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Lets Talk Transcripts , Cycle dates and Review Codes w/wo DD

So please if you got a DD and have a return transcript,  please help us that are waiting for a light at the end of the tunnel 
    I filed 1/24 accepted same day Cp0 letter 2/19 checked wmr today and FINALLY received a dd date of 3/7 THANK YOU JESUS also ordered transcripts thursday dont know if it helped but but keep hope cp3ers ive never called just waited and it finally happened its coming people! ;0 
    • Do you have a cycle date on your return transcripts ?       Thank you  :)  ... Edit ...OPPs  I just re-read  you just ordered them
    • So if the cycle date on mine is 20130602 what does that mean?
    • I have only had two responses to the transcript code  on 2 forums  one girl said it was weeks and days after accepted the hold is lifted  the other one said just as I calculated from reading the IRS manual  week number 1 starts dec 31st  2012 and that date is when you started processing   .....  I personally do not know for a fact what it means  :(
    • @brian what's the cycle posted date on your transcript??
    • March 11,2013 on a monday
    • I should have my money on 3/14. So everyone hang in there. It is all coming now.
    For those of you who can't order your transcripts yet, you can listen to your account over the phone. I haven't tried it yet myself but I will when I have a little more time.... (got this from another site)

    # is 18008290922 press 1 for english then 1 for recieved notice then 5 to listen to info u have to make a six digit pin then pick which year u want to listen to if they ask u for a caller id #its 175654
    • I called just for the heck of it and the caller ID does not match records  .... lol hoping it is a good thing
    • @monicamarcum, Same with me, doesnt ,match my records either.
    • The caller ID is on your cp05 letter under your notice date
    • I didnt have a CP05 letter, I had a 4464c I didnt see a Called ID on that
    • Look at Kayla with the good info.
    • Ugh, its annoying how much i know about taxes, and equally as annoying how little i know. When I cant sleep and/or im obsessing about my refund, i read the IRS manual. No wonder they are so screwed up! That thing is freakin ridiculous. Jibberish!!
    • @kxracer, try the number next to your ssn at the top of your 4464 under the date.
    • Man k-kooter-tooter thats so ironic that you have the same sleeping disorder as me..[edited by social moderator]
    • hmmm, apparently not as good as you have been. But its good to know how, in all this tax turmoil, you're still able to keep yourself "busy". Im just thinking, maybe you should get a "lady friend"? I mean, if she's old, thats cool. No judgement. ;P
    • I called it twice ( I have my letter and number though) First time it said refund posted April 15th. Called again just now and this time it said Refund posted April 1st, 2013. Still ticks me off though, I really don't want to be waiting until April ughh.
    • If I can order transcripts is that a good thing!?!
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    • My notice doesn't have a caller id #,and the only # next to ss under date is the tax year,I tried calling a few times no record found...201212,is the tax year think??kpam wat # u come up with?
    • Can someone please tell me what does this cycle date mean 20130601
    • Your supposed to use your own notice code that was on the letter. Then create a 6 digit pin any number.
    • I don't have a 6# notice,there is a refrence # but it's much longer..
    • I never got a letter  so I have no idea what kind of letter   The IRS rep told me a letter was sent out on 2/6 and no action was needed  I just called to see if it was that type of letter    I sure hope this transcript cycle date code thing -a -ma-jig  holds true for us all
    • irs lady toldme they sent me out a cp05 letter 2 weeks ago, i still have not recieve.. is the cycle on the cp05 letter or transcripts, i was able to order transcripts 0n 2/20 but they only sent me my account ones it has a  date of 20130805 but never recieve my refund yet. so went back in and reorder them 3 days ago to see if i will get them this time.. so my do i go by the transcript or do i have to wait to recieve that cp05 letter
    • MMaria1003 20130805 is the last friday of march
    UPDATE  filed and accepted 2-2-13  hoh eic ....refund over 8k   waited 21 days  then called the IRS, was then  told that i would be getting a letter in the mail, cp05 letter was dated for march 4th with a cycle date of  20130603  checked WMR  this morning , got a ddd for march 14th
    • My cycle date is 20130604 and just checked wmr updated with a ddd of 3/14/2013 that means everyone should be getting there refund soon espcially the cpo5 victims
    • Was just able to order transcripts last night.  No letters yet. Always had the processing orange bar. Tax code 152 on the bottom. Never the date when available message. Never a refund amount soon. I read the good and bad about transcripts. Not sure if I'm under review. Didn't file until 2/20. So, technically within the 21 business days. Last year refund in 7 days. With all the extranesses already on guard. For those suffering since January, those CP letters seem like stall tactics. With the confusion of new EIC forms, no wondering there are so many delays. I wish the best for everyone. Hope you get your money soon.
    I don't know much ... this is what I do know .."Cycle date" which is the date the return was actually assessed.

    also here is the IRS manual that explains the code somewhat However fails to explain it completely or  LOl  I just don't get it thru my scull 

    I have cycle date 20130704 on my return transcript  ... I did not order a account one ...yet    If i am counting right I *think* my return was processed on Feb 20th ... PLEASE someone correct me if I am wrong.

