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Where's My Amended Return?

I sent in my amended return the end of Feb and have been checking online using the WMAR tool. My status has been processing this whole time stating that the IRS received my 1040x on 11 Mar. Today I go in to check my status and it states that they have no record of my amended return. Just wanted to know what that means and if anyone else is experiencing the same problem?
    I don't know whats going on but I been commenting on this page site but no one getting let me try this way and see if yall can see it...
    • I can see this. Last status before this one that i see from you is that someone told you checks come on monday and saturday. So if you said anything since then its didnt post.
    I started getting that message yesterday. It has been 7 weeks since they received my amendment. I'm thinking that WMAR is just really messed up.
    • I am having the same thing happen to me.. I am really glad it's not just me.
    I have the sat the status . checled today and says no record of amended return when just the other day and it said processing as of feb 27th. this sucks but glad to see im not the only one
    • Maybe they have processed ours and WMAR is buggy or the system is just down... I know that there is a lady working on mine and had lost 2 pages of mine and asked for me to fax the info over to her personal fax number last week. So it should be any day now for mine.
    • that would be great!
    • I figured maybe they just tossed mine due to incorrec math, even though my return was quite simple maybe i had an incorrect zip code or something..................its been 8 weeks exactly since the "recieved" mine
    • Call them and ask them what is going on, If one rep can't give you an answer then another one can.... everyone down at the IRS all have different information on their systems. I have talked to someone every other day down there and thats how I got mine  assigned to someone.
    • ok i will tomorrow since they are closed
    • The best times to call is first thing in the morning and in the evening. Anytime in between that is a 15 min + wait time.
    • whats the best number
    • 1 (800) 829-1040 , really no one number is better than another, they are all the same. If you want to get in contact with your local office (which Is where your return will be) call an hour before they close. They will have the most accurate information on your return .
    • my status came back
    • Mine too, But it still say processing :-(
    • Mine too.. how long does it take, they said they received mine on February 11th
    • They told Me 8-12 weeks. looks like you have already hit that mark. have you received any notices or anything? they have 30 days to issue some sort of response.
    • I have received nothing.
    • You need to call them....
    • Mine says still processing also, but my check came in the mail today.
    • How long did it take for you Mel?
    • mel was your ORIGINAL return processed yet
    • My original return was processed in February. The IRS accepted my amended return on March 31st.
    • My original still has not processed
    • I amended a prior year return.
    • I still have not received any notice in the mail, and online its shows still processing.. They received my amended return on February 11th.
    • Until this year, you were not even able to check the status of amended returns.
    • I received a letter 4 weeks after they received my amendment telling me that I would know within 60 day. The IRS said it was an automatic response .
    • As of march of this year to be exact. Who said anything different?
    • I think they're still working out the bugs in the new system.
    • I just checked back online, and now its telling me it hasn't been processed yet, and to call this number to speak to a rep.. wonder what this means?
    • Great info guys, I think I'll just call them once a week to get statuses, it has been 8 weeks for us and currently we are overseas and snail mail always takes forever. Anyone know how long it takes once it is assigned to a rep to be worked?
    • I wish I knew, mine has been assigned since the 25th of April. It took forever to get assigned.
    • Candy, I called this morning and talked to a rep. She said they had been a problem but it got resolved.. he said I should get a notice, or my refund next Monday.. Thanks for everything girl, you have been such a BIG help. :)
    • *There
    • Awesome ! Glad I could help :-)
    • When did WMAR update for everyone? I'm thinking it only updates overnight on Monday.
    • Mine has never updated it still says processing when I have already got my check on Monday.
    • Did you receive a notice stating that you should be expecting a check before your received your check? I have noticed that the system seems to go down on the weekends. When i check my tax return detailed information on the automated system  is stuck on the 22nd of april " Your balance is $0 as of april 22nd 2013"  which is a monday.  It will not update past that darn date.
    • I got the letter after I got my check saying I would get my refund in 2 to 3 weeks and the letter was dated May 13th.
    • what number are you calling for detailed tax info?????. as for wmar i mailed off 3 years of tax amendments last week. 2 on Tuesday the 30th and 1 on Wednesday May 1st.. As of yesterday morning they were still telling me no record of amended return and can take up to 3 weeks blah blah blah. Then yesterday evening around 7 pm, it showed 1 year was received and processing, and then as of this morning it showed 2 years were received and processing. So I don't know when it is updating but it definitely  is. And is there a difference between it being received and processing vs. being assigned?? One would think it had been assigned as soon as its showing up in the system because someone had to enter the info..............
    • call 18008291040 press 1 for english then one each automated message starts  press 2  then  1 then    4 then  2 ( there is no need to listen to each message)  then you enter your social, press 2 it will then ask for a pin which it the last 6 digits of the primary social security number. it will take you right through it after that.

