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NYS Refund updates for the 90 day message

Here's my situation ...My nys refund was accepted on 2/16/13 and I received a 60 day further review message on day 54 my message changed to the 90 day review message I have received no correspondence and have spoke to them and nothing has been mailed to me . My question is has anyone with this 90 day review message received there refund yet or updates on refund  status
  • Ill keep you posted if i get any updates but right now i'm still at 90 day message but hopefully we will here something soon because this is just ridiculous
  • KristiC- Have you had any updates  ...on another thread a few people have actually hit the 90 days with no change at all
Your return is being audited and they will possibly be asking you for support.  Did you claim something like exemptions for dependants not your children or special tax credits?  

To see more information about the NY audit process:

It can take no longer than 90 days.
  • spoke to someone there they said everything looked fine and it was taking longer this year....just wanted to know if anyone got updates who had the 90 day message....i have child ccredit which i had for the last 5 years nothing changed on my retrun
  • no need to worry or be concerned they are just taking a larger sample this year due to known issues and as long as you prepared your return correctly, you will be okay.  I understand the frustration though.
  • I also filed in jan accepted feb 7 and still under 90 days. I have filed with same children and child care provider. They have no info and all they say is its in processing.  Absolutely ridiculous.  If I was being audited I should have received correspondence 2 months ago
  • superlady1980 - i dont think were being audited we would of received correspondence already but i could be wrong. On another post there were a few people who were accepted on 2/4 and just received there refunds today so maybe you will have and update soon . Keep me posted i was accepted on  2/16 so  im hoping maybe i will hear something next week  if it follows how theirs went ...
  • Same boat here. Accepted on 2/11 with no correspondence from NYS. I wonder what they are going to do in the next 11?
  • I'm really hoping the speed this up soon and that I will have it by the 90 days and it doesnt go to 120 lol
  • I am also coming to the "end" of the 90 day message and getting quite irritated.  I have received no correspondence from anyone and would just like my money back....I checked again today and still have the 90 day more day to go and their 90 days are up!
  • Karen52-  keep me posted f you call them...It seems like maybe it was picking up but if your a day away from 90 im getting nervous again like I will never see my refund lol
  • My 90 days have passed too. Any update?
  • My 60 day message went to 90 days and 90 days just went to final stages of processing and 2 to 4 weeks to process mine was also accepted feb 5th looks like the state is just buying time ridiculous
  • Superlady 1980- Did you call them since you passed 90 days . When i spoke to them they told me I had to wait 90 days before i could call .... I was accepted on 2/16
  • That's the first I've heard of anyone going over 90. I am at 85 days with a 2/11 acceptance.
  • jfbon - what was your accepted date ?
    streetmart_booksmart - Im on day 81  and I was hoping no one would go past 90 days  and now someone has who knows when this will change over
I'm calling them and now there's a long hold time
I called and they transfer me to someone who stated they will send an inquiry since its been over 90 days and that could take 30 days. Nys is a joke
  • I will hit 90 days next wednesday 16th and now knowing that people have passed 90 days and still have nothing and and will have to wait another 30 for inquiry is just crazy. Make sure if within the 30 days  inquiry nothing is done and you hit the 4 month mark to call the tax advocate that someone posted
  • Superlady1980- Im actually on with them now because 90 days is next thursday for me and  im not wiating until day 90 for them to start an inquiry  when i originally had a 60 day message .... this is so aggravating
TT has no control on how long or what returns get selected by NY to audit. You acknowledged your return was accepted and got notice of a review by NY. Sorry we can't help you.
  • I know its nys its not TT and well I wasn't selected for audit i contacted the state its just under review no letters sent to me either. I think people are just trying to figure when they are going to get there refunds because some accepted on 2/4 got  refund this week so maybe the people accepted the following we and have 90 day message will hear something next week who knows !!! but def not TT issue
  • a review is a mini-audit..... normally they just pull random people claiming a certain thing and either they will ask you for more information or they are just pulling other data off the returns or are analyzing something more, like where the return was processed. You will only know when they are done and what they tell you.  sorry though as I wish i could help.
  • Definitely not an audit-we would have received something.  I wonder if it will turn into 120 days
  • Superlady1980- i was thinking the same thing that would be my luck 120 days lol
  • Mine was accepted on 2/8 and as of today, now being over 90 days it still shows "We received your return and it required further review which could take up to 90 days to complete. If you receive correspondence from us, you should respond as soon as possible." This is very frustrating, I was laid off on 3/5 and the state is still holding on to "my" money.

    Update: 5/13/13 - Thank you for the suggestion enigma017, I called and was on hold for over 20 minutes, but finally got through. They have escalated this to the processing department and told me if I haven't heard back in 30 days to call back. She further stated that they have been responding rather quickly so she didn't anticipate 30 days but still wanted me to know that's how long I needed to wait. The person I talked with was very nice. I'm sure they receive thousands of calls so I appreciate their kindness. I know it also helps when the caller is kind in return.
  • Cooljazz2001-You have to call them so they can do and inquiry being that yours is over 90 day's .... Thats what some other people have done and were told it still may take another 30 day....I have to wait until next thursday to call