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How long does it take to get an amended return back?

I had to amend my return and I did it online how long does it usually take to recieve the difference of my amended return?
    VolvoGirl is not being rude; she is trying to give you the facts but you don't seem to want to accept them.  Here at the link below is Topic 308 from the IRS website regarding Amended Returns.  Look carefully at the bullet points under the third paragraph.  One of them states that you CANNOT efile an amended return.  You never have been able to do so and still cannot.


    So whatver it is that you are looking at is NOT the efiling of your amended return.  The IRS computers cannot accept such an efiling.  Amended returns must be paper filed by mail.
      What do you mean you did it online?  An Amended return can ONLY be MAILED, not efiled.  So if you think you efiled it, you didn't.  An amended return will take 8-12 weeks to process and they only mail checks for refunds, no direct deposit.

      • i clicked the amend on turbotax and it says it was accepted. I didnt mail my amend last year either i did it threw turbotax and it was deposited.
        you don't have to be rude
      • You are just seeing the accepted status for your first original efile.  I'm just telling you the facts.  You can not efile an amended return.  Not this year and not last year.
      • I know the amounts of my "original return" and this is different amounts. you are very rude
      • Rude???  Are you joking?  Telling the truth, that you do not want to hear is not rude, it is an answer to what you asked.  Calling some one rude that answers your question is ... well, rude.
      • Does anyone know a way to check on your amended return, because I had to amended mine. I mailed it in about 8 weeks ago and have not heard anything yet. Was just wondering if there was a way to check to see if they got it and processed it yet?
      • Yes, The IRS finally has a way to check on amended returns for the first time.  I have never tried it but here is the link.


        Three weeks after you file an amended return it should be in the system.  You will need:
        • Your Taxpayer Identification Number (for most taxpayers that is their social security number),
        • Your date of birth, and
        • Your ZIP code.
      • Volvogirl is 100% right! Just bc it says that it is efiled does not mean it is; the original return was efiled but the amended return is not nor can it be, doesn't work that way. Anyhow there is an amended return hotline that u can call; Google amended return status and it will either offer the # or take u 2 a link that allows u 2 check the status, it's quite simple. I did speak to the IRS bc I was told 2 contact them and he said it is 4 sure taking the duration of 8-12 weeks for processing, so good luck to the anxious 1s...
      • You do not need to call to find the status of an amended return anymore.  The IRS now provides a online method to check on your amended return.

      • To help clear confusion.. Turbo tax is confusing for amended taxes. It tells you when you print your copy that the amended taxes will be deposited. But get this, if you read on it also says," amended taxes must be mailed and cannot be direct deposited. You must sign and return your amended tax documents to complete this process!" The contidictory statements are confusing. Rule of thumb is go the extra mile to cover your butt. So I will be mailing documents.
      • Amended returns have to be mailed and once amended you will need to save documents before printing. Print out the new admended return which will include a 1040x and it will tell you where to mail the return. You will recieve a check in the mail for the amended amount. It can't be efiled once you've already efiled and transmitted your original return.
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