Has anyone who has gotten the IRS 4883C letter and verified already received their refund?

I filed early January, got accepted 1/25. After 21 days I found out that I would be receiving the 4883c letter. I called the number, answered
5 simple questions about my previous returns,etc, and the guy told me "alright, that's all I needed, I'm releasing it, and it'll be 4-6 weeks".
I verified 2/21. It still says its processing on WMR.

Has anybody who had to verify gotten their Refund yet?

This is insane waiting so long.
  • after that has anyone bin told they would receive a new letter in two weeks?
    As of today (3/4.2013) I still can not order any transcripts, WMR still says processing. I have yet to call the IRS. I'm dreading it because they are so awful and no help at all on the phone.
    If I don't get any news this week I'll call them on Monday.
    ARGGG, this is so aggravating.
  • I had my verification on 2/25.

    prior and after the call this is what my WMR says:

    Refund Status Results
    We cannot provide any information about your refund.
    Please allow at least 4 weeks from the date you mailed your return to get information about your refund.
    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
    If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:
    A copy of this page.
    A copy of your tax return.
    The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.
    The date you mailed your return.
    Please mention reference number 9001 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.
    IRS Hours of Service:
    Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 362.
    From outside the US call 267-941-1000.
    TTY/TDD: 1-800-829-4059

    I am not sure why that is..so I called the # listed above and they told me that I was going to  get a letter...and that the letter was mailed on 2/14. I got 4883C on 2/25...called and verified the same day......The message above does appear to be anything related to the letter...but that is all I have.

    When I spoke to someone today...they said that it is still sitting in the pool to be re-entered for processing that it would be 2 more weeks.
  • i had my verification on 1/20
    same boat
    message reference code 9001 since 1/31
    before and after call
  • I have contacted turbo tax  4  times, they have tried to help. I had a very nice man from the FTA online Saturday, He did as much as he could. I filed January 26th, Education credits February 14th, got my IRS  letter 488C today called waited 2 hours to talk, to the IRS man who in turn was exceptionally nice! I really think their hands are tied.  They are doing their jobs to the best of their ability, they are doing the MOST they can!  I also paid my money, but our government is PLAIN and SIMPLY BROKE.. and until everyone else on the Turbo TAX website and H and R Block website and the IRS. GOV website realizes that you are not going to get any further with these people because they cannot do anymore than we can be do their jobs and WAIT!  AND the answer is NO.. I do NOT work for the government, a tax agency.
  • I am still waiting as well.
  • Did you receive your refund?
  • I am in the same boat.. Waiting!...
  • Filed: 2/16
    Accepted: 2/16
    Verified: 3/16
    Return: education credit

    Still no damn refund as of 5/13!!!!!
  • I actually had college credits and recently I check WMR and it finally gave me a DDD for tomorrow 14th. I have been waiting for a very long time since I first filed in January. I am sadden that everyone hasn't received their refund I just hope soon that you guys will see some results. I got fed up with being put off time after time so I called a Tax advocate. There is a 1-800 number you can call and if you are behind on bills or in financial trouble they can help speed things up. I think that is the reason I got mine faster than what I thought. Originally they told me I wouldn't receive my refund until end of June or somewhere in the first of July.  I wish you all the best of luck..

    Filed January 4th
    Accepted Jan 24
    Education Credits started processing Feb 14th
    4883C letter March 11th
    Verified March 11th
    Waited 6 weeks called the IRS told me to wait another 2 weeks. Called back they said that when I verified on March 11th someone forgot to submit my information to the processing department. They told me to wait additional 8-6 weeks. Got fed up called a tax advocate and all of a sudden I checked WMR and it says that my refund should be deposited on 5/14/13.

    I too have waited a long time, don't give up just keep calling and you should also try a tax advocate it's free.
  • As of July 7 still no refund they claim my employer never sent in w2 so June 17 I called and was told someone should if have contact me. So they say I will recieve refund or they will request more info I will keep u guys pisted pan they also said I'm under review
Filed 2/5
Accepted 2/14
"Orange Bars" disappeared 2/19. Replaced with generic "Middle Finger" message. We all know it by heart... no need to repeat it here.
Called 3/1 to inquire about status of return, told "No problems, still processing, 21 days, blah,blah,blah."
Received 4883c Form Letter 3/7. DATED 3/7. Exactly 21 days from acceptance. 
Verified 3/7

After scouring these forums 3 things seem to be morphing into a recurring theme. 