    •  (01-01-2013)
      IMF Daily Processing

      IMF processing will be daily except on weekends. Some transactions post to IMF on a daily basis as opposed to during the weekly cycle.


      In January 2012 with CADE 2 Transition State 1 implementation, IMF began processing and posting all Individual Taxpayer submissions and transactions and remain the system of record.

      IMF Cycle Date is a daily cycle designated by an eight digit number indicating the year, the two digit cycle number and the two digit number indicating the day of the week (YYYYWWDD). The following values for DD are defined:

      01 = Friday

      02 = Monday

      03 = Tuesday

      04 = Wednesday

      05 = Thursday


      This date is the equivalent of the Cycle Date in IDRS and reflects the date the transaction is posted by IMF. See Exhibit 3.30.123-2, Enterprise Computing Center-MTB Posting Cycle Calendar.


      IMF daily transactions directed to daily accounts input in the campus on Monday, August 12, 2013 will have a posting cycle of 20133302.


    • I filed on 1/18 accepted in the early test batch on 1/28  
      Review letter mailed on 2/6  << I never received
      Ordered return transcripts on 2/21
      Told I was in review on 2/21 after ordering transcripts > I called to get a DD
      Got Transcripts in mail 3/1 completely filled out  cycle date 20130704
      WMR  shows still processing a date will be provided .. no bars
      Paid TT upfront with CC
      NO delayed forms ,No kids, no EIC , Same W2's over 20 years
      Looked and saw a blank EIC form was summited with my return
      Sill no DD
    • How where you able to tell you sent a blank EIC form?
    • Well if u look at their example down at the bottom it says : IMF daily transactions directed to daily accounts input in the campus on Monday, August 12, 2013 will have a posting cycle of 20133302

      So I started at Aug 12th and counted back 33 cycles (weeks) and it brought me to about Jan 1st.  So following that line of thinking, wouldnt that mean that you should have gotten your refund around Feb 20th?? But if u count from your filing date, it puts it at about March 20th. But I see u are saying "processed Feb 20", so what does tha mean to you? Its all running together in my head right  

      Do you ever go on ? There is a guy on there something-bob. Oh, its NYBob. He's supposed to be the transcript guru. He frequents the site quite a bit and the chat rooms too.

      Also saw this but its pretty limited on the info...

