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IRS Letter 4883C:

The questions they asked me had nothing to do with the prior year return, such as which financial institution did you get your mortgage? Your monthly mortgage payment amount? Which company did you get your gas card in Feb 2007?  I couldn't answer the last question, so the computer could not verify me. I was asked to fax them my phone number, so someone from IRS can call me. Does anyone have the same experience?  Shall I call IRS again to get another set of questions?
  • what is the website where you went to verify because i called a number that was sent from the irs dealing with letter 4883C on sataurday march 23, 2013, not i am calling today and they said for faster service go to the irs webpage. which i went an appears like a wrong webpage

    website to verify info if you get 4883c letter
  • i just did it and in the website after i completed it said i will processed so i dont know when to check. should i check it tomorrow
  • Thank you sooooooo much for posting this website. I called and was unable to verify because I got a question wrong and no one ever called me as the rep said they would. But I was able to get it verified through the website. Thank you again!!!
  • @ erriene, just to make sure, call the IRS to confirm that it has been lifted. Today I found out that since Feb 22nd my refund has just been sitting because the online did not get me completely verified. Ok, I am over it, but what can I do..... SO, follow up with a phone call.
  • i will disnugaswagg. Thank u!
  • yes @disnugasswagg the same for me it was thirty days before the irs even told me on the 25 that they didnt get my info, so today i checked it changed from your return is still being processed, to we have recieved your refund and it is being processed, so keep checking .......................
    hope its our time... in the name of jesus...
  • yes, In the name!!! Do you think its smart to go with a Tax advocate because I should not have to wait another 4-6 weeks for a mistake that they made.
  • Also, do you have a bar? Mine is still saying "a refund date will be providen when avaiable".
  • I think that if you need your money now go with it because the irs hate's pressure on them, 4-6 more weeks a slap in the face. They told me the same thing, i wont have it ima be on their ass everyday..But as far as the bar no i didnt get the bars back...
  • Fyi an advocate will only help if You can prove you're in a 'hardship ' like a pwr bill disconnection notice or eviction and even then its still up to the advocate to decide if its a legit 'hardship '
  • got on their ass today and got a ddd for the 3rd no more waiting and wishing..thank god...
    filed 1/31/13
    accepted 1/31/13
    ltr 4883c 2/22/13
    called ltr# 2/22/13
    status wmr change 3/28/13
    order return transcripts 3/29/13
    ddd- 4/3/13
    if anyone has questions hit me..
  • so what did you do? I can't get no one on the phone to talk too.
  • Im having the same problem mellyvaz..I called the number on the letter, got a question wrong so they couldnt verify me. Went to the website got all the questions right and a confirmation pge. Now i wanna call to make sure everything is good but the phone system sends me in circles and the number on the letter has an automated message saying they can't help if ive already spoken w/ someone there...very confused and i want my money!
  • I talked to someone on the 25th of February and they told me I was verified so a month later I called the Identity department and they ask me a few questions and told me I verified yesterday 3/28 wmr changed to we have received your return and its being processeed
    today 3/29 was able to order transcripts is this a good thing?
  • This situation is driving me crazy. I got verified 3/18 and today I have been calling all the IRS with no luck. I called the verified number again and the lady said that I must wait that 4-6 weeks. Nothing has changed. I am very upset with US IRS system. I expect more from them. They are very very busy on tax season so I would think they would be better prepared.
  • @kiyesha and treacle it's seems to me its taking about a month from verifying to get the wmr to change or any progress. Glad somebody is getting money soon. I verified on 2/25 IRS said 2/27, so I'm hoping for a change really soon
  • @kiyesha that money is on the way
  • @treal,  I'm happy for ya
  • I just called they said I have a dd for 4/3 and pinkyy did you call again to make sure u were verified cause I waited all this time and wasn't even verified!
  • @kiyesha I've been calling Once weekly,  and they say since 2/27 I called on and verified on February 25th. I might call today,  I'm just tired of hearing the same 4-6 wks stuff
  • @pinkyy you should call
  • Tell them WMr is saying they don't have no info
  • Hey this all sounds so for filing and letter but still waiting on a ddd
  • Ok here is my story . I got 4883c letter and verified on feb 19 told 4 to 6 weeks after 3 weeks of no change I called irs and got conflicting stories so since I had a hardship I went ahead and got a advocate . So no change from then till yesterday when finally my wmr changed back to processing. My advocate called today with the great news that my refund is set to be deposited 4/3 . She also informed me that anyone who got 4883c letter and filed early jan 30 or before your 2012 and 2011 return is being gone over line by line looking for errors or fraud this is why it's taking so long for the early filers to process she stated that if they find anything wrong they are going to go back up to 10 yrs of your returns looking for more . She said that all early filers that had nothing wrong with there last 2 yrs returns are gonna start seeing refunds this week those that had problems on there returns could not see a refund until oct if at all depending on the circumstance. That's what I was told they are trying to catch fraud and get money back that's been given out in error . Good luck to all this has been a nightmare . Hope everyone gets there money soon
  • When did you initally contact the advocate office? I got my call today and she stated that she will be monitoring it closely and thats all....
  • I was contacted by advocate first time on march 8th but with these letters and the early filers there is only so much they can do it took by the time I get my refund on the 3rd of April the full 6 weeks because they are really going over the returns and verifying all info for this years and last years . I was one that didnt have any problems and took the full 6 weeks so verify your identity is only part of the process for us that filed before the 1 st of feb. those filed after and got the letter are just verify going right back to processing the only way they are having to wait is if the system kicks them out again for something. So I figure no more early file for me and make sure everything is right from now on cause this is the new system and irs gonna be this way from now on
  • So I called and did the verification and my status have changed too do you think this mean ill get a ddd soon?
  • Yep the cycle is if your status changes on Thursday you'll get a dd on Saturday usually for the following Wednesday. So you should be getting your money the 3rd  good luck
  • @tbb, sounds like you and the TA just happen to bump heads with timing, anyway I verified on 2/25 , irs says 2/27, and she said something might change tomorrow.  Do you think it'll come soon. It sounds like yours was coming anyway.
  • Yes it probally was . Nobody can really speed up this process because of all the past fraud they are gonna check everyone good but as long as you have no problems on your past 2 returns you should have your money by the 6 weeks
  • And it also depends on how quick they can verify your income and other credits and things because they are checking w2s and all first
  • @tabby OK, this year is the first time I waited soo long
  • Yes this is a new system to stamp out fraud and idenity theft . Hopefully Ill never get this letter again. Good luck to you
  • At what times do you see the changes and which system are you using to check the status? The advocate told me that she did see an update on 3/27 and that she will monitor it for the next two weeks. I filed on 1/29, was not accepted til 2/15 and here I am ...... still going through this mess. My advocate told me a different story: she said that it takes 4-6 weeks because its just like the file is being just efiled to the IRS. So, she has been seeeing most people that went through the ID check to recieve their refunds within that time frame. Once we passed the ID check, there is no additional manuel reviews and if it was additional letters would have been already sent out asking for additional information. Also, she was saying that the cycle date has some part in this too, but I forgot that part.
  • That's just what I was told I don't know what to think lol but it's not all that got the letter they are doing this way just the ones that filed early. She said the 4883c letter covers the manual review and if they need more info you wouldn't see another letter asking for it till your time frame is up . I just check on the irs website for my updates.
  • I know right so many dang stories. But she was saying the worst was over. Its just letting the refund run its course. Now, had you not passed the id check, a letter would have been sent out stating that the manuel review was not successfully completed and usually that meant that you need to now work with the audit team. Things that she said triggers these reviews is if you have a block or fraud alert on your credit profile, if you filed really early,  if there are monies owed from past years, or if there is a significant change in income or credits. She said that they tried to take those things into aspect when they made the ic-check system because thats what the fraudsters were doing in previous years.
  • Yeah sounds about right probally a little of all of it. I think they just like to keep everyone in the dark lol. I just hope I get my money Wednesday and never have to go thru this again. Good luck to you I'm sure your gonna get your money soon. Gotta be positive :)
  • @dis I can't wait till this is over
  • Yes, we all have to remain positive and informative. We will see the light soon!!!! @ Pinkky, I cant wait either! This has been an ordeal! This year, I will try to get more money throughout the year and NEVER EVER depend on my returns again to take care of overages like in the past. This has really opened my eyes up.
  • to cut my wait time on hold in half with the irs is call the 1040 number act like i need a filing pin or agi you get a operator fast tell them to send you to the refund dpt.
  • thank you @Pinkyy, every 7 days they send out the refunds for ppl who recieved ltr 4883c. So you all keep faith, it took me since jan 31
    to hear somthing so dnt worry yoll good...
  • Can you please tell me what number you called after you verified online?
  • (number removed)
  • How do i contact an advocate do u have a phone #
  • Anyone verified on 3/19 get a dd they keep saying 4 to 6 from 3/19
  • so you received your return?

    filed 1/30
    irs accepted 1/31
    letter 3/1 (got mail after calling hours)
    called 3/4 (on phone holding 1.5 hours, person verified info, hold to lift hold 1 hour)
    4-6 weeks to process ...........
    i am on week 5.
    do i have any hope for next week???