      I sent mine in mid march and it showed up on WMAR 3 days later. since then it has not updated and the IRS says it has been assigned since April 15th and is waiting to be processed. So received means that it has been sitting around somewhere waiting for someone to pick it up.
    • Thanks for the phone info.
    • And when you called did they give you any info other than when it was assigned? Just wondering because the wmar tool says reps won't be able to provide.any info while processing.
    • The system is down again.  It must be a sunday thing... Cassie , when I call I don't just ask about my amended return, they will not give me any information that way. Find a good question to call about then ask for your amendment status.
    • @candy, my amended return wait has just begun as they only got it last week but I have been reading through quite a few forums on other sites and it seems that simple things like adding a dependent or a w-2 are going quickly like under 6 weeks. And those who are amending for certain credits such as education, or the first time home buyer are having delays just as those who claimed those on original returns. Not sure what your amendment was for, but these could be reasons why you are at 8 weeks already
    • oh and when i call the automated and follow the prompts you left it tells me that my pin does not match their records.... not sure what the problem is
    • I think I'm going to call again, I was told they are processed in the order they are received, if that were the case then my neighbors wouldn't be getting their check already when they sent theirs in mid April and I sent mine the end of Feb. I'm trying to be patient just worried since we are about to move soon.
    • Update: Mine has been finished as of 5/21 . IRS rep told me that it takes 2 weeks for their systems to adjust. Not sure when I should expect a check but I'm hoping very soon. I filed a prior year return and added a dependent as well as income. I owed the IRS money but as of 5/21 my balance is $0.  As for the pin, I had to keep guessing and it turned out to be the last 6 of the primary social security number. There is still no update on WMAR for me.
    • @Candy did you call and they told you this? Everytime I call they tell me; well it can take up to 12 weeks so call back at 12 weeks? This is really aggervating especially since the IRS is getting furloughed now which means it's going to take even longer. I don't want to bother them all the time but it has been assigned to an agent since the 12th of April.
    • Yes I called and spoke to 2 different reps to confirm. They both said my amended return is finished and there is a pending credit, they said it takes their computer systems 2 weeks to adjust it.  I have had a few reps not want to give me any Info , so I just call back and speak to someone nicer.
    • I'm guessing that means that they have 2 weeks to mail a check. Or at least I hope that's  what it means.
    • Also not all amended returns will get status updates. Which amended returns cannot be accessed using the Where’s My Amended Return? application?
      Status updates for the following types of amended returns are not available through the Where’s My Amended Return?application:
      Carrybacks (applications and claims)
      Form 843 claims Injured Spouse claims
      A Form 1040 marked as an amended or corrected return
      An amended return with a foreign address
      Business amended returns
      An amended return routed/received outside of the processing operations in a specialized function (i.e. Examination Dept, 1040X response to a CP 2000 notice, Bankruptcy Dept).
    • Update: Amended return has been processed and completed on  5/21. Awaiting a mailing date and was told that it takes 4-6 more weeks. . It took 1 week for the $ amount  to post to my account from the date completed . Will let you know if it actually takes the 4-6 weeks.
    • 4 to 6 more weeks just to generate and mail a check seems excessive and that world put u past 12 weeksright? And did ur wmar ever update or still on processing?
    • wmar worked fine for me, up until yesterday. Both online and on the phone it says no record.
    • Candy did you ever get a noticein the mail stating it would be mailed out to you in 2-3 weeks
    • Just checked wmar and its showing all 3 years for me. I mailed them on april 30th and fhey have 2 recieved on the 6th and one on the 8th of may. Havent bothered calling as they have acknowledged they have them and no where near the 8 to 12 weeks.
    • WMAR has not updated for me.  It would put me way past the 12 weeks but if you notice it says 8-12 weeks for processing, so they are not including mail time.  I think its a long time as well and i really hope that it doesn't take that long but i will have to wait and see, I have not received any letters as of yet.
    • I saw another post on here about a guy that was going though the same thing. they mailed his out to him exactly 3 weeks from the date it was completed.
    • WMAR status is  stuck at received monday-friday, and technical difficulties or no record of my amended return saturday-sunday.
    • My status does the same thing, comes and goes. I still cant check the phone account cuz it wants a pin and i dont have one and when i go into pin help option it doesnt have a create pin option just how to change, if you forgot it, if they sent you one, or to block access to tax account
    • I just kept guessing 6 digit numbers until i finally got it. The automated detailed information never updates, I'm guessing it won't update until i have received my check. the only answers i seem to get are from the irs reps.
    • I just called the IRS today to find out the status of my Amended return.  Spoke to a Rep that stated mine was finished processing and she read me the correct amount of what my refund should be...but it had not updated in there system yet...that it would take 2-3 weeks to receive the check....does anyone know if this is accurate or not?  Hoping it will be sooner.....someone please give me good news.....
    • The lady i talked to this morning was useless. I told her mine said it was recieved 4/14 and now say no record. She said she cant see it either but if it said that then they shoild have it. Thanjs for nothing. What do u say to get them to give u info??? Help I needed my miney like yesterday.
    • Their systems are all screwed up...
    • hey all....first time on today....Just curious, has any ones WMAR changed to show it has been processed? Or has the automated system changed with an updated status?  When the TPA called on Friday she told me that my return was completed on the 28th of May but there has been no updates on either for me.......
    Amended returns take as long as they take since they are handled one at a time by humans not computers. They are understaffed & overwhelmed with 1040X's at this time of year so patience is a virtue. I have seen them take 16+ weeks to process. Check once a day online to follow the process like SJ suggested.
    • yes but when the wmar sysytem changes prom processing to we have no record, that makes you wonder
    • I had a lot of issues with mine due to H&R Block's errors. So if I did not call then mine would have been rejected. The IRS reps are very nice and very helpful... WMAR has had many issues since it starting running as of march of this year. I won't rely on something so buggy.
    • yeah i used hr block too im def calling them tomorrow
    • Yeah I will never go back to them again. They made it a complete nightmare for me.
    • I called today because I was still getting the message of NO record. she stated that the IRS did receive my amended return on the 11th of Mar and on the 12th of Apr it was assigned to an agent. I hope the agent doesn't take too long it's just a simple Form 2555.
    • I know People who received Theirs in 4 weeks to the day exactly. The IRS rep this morning told Me that it's still in processing... I already know that mine is assigned to someone since I spoke to the lady who is doing mine just last week. but their systems still say that it is not assigned...
    • I called the irs and they said mine finished processing yesterday.  how long before I get the check
    • @Dynigua, how long was yours in the processing stage, Monday will be 10 weeks for us and I'm wondering when should I call back? I would assume that once it is done processing they should send your check in the mail within a couple of days so hopefully you should get it next week.
    • mine was in processing for about 2 weeks @aj11785 they received it in the 30th of April and it was done processing on 5/15. But they said it will take 2 to 3 weeks for them to generate a check
    • Have you received your check yet?
      I filed my amended return in 4/10. I checked WMAR and it said it was recieved on 4/14 up until last tuesday. Now it says no record of an amended return for me. What us the deal? I have tried calling the irs a xoupke of time but each time I ended up waitingnover an hour and still no live person. Anyine have any insight as to what might be going in with it??
      • the WMAR is glitchy at best. It changes numerous times for me from showing that it is processing, to no record found, to technical difficulties. It eventually goes back to showing its processing though. Just check it again later or tomorrow.
      • What number are you calling?
      • 18008291040
      • I get through every time. The easiest way for me is when prompted press 1-2-1-4-2 enter your social then press what ever number it is for you that said detailed tax information( It's either 2 or 5). When it asks for your pin just press random numbers and after 3 failed attempts it will transfer you to a rep.
      • I must be doing something wrong i tried that and it took me to the automated li e but never gave me any other options like that
      • What options does that menu give you.?
      • hrk call 1-866-464-2050. thats the amended refund automated number, it should atleast acknowledge they have it
      • I called and it's completed. I'm so relieved
      • :-)
      Okay Cassie, I comment on the site on the computer and it posted but when I checked again I didnt see it I will just have to do it this here goes, I did get the lettet stating that the check was oniit's way now what am thinking if the check was mailed on  the 24th then why I haven't received it yet so what am thinking is the check has another stop to make before it actually get to us and you do have to get the letter first....make sence
      • I am starting to think there is absolutely no logic to how this whole amended process works. I have read everything from people saying they got their check before the letter and the WMAR and automated hotline never updating, people saying they got the letter and check the same day, people who got the letter and than got their check a few days later, people whose wmar updated days after they got a check, people whose amendment was completed and had checks mailed within a few day, people whose amendment was completed for weeks and no check mailed. There is just to many variables, and it seems to be a very individualized result. What happens for one person, is not what happens for another person.

