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TurboTax FAQ
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TurboTax Online for tax year 2016 has shut down for e-filing

TurboTax Online shut down for tax year 2016 e-filing on Monday, October 16 at 11:59 PM local time.

What Next?

If you e-filed your 2016 return before the October 16 deadline and it got rejected, you have until Saturday, October 21 (11:59 PM local time) to resubmit your e-filing.

Should it get rejected again, or if you want to file a conventional paper return, you have until Tuesday, October 25 (again, 11:59 PM local) to access and print your 2016 tax return.

Simply sign back in, reopen your return, click File, and proceed with the onscreen instructions to either e-file or file by mail.

And if you miss the October 25 deadline, find out how to finish and file in the TurboTax software.