    Return accepted-2/15
    Received 4883C- about 3/7
    Called to verify but got a question incorrect-3/14
    Faxed letter after above-3/14
    verified on website (no one ever contacted me after I faxed the letter)-3/27
    called number on letter AGAIN to make sure verification went through-4/1 (he still had to "remove the holds" while I was on the line)
    Bars and expected refund date updated on "where is my refund"-4/5 (THANK YOU JESUS!!)
  • My transcripts say by 4/8 or 4/15
  • Today the IRS was supposed to deposit on April 9 which is today but when I check WMr is hasn't appeared sent. And den when I log in into my online bank account is says its there but still pending. How long does it take for it to appear into the bank account. I going to bank today to find out.
  • @ke1032011.. How did u no u were getting the deposit? Did they say the 9th or 10th?? It seems to be every wedesnday
  • Typo.. Wedensday!!
  • @ke01032011.. Did everything work out for you??
  • I filed 2/5, processed and accepted 2/14.  After waiting 3 weeks for my deposit, I called and told I should've received letter.  I verified my identity on 3/11 and called again 2 weeks later since there was no change to status on wmr even though the rep. said wait 4-6 weeks.  I called 4/10 after waiting 4.2 weeks and the rep said I was completely verified and the system has to automatically update my information...that it could take up to the full 6 weeks.  I checked my status today and I have a DD set for 4/16.
  • I got my status update today, on Monday on the 15th, My money is to be deposited tomorrow on the 16th.  good luck to you all
  • What's your story walker4311 am a 5071 when did your status on wmr change
  • So basically all our return were approved but we had to do the id thing to make sure we are correct tax payer receiving the. Money and had to be reprocessed I'm just confused but glad my status changed finally after 2 months
  • Where did you find this website? I could not find it on my letter. I am starting to think this is some kind of fraud thing. I called the number on the letter and answered the questions on 3/18 and am still waiting.
Long story short...

Filed 2/11/2013
Accepted 2/14/2013
Expected refund delivery WAS before 3/8/2013
Bar on IRS Refund Status page disappeared 2/20/2013
Called IRS on 3/11/2013
Received Letter 4883C AND verified on 3/12/2013. Waited 2 hours and 5 minutes though.
On 3/15/2013, bar on IRS Refund Status page reappeared showing my return was received AND refund approved. It also stated the following:

"Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank on March 20, 2013.

If your refund is not credited to your account by March 25, 2013, check with your bank to see if it has been received."

I will update again once I receive my direct deposit. Hope this helps. ;-)
  • I feel we should not have to wait we did nothing wrong and when they get the verification we should be sent and processed ahead of everyone esle we have all ready waited I have over drawn my bank account because I trusted my refund would be here on the 6th of March I think they should stop thier checks and say wait 4 to 6 weeks wtf pissed off
  • UPDATE: I received my tax refund today. It was sent yesterday on the 20th and posted to my credit union account this morning before 6am. Nightmare on IRS Street is now over. I'm going with TaxAct next year though. ;-)
Hi All: Great news--I get verified this morning and was told my return will be processed in 4-6 weeks.  Tips for calling IRS--call them the first thing in the morning (7 am central time, 8 am eastern time), so the estimated waiting time is 7-10 minutes.  Actual wait time was 30 minutes.
  • What number are you calling? Is it the number from the 4883c letter?
  • YES
  • ty
  • called irs this morning and told my refund is still in the processing phase wtf???
  • I called as well and was told I had to wait the full 4-6 weeks from the date verified.
  • UPDATE: I verified on 3/12 and I received my tax refund today. It was sent yesterday on the 20th and posted to my credit union account this morning before 6am. Nightmare on IRS Street is now over. I'm going with TaxAct next year though. ;-)
  • I called and answered questions from 2011 and 2012 return and was told 4-6 weeks also, I called on the March 12th and my info on the where's my refund still say processing, does anyone know when the status will change.
  • I filed 1/30 and was accepted the same day. The first week the wmr website said we have received your refund and it is being processed. After the first week it changed to your tax refund is still being processed a refund date will be provided. And it stood that way for 6 weeks. So I called on 3/4 and they said they sent me a 4883c letter but I did not received it. So he gave me the phone number to call. I tried calling the same day and was on hold for more than 30 min then it hung up on me because they were closed. So I called up the next day 3/5 early in the morning and got a rep right away without holding. I verified myself and he said I should receive refund in 4-6 weeks. Well a little over 2 weeks since I verified I woke up 2 days ago on 3/21 to wmr status of we have received your refund and it is being processed. So it changed back to that. Then yesterday 3/22 I was able to order my return transcript. And then this morning on 3/23 I woke up to a ddd of 3/27.
  • What is the # I verify myself because I filed my taxes on 2/5 a & got accepted on the 5 my letter was dated 2/12 I called the irs and they told me it could talk up to 6 weeks I got my transcript & my cycle date is 20130905
  • Help Me!!
  • The phone number to verify yourself is 800-830-5084.
  • What was your cycle date on your return
  • filed 2/20 and has been stuck on recieved refund and are processing is 3/23 and it still on there i havent been told to call or anything so what should i do?...
  • This coming Monday I will be at 4 weeks from the verification date and a total of 7 weeks from acceptance date. I see no additional change to my profile.

    Refund Status Results
    We cannot provide any information about your refund.
    Please allow at least 4 weeks from the date you mailed your return to get information about your refund.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
    If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:
    A copy of this page.
    A copy of your tax return.
    The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.
    The date you mailed your return.
    Please mention reference number 9001 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.
    IRS Hours of Service:
    Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 362.
    From outside the US call 267-941-1000.
    TTY/TDD: 1-800-829-4059

    IRS Privacy Policy
  • Call their taxpayers information line from their website
  • @MOSHAY I haven't received my tax return transcript yet. I ordered it 3 days ago. So I don;t know the cycle date yet.
  • @DEBBSSS and WTERRISPLACE 522 I would call them. The wmr status has told me your tax return is still being processed a refund date will be provided when available for 4 whole weeks. So I knew something was wrong so I decided to call them and I found out what the problem was.
  • @pearlm: Do you mind sharing what was wrong without giving too much personal information? and what number did you call?

    Filed 1/30
    Accepted 2/5
    Letter 4883C: 2/25
    Verified: 2/26
    DD: ??????
  • I would call again at 1-800-830-5084 to check if it is indeed verified.  Someone on this blog said the IRS representative answered his call told him that it was not verified while he was told verified.  Hope this helps. Good luck to you.
  • I already called and spoke to someone per suggestion on 3/18. They stated that it has been verified and sent to the processing department.
  • @WTERRISPLACE522 The number I call to verify is 1-800-830-5084 And it is not like anything was really wrong with my taxes. They just wanted to make sure that it is me filing my taxes and not somebody pretending to be me. That's what the IRS rep told me.
  • Pearlm I did call that number 3 times in 4 weeks... and I was able to speak to someone each time....I guess I am just waiting the 6 weeks.
  • so i should call the number you all have called you think?... i never recieved a letter in mail nor anything on my wmr...but been waiting forever!! just says we have recieved your refund and it is being processed but gosh i filed 2/20 n now 3/24 this is way to long i think?..
  • i called that number today and it said for faster service to go to the irs webpage i try to go in and nothing and then it said a customer representative to press 123 and i representative will be with me in 10 minutes and nothing it has been more than 10 minutes already.. why the hold because i am the one i filed in with turbotax this year, please someone explain why do we got to have a hold up
  • I was told today that we are to be told that once you are verified it will be 6-8 weeks to process from that date...

