TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ

Microsoft Installer Error 2720

Error 2720 occurs when installing or updating TurboTax. The accompanying text may look like this:


ApplicationController MSI Install Exception occurred Microsoft Installer error 2720 with error code 2720

Possible Cause

Error 2720 indicates that one or more TurboTax program files are damaged or corrupted.


If this error occurs while installing the CD:

  1. Check your CD and your CD drive.
  2. Try installing TurboTax from your hard drive instead of directly from the CD.
  3. Try installing the CD on a different computer, if one is available. If it installs successfully, the CD drive on the original computer is most likely at fault.

If installing from a download, delete the download by dragging it to the Recycle Bin, then download the program again.

If this error occurs while updating:

  1. Reinstall TurboTax.
  2. Try updating again. If the problem persists, forcefully uninstall and reinstall TurboTax.