1. When your "Orange Bars" pull their disappearing act...it is a general Indicator that your return has fallen off the 10 - 21 day "Fast Track"   somewhere. 

2. On these forums, most Taxpayers have received their refund about 3 weeks after verification. (read: another f*cking 21 days) 

3. IRS Stone Walling and Snow Balling are the real source of any processing delay The general IRS policy dealing with Account Inquiries is Obfuscation and Feigned Ignorance and has left us floundering around the InterWebs desperately trying to make sense of it all through anecdotal evidence and fellow Taxpayer experience like a bunch of second graders trying to figure out where babies come from. 


This is the IRS Employee Manual and to paraphrase Gen. Patton "I read your book, you magnificent bastard!"

To be sure, the damned thing reads like Elbonian Stereo Instructions but, read Part 21, "Customer Accounts Services". The flow charts for dealing with Taxpayer Inquiries are pretty specific and you will immediately recognize the one your CSR was reading when you encounter the verbiage they used to shoo you off the phone. 

Having the "IRS Playbook" has done more to help me understand the unprecedented delay in refunding my Tax Over Payment than a thousand hours of InterWeb Searching could have ever done. In fact, I'd bet real money that most of us have only discovered new ways to stress out by reading these Individual Taxpayer Experiences. Once you understand how each step in the Return Processing Pipeline is compartmentalized; how each "Function" of the Pipeline deals with "Unpostable Errors, Omissions or Inquiries" and that each of these "Functions" has it's own internal deadline (21 - 40 days, otherwise known as "4 - 6 weeks") that must expire to force action on an otherwise stalled return, you will have a pretty good idea of your "Refund Status". 

I'm usually a "File and Forget" kinda guy, being too busy raising kids and living paycheck to paycheck. Tax Refunds were a nice little Direct Deposited surprise on my bank statement  This year, being recently Unemployed through no fault of my own, I was really counting on the IRS to live up to the "21 Days" expectation they have set. Silly me... I should have known... if it wasn't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all but, at least I know what is going on with my return and how to give the process the best "nudge" I can.

That being said... I'm still parking my car at a friends house at night so it won't get repo'd while I wait for the next "21 Days" to expire... 

  • LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL OMG this is truly the funniest post i have read on this forum so far, i received one too and am also in that processing limbo, i filed 1/31 received letter  2/22 called that same day and here i am still waiting. i love your sense of humor.
  • Hey I found this on yahoo news..  What this is saying, it is the tax prepares fault because of a glitch in their software. Not the IRS fault.

    Due to an editing error, a previous version of this article incorrectly characterized the IRS’s statements.

    A tax-preparation software glitch caused more than 600,000 returns to be filed incorrectly, delaying refunds by as much as six weeks, the IRS says.

    H&R Block, the nation’s largest tax preparer, confirmed that its software failed to fill out a mandatory field on Form 8863, which is used to claim educational credits. The IRS would not say what percentage of the roughly 600,000 faulty returns came from H&R Block HRB +0.18%  , but the company received thousands of complaints on its Facebook page and on Twitter. An Internet search did not yield similar complaints against other tax preparers.

    The snafu is affecting about 10% of the 6.6 million tax returns containing Form 8863, IRS spokeswoman Michelle Eldridge says. Those taxpayers may have to wait six more weeks before they receive their refunds, she says, adding that the IRS is hoping to reduce that wait time.

    H&R Block confirms there is an issue with tax returns filed before Feb. 22 because the IRS changed the way it processes some of the yes or no questions on the form. While in previous years, leaving a field blank to indicate “No” on certain questions was acceptable, the IRS is now requiring preparers to enter an “N.” As a result, H&R Block says, it is working with the IRS to clear these errors, but the company would not give details on how it is correcting returns or exactly how long taxpayers will have to wait for their refunds. The IRS says it is able to keep processing these returns now that it is aware of the system-wide error, but that affected taxpayers will still face delays because of extra steps needed to correct the issue.

    The error is creating delays for taxpayers who, following the fiscal-cliff deal, already had to wait an extra two weeks before filing their returns, many of whom were counting on their refunds to pay their bills.