        On another note, being that you got the letter stating they adjusted your account and you check should be coming, hopefully your wait is almost over!
      • Cassie, about the guy who had to wait the additional 45 days, how many weeks did it take for the actual amendment to be processed prior to the review?
      • 10 weeks
      • Jeez. Was it confirmed by multiple reps that it was finished?
      • yea he was at 10 weeks, told by the phone and 2 reps it was done, check the wmar after a few days to see if it updated, no update, so called the number the message had changed to the 45 day wait so he called back and was told it was in review and the 45 day message is still there today
      • Do you have the link to where this is posted? I wouldn't mind reading it.
      • im trying to find it my phone internet history to copy and paste link for you
      • Thanks :-)
      You can get the "no record" message when WMR is unavailable.  Check again tomorrow.
      • Ive been checking for the past two days and keep gettin "no record" message.  Prior to yesterday, mine was processing.  I sent it April 2 and it finally moved to the "received" stage by April 29.  I received a notice letter on the 15th stating that I should have a refund in 2 to 3 weeks.  I called yesterday and they said my check was mailed on the 3rd??  NEVER GOT IT! and why would they send a notice out, dated on the 13th saying I'll receive it in 2-3 weeks if they mailed it 3 weeks ago-during the recieved stage?
      • call them and confirm your mailing address.
      • hi candy, they also told me I was completed on the 5/21and mail a ckeck off 5/24 haven't seen nothing yet, am thinking the holiday Monday slowed everything down keep me up-to-date if you get any new news ...lshndrice
      • When did you send yours in and how fast did they process it?
      • I mailed it in on 3/4 and it was completed on 5/21. Don't know if that was fast or not, but it looks to me like the full 12 weeks.
      • Yea thats the full 12 weeks. Just wondering because i have seen people reporting everything from 4 weeks to beyond 12 weeks.
      • They recieved my amended return on the 11th of March and it is still processing 12 weeks to the day will be Monday the 3rd of June.
      • Aj have you called lately? Received any letters?
      • lshndrice: I spoke to an irs rep in april and was told that a 60 day letter was sent out on april 15th. Well I didn't receive that letter until early may and it was dated april 26th.  I think they just see that it was printed and figure it was my knowledge they only mail checks on fridays.

