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I'm filing a tax return for my deceased father. Do I sign the return with his name or my own? I am filing form 1310 and enclosing his death certificate. Also, can I have his return direct deposited into my checking acct?

    Sorry but I meant absolutely no disrespect and I am also sorry for you lost however I would still consult a probate or tax attorney if I were you....  

    By the way @ tagteam how do you cash or deposit a goverment issued paper check that's made out to his father without signing it?   However, I do agree that the best strategy is to get the refund directly deposited into a joint acoount shared with the father.
      The check is not supposed to be made payable to the deceased taxpayer. If that does happen, however, the check can be re-issued simply by returning any further documentation required.
        ummmm that's a little fishy.... I don't believe the IRS will issue your father refund directly to you.... It would possibly go to his estate.   You should definitely consult a probate attorney