    Leslee Napier, a 26-year old nursing student in Princeton, Ind., prepared her return with H&R Block on Jan. 24 so that it would be one of the first returns accepted on Feb. 14, when the IRS began processing forms for education credits. But weeks after her return was supposed to be accepted, the “Where’s My Refund” tool on IRS.gov said her return was still being processed. It wasn’t until more than three weeks after her return was supposed to be accepted that an IRS agent told Napier her return was being held because of issues with Form 8863 and that it might be four more weeks before she receives her refund. “I was worried all this time that I did something wrong or that I was being audited,” says Napier, who is waiting on her refund to pay off a $600 line of credit she opened with H&R Block in December to get her through the holidays. Meanwhile, interest charges are piling up, she says, and she is waiting to catch up on bills and buy new clothes for her 2-year-old daughter.

    For students, the delays come at a time when many are facing state deadlines for applying for financial aid: the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the form for applying for federal financial aid, requires tax information. Elizabeth Havens, a student in South Carolina, says she took a copy of her return to her school so that she could move ahead with her financial aid application while she waits for IRS approval.

    Students still waiting on their returns to be processed can manually enter their financial data on the Fafsa and then return to update the information once their returns have been accepted, according to the IRS.
  • Sign my petition for the release of our money and background checks on all IRS employees.  Follow the link https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/release-our-funds-and-make-available-background-checks-all-internal-revenue-service-employees/VYX2q6YW and sign, we need 100,000 signatures.  Copy and past this link on any tax blog you see regarding the holding of our funds.
  • Does anyone have the call number off the 4883 form?
  • 18008305084
  • Well thank you aliV1... finding the Irony and Humor in even the worst situation is how I get by...

    The Link to the Employee Manual however, was no joke. I almost didn't post it... with the seemingly obligatory presence of zealots and conspiracy trolls on this forum or any other, you never know what might set these people off...

    Hell... even a reletively Zen individual such as myself got pretty angry reading the "if this... then cram this 45 - 60 day BS up their arse and advise them not to call back untill it stops burning or the 60 days have elapsed" Flow Chart of Lies they make the reps regurgitate to the hard working, law abiding "Taxpayer at Large".

    But, I digress...

    Preventing ID theft? I'm cool with that. Stopping EITC or ACTC Double Dipping? I'm down with that too... what I and the rest of my fellow forum followers are upset about is the unnecessary delays caused by this "you must wait 21 days to receive your snail-mail notice that you have been randomly selected to spend 3 hours of your life, that you will _never_ get back, on hold with an agency that you fund, answering questions about a Tax Return you filed a year ago and if you can answer these questions correctly, by golly, you win a 4 - 6 week delay in the return of your money" policy hefted upon the supposedly "1 out of 10" Taxpayers.

    Domino's can provide real time status updates on their website tracking my pizza from order to oven to driver to door and this is the best the Internal Revenue Service Department of the Treasury of the United States of America can do for the Taxpayers?