        I have 2 amendments but I'm only concerned about 1.
        My amendments were send on 3/17 and accepted on 3/21
        amendment #1 was finished 5/16                      IRS reps still have no update in their systems but I know it was finished because the lady doing my amendment had called me and confirmed that it was finished.
        Amendment #2 was finished 5/21      It was not registering in the IRS computer system for 1 week.

        Still no mailing date on either of mine, Was told by 1 Rep that it takes 2 weeks to mail, and by another 4-6 weeks to mail.  

        I hope  my updates are helpful.
      • Also, I was told that I was sent out a letter on may 23rd from fresno which is only a few hours away and now 7 days later still nothing.
      • Candy, did you let the rep know what was going on? when I found out mines was completed on 5/21, I called rep said it will mail out friday 24th so after that I called 3 more times and the others say already mailed on friday 24th...pray about it don't stress but make sure yall (irs) are on the same page...
      • Ok I just got of the phone with the IRS again, I was transfered twice.

        1st Rep told me that my amendment was finished on 5/21 and my refund is still pending and I should receive it in 2-3 weeks from the date it was finished.

        2nd Rep said that my amendment was finished on 5/25 (1st time I have heard this date and the IRS was closed for 4 days that week)) and my refund will pend for another week and I should receive my refund in 4 weeks from when its past the pending status.

        As for my other amendment, 1st rep said its still not done and  waiting to be processed and the 2nd rep said it was finished and that they are sending out a letter on 6/10...

