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Unable to Copy and Paste from a Spreadsheet in TurboTax (Windows Only)

When trying to copy information from a spreadsheet file, like Excel or OpenOffice, and pasting into TurboTax, it appears that no information is pasted in the desired field.  In some instances, you may get a "Type in a number" pop-up alert when doing so.

What is occurring is when you copy a cell from the spreadsheet it is adding a carriage return to the end of the number or text, creating an extra, blank line.  When you paste the information into TurboTax, it appears as if there is nothing there when in fact what you pasted is there, but it's showing the blank line of the carriage return.


In the spreadsheet, instead of selecting and copying the whole cell, double-click on the cell and highlight the information within, then copy and paste into TurboTax.