a higher-tier version of TurboTax, or if you choose additional add-ons such as filing a state return, adding PLUS or Refund Processing.

  • PLUS
    After you start working in Free Edition, you will come to a screen that explains the benefits of PLUS. You can decline this and continue working on your return. If you inadvertently add PLUS, you can remove it – See below.
  • Refund Processing
    This option lets you pay for any TurboTax fees by using your federal tax refund. You will only have the option to add Refund Processing if you already chose an add-on like PLUS, or if you upgraded to a higher-tier version of TurboTax. If you added Refund Processing inadvertently, you can remove it – See below.
  • Other Add-Ons or Upgrades like filing a state return
    See below to find out what upgrades or add-ons you have.

How to Review Your Fees and Remove Any Add-ons or Upgrades

To get an itemized breakdown of your charges, start by reviewing your fees. You can then remove any add-ons before you pay by following these instructions:

You can also remove all fees by clearing your return and starting over, provided you haven't paid or registered yet.