      Eh, ive been reading the  irs manual for over an hour now. My brain is fried, im off to bed. Hopefully good new for us tomorrow. = )
    • How can you tell if you sent a blank EIC form??
    • I went back into Turbo tax and run a errors check on my return " the step before you file "   the only error that showed up was the acceptance date  I clicked to proceed and then a link to review my return before sending and that is where I saw the blank form  after  that I clicked off   LOl did not want to file again
    • @ kayla   I think I got the ideal about processing date =Feb 20th  the day I should of "originally" gotten my refund  going by the example of cycle date *IF* counting  like you did  lol backwards from August 12  LOL is the way I counted too ...  I just figured I may been put back into processing on that day . And  YES  I counted March 20th to be my DD day   *IF*  we are counting this crap right  .....  all I know I am still confused   about this cycle stuff ..  just trying  to make a lick of sense about this number"  I wish people that got a transcript and a DD would help us compare   ... I got too busy with my neglected things at home and work because of this stress today to even call the IRS today  and  my husband thinks I am nuts  ..... lol  I think I am
    • Received return transcript. Cycle date 20130805. Is this a good sign?
    • i have the same date chyrabball. have no idea what it means lol
    • Yes that means the first week of april on a thursday
    • @eulogio08 cool. How did you come up with that date? I've been trying to figure that out all week
    • Just got my transcript. I also have the 20130805 date.
    • KAYLA I GOT A DD LOL!!!!!!
    • I KNOW!!! I responded to you somewhere around here, lol. Congrats!!! I am really sooo happy for you! I know you had gotten pretty discouraged, and for good reason!!  Now none of the old class is in the boat with me! Im all alone with the "newbies" that filed after 2/14. I know you got your transcripts way back when....can I ask what your cycle date was? Stil tryin to figure that one out. Congrats again! Good reason to smile today!
    • what is your cycle date
    • 2013 is the year and 07 is the weekand 05 is the day of that week
    • Thanks, just because I get it I'm going to still try and provide answers and check in. My cycle date was 20130505. Honestly it equals out to friday.
    • I'm still here.. from the beginning of this mess. Still no DD yet, had a cycle date of 20130504. Hoping I get a DD soon!
    • @darrylawhite....that is fantastic info! Thanks. Would be nice if others would also provide their cycle date info just to be sure how accurate these dates are.
    • @darryl, yah right! When you get it, you'll be gone. just like the others =( shit, I would too and 'see' you next year cuz we will undoubtably be back.  lol It makes me happy to see an actual one of my 'friends' get their DDD. Usually its people I've never seen before. So how did you figure your cycle date equals to Fri?
    • @kpameticky.....oh good you're here too. I hadn't seen a post from you in a bit so I figured you had moved on to bigger and better. =) Well now that I see darryl has his DDD, there is real hope for us!!!
    • @Kayla  Yup Still here! Been surfing other sites to see if there has been any new updates to the early CP05 receivers. All I've seen since yesterday is ones that just got their letters less than 2 weeks ago, and some just now getting their letters asking what they are?! Just a big mess, I tell ya! There should be a new forum made for the ones who have gotten their DD dates, they should post an update to what their cycle dates were, filing date, Cp05 date, ect. So that the rest of us could compair. I really hope we get a DD soon.. it's been over a month for me, and I feel like I'm starting to get carpal tunnel lol
    • if you take 5 weeks and 4 days after Jan 30th you come up with March 8th I believe.
    • I have cycle 20130605. I am hoping y'all are right about it being the date around when I should expect my return. I called irs today and the guy said it looked like I had not even filed until 2/25- I filed 1/30 and accepted 1/31. I am not sure that he even knew what he was talking about. He kept looking at my account and saying well that doesn't make sense..... He did say that I have no holds but was in error dept for a while because of combat pay.I just want my return and am getting tired of the run around.
    • I have a cycle date of 20130604.. I filed on Feb 3rd. With all this cp05 crap and everything. I just gave up hope. I have tried to figure it out and I keep getting March 20. I'm not sure if its right. So any help would be awesome.
    • I GOT A DD DATE THIS MORNING FOR 3/11!! Received the cp05 letter dated 3/4. Return transcipt with the cycle date of 2030602, which actually calculated out to be exactly 3/11/2013!! WOOHOO!! Stay positive everyone!!
    • I had originally filed the end of January, supposedly accepted 1/25. Orange bars are back t his morning with the DD date!!
    • Grats. I hope mine is coming soon after then. Why cant the IRS just admit they wasn't even ready this tax season.
    • I got the cpo5 letter dated 3/4 so im hopin for a dd soon....wmr says still processing....this has been a bad yr but gives me some hope that ppl r finally gettn dates n refunds
    • been waiting for long time too sense 1/25 then delayed 2/14 and i am still around. other transcripts 2/20. got the account one in the mail 2/28 never recieve the return one. so went back and other another one today.. was told like 4 times in the last 2 week i should hve a cp05 letter witch i still have not recieve. just want this to be so over.. but glad to here people are getting DD.. good luck all
    • Did you recieve your refund?
    • Cycle date 20130805on trans - CP05 Review - Filed 1/28 Delayed until 2/14 (8863) Accepted 2/14. Req. Return Trans 2/23 went through. Called IRS informed I will receive this letter. Got RT and 4 days later CP05. Dated 3/18 May not be completed til 5/2/2013----Anyone else??
    • I have a cycle # 20130905 could you please tell me what it means?
    • Mike.perry304 the first thursday of april
    • Gaz12 whats your cycle date
    • Where do you see your cycle date?