    That's just insulting...
  • I agree with the other comment. You are extremely funny and intelligent. Thanks for the humor. I am truly surprised that no one has gone off the deep end. I have been filing for years and have never experienced anything like this before. But I have a feeling that things are going to be getting much worse where the treatment of the masses by the government is concerned.
  • @iggerine,  agree that the days when we filed and the return was processed promptly are a thing of the past this will eventually be the norm for everyone not just the so called "random returns" you see they are not really accountable to anyone else they are the federal government so we are basically powerless unless by some miracle a major overhaul is done to eradicate this institution. I am 50 and in all my working years since I was 18 and filing taxes I have never been in a situation like this where I have been given lie after lie and taken practically 2 months to process a tax return. I do not even know why? except that my identity needed to be verified? sounds good but to take months??  just disgusting...also I am changing my withholdings.
  • Your ideas intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
i got my 4883C on 2/25 ...called and verified everything...was told 2-4 weeks - I still have no change on my WMR - and no DDD yest. I will post update if anything changes - and I ask others please to do likewise - Give us some hope here friends....all of us are totally bummed out over this whole entire mess.
  • Did mines on 21 of feb still no date yet
  • I verified on 02//27.  No update on WMR, but today I was able to order Account Transcripts which I have not been able to do.  I don't know what that means but I'm hopeful that it means they are working on it.  Before today I had not been able to get any kind of transcripts regarding my 2012 taxes.
  • Well I was able to order both transcripts on feb 28 but called the advocate and was assigned one to call me back in about 3 days and I'm still under review after doing my review on feb25 confused and frustrated
  • ok so i just got off the phone..again..spoke to account mgmt dept..nice guy that took time and actually looked into it good...he said that i was verified on 01/21...the rep that i verified with sent the referral in that my return be released for regular processing...the guy told me that whatever dept it goes to after that has up to 30 days to answer that referral...he said that he doesnt expect  it to take much longer..and that all of my credits such as EIC, child tax etc, have been validated and that there are no other errors, notices or hold ups going on...it is simply a waiting process...
  • Then I go to wmr and it goes back to when I first filed can't find my information saying I put the wrong info really uuuugggggghhhhhh
  • Similar situation here filed on 1/30 accepted on 2/14. Have not received a letter yet but was told by a rep I would either receive a 4883C or a 5071C. I will update accordingly.
  • My situation is similar as well: filed on 1/30 accepted on 2/14. Received Letter 4883c on 03/06 and called to verify 03/07. I was on hold for 2 1/2hours. This is insane. I also got the 4-6wks processing window.
  • I filed 1-30-13, accepted 2-14-13. I just received a 4883c letter today March 12. I called, they asked ALOT of questions and was on the phone waiting for 2 1/2 hours. They told me 4-6 weeks now...
  • I filed  2-1 and was accepted on 2-4, got my letter on 2/25.. called and verified all info- after almost 2 hours on the phone with them. Called yesterday.. says all is verified to wait the 4-6 weeks for the refund.. what I dont understand is why we have to wait so long for our refund especially if there was nothing wrong- just the verification.. its crazy.. Hoping we all get our money soon.. I could really use it..  Good luck to all
  • I verified on the 11th and was finally able to order my transcipts this am......good news i iope
  • I also verified on the 11th and I too could order my transcripts this morning...i couldnt yesterday so something has changed...lets stay hopeful..i really dont think we can be any more disappointed at this point.
  • @natasha-smith girl too many questions..i damn near hung up the phone!!!!
  • I verified on 3/12 and was able to order return transcript on 3/15 so maybe a ddd soon.
  • so have any of you that were able to order transcripts get dates yet?
  • what do you mean by verifying. Did they send you something for this because the only thing I gotten was a review letter and I ordered both transcripts and my account one had a cycle date for April 15th. Do anyone know if this date is really true?
  • i filed 2-7 accepted 2-8 got form 4883 c 3-13 they claimed they mailed it 2-22 but never received it verified 3-13 say i should receive in 4-6 weeks order transcripts receive them still no dd WMR still saying still processing no orange bar will update good luck IRS/Goverment is BROKE...
  • Same here and I'm still waiting for my refund with no ddd or info from the irs in site...i think something is really f#%ked up when the irs owes you OVER $7000 and they're holding it hostage!! If i owed it to them they'd be AT MY DOOR !!!
  • I received my 4883c letter on March 11 and verified. Monday will be 5 weeks I have been waiting and still no DDD. Frustrated!..
  • Filed  2-4
    Verified 2/25
    Case closed 4/3
    Ordered Transcripts 4/10
    DD 4/16
    The process is longgggg and brutal for many of us but your day will come
  • @bryanc8811 our stories are exactly the same....hopefully our ddd is coming
  • what do you mean by being verified?
  • Yeah I am still waiting. No DDD yet! Tomorrow will be 5 weeks since I been waiting and verified. Verified means that you called the number on the 4883c letter and answer a series of questions so that they can proceed to release your refunds. Until you verify your refund will be hold. This is because they don't have enough information about you to proceed or you are a victim of identify theft and many more other reasons.
  • I didn't receive the 4883c letter but I did receive a review letter saying that I was under review but I didn't have to do anything and it's been over the 60 days as of April 5th. They had to do a referral and she said that they have up to 30 days to respond to that. This mess is driving me crazy!! I wish they will give me my money already!!! This is not making any since.
  • esinclair73, I am sorry to hear that you are under review. I cannot possibly imagine for what reason. Just remember this year has been screwed up all around and eventually you will get your money. Unless of course you for some reason you owe the IRS. Trust me I am going crazy as well, so I know exactly how you feel.
  • Thanks BryanC8811. I think this is really crazy. I don't owe the irs and never have they are playing with people lively hood knowing that the bills are going to keep coming Hopefully I will get it soon.
  • A lot of people has gotten the same review letter stating the same thing and I found that to be odd and some has received their refunds and some are in the same boat as myself.
  • esinclair73, Since you don't owe the IRS I cannot understand the problem. The reason mine was held the IRS claimed that someone tried using my social security number to claim taxes and it definitely wasn't me. My refund was put on hold because of identity theft. At least that is what they are saying. I just think they came up with some excuse to hold our taxes. Just like now I received my letter on March 11th verified the same day. Was told to wait additional 4-6 weeks and I will have a refund date. Today makes 5 weeks and still WMR says processing. I am getting very frustrated. Do you know what number I need to call to see what is going on? Thanks, and I do hope we both see some results soon.
  • @BryanC881 the number I called was 1-800-829-1040 and as the operator is talking press ##0 you can get to someone a lot quicker. A lot of people got review letters because of the amount of their refund or if they had a change from last year. It still doesnt make any sense to me.
  • This doesn't make any sense to me either. Thanks for the number. You take care and keep me updated with what's going on with you.
  • I received the dreaded 4883c letter in feb. verified 2/26.  Its been 7 weeks, and the irs just told me today that the fraud department cleared my case and sent it thru for processing and to allow an additional 4-6 weeks for processing!!!  The tax advocate wasn't any help at all, but actually got cross with me because I was asking too many questions.  I have never had a problem with my taxes, ever!!  They should of told me I was going to have to wait another 4-6 weeks after they identified me.  So frustrated..
  • Just called the IRS about my return they said that it's usually 6-8 weeks realistically. They gave me an estimated date of the first week of May when I should see some results. The reason they said it took so long because it was kicked out of the processing department into the errors department and that a real person would have to take a look at it. Hypothetically speaking lets say your name is Julie Cypress Roberts one little error such as your middle name being Cindy instead of Cypress could cause it to go into the error department. Missed social security number etc. etc. They told me my paper work was fine and that there could be a small mistake somewhere. That they are currently working as hard as they can to get these taxes back to people. I was upset at first but too be honest the IRS is not the one to blame. They are doing the best they can to fix these errors. I had a very polite IRS agent and I am very please with their performance.
  • kittykatkaren19, What number did you call? I had a nice IRS agent and I can give you the number I called if you don't already have it. I verified myself march 11th. This coming up Monday will be exactly 6 weeks for me. The IRS agent told me that realistically it's more like 6-8 weeks after verifying. I wouldn't worry to much they will come soon.