    EXAMPLE: verified 2/25- 8 weeks from that date is 4/22.
  • I filed and accepted on 2/14 no education credits my refund per TT was suppose to be before 3/6 instead received a letter with instructions to call an 800 number and to verify my identity and to have prior years tax returns available. I called on 3/7 and verified everything but they never asked about prior year tax return information they asked me my car finance company prior addresses my mortgage information what cities I have lived in.

    Per the agent I spoke to everything was ok an I should receive my return no later than 6 weeks from the date I verified not the date I submitted the first time.

    And that no information would be available to me on line on wmr to check my bank.

    Till this Friday I was unable to order any Return's and now I am awaiting my letter to see my cycle date which ever comes first my dd or letter hopefully dd :)

    What I have learned is to be patient no matter how much we search online or call the response will always be different because each of our circumstances are different.

    Our 21 days restart if we receive a 4883c letter and need to verify after we verify.
    They will ask a series of questions only you will be able to address.

    Be patient bc no matter how much we bitch about it, it will not make a difference we still have to wait at the end of the day. And keep checking once a day I used to check  every hour on the hour now I'm down to once a day and that's if I remember now I just keep thinking like the money is not coming and I don't need it. I didn't before what's the difference now making my self sick for a couple of grand.

    Sooner or later it will arrive and while others have spent their's we will still have ours.
    Good Luck in the waiting limbo.
  • @eguerrerojbp u r exactly right. As bad as we all want our money nothing is making it come any faster. I believe once this entire ordeal is over I will cherish my refund more..I wont be so quick to spend it on just anything. When this whole thing started my mentality was very different,  I thought if I called and checked WMR all day I would expedite things...not true...I have done all I can do now like you I will wait patiently and watch everybody else spend theirs.  Thanks for post..I needed to read that.
  • @ eguerro and ebell, you're so right, we'll have a good summer and I'll be vacationing in the winter,  I don't check that much anymore,  sometimes i forget. I will appreciate my money more now
  • Hey guys just a quick update I'm still waiting how about u guys??
  • I am still waiting and praying that it'll be soon
I filed 1/23, accepted 2/14 with EIC, child cred, and ed cred. Stuck in errors til 2/20, told to start my 21 days there. Called 3/8, and was told I was being held for review and was frozen in processing until I provided whatever info was asked for on the letter they sent. I chanced it and called the ID verify line that a friend told me about. They asked me about random income, workplace, residential, dependant, and filing status for the last several years, but said they couldn't give me anything more until I received the letter. It finally came on 3/11. Iv e called twice since and got disconnected after 2+ hours on hold. Today after another 2 hours, a man came on and transferred me to the wrong department. I nearly lost it, but the lady was so nice and understanding and looked up my account. The hold has been lifted and my refund, ALL OF IT, will be deposited on or before 3/20!!! Its finally over. Good luck to all of you. P.S. Today was also the first day I was able to orderr a return transcript.
  • I called and it took two hours and the man asked the same strange Questions I go two wrong and he said to fax the letter and someone would call me back I still have not got the call I need my refund I should call again and maybe they will lift the hold
  • Jerry a friend of my son inlaw had it right he said put me through to a supervisor and they lifted his I guess I will call back and demand a superviser
  • i verified 3/13 and was told i'd get my refund in 4-6 weeks wth been waiting since 2/7 when i was accepted
  • Thank you all for your answers.  I think I will call on Monday and hopefully I'll get a nice person who would life my hold.  Good luck to me and to you all!
  • Our return was accpted 2/15 and processed on 2/20 we were given a date of 3/7 for our return and on 3/8 we recieved the same letter.

    Called 4 times and finally got thru after 2 hrs on hold. They "verified" identity and now week later WMR says our return is still being processed.  

    This is total crap.
    What should we do now??
  • i believe the irs is crazy as hell i verified on 3-7 wmr still said refund is still processing so today i called and the rep i spoke with advised me that he couldnt see any notes that i verified at all advised me to call verify # back  ok did that and glad i did because the young lady i spoke with told me that the rep that was supposed to have verified my info didnt get all the info that they needed wtf so now i have to wait 4-6 weeks from today for my refund the irs sucks monkeynuts.... hmmmm and i wonder if turbotax is giving refunds for the fees ..for all the hell that we are going through
  • wait just a few more days...your status will change.
  • UPDATE: I received my tax refund today. It was sent yesterday on the 20th and posted to my credit union account this morning before 6am. Nightmare on IRS Street is now over. I'm going with TaxAct next year though. ;-)
Fyi I had to get an advocate to help me avoid info sat on advocates desk for two weeks before she did anything with was told by advocate maybe another two of Monday 4/1/13 my son and I will be homeless ....advocate don't help and don't care....if they had started it when they got it id be okay but since they waited two weeks to do anything with my return I'm in the spot I am....don't waste Your time with an advocate....all they do is say its okay its okay We're gonna get it taken care of for you....but they don't tell you it'll be at their leisure
    Hi I filed on 1/18 I had the education credits so I had to wait until 2/14 for them to start processing, on 2/15 my status on WMR changed to say accepted, but then that was all and nothing changed and it stayed there.  I got the 4883c letter just on Friday.  I took others advice and called early this morning (right at 7am I had my phone dialing) and it is definitely best to call early, yesterday I sat on hold for a good 2 hrs and then the agent couldnt hear me he said so he hung up.  This morning though I sat on hold for maybe 10 minutes at most, the person came on asked me a series of questions to verify my identity I guess, none of which were relative to last years return, then he asked me a couple of questions about my current return and told me 4-6 weeks my refund should be here.  I just wanted to share where I am currently with people as I know it is aggravating waiting all this time.  I also was wondered if anyone knew if my status would change now on WMR?
    • UPDATE: I verified on 3/12 and I received my tax refund today. It was sent yesterday on the 20th and posted to my credit union account this morning before 6am. Nightmare on IRS Street is now over. I'm going with TaxAct next year though. ;-)
    • I got letter 4883C on March 18th and called the number provided. After nearly 3 hours on hold I finally got an answer and he immediately asked if I had my prior 2 year returns in front of me. I said no because i did not file since 2010 and he said, "then I can't help you sir". Before I could even ask him a question HE HUNG UP! This is why people who work for the IRS have such a bad rep.  I was obviously furious and decided to FAX them my phone number. After waiting a week and still no reply I decided to look to see if anyone else had this issue.  I found and followed the link provided above for the id check.  I got to the 4th page and wanted to see if I answered one of the questions correctly so I hit the back button on my browser.  DO NOT DO THIS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! It told me I could not be verified online and I was then "locked out".  After repeating the process 5 times and still not getting past the first page I decided I had no other choice but to try calling these wretched, satanic creatures back.  This was about 15 minutes ago and I luckily got through in 15 minutes.  This employee was perfectly polite and helpful and he also told me his name and id number several times, which the other guy didn't tell me at all, probably because if he did he would be fired for being such a miserable beast.  Anyways after several questions and holding for several more minutes I was finally VERIFIED and should expect my return in 4-6 weeks.  After this experience I understand why people hate the IRS.  The man I dealt with the second time somewhat makes up for the first miserable, waste of life, sub-human I talked to the first time, but nonetheless, if I ever get another letter like this in the future I will surely dread the confrontation I will have with the IRS employees.  This has been hanging over me for a week now and so glad it's almost over, except now I have to wait 4-6 more weeks to get my refund which I could really use right now.  I figured I'd tell my story and ask if anyone else had a bad experience with an employee from the IRS like i did.  Hope all works out with you guys!
    • I had a rude lady so I called back today and was told 4 weeks from when I verified
    Filed 1-16-13
    Accepted 1-26-13
    Held Up Due To Education Credits Til 2-14-13
    Got 4883 Letter
    Called And Verified Identity On 3-1-13
    DDD Of 3-20-13
    • What number did u call to verify
    • UPDATE: I verified on 3/12 and I received my tax refund today. It was sent yesterday on the 20th and posted to my credit union account this morning before 6am. Nightmare on IRS Street is now over. I'm going with TaxAct next year though. ;-)
    • Congrats! Thanks for sharing.  Hope my IRS nightmare will end soon.
    • Me too, I was told that the hold on my return was reversed on the 14th. But I verfied on like the 6th or 7th. At this time, all I see on IRS is a refund date will be provided when avaliable. So hopefully something will change soon because this is ridiculous!
    • Good luck to you all and hope you receive your refund soon!
    • Have you received a DDD yet? It's been a while since I seem u on..
    @scobb1 yessirrrr in two days you will have your direct deposit date!!! CONGRATULATIONS!
    • @hiphoplives78 No date yet!!!!!
    I want to share my story to let you guys know there is a light at the tunnel.
    Filed electronically on 2/22 i claimed HOH,EIC & SCH C
    Accepted 2/25
    Checked wmr 3/7 said processing will give refund date when available
    called on 3/15 got a rude lady who wouldn't check my account told me to wait my 21 days and hung up.
    Called 3/18 on my 21st day got a helpful young lady who told me i had a 4883c ltr coming in the mail coming dated 3/22 & gave me number on ltr to verify my id
    Verified 3/18 told i would be sent back into processing and to wait 2weeks
    Checked wmr 03/19 said we have received your return and is processing
    03/23 Around 3am could finally order return transcript
    03/23 Around 10pm got ddd of 03/27
    Today i checked sbbt and seen my tax preparer was sent their money today and my refund should be available tomorrow on ddd.
    I have been reading your stories and nevered posted on here but I thought I should shed some light on a gloomy situation. Your refunds are coming. Good Luck my fellow tax payers.
    • @ ingramiyanna..........congrats!  thanks for sharing your's nice to see that some people are actually getting refunds...take care
    I filed and was accepted 1/31. Got 4883c 2/14 and cleared it on 2/18. Got a tax advocate 2 weeks ago. My 6 weeks were up 4/1. Called advocate and was told there is no change and was told my next TA contact date would be 4/22.. Turbotax took their fees from my bank account over a week ago. WMR has said the same thing since day 1. Still being processed.
    • 7/8/13 and still no return in sight. TA called a month ago and said the IRS deleted my return and I had to print out the return,sign it and fax it to her to be expedited. LMAO, I thought that meant it would be on a fast track. Called TA last week and guess what, the computer was down.....what a crock of crap
    • I got that computer down crap from the TA too! 2 days each week for the last two weeks, then 4th of July and furlough day. Why not furlough them on the day the computer is down and can't work anyway!!  Still waiting for my money 5 months after originally filed. I am convinced it has to do with the education credits. My daughters financial aid account is under "review" at her college for no apparent reason either.
    Verified on 3/19 an ordered transcripts 3/27 still nothing pissed
    • I was verified on 3-18-13 irs web site still tells me its still being processed .i hate the irs makes u not even want to file taxes anymore
    Does anybody knows if the cycle date means anything? I received both my account and return transcripts with a cycle date of 04/08 and 04/15. Could that possibly be a ddd? Thanks
    These are questions designed to confirm your identity.  I've received similar ones when opening new bank accounts online.
    • Anyone got a DD date for the upcoming week?
    • i do its for 3/27
    • Guys, Great news.  Just checked the refund website.  It says your refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank on 3/27. My nightmare is over!!!  Good luck to you all.