    Scroll down to page 609. It has the calendar of cycle posting dates. This is by far the best info I have seen so far on this. Much easier to understnad. I tried to post the calendar but it didn't work so you will have to look yourself. = )
    • Ya k-crip...thats what ive been needing this whole time..a reasonable , easy interpretation of it all.....DUDE WTF DOES ANY OF THAT MEAN. A campus did what cycle early some fucking crazy ass letter assault is about all im getting from.  Ya but hey good lookin k-krip-kuz...
    • Accepted 1/28, CP05 letter dated 2/25, just checked and it is in SBT. All those who have these letters dated from the 25th and on you will have it soon. Cycle date 20130505
    • cool congrats
    • I have same exact info as darrylalwhite and mine is also in sbtpg which is the bank turbotax uses to get their cut from and a deposit date to my bank on 3-8, hooray!!!! Its about damn time and according to my cycle date of 20130505 which if i figured correctly it means march 7th which is today and that is when it went to sbtpg so coincidence or not it sounds good to me
    • SBBt has my money...
    • Look at all you guys getting your money. I am over joyed so many people waited it out.
    • How are you guys even getting on the SBTPG site? The site is down from my end....has been for 3 days. Congrats all you guys that got your $$$ dates. I got my letter on Feb 8th, cycle date 20130805. Looks like the end of the month for me....
    • @ Lakers....Its u and me, kid.
    • Delete your cookies and erase your history. If not try using Internet Explorer. Although its the worst it may display.
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    • LMAO!~
    • all my info is the same as yours letter dated 2/8 return transcripts show cycle date of 20130805,did you figure out what it means for us???Return was excepted 1/31..
    • @craig, someone on IGMR told me it means we are out of processing/review on the 27th and a DD should come shortly after. I don't freakin know!!! Its just so frustrating. Im thinking whatever it means, its probably the end of the month for us 0805 folks. <----pouty lips
    • @lakers.... oh you continue to entertain me with your quite literal verbal diarrhea. I understand you more if I just read every other word...