    Filed: Jan 04
    Accepted: Jan 24
    Started Processing: Feb 14
    Verified: March 11
    Estimated DDD May1-7
I was accpeted on 1/27 got my 4883C letter on 2/20 and verified the same day and still dont have any DD yet! I called irs yesterday and the guy said that the verification process was entered into the computer March 2 and everything else looks good, but that I should give them 9 weeks from the March 2 date! So, I said that weird because the lady that I verified everything with said that it shouldnt take more then 4-6 weeks and so he tells me that I should be getting it very soon but he has to tell him that I should give them 9 weeks but that my taxes are being processed now! I will post if anything changes!
  • I just called that phone number 800-829-0582 ext 362 and i spoke with a gentleman who asked me numerous questions and he would issue and referral because my taxes was just sitting there and i filed with h and r block on jan 30. He also stated it would take 4-6 wks for a reply. I sure would like to know if anyone has received their taxes who has gone thru this process and how long it took them.
  • I just read on another website that an referral is a inter-office memo to another department to get a physical person to look at your taxes  and the referral is not issued unless sufficient time to process your taxes has already gone by. But the rep. won't say that!
  • WHAT does that even mean?
  • It is suppose to mean that IRS is done processing your return.  I have been trying for two weeks to order either an acount transcript or a return transcript.  From what I understand an account transcript for 2012 means they have your return and a return transcript for 2012 means they have processed a 2012 return for you.  I was able to finally order an acount transcript on Tues and a return transcript this morning.  I was accepted by the IRS on 02/14/2013
  • I can tell you an account transcript doesn't mean jack. But the retun transcript may.  OK, so can you tell me who you called specifically? Like , which number? Did you demand to talk to a supervisor or anything?
  • I've been told the same thing regarding the account transcript, but up until this week I was unable to order either, so I beleive that there is some progress being made.  I've called a thousand numbers, talked to a million people, have been hung up on by IRS reps and talked to some nice people as well.