      Filed and accepted 2/17
      IRS Letter 4883C received 3/11
      Verified 3/18
      Refund approved ? (checked 3/24)
    • when did you check because I did mine on the same day as yours and nothing yet?
    • I checked on Friday (3/22), nothing changed.  I didn't check yesterday.  This morning, I was about to post my comment on this site, I checked and found the status changed to approved and deposit to be sent on 3/27.  I guess the computer works 24/7?
    • Filed 1/27
      Accepted 2/14 Education credit
      Verified 3/4 tld was released
      Called verification Dept back on 3/18.
      3/18 Basically Rep sed return was like sitting on a shelf and he reversed the hold so now supposedly released again.
      3/22 Told return is processing by rep.
      WMR still says its processing a date will be provided when available.
      3/25 Ordered return transcript

      Hopes this means something:-)
    • @scobb1 yes!!!!! check in 2 days!!! you will have a direct deposit date!!!
    • filed 1/18 accepted 1/31 ....verified 2/25 still nothing have talked to so many rude irs was my 4 weeks after verifying all they will tell me is that it's in processing and also tried to tell me that at my request I asked for something to be reviewed and that could take an extra 30 days from 3/12....I never requested anything so it's whatever maybe by tax season next year I'll get my return for this year
    • I ordered mine on friday its been more than 2 days and no ddd yet so I don't know about the two days I verified since 3/7 and was told it takes 4 to 6 weeks so its blah blah blahhh
    • @eguerrerojbp give it time to actually update. you ordered it on friday (the weekend) it processes during businesss hours
    • My return was accepted on Janurary 25 (Before their original proposed date) and still no refund. I verified on 2/20/13 and nothing yet.
    • Did you ever call back to verify that they verified your info? My cousin had that happen to her. She had to call again because the rep didnt put it through for a missed answer. She waited about 3 weeks to call them back and now have to wait another 2 weeks. It sucks waiting for money you made.
    • Yes I called the irs about two weeks ago and they said it had been put back into processing. On March 9 the status changed from still being processed to being processed. I did it on the phone was wondering if I used the online thing would it make it take longer. It's already been 5 weeks and I wouldn't want to delay it
    • I think that its real important to not do anything drastic. Remember that fraud does exist. If you are going to verify anything do it on the telephone with the irs or if they suppy you with their web address. I am starting to see a lot of verify web addresses pop-up and Im not sure if they are legit. Again, be careful when giving out your personal information on this site or inputing your information in a direct link from this site.
    • Also, I called today and they lady gave me the same old story. Give it 4-6 weeks as well. This is just madness. Why would they take our files out of the processing stage? Its so crazy that we are having to be placed back to the beginning processing stage.
    • @disnug, what process did they tell you our return goes thru. I verified on 2/27
    • I was told that when the verify letter was sent out, our refunds amounts were placed as non-postable. Once we verified the information successfully, then the refund is placed as postable. It takes then 4-6 weeks from the date that the agent completed the verify status. So, the day that you verified the file is not necessary the correct date, its when that department actually closes out the file. All these processes are being handled by the Austin Texas location. So, if it takes them a day or up to a week, thats the date that the time starts counting from. This is crazy because, at first, they were saying the date that the letter had been mailed, but no its incorrect its the day after that department has closed out the file because it has to be updated in the system.
    • I have already verified by phone and everything was supposed to be fine, and then I then I called again and they sent me to their website and I could not be verified there and now I cannot even talk to anyone.  What NOW
    • You gotta call the call center. They will do it manually.
    • I did the verification on march 25 online it said it when successfully completed. I went back to the site and try to verify it again thats no problem right because of me trying to do it again already the first time will go thru and I will get my refund from 6 to 8 weeks right some one respond back to me thank you
    • why are u going back in and re-verifying your information? That could possible change your verification date....
    • @dis you're right,  that's why I won't call that department back about this unpostable stuff, I'm scared they're going to verify my info all over again and push me back again. I verified on 2/25 they say 2/27
    • So have you seen anything at all? I was told that my verify date is now March 18th, It would have been around 2/22 had the agent did her job in the first place. All I know is that this is just crazy.
    • No change at all,  she said something could change then said but I don't see a DD but you are close with my waiting time, idk
    • I hope that is so Pinkyy, I had been calling all these weeks since 2/22 and was being told everything was good and it wouldnt be much longer.... a complete lie. Those agents will tell you anything to get you off their phones. With so many of them being contracted workers and paid per call recieved, I see why. Then on top of that, at the very end of Feb, the IRS had just quadrupled its staff! With the new intergrated system for 2013, why would those nutcases not be completely staff? This is another reason why they are still somewhat back up. So, I dont blame the agent really for this mess, I blame the Heads at IRS!!!!  And guess what? We cant do #@%^$ about it! Uhhhh, Im furious again thinking about this!
    • whoever told u that being able to order return transcript will give u a ddd is wrong. I ordered mine last monday. still says return is processing.
    • Well, no it does not push a DDD, but it does let you know that your taxes has completely processed. If you are in a sitution to where you havent gotten a DDD within 2-3 weeks, you need to call the 1040 Toll-free number.
    • Filed 1-31
      Accepted 1-31
      Received letter 4883c on 3-1
      Verified identity 3-1
      No status change for the whole duration.
      Called to request an Advocate on 3-21
      Since then I have called the 1040 number many times to get answers to no a null.
      Called the 1040 toll free number today (4-1) and was told to expect a second letter because I am a victim of identity theft. I moaned and groaned all this time cause I really need my refund and today on the day of Fool's I ended up dealing with a much bigger issue. Money can be earned and replaced, however, an identity theft not only robs you of your identity but your dignity as well. Be patient and let them iron out the necessary kinks to assure you don't fall victim to identity theft.
    • Wow, okay.  Did they state that someone has filed in your name or you was suspected to have a fraudulent file?
    • They said someone filed using my name, birthdate, and ssn which posed a flag cause it had two refunds with my ssn. Not to mention no eic on the fraudulent filing compared to all the 5 plus years that i did have an eic and dependents of which I claim.
    • oh okay. sorry to hear that.
    • Any one got the turbo tax bill in the mail? If so, what happens at this point if your refund is sent to you...doesn't it still have to go through turbo tax?
    • Anyone on here filed in January and still has not gotten their refund?
    • I filed 1/29, but was not accepted til 2/14 due to education filing.
    • I filed January 31 and still waiting, however I guess my case is very different.
    • I have not wterrisplace 522 filed 1/20. Got cpo5. Letter dated 3/18 still nothing
    • Charmaintravis12 what is a cpo5 letter?
    • I have no idea it told me that i didn't have to do anything or call but that I was under review and if they needed any more info they would contact me the letter was dated for 3/18 buy I received about two weeks before that
    • I am waiting on a second letter that they sent on March 29 but haven't received it yet.
    • What was the first letter for?
    • I haven't received but the lady I spoke with on the 1040 toll fee number said it was regarding the steps I needed to take to protect myself from identity theft
    • Yes all you have to do is call  18008305084 or go to the website and verify some info thats all the letter says
    • I've called that number when I got letter 4883c on March 1st,  however this is a second letter that I am receiving cause someone filed a return with my information needless to say I have been waiting patiently for my refund that was originally due in February.
    • My son got that letter on 2/14...he filed on 1/26...he did not get any additional letters however, he did not get his refund until second Thursday in March 7th.
    • Okay, the Cpo5 letter, is a standard letter informing you that your file is under a manuel review. Most of the time , it will mean that you will recieve a letter to follow some type of directions. Just because you get the identity letter which is the 5701c and the 4883c letter does not neccessarily means that you ID was stolen. It means that they just randomly pulled your file.
    • Also, if your credit file has a block or fraud alert on it, from what I was told, it will automatically pull your file for review.
    • dusnugaswagg- what if you still have a these features active on your credit file-would you have to have them lifted in order for them to release your refund?

