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Underpayment and penalty of estimated state taxes

Completed my 2012 State - MI return.  It stated  that I had an underpayment and penalty of estimated state taxes .  Turbo tax filled out a MI-2210 form.  How did I have an underpayment and panalty of estimated State Income tax when I do not pay taxes by estimate ?
  • In my case, Massachusetts, TurboTax failed to identify the penalty. Instead I received a letter from Mass IRS for payment and penalty due. I thought Turbo tax guaranteed accuracy.
  • Only accuracy of tax calculations based on your entries...they will pay the penalty and interest if TTX made the mistake
    ...but if you mis-entered something,or simply paid MA late, then no.

    Some underpayment or late-payment penalties are not calculated at the time of tax filing because the penalty is determined based on when the state actually receives your main balance-due tax that case, the penalty is billed later by the state and is not due to any particular tax filing error.
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