    These are the numbers I've called are:

    1 800 830 5084 ex 123      Verify Identity
    1 800 829 0922                  Refund hotline
    1 800 829 0582 ex 362
    1 800 829 0582 ex 462
    1 800 265 8825
      I've called other 800 numbers as well that I've gotten of this board but didn't write them down.  I've been told the same thing though 4-6 weeks.
    I just kept calling back almost everyday
  • I am on hold now with the 800-830-5084 number as I was told I was supposed to be receiving a letter in the mail, 883 or something like that, but haven't gotten anything. This is absolutely insane. My return is the same as it was last year, I don't understand and have never had an issue before ever getting a refund.... Anyone receive any other information that may help? I will keep you posted to what they say on the phone this morning.
  • Well, I was told they had to verify my identity???? WTF?????? And like most of you, 4- 6 weeks...... Another question if anyone knows, if you did your return with TT and chose direct deposit, will it still DD after such a long period of time or are they going to mail it? And really, 4 - 6 weeks???? Anyone got theirs before?
  • I was told to wait for the letter. Well thanks to mkaz (thanks mkaz) I used the number given to verify and pretended to have the letter and verified the information they needed. I don't have any more time to wait on that letter. So I verified today 3/8. I am keep my fingers crossed. Will update all on any progress.
  • Hahaha. No problem debbiemowen!! I did the same thing. I am def not one to wait around, glad I could have helped.
  • I did my interview on feb 21 and gotten a date today for march 13 so I think to all of y'all its on its way I'm not gonna say have patience cuz I don't have any but it's comming
  • Did you do your interview over the phone and was it simply to verify your identity questions? And if so, were you originally told 4-6 weeks as well?
  • Did interview over the phone on feb 21 that following Friday I called for an update the told me it was stuck so she got it out and this morning I checked and I have a date for march 13 but I was told wait u til April 4 give it 4 to6 weeks
  • And yes it was to identify myself because they said its a lot of fraud going on
  • Stuck? What does that mean? And what number did you call back? But that is half way good news as it means it could be before 4-6 weeks. How did you file? And it was the questions regarding verifying your identity, correct? I still don't understand why it was needed.....
  • Well the lady said after I verified for identity theft they released it and once they did that it got stuck in the computer I guess once they transfer it over for processing but she got it out to the right department the number I called was 18008291040 to talk to someone and yes it can be before two weeks they just tell you that and I e filed yes they asked me about me and my kids address  yes my identity it's a lot of people doing identy Theft
  • My ddd is 3/13 thank god
  • DDD 3/13
  • My situation is similar as well: filed on 1/30 accepted on 2/14. Received Letter 4883c on 03/06 and called to verify 03/07. I was on hold for 2 1/2hours. This is insane. I also got the 4-6wks processing window. I am beyond frustrated.
  • i filed on 1/28..accepted on 1/30..got a 4883c letter on 2/15..called and verified on 2/18..still processing and have gotten no where..called and got a tax advocate..she called me on 3/1..told me to give it 2 weeks..its been 1 week already and nothing..i am beyond annoyed and frustrated..it is urgent that i recieve my money and i must have it by the 15th..every day i just keep waking up to more disappointment..i really dont know what to do anymore
  • @tariah23 and @mkaz what were your review dates?
  • Still showing this status as of this morning.

    Refund Status Results
    We cannot provide any information about your refund.
    Please allow at least 4 weeks from the date you mailed your return to get information about your refund.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
    If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:
    A copy of this page.
    A copy of your tax return.
    The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.
    The date you mailed your return.
    Please mention reference number 9001 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.
    IRS Hours of Service:
    Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 362.
    From outside the US call 267-941-1000.
    TTY/TDD: 1-800-829-4059
  • Verified on 2/25.
  • Mines was 3/4
  • I verified on 2/27. I was told a letter was mailed out on 2/27. I didn't wait for the letter, fount the number to verify and called that day.
  • reference code 9001 1/31
    i verified  2/25
    8/3 order Transcript
    no change message reference code 9001
  • I verified 2/21/2013 and no change on WMR, can't order transcripts, so I got a bit worried since other people who verified around the same time all of a sudden have a DDD.
    I just called the IRS right now and they said everything looked fine, no holds, I'm verified, and it should just take one more week.
    I just want my refund already.
  • It is really crazy this year....but with financial woes around the world and people becoming desperate...I guess this is their way of keeping a handle on it....but I have always been a early filer....may have to consider something different next year.
  • congrats!!!
EVERYONE CHECK THIS OUT!!! The prior post regarding this issue which many of us were participating on is now "CLOSED TO REPLIES" .....WHO did that?! Is anyone (I am) suspicious of this crap? This is TT trying to do some Damage Control!     Let's post something new and get all of us same folks together again ...OR ....lets all hook up on FACEBOOK and rant and rave there! 
R E A D THIS PEOPLE!!!!! This is crazy and I never seen anything like it: 
THIS IS what I GOT WHEN I WENT INTO MY NOTIFICATIONS to check back with some of my 
brethren on this issue we are all pissed off and own in the dumps about!!!!

has anyone else received letter 4883c from irs?? if so how long did if take to get your money afterward??