      @darryl, don't encourage him! But thanks for the recommendation on the cookies. I'm gonna go bake some right now. If I cant have my DDD, I may as well risk salmenella by eating raw cookie dough. Wish me luck!
    • Well after not getting a DD today and waiting forever for WMR to update, and it's been the same for about a month. I gave in and I called the IRS holds depart. just to see if my CP05 review hold had been lifted or not. I was able to update my address with the Rep, then she transfered me to Account management. The rep was nice, and told me that the review had been lifted from my return and I should get my refund within the next 3-4 weeks. My info: Filed Jan 25th, Accepted Jan 28th. Processing date of Feb. 18th, CP05 notice date of Feb. 25th. I'm just happy the review has been lifted, I'll take that. Hoping a DD date follows sometime this month. Know that the 3-4 week thing is a bulk message that they have been telling a lot of callers, I'm just happy I'm out of review.
    • Received my Return transcripts today, I am also a 20130805er, hope this is all done by the end of the month, Ive been waiting since Jan 30th ready for this tax season to be finished.
    • I'm also a 20130805er. when should we expect our refund
    • well Im not 100% sure but I think Tuesday March 20th
    • That would be awesome!!! That would be a nice Birthday present!!!
    • Me to lol My bday is mar 29th
    • kxracer85 Did you recieve the 4464C letter from the IRS?
    • I am glad so many are getting dates that seem to coincide with the cycle dates. gives me a little bit of hope I'll see mine next week- though all the automated systems still just show that I am processing. I've seen that the cp05 notices were something to do with combat zone pay and I'm guessing that's why mine only went into review and I didn't get the notice because there was combat pay on my w2. Guess I'll just keep waitin and hoping though- Id like to be able to go home and see family. congrats to all that have gotten theirs and hopefully those of us still waiting will see an end to this mess soon
    • @wally yes I did. Mine was sent feb 5th. I was accepted on Jan 30th, and couldnt order return transcripts until feb23rd. Standard return, no hoh,child,education credits. tax refund is for just over 15k, so I guess ill be mailed a check on that date. Im still not 100% on the date tho, If you count 8 weeks from when tax season started I get the third week of March, 05 is thursday, so by those Calculations I get Thursdy Mar 28th, so Idk which one it is. Maybe someone else has a better understanding
    • Kxracer85
      That would be march 28
    • when would cycle date 20130602 be then? My WMR just says still processing, date will be available....thanks :)
    • Thats mar 11 i have 0602.....
    • OK, so if my cycle date is 20130604 and I efiled Feb3rd. Does that mean its a March20th date cuz thats what I keep coming up with? Any help would be great.
    • Not goin to swear it but that sounds bout rite cuz mine is 0602 and thats 3/11 for me
    • you have a deposit date on WMR yet? IF this cycle date thing is legit, when do you think I will get a date? thanks :)
    • I dont have one hopin to have one tomorrow...
    • Hope u will have one tomorrow also
    • thanks same for you!! How did you find out about the cycle dates anyways? Just wondering, dont want to get my hopes up though :/
    • Bhicks2004 thats march 13
    • @peterskimberlya its on the cpo5 letter...but as of now its 715 and no dd for me....
    • @bubbles35986....what was your cycle date?
    • Mine is 20130602 and yesterday I got my DD date for 3/11.
    • Mine is also 20130602...i havent got a dd as of right now..ive checked wmr and the automated line
    • Stay positive!! Your day will be soon!!
    • 20130505 What date might this be??
    • That should be today
    • bubbles, i didnt get a dd either :/ This waiting thing is so infuriating!! I have been laid off since December, and do not qualify for unemployment, I am sinking in bills bad :( Good luck guys!
    • I didnt get it today so what could that mean?
    • I gettin very upset but.....guess thats not gonna help so once again all we can do is wait....
    • exactly, just a big waiting game....
    • Yuupp.....
    • I calle the holds department mondy the 4th and she said my hold was to be released and to call back tuesday on the 12th for a dd....then i called tuesday on the 5th and some guy said noone there can tell you about a hold being released. DONT GET IT
    • Fingers crossed for y'all with the cycle dates of 05/06,gives me hope for a few weeks..20130805..irs hasn't updated since yesterday if that provides ne hope..pls.update if u do get a ddd..
    • for everyone who has 20130808, any DDD?
    • I meant 20130805
    • Nope,if this cycle thing is what it is seeming like 20130805 dates would be 3/28
    • anyone with a 20130704   ?    if  I counted right  is March 20th what everyone else is getting  when they count mine ? ... my brain hurts   lol  I took a 2/3 day break from all the forums    I am so  THRILLED  that some of you are getting dates that match up to the cycle date    OOOO  Darryl and Kayla   :)  so very happy for you both too   LOl  we have been stalking this forum for so long look for love" our money"
    • No, I didn't get anything but my transcript in the mail and mine is 0805 so its the week after yours. = ( boo. For a minute there you had me thinking maybe you knew something I didnt! lol
    • Kayla when you check WMR, what message do you get
    • I read that Darryl  got his money  " God bless"  and  you my dear   finally got your transcripts back and with all the comprising here with cycle dates   it looks like we finally see a light  at the end of this nightmare  and hope that others keep updating with DD after cycle dates      lol  all I ever wanted was a dd ...I still do not have it however after reading this thread  I am very optimistic  we will have ours soon :)
    • @wally WMR hates me. No bars, says your return is still being processed. A refund date will be given when available... or something like that. Its been like that since my 21 days were up llike 2 weeks ago.
    • @Monica... I sure hope so! Although I am disappointed that I still have to wait til the end of the month. Ugh. That will be 2 whole months since I filed. Guess they are really holding true to that 60 day thing. I sure hope they go ahead and release our money earlier!
    • Kayla WMR hates me too!!  I have the same message. I'm also cycle 0805. Hopefully we get our money soon.
    • I have notice date of march 4  filed jan29 accepted feb1st still nothing. :(
    • Maybe I'm too tired but how do you read cycle dates? Mine is 20130804. So sick of this.
    • Is 20130804 the first the Thursday of April?  Really need some help.
    • Km thats the first (wed)
    • Sorry km thats the last week of march
    • Thank you...Does the 08 mean eight weeks after Jan. 30?
    • Km yes it does
    • thank you very much!
    • I have the cycle date 20130601 what does it mean thanks
    • Gphatt38 thats 3/15/2013
    • Thanks appreciate it so much. So is that when i will get a ddd.
    • AHAHAHAHAHAH Just CHECKED WMR: Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank on March 14, 2013.
      If your refund is not credited to your account by March 19, 2013, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

      I'm so happy right now I could cry, and feel the tears coming. Thank you Jesus!!! Been waiting forever.
    • bless your heart kpameticky  and congrats!     BTW    did  your  DD match with your transcript to refresh my memory   ?
    • No it didn't match. Got CP05 (dated 2/25) Filed on the 25th of Jan, accepted on the 28th. My processing date was Feb 18th. cycle date 20130504.
    • Got a dd on wmr for 3/14.cp05 letter post dated for March relieved.hope everyone gets good news
    • Got a dd for Wednesday March 13th.....Cpo5 notice dated 2/25!  I hope the rest of y'all are next, Good luck.  20130505
    • My cycle date is 20130604