      I already verified on the 4883C letter.

      Has anyone else experience this type of issue related to securing your credit profile?
    • I got accepted in Jan.  Got the letter and called and verified everything on March 12. He said wait 4-6 weeks. I am still waiting and status hasn't changed from still processing.
    • @walker I filed and got accepted on 2/4,verified on 2/25  and still getting same message
    • @Walker4311 same here verified March 12 and still no change I did receive my updated transcripts still no dd date it says the same thing still processing
    • @betty46350 I verified on March 11th and still no change or ddd for me either! I received my transcript as well. This is way more frustrating than it should be.
    • I filed 1/18 irs accepted 1/31 received 4883c on 2/23 verified 2/25 found out yesterday they closed my 4883c case on 4/2 and it could be 4 to 6 weeks from 4/2 my status changed to we received your tax return and it is being processed this morning I still can't order my tax return transcript but hey it's a change
    • anyone who can order, what is your cycle date? mine coincides with april 8th and irs rep today told me I was posted and should get a ddd within 2 weeks, and she shows no errors or problems. I wasnt sure if anyone else had similar situation. Im hoping this is a good sign.
    • more than 6 weeks since 4883c cleared. wmr still being processed. so don't rely on the 4-6 weeks they told you.
    • @tubzrus they dont clear it the day you verify i verified 2/25 wasnt released into actual processing until 4/2
    • UPDATE:

      I called the IRS to chk the status of my refund. I spoke with a nice lady that told me my return has been processed. She stated that it was processed the week of March 18, and that I should get a date next week for the refund to release. I hope this is true!!!!

      Filed 1/27
      Accepted 2/14
      Verified 3/4 did not release
      C/B Verified again 3/18 released return for processing after some reversal of something.
      C/B several times to check status, still have same dumb message on WMR.
      3/25 Ordered both transcripts.
      4/5 Tld that I should get date by next week, because return has been processed.
    • Anyone on here got a DDD for the upcoming week? If so, what day did you file?
    • No, I ordered my return transcript, I thought you are suppose to only order a return transcript only when its processed
    • Do the IRS only update the 4883ers every Saturday for they DDD??
    • I got one today for 4/10 i filed 1/18 irs accepted forms 1/31 got a 4883c letter 2/23 verified 2/25 hold from verification lifted 4/2 ordered transcript yesterday then ddd today
    • No another woman on our fb groupgt her ddd like on Thursday
    • I verified 2/19 still nothing
    • Oh ok, I ordered my return transcript Thursday and still no refund date. stillwaiting did you order your return transcript
    • I cant order my transcript yet..
    • Jrivera when did you verify?
    • Anyone get a DDD this Sunday morning??
    • I verified back in March and just Thursday i was able to order transcripts. still says processing
    • Maybe we will see something soon..please keep me posted.I know you said you be on a Facebook chat also..
    • have you ever called the its? what did they say? and i do not do facebook chat
    • Sorry, that was someone else with the Facebook group chat. Yes, I have called the IRS soooo many times and I get the same answers as everyone else. The last time I called was Friday and she said I been verified on the 22nd of Feburary but they just CLOSED it out this Thursday.. Whatever that mean. Then she went on to tell me.. I just want to be truthful with you it's probably going to be ANOTHER 4-6 weeks maybe sooner. I'm so tired if different stories I just told her okay thank you.. After all she was very nice and it's not her fault. Filed 1/28 accepted same day. Verified 2/18 but the rep said I didn't verify til 2/22. They make me feel like I don't know what in talking about!! But I keep a record of everytime I called and what they said. And it's a mixture of EVERYTHING they told everyone else. I just hope everyone get their money soon.
    • i know..................I hope so too
    • Well keep me posted if you hear anything and l do the same.
    • ok i will
    • filed 1/30
      verified 2/25
      recheck 3/8
      recheck 3/15
      still waiting
       was told that I had to give it the full 6-8 weeks that would put me at 4/25.
    • Ok, keep me posted.

      Does anyone that verified have a date of refund, and was able to order their transcripts?

      WTERRISPLACE were you able to order your return transcript
    • Filed 1/31
      Accepted 1/31
      Received 4883c 3/1
      Verified 3/1
      Called multiple times to get answers but only get "robots"
      Called advocate on 3/21
      No change to wmr and I am still waiting on a ddd
      Unable to order transcripts or any reports
    • I was able to order my transcript Thursday, but still no date of refund.
    • @Jrivera...I have yet to be able to order Account or Return profile...says the following: and it has been this way for at least 6 weeks.

      We cannot provide any information about your refund.
      Please allow at least 4 weeks from the date you mailed your return to get information about your refund.

      Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
      Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
      If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:
      A copy of this page.
      A copy of your tax return.
      The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.
      The date you mailed your return.
      Please mention reference number 9001 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.
      IRS Hours of Service:
      Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
      1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 362.
      From outside the US call 267-941-1000.
      TTY/TDD: 1-800-829-4059

      IRS Privacy Policy
      same message since 2/1 reference code 9001
      filed 1/19
      accepted 1/25
      letter 2.19
      verified 2/20
      TA 3/1
      order transcript 3/26
      4/6 ddd 4/10
      wmr no change saturday 4/6
    • WMR no change?? How did you find out about ur DDD?? I hope there's hope for me..
    • WTERRISPLACE522 have you called the irs and asked?

      annat1 How did you find out the DD? and how long after you ordered the transcript did you get a deposit date?
    • @WTERRISPLACE522 I have had the same exact status on WMR I was able to order my transcript around march 20th or so. I have yet to receive a ddd. I verified on March 11th. Irs told me it was put back into processing on the 13th....I called back on the 28th and a very nice agent told me that he would put in a referral to see why my refund was being held up and that it could take an additional 30 days for them to respond to the referral. This has been a very tiring tax season. I cant wait for this to be over.
    • How did you find out about ur DDD?? We all wanna know!!!
    • @ebelljohnson11- I had a referral done on 3/8/...but the referral was later cancelled by the processing department...I was told on 3/15 the reason why is because you have to allow the complete processing time. 21 days without a notice and a additional 6-8 weeks with a I have to wait until the 8 week mark happens....and if I do not get a refund...for whatever reason..then they will issue a referral.

      @Jrivera...yes...I have called the number on WMR and also the verification number...spoke to representatives at least 5 times...and 2 reps in the verification department.
    • Any updates?? Anybody??
    • Tommorrow is my 6th week after verf. still no changes
    • No change here either
    • No change either, however, I just got off the phone with a nice helpful lady (who wasn't the standard robots). Was informed my case has been closed and sent to processing. It should be soon that I receive a ddd. I'll check wmr to see if there is any changes mid-week and let you all know.
    • Ok, good luck to us ALL and maybe we will have our money DDD by Saturday!!
    • @Jrivera
      transcript return 3/26
      call irs 4/5
      ddd 4/10
    • I just spoke to someone regarding my return...they say that it is still being processed...they don't know my return is taking the full 6-8 time frame, Today is week 6 for me.
    • Have you got you refund yet also how long after online verification did wmr change
    • Have you got you refund yet also how long after online verification did wmr change
    • Hey everyone.. Well I called again today and a nice lady looked over my account for bout ten minutes and came back and said.. Yes I looked over ur account and everything seems fine it will just be 4-6 weeks!! OMGGGG.. I am so tired of hearing them d..n words!! I said NO, it's been 7 weeks since I verified and now ur telling me I have to wait 4-6 more weeks?? She simply said yes, that's all I can tell you from here. Everything looks fine ur just waiting to be processed. Wtf how long do it take to process something?? I was so upset I just told her okay thank you. She said just keep checking wmr it updates everyday. I wanted to tell her I check the s..t allllll day hoping it updates. It haven't updated for me since Feburary 13th. This is the worst..
    • On I got my refund it states every time you call that verify line it's starts days over its best from what I've been reading just do it online and a few day later wmr will change to we have received you tax return and it is being processed instead of same ol your tax return is still processing a refund date when available
    • But I don't call the verify line. I call 18008291040 I called the verify one time and that's when they told me the hold was lifted. Now they telling me I have to wait all over's crazy. I'm just not gonna call anymore and when it post it post..that sounded good!! Didn't it?? It's not that easy though!! Lol
    • @stillwaiting...I wish it was that easy because I would have "not called and waited for mine to post" so many times. Lol.I think that waiting wouldn't be so bad if we just knew what was really going on and what we were waiting on. Hopefully it won't be long for all of us.
    • @scobb1.. Can you let me know when you get a DDD??
    • This morning my status changed from still processing to we have received ur tax return and it is being processed.. Is that a good sign??
    • I just ordered my transcript also..
    • @still, my status changed to the same thing, OMG. I haven't tried to order my transcript yet. Do you think we'll  get it soon.
    • Try to order ur transcript and see what it say..and yes, I think we will get it soon. I think we will get our DDD Saturday for Wedensday  if I'm following the cycle right.. I pray I am. But let me no if ur able to order ur transcript ok...
    • @still ok, I hope that cycle is correct,  looks like everyone is seeing a change this morning
    • Ugh still no change when did yal verify
    • I verified on 2/25 IRS said 2/27 , and I've been paying attention to these cycles,  some people gave you there whole cycle in this thread like they filing,acceptance, and verifying dates, so I followed that and came up with that I should see a change in status on 4/10,I admit I was very disappointed yesterday when I didn't see a change in my status but this morning I could not believe when it changed And if I'm correct it was at 6 weeks yesterday. I verified on 225 I filed on February 4th and got accepted February 4th and verified February 25th the IRS says that I verified on February 27th
    • I verified the 18th of Feburary but the irs is saying the 25th.. Nonetheless status changed this morning and if I'm following the cycle rite Saturday morning we should wake up with a DDD of Wedensday April 17th!! I sure hope so.
    • @missy19921ab.. Don't be discouraged a lot of people status don't change and still get they deposit on that following Wedensday.. Let me know.. Also, call the irs again u have nothing to loose. Tell them wmr is showing no info. When did you file and verify??
    • @pinkyy.. Did u get to order ur transcript??
    • @still not yet
    • @pinkyy.. Not yet? U haven't had time or u they not ready yet?
    • @jrivera.. Did ur status change on wmr??
    • No, did anything change for you?
    • My status changed this morning out of STILL processing to we have received ur return and it is being processed. I also ordered my transcripts this morning. And guess what??!! As I was typing that last sentence I got my alert that my money just hit my card!!! I am so damn happy it's over for me!!! PLEASE keep me posted and let me no once ur okay. I really hope this is the last week for EVERYONE and don't always look for a DDD because I didn't get one yet. My status changed this morning but I didn't have a DDD.. So everyone keep checking ur banks also.
    • Ok, thank you! i hope I get my refund soon.
    • @still waiting I hope the same happens for me. This morning I had the same thing on wmr so maybe tommorow it'll hit my bank.
    • @still I couldn't order my transcript,  did u pay your fees upfront
    • @maheas was u able to order your return transcript, my status changed today too
    • @maheas75.. I hope so too!! Let me know
    • I didn't pay any fees at all. I used Turbo Tax Free Edition.
    • @still I waiting on a deposit or date whichever one comes first. Do you think mines still on the way, your deposit came very fast. Congrats
    • @pinkyy.. Yes, I think u will get ur DDD or dd by Saturday.. I sure hope so. As I said before we have kids, families and things to do so I hate to see myself and anyone going through this. I really hope this is the end for everyone. I really do. Please keep me posted cus it just DONT feel right to have mine and know you guys haven't received anything yet. I'll feel a lot better once everyone else is okay.. Talk to you guys in the morning.. Or even if I wake up through out the night!! And NO!! I'm not crazy.. Just got a good heart. I no what I was going through while I was waiting..
    • @pinky I'll try and let you know shortly
      @still Thanks for the positive thoughts!
    • @still, thanks for thinking of the rest of us
    • @maheas okay, let me know i couldn't
    • @ Pinky I couldn't order it either :(
    • My status still has not changed either....this is very frustrating

      Accepted: 2/5
      Hold lifted:2/26
      Referral reviewed:3/19
      Referral closed: 3/22
      Follow-up: 3/27
      Follow-up: 4/8

      Refund Status Results
      We cannot provide any information about your refund.
      Please allow at least 4 weeks from the date you mailed your return to get information about your refund.

      Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
      Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
      If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:
      A copy of this page.
      A copy of your tax return.
      The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.
      The date you mailed your return.
      Please mention reference number 9001 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.
      IRS Hours of Service:
      Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
      1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 362.
      From outside the US call 267-941-1000.
      TTY/TDD: 1-800-829-4059

      IRS Privacy Policy
    • I was following your patterns about the tax return transcripts...I attempted several times in the past and the option to order one was not available for the 2012 I just looked and now I was able to order a return transcript....

      Now what is next?
    • @still- what time did you order your transcripts? Does that make a difference as well?