        They are never on the same page over there.
      • I would go with 5/21 cause the 5/25 is on a Saturday and they were closed...unless the system automatically does it. Its good you was able to talk with live reps...also confusing with the information they provided.
      • Yea thats crazy that they have giving you multiple.stories and the 25th does sound like they feeding you bs cause its a saturday and they were supposedly on a 4 day break last weekend. I wonder what they would tell you if you call again. Somebody needs to get it together
      • @ish, does the wmar tool online show you as completed or did you find out by calling?
      • am kind of afraid because I called so much and then I found out they know how many times i call so am just waiting on the mail today...hopefully its there!!
      • i wouldnt worry about calling to much. they are there to help and i don't believe they have the capability to stop a check from being sent.
      • I know it wasn't done on the 25th, it wouldn't be possible since they were closed. .  I have probably talked to them at least 50 times due to missing this and missing that and ect ect, i had to fax over both years multiple times , they ask for page 1 so i send them page 1, then they say they lost page 1 and 2 so i re-fax page 1 and 2 then they are missing schedule c's so i fax them over ( i have to drive to staples each time to fax these)) then that whole thing happens with my 2nd amendment. they lost my amendments either whole or pieces countless times. with all of the reps I have talked to I have not received the same answer not once. they all tell me completely different things. i have been told my amendments were rejected or there were no amendments,  it has been super frustrating and i really just want to be done dealing with them.  this is a total nightmare
      • I have no idea what happened to the original  amendments that i mailed in. they received them and then they just disappeared.
      • wow that is insane that they lost parts of them not only once but multiple times. makes you wonder what on earth they are doing sometimes. its not a wonder they have given you multiple stories when they cant even keep track of your papers
      • I know
      • I have talked to them almost everyday since mid april. It really feels like i'm being screwed with here.
      • oh yeah they know how many times you have called, they have no put notes in your account every time they talk to you.
      • Cassie, I had to call because the wmar never changed, but when I finally got a date, I go back to check it and it had a take action message and that I needed to call them so I did and the rep told me the same thing that it was mailed 5/24..I did ask her why did wmar have that message on there she said maybe it wanted me to call and get the info...hmm that was strange.
      • @cassie, I completely agree, You shouldn't be worried about calling at all, there is nothing that they can do to you for calling.
      • @ish thats def strange. thats the message you usually get if they find an error or want more info. atleast they are all giving you the same story that it was sent the 24th. you should have it soon!
      • do you know where the checks will be coming from I know irs, but what state?
      • Depends on where you live I believe but checks on the east coast
        Where I am come from Philadelphia, PA
      • I live in Dallas Tx and i don't know what state the check coming from cause i checked the mail nothing their. maybe if i knew i would know when to expect it. am calling them now to find out.
      • I'm in California and they come from  Philadelphia, PA
      • I called and check this out!! IRS was closed on the 24th so the check didn't go out until Tuesday and i also found out its coming from Austin Texas...
      • Ah see I had a feeling absolutely nothing went in or out of the it's over the 4 day weekend. Knowing that it went out Tuesday and coming from Austin you should have it any day now.
      • Yes exactly, I will keep you up-to-date when it gets here.
      • Can any of you nice people give me a little insight?  I found out today (by calling and IRS Rep) that my amended return was completed on May 28th...any ideas on when this will be mailed out?
      • @tinkering thats seems to be varying but in most cases it seems to be sent out within a week of being completed.
      • Thank you so much cassie....they told me 2-3 weeks which seems excessive....keeping my fingers crossed...everyone please update when you have any news good or bad.....
      • Yea that seems to be what the irs has told numerous people but most have reported back getting the refund within a week or 2 which would indicate they are sending much faster than 2 to 3 weeks
      • Can I ask when they received your return to know how long it took to process
      • The first time was March 31st...than I had to send in documentation so the final date the received it was May 9th
      • Tinlee-based on my experience once its complete it sits for 10 days and then they give you a mailing date...I wouldn't trust the wmar..
      • Yes def wouldn't trust wmar and once they got documentation seems like they got you done quick
      • Yes they did get it done quick....I haven't trusted WMAR....just hoping it doesn't sit for 10 days....
      • and after reading the first question you sent, yea, the reason why its not finish processing was because it really have to sit for 10 days then they wil give you a mailing date...just had to make sure I gave correct info
      • @Ish was it you that said you were complete on the 21St and they were gonna send a check on the 24th but didn't til the 28 cuz of.the furlough? Was it done before the 21St because if not they are mailed yours faster than 10 days
      • @cassie, I called two weeks ago and they told me "Well processing can take up to 12 weeks" Please call back then after I waiting for 45 minutes at international rates. We currently live in Germany so all this is a headache. No notices in the mail either, I thought they were supposed to send something. Very furstrated at them.
      • Thats crazy. Apparently there is no letter sent to acknowledge they have it. You only get a letter if they want more info, find an error, or once they finished processing. So if they don't need more info and your not done processing that would be why you receivednothing so far. However I do agree with you that it's very frustrating that most reps won't tell you jack crap which is why I haven't bothered calling
      • And especially since your 12 weeks is up on Monday. They could have been more helpful then just telling you to call back
      • Oh we do have an IRS rep locally in Frankfurt but when I called them she didn't even know that the IRS had a tool to track amended returns, so that was pretty much a bust.

        A friend of mine received her check in the mail and then 6 days after they got their money WMAR reflected as adjusted saying they would get it within 2-3 weeks.

        I do have to say though they have been consistent with their story. They received it on the 11th of March and on the 12th of April it was assigned to a rep to be worked. That is all the information I have recieved, no notices in the mail, no rejection. So here I am twiddling my thumbs.
      • Yea I have seen numerous reports of people getting their check before the wmar ever updated and before they received a letter.

