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How do I efile form 4868?

    Here is what I found..The extension application is not available until March 15th… If you want to get it in sooner you can file a paper copy that you get from Turbo Tax or you can go t Form 4868 from the IRS website.
    • OK, now it is past March 15 but now I want to efile form 4868 (I know I can print this form and mail it but I want to efile this form)., How do I efile this form 4868 only via Turbo Tax? I do not see an option in Turbo Tax that will allow me to just efile form 4868 only (I am not ready to efile the entire return right now, obviously. I just want to efile this one form called form 4868 for now and later I will efile the entire return). Can someone please tell me where is it?
    • Unfortunately TT has taken the tact of removing the ability to e-file an extension from their boxed products, & now coaxes you to use their online service -- meaning they now can collect & store your PII (incl. SS#) because you give them permission to when you accept the T&Cs.  It sucks & its totally, IMO, underhanded (it was not always so - you used to be able to e-file an ext from the boxed product).  So I've decided to do it the old fashioned way until the IRS gives me the ability to do it directly w/ them - they already have all my PII anyway & technically, based on the SS act of 19whatever, they're the only ones you are required to give your SS# to (your bank & employer too, but that is voluntary & you can opt out of telling them so long as you don't need the account/loan, or job :-))
    • This is not helpful for those of us trying to plan ahead and file early because we're traveling the world and cannot file until after the deadline. E-file is supposed to make things easier. I'm not interested in trying to find a printer and post office in another country during my busy schedule.

    The link in the first post takes you down a circular path.  It will take you to https://turbotax.intuit.com/tax-tools/tax-tips/Efile/Filing-an-Income-Tax-Extension/INF12040.html but if you follow the links on that page to go to the "TurboTax Easy Extension web service" you are returned to the original page.  

    Although SLBMJJ55 answered this question 2 years ago his answer may be the same in 2015.  Others have said that e-file of 4868 is never available.  Why have it on the help pages if it is unavailable?  Why not say mail filing only?
      My idiot friend from ADP payroll insisted you can file directly through Turbo Tax not understanding there is no link or proper reference within the box set software package.  If it weren't for the support tab explaining what to do, not sure I would have been able to file the extension.  So thank you all for that.  I've been using this stuff on and off for better part of 15 years and was able to simply click and go.  No longer.  Just use the link posted above.
      • This is so unfair of Intuit. You pay for the boxed program so you don't have to work online, then Intuit removes one of the most important functions/reasons for buying the box set in the first place. How will the return prepared on the box set know that the Form 4868 was files and accepted?? Just because I was forced to use the online site for the extension will not force me to use it for the full return. Really poor customer service. Also, having worked for the Fed, I can truly say you are fooling yourself if you think you have any PII.
      • You CAN file your return electronically from the boxed app - you just can't file an extension electronically from the boxed program.

      You have to use a different email address for each return (if you do your kids and parents, one for each, and clear the browser.  Really silly considering we pay for Turbo Tax and pay to file state tax returns electronically.  You'd think after all these years, Turbo Tax would make life easier.

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