      ANYONE- have you received the turbo tax bill in email or written format? If so, will the IRS still process and have the refund transmitted to TurboTax bank at this late date?
    • @wterrisplace22.. I ordered them around 8am.. As u can see wmr is not all that accurate cus my status is they are processing my return so if its not updating DONT worry to much. If u look through all these chats a girl had the same status as urs last week and called on Friday and they gave her a date for the 10th.. But she actually talked to a rep. Imma go through this chat and find her name ok.. Meanwhile call the 8008291040  and see if u have a date. U have nothing to loose and a lot to gain..
    • @wterrisplace22.. Her name is ANNAT1 and we was talking to her 5 days ago.. Let me no..I think u should have either. DDD or dd by Saturday though.
    • @ still-thank always we will post updates.
    • Has anyone been able to order the transcripts and still had to wait a week or two  before getting a DD date? Or has it been the trend that once you are able to order transcripts -DD dates were in the range of a few days later?
    • the pattern seems to vary...with the dates of ordering transcripts.....if we are trying to order on a daily basis...verses every few days to a week....we are unable to determine the exact date that the IRS has processed the return,.however, the only assurance we have is that if you can order a transcript...then you know that the return has been processed....

      I called the 800-829-1040...choose the appropriate options to check the status of the refund,..and found that the 800-829-1954 line to be my next resources...however, there were no automated information available to re-routed me to a department to which I did not have time to HOLD for this morning.
    • Imo… I don’t think transcripts have much to do with anything. I ordered mine on March 4 2013 they arrived on March 11 2013. The cycle date on mine is 20130505. I filed on Jan 22 2013 accepted Jan 26 2013. Received a cp75 letter Feb 18 2013. I have still not received a refund.
    • @WTERRISPLACE522   TT emailed me and said they would be deducting my fees on 3/25, and of course they did from my checking acct.> So if your fees have been deducted from the acct where you requested they be deposited to, your refund where go to where ever you choose for the deposit.    My Story;
       Filed 2/4
      Verified 2/25
      Case Closed 4/3
      Ordered Transcripts 4/10
      Due date 4/16
      Beyond frustrating but I knew eventually it would work out
    • @wrongfully- I thought that they seems to be the common thing among not only the TT community but other internet blogs.

      @ leechellebagg- I got a paper letter from TT and said that I needed to pay by 4/5/13. Nothing about ACH from my account. I guess since  I ordered transcripts today...then my Due Date will be closer to 4/18 or 4/19.
      Thanks for sharing.
    • @ wrongfully what is a CP75 letter?
    • @ WTERRISPLACE522  I can honestly say I have no idea if the ability to or not to be able to order transcripts has anything to do with when or if your refund is going to post…  I just know that I have been able to order my transcripts the whole time my refund has been in review status. It could be that I’m under review for EIC (cp75) so it’s different… I’m not sure.  I just thought I’d let you guys who are waiting know the transcript theory didn’t apply to all…

      if you click on my name I posted what I have been dealing with in regards to my return this far.
    • Anything new anybody??
    • No, i am still waiting for my refund date.  i did order my transcript like 2 weeks ago and i woke up to no refund date today.
    • Oh wow.. Sorry, any day now thiugh
    • Though I mean
    • @pinkyy.. Anything??
    • @Still wmr is now saying we have received your tax return and it is being reviewed,  idk what's going on now this is  crazy
    • So is mine it changed this morning to your refund is being reviewed
    • Mines also has changed to:

      Refund Status Results
      We have received your tax return and it is being processed.
      Please Note:
      For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
      IRS Privacy Policy
    • Wtf do that mean?? I hope that just a host to buy time..this don't make any since.
    • @wterris..that's a good thing for you..
    • @charmain,  did you Call in, they're talking about the eic
    • @ Pinky and Wterris - so the other day wmr was saying it was processing (4/9) and then it was bouncing back to that same message but then this morning I checked and it finally gave me a ddd of next Wednesday (4/17).
    • This crazy
    • @pinky no I just received the message on wmr this morning
    • @maheas did your wmr ever get this message that we're getting now
    • @still idk what happened between Thursday and today ( Saturday)
    • @Charmaine did it say take action
    • Nothing.. Hopefully wmr is just fucking retarded.. I'm pissed and its not even me..
    • @Pinky I was stuck at that message since February only last week it finally changed to processing and finally got a ddd date this morning.  My advocate said sometimes when you least expect it it'll just "hit" and that's basically what happened for me.
    • This is a damn shame, still waiting for my return. i ordered my transcript for the second time
    • I know how frustrating it is because I needed the money but at the same time I had to somehow trust that the IRS was taking the necessary measures and eventually I would be seeing my return although not soon enough.  
      @Still waiting.....I agree with you about the whole system being retarded.
    • @maheas, you had the take action message topic151
    • maheas75 when did u order your transcript?
    • @pinkyy yes it does say take action do you know what that means I have no idea
    • @jrivera, I know I just ordered mine for the first time ever 3/12
    • @Charmain, I called today and it says that I'll get a letter about Eic and I may or may not need to send anything in, call them
    • ok, i ordered mine like two weeks before and didnt it, but today i reordered hopefully that means we will get DDD soon
    • @pinkyy what # did you call
    • @ pinky I apologize i didn't receive that message.
      @jrivera I didn't order my transcripts but I will be
    • @charmain,  1-800-829-1954 it says have your tax return available but she did not ask me any questions is going to give you a prompt to press 0 if you want to speak to an operator go ahead and press 0
    • @pinkyy I just called and they basically told me the same thing they told you this sucks I'm so sick of this
    • @pinkyy thanks for the info
    • @charmain did you order your transcript and did you speak to them yet. @maheas, ok, you was just stuck in the still processing stage like i was, i got changes on thursday of it's being processed and now this on saturdsy morning, i'm soo sick of the .@jrivera did you order them today, @still this is retarded
    • @ pinkyy yes I was just able  to order transcripts yesterday now today this crapp yes I spoke with them they basically told Mr to wait on a letter I may or may not ask for more info
    • I ordered it today, but i ordered before and never received them until  today. it says something about a cycle date of the 14th and receive date of april 15 i do not know what that means
    • @still- does this mean I should see  a DD soon?
    • @wterrisplace522..yes, I believe you will soon..
    • I believe I read somewhere that the IRS is updating 7 days a week- is this true?
    • @wterris.. That's what a rep told me. They do it over night and no later than 6am..
    • Any changes anybody?
    • Nothing for me