        Lol it does not surprise,me an it's rep didn't know about the wmar. There is quite a few stateside who have no clue about anything either.
      • oowwee,
      • okay this is the second comment I triend to send and it wouldn't take lol to make a long story short Cassie yes theh where finished on the 5/6 but it sat for 2weeks before it got mailed
      • On hold with the IRS now to try to find out if the answer I got yesterday was correct and if they can give me any more information.
      • This is such BS.....still on the phone...being transferred over and over stressed
      • UPDATE: The automated tax information has updated with my amendment and tells me the amount i am going to receive. it has a date of june 17th so I should receive it by then :-)

        Ishndrice : it took 10 days exactly for an update, I wonder if i should call and see what my mail date is...
      • Good  morning ladies,  glad to hear good news Candy!!! you should get a mailing date after the 17th if am right. Stay on em Tinlee lol...
      • mail date is june 7th. so that is 17 days from the date it was completed.
      • Het candy, what automated service did you use?
      • @candy just the phone updated? Or the wmar too?
      • @tinlee you get any info?
      • 1-866-464-2050 is it's amended return hotline
      • Yes I did a little bit...kind of a long story...I filed my taxes back in January, they have been on hold ever since, I filed an amended return correcting the education credits for my two kids back in March, forgot to attach the 8863 schedule so had to send that in.  Was finally accepted on May 9, 2013.  I called on Tuesday the 28th and requested a Tax Payer Advocate as I am having some financial difficulties.  So today I called again because I hadn't heard anything.  Spoke to 3 different people:
        1) The first person was just the general tax refund person, and she told me that it showed I had requested a TPA and than looked further.  She said that it showed my amendment was finished on May 28th, but is showing a notice went out to me requesting more information.
        2) She than transferred me over to the review department and a nice gentlemen told me that he doesn't show any problems, reviewed everything with me again, but all looked good.  He wasn't sure what the notice dated June 17th was for.  He told me my advocate would be calling me soon.
        3) An hour later my TPA called and told me that everything was on track, that it was completed on May 28th, the same day I requested assistance, but it takes a while for it to go through the system.  That when they enter the amended returns that it goes with the old DOS system, and takes a while to update.  That she expects it to be updated Next Friday, as this is the only day that system updates.  But that I should have my return soon after that.  As for the notice she told me that it is showing that something will be sent out but that she believes that since my original return had been held up because of needing more information and than I did the amended that it is actually being worked on in different departments so she believes that it was just crossed in the mail.

        I certainly hope that this information is true.  Can anyone share any light?

      • Nothing is updating, calling them now and we'll see what they say
      • that all sounds reasonable and logical. I have never dealt with a TA but for the posts I have read about it most report that they know what they are talking about. I know that amended returns are hand worked and put through the old system which use to generate checks and updates only on fridays so that makes sense too. So hopefully you should be expecting a check in the next few weeks.
      • Let us know AJ, thanks Cassie...keeping my fingers crossed.....
      • @aj let us know what they.tell u @tinlee no prob. Also being that each return varies you may see it faster. Just because one person has to wait 3 or 4 weeks doesn't mean you will
      • Okay got off the phone with a very nice rep. She told me that mine is handled different since it is coming from overseas. She said that she will personally handle my return on Monday morning and I should have my check within the next 2-3 weeks from Monday. She said if I don't receive our refund by then to call her back. Now I feel a little better about the situation.
      • Well that is a relief for you! That would be why yours is not updating though. the following amended returns cant be accessed using their automated systems

        Which amended returns cannot be accessed using the Where’s My Amended Return? application?

        Status updates for the following types of amended returns are not available through the Where’s My Amended Return?application:

            Carrybacks (applications and claims)
            Form 843 claims Injured Spouse claims
            A Form 1040 marked as an amended or corrected return
            An amended return with a foreign address
            Business amended returns
            An amended return routed/received outside of the processing operations in a specialized function (i.e. Examination Dept, 1040X response to a CP 2000 notice, Bankruptcy Dept).

        so being that your in germany you have a foreign address so the only updates you will get is by calling
      • So I just called the automated line and was have a credit balance of XXXX.XX as of June 17th.  anyone know what that means?
      • I am now getting this message on the automated system "your account is being processed you should receive information on this account within 45 days, if you have not heard from us in 45 days please call us again. "

