How long does it take to get an estimated refund date for my WV State Tax Refund (via e-file and Direct Deposit) typically?

I had to e-file my federal and state returns at different times due to difficulties with the software and/or the state not being able to process an e-file return at the same time i was filing my federal taxes, hence I went ahead and filed my federal taxes, and in short measure (12 day) I got the federal tax return back; but with regard to the state return, I waited a few days longer and attempted to e-file my state taxes (of course seperately from my federal taxes) and although it took this time (meaning it processed my return for the state taxes) and received a  "Accepted" e-mail from turbotax and an update saying "accepted" by West Virginia Tax Dept., I have received no further update by West Virginia or TurboTax, other than just that "my taxes have been accepted, and we are working your return..." "please check back soon for ... update ... "

And when does the state give you an estimate on your return? (or generally how long does it take them to "work" a relatively simple return , typically, of course..

Help appreciated. 

Thank you in advance.
    My answer won't be much help, but I'm going through the same thing. I filed mine January 29th, they were accepted on February 7th and they still haven't been processed. I called the State last week and the lady I spoke with told me that they hadn't been processed and once they were I'd either get my refund or a letter. I know of people who filed after me that's already received their refund (through direct deposit and a paper check both), so I'm not sure what is going on. I had also filed my Federal and State separately. I'd gotten my Federal refund February 8th. Good luck and hopefully you've gotten your refund by now.
    • Just wanted to give you an update on mine. The State website still says my refund is being worked, but as of this morning the 800 number is saying it was deposited on March 22 to my account, but my bank has no record of a deposit and as of right now it isn't even showing as pending.
    • Thanks. I found out a little bit. Too. I called up the state a a lady there told me tht about all the state returns that were routing through the turbotax card were experiencing delays because of some computer glitch on their end and that they had a big batch of them the. Get rejected by bank cars , so thy said they would have to be and had been processing all those manually whatever that means but that j should get it and that there is nothing working with my return , but Alas I could not get estimate on whe. I should get it except that they don't think it should be too much longer whatever that means. And that at latest I should have it no later than Ninety days as that's when they got to start paying me interest !!!
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