      Refund Status Results
      We have received your tax return and it is being processed.
      Please Note:
      For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
    • no change here, i hope they finish reviewing it soon
    • Mine changer from refund date when available to we have received your tax return and its being processed on Saturday I hope soon I will have ddd
    • Same received and processed ugh tired of playing their game
    • @missy you're fine @ maheas did you receive the letter or have any changes
    • @missy , you're correct i went through all that just to get reviewed in the end, i really don't care anymore
    • @Pinky I received 4883c and the other day I received one about details on how to protect my identity.  But nothing else.
    • @maheas what is the wmr saying for you now, i had that letter too, after waiting two months is startred back processing and now it's says take action ansd supposely i suppose to get a cp 75 letter
    • @pinky my refund has been processed and my ddd is April 17. Not sure if I have another letter coming.
    • @maheas congrats, i guess i'll be here all alone eveyone else has received theirs
    • Pinkyy, OMG so you waited 2 months to clear the Identity issue and now have to wait to clear the EIC!!??!! Jesus this is a nightmare!
    • pinkyy or anyone is welcome, come to the facebook club we have
    • @aliV1 that's what they're saying i stayed with the a date will be provided from2/9 until 4/10 and then on 2/11 it says we have your return and it's being processed then on the wmr on2/13 i went to we have your return and it's being reviewed , i call and get disconnected and  reps says that i'll get a cp 75 letter in the mail, what do i have to do then, what's your story
    • @aliV1, okay , that's where everyone at, did you get your refund or what' the wmr is saying,,so how you find me over here
    • yes come on over.... I have nothing yet will be 3 months at the end of this month I imagine like you...
    • @aliV1 , one more thing before i come over, do you think i should wait on my letter before i  call that exams office , have you spoken to anyone in that dept.., if so what are they talking about , are you in review or are still dealing with the 4883c. thing
    • @Pinky yes the wait is over and I am so sorry that now you have another letter that you are waiting on.  I hope that come next tax season we won't have to endure this again.
      @aliV1 I waited nearly three months as well before I even got a date.
      I hope that all of you that are still waiting will soon get a ddd.
    • @Pinkyy i just have gotten the 4883c letter.  I would call them if you can because at least you can get info you need dont wait on that letter ... I did call twice last week and all they said was that my return had been thrown back into processing on April 3rd it sat in a queue somewhere for practically 2 months before it was put back into the processing again and then on the 12th I was suddenly able to order a return transcript and on Saturday morning the WMR status changed to "is processing from "still processing" but I know that they handle one issue at a time so my fear is that now I will be thrown into some kind of review too if it starts taking too long to get anymore news....My dates are I filed 1/31 got letter 2/24 verified 2/25 waited and waited then decided to try online verif and that was done March 26th then on April 3rd it went back into processing.
    • @maheas75 Thanks so much for your kind words I appreciate it. I just wish this would all end...but it worries me that this will be a trend for the next years too...
    • @ali you're fine
    • @charmain , did you hear anything else or got your letter, what's next for us I wonder
    • @pinkyy no i have not heard anything or recieved anything yet this is really pissing me off
    • @charmain what is the wmr saying for you, did the Rep tel you what kind of letter,  I'm so tired of this too
    • Pinkyy I am in the same boat. I have called reps and they all told me different stories, one told me I will be getting another letter, and that I never verified, the others say that I am fine that I have to wait the full 4-6 weeks. I do not know what to do anymore. They also said that my returned is all processed and ready, just waiting for them to release it. I was able to order my transcripts and all, but still no DDD. I am hoping by next week or so.
    • @jrivera, your wmr says take action
    • @jrivera, did they say which letter and did you talk to one of the examiners in the exams department
    • @jrivera what's your story
    • @charmain ,any changes, did you call back, on wmr it didnt say i get a letter like some people wmr said, it just said it's being reviewed, but the reps when you call says i'm getting a cp 75 letter
    • Examiners department? I called the 1040 number
    • @ pinkyy it tells me the same thing it does not say it on wmr they tell me when I call the rep said that I would recieve a letter and It may or may not ask for more info
    • @pinkyy my brother has been in processing since 1/27. No change no letter or anything he has not even called  yet
    • @charmain your brother has probably just fed up, and did they say it was a cp75 letter @jrivera sometimes it prompts you to go over
    • @jrivera They also told me that my return was done processing and that Im just waiting on it to be released. Told me I should have it by the 29th of April per the tax advocate. However, I verified again on the website today. I have been able to order both transcripts since 3/25. I initially verified 3/4, then again 3/18 hold was released. Filed 1/27, accepted 2/14...been a long tiresome wait!!!!
    • @pinkyy I didn't ask what letter it was but I called today and a lady told me I was in review I have not been selected yet to send any information but I could be and if I am I will recieve letter but I have to wait and it could be 45 days before they send anything
    • Omg!!!! I honestly cannot believe it is so many of us going through this....Here's my story...accepted 2/18 due education credit....received 4883c on 3/9 verified on 3/11 told I would be put back into processing....called back just to check....I was actually put back into processing 3/14 and told to wait 4 to 6 weeks from that date.Ordered transcripts 3/25...called IRS at 4 times since...I was told so many different things I can't even remember them all. One agent did put in a referral for me on 3/28 and told me I had to wait 30 days for them to answer. I called last wek and was told that their had been activity on my account and basically not to call back until after 4/25. I can't wait for this nightmare to be over!!!!
    • Your situation sounds exactly like ours!!!  IRS has bad customer service skills.  They are rude and basically don't care about you!  At this point the IRS can take my refund and put where the sun don't shine.  Done!!!
    • Still haven't gotten a Ddd  yet verified march 12
    • I called and the rep told me that my DDD Should be issued by next week Friday. They told me my return is processed and all ready but they are holding it for the time period of 4 to 6 weeks.
    • Thanks Jrivera - at least you got a decent answer.  Hope this is true, tired of waiting......
    • @charmain any updates
    • to everyone that has been waiting a long time you're good as long as once it goes to processing again  it don't get pulled for review, but don't worry it takes about that whole 60 day wait, good luck
    • @pinkyy no still the same
    • @ pinkyy - It will be 90 days on May 3rd. urrrgggg!!!!!!!!!!
    • @big same here, soo tired
    • @jrivera I called today and was told the same thing....lets hope they are telling the truth
    • Accepted l/ letter 3/2 verified 3/5 was told it was put back in for processing to wait 4 to6 weeks. Called back 4/15. Was told that the lady never actually release my return and that I wud have to call back to verify my in fo again. Verified once again and was told to wait 4 to 6 weeks again
    • ebelljohnson11 what exactly did the rep tell you? I am hoping that I get a due date by tomorrow.
    • When i called back she told me she cudnt give me any info since it hadn't been released.. before I had verified the second time I had called a couple times and neither one of the reps told me that I had to verify again. And get this.
    • One of those times that I had called back before I verified the second time. The rep was asking me questions and ask me about my 2011 return which I never filled one last year. So I found out sumone filled false taxes for me but when I verified the first time the lady ask me did I have my last previous return and I told her yes. She ask me when was the last time I filled and I told her 2010 and we went over that return.  After we finish she said everything looks gudnd she wud submit it to be process. Sedhe shud have told me then that sumone had filled false taxed
    • @jrivera the rep told me that I would have to wait the entire 4 to 6 weeks and she said that should be some time next week...if not call back :( she did not see a ddd for me though
    • I filed electronically on 2/24/13, I got the 4883C letter and called on 3/18/13 ( waited on hold over and hour). I successfully answered their questions and I am still waiting for my refund over a month later. I'm getting really pissed.
    • Is this website legit?
    • I called the irs again today, my 6th week After verifying is up this week....still waiting. The rep told me that their going to elavate my return that if I dont hear anything in 30 days to call them back SMFH! Been waiting since 1/20
    • Same story here. Six week waiting period is up today.  Called bright and early this morning, was asked the routine questions, put on hold a couple of times only to be told that they were doing a "thorough" review and that I would be receiving a letter soon (date of letter is 4-26) .   To top it off, she said that we have to allow at least 60 days to call back or it may be sooner, and I'm like REALLY - this just makes no sense!!!  I'm very disappointed, but I will get over this.  Not going to let the IRS take away my joy.  May be I will get my refund next tax year lol!!!  On a serious note, has anyone been told that their tax return was being thoroughly reviewed and an additional letter would be sent out.  If so, will you please post what type of letter it was.  I've been reading a lot of comments of people who've been waiting and some of them say "EIC".  Hope to see some new posts regarding this.  Thanks!!!
    • Today is 8 weeks since I cleared the 4883c. 2 days ago the TA called and said the IRS is holding my return and that they want me to prove my income. Im self employed and only had a lil over 11000 in taxable income. I was asked if I could fax the info to them. I told her that my info was 3 or 4 hundred invoices and a crap load of receipts for materials. She said she would contact the IRS and see if they will release my return without verifying the income. Ive been in the same business for 20yrs and make less now than ever because my son and I draw survivor benefits from social security because my wife passed away. I try and keep the business income under the allowed limit so I don't lose the social security.
    • I got tired of waiting, I answered their questions correctly  on 3/18, so I thought I'd verify again online. Should have just waited. Asked me ridiculous questions like the name of the subdivision I lived in 10 years ago and the original loan amount on the house I bought 12 years ago. Who keeps that kind of info?? failed the stupid online thing. So now I'll probably need to wait until the next ice age for my refund.
    • What number are you calling to actually get a live person? All I get is the automated push this for that run around.
    • I was told the same thing today. Was told it was a ltr 4464c. Dont , know what it say though, cause I have not received it yet.
    • These letters,CP5 and 4464C states in brief that the IRS is holding your refund until they do a more thorough review of your return.  I also read that if you do not get another letter you should get your refund in 3 weeks.  I hope this sheds some light.  I've been doing a lot of research and this is what they have been commenting about 4464c letter.
    • So got off the phone with IRS today and was told that my refund had to be processed manually and was finally closed 4-25-13. Originally filed on 2-10-13 accepted 2-14-13, Had to wait due to educational credits. Received 4883C letter 3-11 verified 3-15. And Now i have to wait another 4-6 weeks before i may get my refund. This is freaking sad on the IRS part.
    • Now 4 months since my return was accepted by the IRS and still no money. WMR did change this week to we have received your tax return and it is being processed. Whats the difference between that and you tax return is still being processed????
    • still being processed means that they are still looking at it or it is still sitting on someone's desk and being processed means that it is done, from what I have seen so far, that seems to be the case