        Earlier it was telling me the breakdown of my taxes. wth

        At least they have given me a mail date....
      • Tinlee : I haven't been on all morning but I'm Glad you found it :-)
      • Mine said june 17th as well this morning . I think thats a receive by date.
      • Gosh I hope so....I will keep you posted on my status...please do the same....hoping the best for everyone
      • any good news!! still have not gotten it yet...but iam thinking mabe the 2weeks is right, and also I haven't recieved a letter stating when...I don't know my hopes still up...
      • no news here...good or bad.....anyone else?
      • Nothing here, still haven't received the letter they claimed that they sent on may 23rd either ...
      • Just check WMAR and now they have no record of me.....called the automated line and is saying they don't have a record of my amended return.  This doesn't sound good.  It has been there since May 9th.  Any ideas?
      • @tinlee that happens sometimes when the wmar is down for maintenance or updating. Check it again in a day or 2 your status will come back. The same exact thing happens to me every weekend since they received it.
      • Yep, it gives that status from Saturday evening to Sunday evening
      • Well hopefully we will all get some positive news tomorrow....update if you have anything new....
      • hi TinleeAnn, yes hopefully someone told me the checks only come in the mail only on Monday and Saturday, I don't know how true that is...
      • I was told that they only mail out on Fridays. My sister received a letter on a friday telling her that she would receive her refund in 2-3 weeks, the next Tuesday she received her amended refund that was dated with the previous Fridays date.
      • They really can't control they date you receive it, they only have control over the day they send it.
      • Ishndrice: any news?
      • hey all any one have any updates to share? I don't have any personal updates, still just processing. I have still been reading around other forums and people are still reporting getting their check anywhere from 4 weeks to beyond 12 weeks. So it really is anyones guess on how quickly they get done and send you a check. @candy there was someone on another page who said they were told it was completed and given a mailing date, and then it switched back to being processed and wait 45days, so she called and they told her the examination dept pulled it for review. Did you call and talk to anyone to find out why your status changed??
      • I called again today and was told that my mail date is still june 7th...The automated system is giving my detailed information again. I really hope it stays that way too...
      • oh thats good news than that it switched back, hopefully that was just a glitch and they are actually mailing it this friday for you
      • and also I believe that when they say they mailed it I think it be the letter maybe...
      • lol yes Cassie I totally agree different stroks for different folks and the bottom line is the irs really don't have a clue for none of it... I to have read many things of how it gets mail but I still strongly believe that the  checks when released from irs they get sent somewhere else before it get to us ijs.......
      • If you orginally filed with direct deposit is that how u get your amended return issued or does everyone get a check?
      • Ishndrice: maybe they are giving us the print date and it just sits on someones desk for 10 days before it actually gets mailed out.  Has anyone actually received theirs a few days after the estimated mail date?  If its coming from back east it should only take a few days, not the 11 days + that you are waiting.

        Hrk: they all come by paper check.
      • Ishndrice, was the letter post-dated?
      • This is what I got when I logged in this morning.
        Your amended return was received on March 11, 2013. However, it has not been processed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

        Please call XXX-XXX-XXXX, extension XXX, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. You will need a copy of your amended return

        @hrk3498 everyone who is due a refund will receive a check in the mail, the IRS is unable to direct deposit amended returns at this time.
      • Aj, oh no... Hopefully its just a glitch or because they are past their 12 week mark. Let us know what happens
      • @aj , thats the generic response when you hit 12 weeks.
      • everyone else anything new good or bad to report?
      • I also asked them about the letter they sent me on the 23rd and was told that it takes 2 weeks to receive. Thursday is 2 weeks. I bet its the same thing with the refund...
      • Been away for most of the day and just hoped on, no news here...need the money so bad right now......Like I am sure all of us do..
      • hey yall iam so glad to good news I ck the mail and still not there so hoping for tomorrow since I did get the letter and yes Candy the letter was post dated 6/03/13 and thats when I received it...
      • Ishndrice,  What date does the automated system give you?  You should have yours anyway now...
      • candy the automated system tells me to take action and to called the irs, but I did call them when I saw it and the rep said what every other rep said already been mailed on 5/24/13 and then plus I recieved the letter yesterday dated with yesterdays date so am like you any day now. I will keep you posted when I get it...
      • candy, you said you received a letter on the 23rd of May? and if you don't mind me asking what did the letter say?
      • Still no letter, I think that it's the same letter that you just received, at least that's what one rep told me.... The automated system is telling me that my refund "was" issued on June 17th, but the reps all tell me the 7th.... Sounds good, will do the same.
      • candy did you change your name..are this a newbe lol
      • Cassie, haven't heard from you today...any news good or bad.
      • New here but wanted to chime in. Amended return received by irs on March 4th. Automated phone number said Processing and it will take 8 to 12 weeks until may 13th and then it changed to processing and i shou;d receive information within 45 days. I called to ask what it meant and the first rep I talked to acted like he had no clue what that status was and wanted to get me off the phone but I insisted he try to find out. he put me on hold for 15 minutes, came back and said I was under review but couldnt tell me why and to just wait the 45days, if they need somethiing they will send me a letter, otherwise they will either issue my check or inform me of further review within 45days......anyone else have this happen? what was the end result??
      • @ish, nope nothing new still just processing