  • jamieb892 
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  • closed to replies
  • @td648 yes it was closed , I was checking earlier on this afternoon and it was done around that time. We do need to get back in touch with each other because that thread was a very good one that had many of us on there for weeks sharing information and just whining but it was a good thing!! Lets set up the facebook page?!?
  • I was wondering why I couldn't find it but, my first instinct wasn't suspicion of Intuit's forum moderators.

    Now that I think about it... I'm not sure there are any "moderators" per se, given the increasing amount of foul mouthed, inflammatory posts I've seen (including my own)

    I'm more suspicious of the spam-like number of posts exhorting us "malcontents" to navigate away from a private forum and onto a specific "petition" on whitehouse.gov where it won't take the friggin' Patriot Act to log and track us.

    Tearing apart an organization or movement from the inside with suspicion and fear is on the first page of any government's playbook but, it is completely unnecessary in this case...

    ... I mean, correct me If I'm wrong but, hasn't everyone of us filed a form with the government giving them a specific dolar amount that would buy our silence on this issue?

  • Just checked where's my refund site and I have a dd of march 20 2013 ... I was not able to order my refund transcript yesterday FYI ... Will keep you posted :)
    Filed 2/4
    Accepted 2/14
    4883c 3/9
    Verified 3/11
    I have eic and educational credit and a substantial refund due
  • Did your wmr update? With the orange bars? Mines still saying the same "refund date will be provided when available" but i was able to order transcripts yesterday finally
  • Yes... I had the status bars for the first time since this started and it shows it as return accepted... I'm hopeful and will post on the 20th what happens
I can't believe this! I verified on February 21 and I keep reading about people who verified last week and already have a DDD for 3/20!!
I still can't order transcripts and WMR has not changed.

What is going on?

Now I'm gonna have to call that IRS line again cause this is ridiculous.

  • Yea i feel u ..i verified on the 3/5 and no update but i was able to order my return transcript 3/15 finally so idk ..wmr still saying same message
  • @JADEBULL yes its unbelievable dont know what has happened .., I verified on 2/22 still waiting too. come join us at http://www.facebook.com/pages/4883c-IRS-Letter-Club/614958891852304
  • Let us know if you get anywhere. I am in the same boat.
  • OK... Here is IRS Publication 6209... Otherwise known as the IRS Processing Codes and Information Handbook... It's Freaking HUGE but, it's also your little "secret decoder ring" for all the codes on your account and, in your Transcript...


    With this .PDF file in hand.. order your Account Transcript... given the amount of time that has passed since your filing and verification,  the Account Transcript should be populated with info like...

    True Acceptance Date
    Processing Campus
    Departments or "Functions" that worked the return
    Current Department or "Function" where return is sitting now, and...
    all those little codes that each employee in each "Function" added or deleted in order to process your return... which is why you'll need the glossary.

    With any luck... your refund will arrive before the transcript does but, if not, you can use the glossary to "Decode" the Account Transcript... armed with this info, you will know what specific "Function" to have the CSR route you to and, have whatever paperwork that "Function" wants in hand when you call...

    Here is a link to the IRS Employee Manual...


    Also, a long boring read... but, it will arm you with some necessary procedural info as well... see Part 21...

    I hope like hell I'm wrong on this one but, to me, there is really no excuse for your money to be held up like this. As you can see, a lot of us who have seen "Early Filer" delays,"Specific Credit" delays and "ID Verification" delays are now starting to see DDD's trickle in.. the rest of us will either resign to getting worked over by the Fed or take action because, another "Delay" is certainly in the works for us...

    I for one am a big fan of "taking action" because, a lot of us have been able to speed this process up with just a little insight into how it works, have the info we need when the IRS plays it's next "Delay Card" and, most importantly, it gives us something to do while we wait so we don't go nuts...

