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Netspend stole my tax refund and Turbo Tax won't even try to help me. I WILL NEVER USE YOUR SERVICE AGAIN!

I filed my daughter's taxes through Turbo Tax and opted for the NetSpend Card,
which was offered on the site as option for her tax refund. The IRS
approved and deposited her refund of $6605 to this NetSpend Card. While
waiting for my taxes to be approved by the IRS, I never got my NetSPend
Card in the mail. Once the IRS deposited my refund on February 15th I
continued to wait for the card. Upon calling NetSpend I was asked to
send in all my personal information which I did more than once , just
for them to say they were to dark, or the didn't get it. Then I called
and was told that they had attempted to deliver my card 3 times which is
not true, I have not had a problem with getting mail at my address. I
have called NetSpend everyday since February 15, and they still won't
release my Federal Tax Refund or a card. Every time I call I am given
different lies, stories, excuses, and the run around. I am about to be
homeless with 2 very young children, my small family depended on that
money and now I feel as if NetSpend and their employees have stolen my
money. Today March 4, 2013 I called NetSpend and was told my card had a zero balance and that my money was sent back to the IRS, but the IRS has not record of my return being returned.

  • Me too,, same problems, very upset with turbotax because I had always used it "never the netspend
  • I have had the same thing happen to me.
  • Still waiting on my card, too. They always come up with different lies (address not correct, no apt #, etc) Bunch of BS to keep people's money as long as they can.
  • Please go on better business bureau
     And file a complaint and continue to get on turbo tax daily and post  the warning on net spend over and over again.   S others do not get  there money stolen.... Please.  If not for you I would have done the same... Thank you...  And if turbo tax does  business
     With them again next year start a Facebook veto ....   On turbo tax....
  • It doesn't make any sense to me why anyone would want a third party like Netspend to be involved in any way with my tax refund. You pay the taxes to the IRS; why not let IRS remit the refund to you directly in the form of direct deposit or check and keep everybody else out of the loop. You all created your own problems.
  • Well, you are exactly right, but after couple hours online with turbo tax and finishing up, I had to pay federal "which I did", some back with state and "turbo tax" brought up and said have your money put on this card an will be mailed to you "quicker, safer", so, sounded good, didn't know it was net spend and all the craziness that went with it.  So, thanks for sympathy.