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Unable To Indicate K-1 Partnership Disposition Was Listed On A 1099-B

If you have a K-1 Partnership Disposition of Interest that was reported on a  Form 1099-B, there is currently no way to indicate in the program that it was reported on a  Form 1099-B.


This is a two step process.

Fist edit the K-1.

Then re-enter the Information as a 1099-B to correctly report the information on Form 8949 and your Schedule D.

To Edit Your K-1

  • Revisit the K-1 interview, and enter "Zero" for your basis and sale price on the "Enter Sales Prices" screen.

To Enter as a 1099-B

  • Visit the "Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Other" interview section under "Investment Income" and enter the sales reported on your 1099-B statement.