        @sara, there is someone on here named candy who has a similar situation, maybe she can share info with you
      • Lol, I totally didn't realize that I accidentally signed into my hubby's account when replying...
      • o...okay!!
      • Sara, I got that same message from the automated system for a few hours. Then It went back to normal detailed info the next day. I was told that it meant their automated systems were down. Today when checking it, once I input my social it would try to send me to a rep, finally I waited on hold and was told that all the systems were down due to an update..
      • mine hasnt changed since the 13th. steady been saying 45 days..... i havent received any letters and reps wont tell me what the review is for so im stuck waiting
      • Sara, Are you talking about the wmar status or the automated detailed tax information?
      • I actually saw the mail lady today and she informed me that those checks goes out only on Monday's and Saturday's I remember someone saying that and most of the comment of people getting their's on here was on monday or saturday and then some say they didn't. Just wanted to share...
      • hey all....first time on today....Just curious, has any ones WMAR changed to show it has been processed? Or has the automated system changed with an updated status?  When the TPA called on Friday she told me that my return was completed on the 28th of May but there has been no updates on either for me.......
      • Nothing yet for us, completed on the 3rd and since they are mailing the check to Germany she said it could take six weeks. Military mail is actually fast should only take a week to get here once they mail it. She said if I don't have it by the 24th to call back and they can trace the check.
      • I spoke to another rep today, she said it sounds like my letter that  i have been waiting for was lost in the mail and that it should only take 10 days at the very most. She also said that once my refund is sent it should only take a few days so I should have my refund in hand by mid next week and if I don't receive it within 2 weeks then She said i need to call back.
      • No update on WMAR
      • Tinlee they should have a mailing date for you tomorrow, it took them 10 days to give me a mailing date after it was completed...
      • Checked this morning and WMAR on the internet has not updated....was hoping that it would show the next step on the bars....Candy did yours ever update or did you have to call the IRS to get the check date? frustrated.....
      • Tinlee, no the WMAR never updated for me online or on the automated wmar phoneline.  I had to call and speak to a rep in order to get any information. My return was processed on 5/21 and I did not get a mail date until 5/31 which was a Friday and exactly 10 days after they have processed it. The automated  detailed tax information which gives me the exact details of any return that I have sent in within the last 10 years has updated for me 3 times and all 3 times they updated were on Fridays.
      • The detailed tax information updated again for me today, saying "as of June 24th". The irs reps said my refund will be send off today 6/7, but the automated detailed tax information says it "was" issued on June 17th.
      • Yippee Great News...Singing and dancing around my living room right now.........the wait is finally over...
        1)  Filed my taxes January 19th....
        2)  Return on hold because of error from W-2 (have never received my original return)
        3)  Filed an amended return Middle of March, they needed more information that I needed to send into them, they received amended return May 9th
        4)  Contacted IRS on May 28th and had not been processed and request a TPA
        5)  On May 31st the TPA contact me and told me that the return was completed and had to wait for it to update in the system

        Today there was no update on WMAR, so I called the automated line at 1-866-464-2050 and no update on that line.  So I called the 1-800-829-1040 number and it stated that the return was processed and a payment was made on June 24th.  I no sooner got off the phone when the TPA called and told me that the system has updated and I will received my direct deposit on June 12th.  Since I never received the original return, they will be direct depositing it.  (YIPPEE) I hope it will be sooner but the 12th is a good date too...I will be checking my account every day.

        Hope everyone else has good news too.
      • Oh and plus.....they paid me $9.00
      • That's really great news :-) Tinlee

        This post has been closed so the only way to respond is by editing the older comments.

        Cassie, we are in the same boat. I have one that says the refund was issued as of the17th of June and on my  another amendment it says the refund was issued on June 24th... Did you call and get a mail date?   Post here.
      • okay so i got a letter today. says they approved one of my 3 amendments so i finally have a caller id number to make a pin, to get detailed tax history. So I listened to all 3 years, one year is talking about info they had as of april so they haven't worked that one yet, One year states a refund issued as of June 17th and thats the letter I got today, and the other year states a refund issued as of June 24th. So from what I can gather they have completed 2 of the 3 in under 5 weeks. Not sure if this helps anyone at all, but just figured id update since I havent been in today.

        @CANDY no i didnt call for a mail date yet. I figure since they have processed and completed 2 of 3 in less than 5 weeks and the fact I got a letter today dated the 17th I would wait and see. If I don't see anything by next friday, Ill give them a call. For now Ill try to be a patient tax payer and wait it out LOL. Also tinlee posted a new question, so maybe we can hijack that thread til they close it

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