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Can TurboTax do Homeowner Association returns (Form 1120-H)?

TurboTax Business can handle Form 1120-H, but it needs to be filled out in Forms mode.


  1. Open TurboTax Business, start a new return, and proceed to the What type of return do you need to prepare? screen.
  2. Select Business return and then select C Corporation (Form 1120). Click Continue.
  3. In the upper right corner, click the Forms icon. This will take you out of the interview into Forms mode.
  4. On the Corporation Information Worksheet, scroll down to Part II – Type of Return and check the Prepare Form 1120-H checkbox.
  5. In Part III – Tax Year and Filing Information, enter the date your association formed in MM/DD/YYYY format.
  6. Now scroll all the way to the bottom of the worksheet and click the last Quickzoom button for 1120-H. This will open the 1120-H.
  7. Fill out the form manually until you no longer see (Not Done) next to 1120-H in the left pane.
    • Tip: Click the errors "exclamation mark" icon to see what missing fields still need to be filled out.
  8. When finished, click Print at the bottom of your screen, as 1120-H cannot be e-filed at this time. (For the filing instructions, which you can also print out, click Filing Instr in the left pane.)