    Good Luck, Dude...
  • Another day of disappointment.  And it's even more frustrating to see people who haven't even hit their 21 days get their money in.  I have been waiting 6 weeks.  I am happy for them but it is just frustrating.
  • Still no dd today but wmr changed to we are processing your return instead of that other bs message ..
  • It really sucks.. I filed on 2/1- got letter on 2/25.. verified same day and still nothing as of today... this is BS.. I dont have any EIC or Educ credits.. just a basic simple return... Good luck to all.. Hoping  well  get  a  DD soon..
  • Same boat
  • calebmartins dad - we are all hooking up on Facebook - look for 4883C IRS Letter Club - join Us!
    ffrom td648
  • My girlfriend joined it so we can vent on there :)
  • whats your handle on facebook ?
  • Yardsale Williams
  • this really sucks monkey nuts  filed 2-7 accepted 2-14 verified 3-5 seeing that some people verified after me already have ddd   just got off the phone with irs and the person i spoke with said they  dont even see any notes that i verified on 3-7 really ready to scream this sh*t is crazy now i have to call back to the verification # again to see wtf is goin on
  • I also verified 3/5 I'm so stressed out over this I talked to them again today to see y others have already gotten a dd when they verified after and all she said was every case is different. Drama318 since we have the same verification date please keep me updated!
  • I verified 2/26 still waiting & yes it def sucks
  • Whoa, can you elaborate? As in, how do you know this, and what do you mean "passed"? How would one know if they failed?  I verified on 2/22, and on the phone they told me it was all good. No change until yesterday, when finally WMR message changed to "We have received your return and it is being processed".  So it has been way more than two weeks for me... does this mean my verification failed?
  • @iamMadBro.....you make a valid point,  my daughter verified on 2/25, was told everything was ok, and she should see movement soon....her returns are still saying " we have recieved your tax returns and a date will be provided when available"....sad part is that the filed on jan/25, was accepted jan.28th...so all in all she has been waiting for a very long time!!
  • @iamMadBro if you were told you everything looks good you passed. trust me you will get a ddd date before 3 weeks hit!! trust me..see if your able to order your 2012 transcripts if so..wait 2 additional days then check your refund status, and comment me with good news!!! ;)
  • I verified on 3/12 and was able to order return transcripts on 3/15 and I don't have a ddd, so it's not true!
  • I verified 3/11 and still cant order transcripts, no update on WMR, still same old processing crap.
  • My message changed  3/15 from the processing crap to, at the top on IRS2Go (your refund is being processed, at the bottom we have received your tax return and it is being processed)  but on WMF site (we have received your return and it's being processed!
  • Yea i verified 3/5 ..was able to order transcripts/15 ..no ddd as of yet still saying a refund date will b provided when available
  • Same, verified 3/12 ordered transcripts 3/15 and still no ddd, but message changed on the IRS2Go app 3/15 to ( your refund is being processed at the top and bottom we have received your return and it is being processed, only changed on WMR to we have received your return and it's being processed!  SO DONE!
  • I think it's the lazy people who is handling your paper work some ppl got ppl who care others didn't !
  • i can order 2012 account transcripts but not return transcripts.   it has been 4 weeks as of yesterday :/
  • When did you verify and filed return?
  • It has been 4 weeks since I verified as well. I filed every since 1/21, accepted 1/26, and verified 2/21. I called last Monday and the rep told me she saw where they put in a reverse on the hold the same day I verified. So WTF is it still sitting there?!
  • Tuesday will be 4 weeks for me also. This is total bs
  • It has been a total of 7 weeks for me this coming Monday and my status still reads this:

    Refund Status Results
    We cannot provide any information about your refund.
    Please allow at least 4 weeks from the date you mailed your return to get information about your refund.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
    If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:
    A copy of this page.
    A copy of your tax return.
    The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.
    The date you mailed your return.
    Please mention reference number 9001 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.
    IRS Hours of Service:
    Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 362.
    From outside the US call 267-941-1000.
    TTY/TDD: 1-800-829-4059

    IRS Privacy Policy
  • It has locked you out! 3 try's and they lock you out if the system on the WMR site! You need to call them that's way to long!
  • Did you mail your return or direct deposit?
  • I had to call the fraud dep agian they didnt release my acc info to the refund dep nother 2-6 weeks they say they didnt have all of my info, bull ish everyone still waiting on a ddd call them back to see if they sent your info back to the refund dep trust me they dnt mind holding our money..
  • I filed 1/31 verified 2/21 waited until 3/26 to call again Was told they closed the review 3/21 but couldnt tell me when i would recieve my refund but the latest would be 6 weeks from now
  • My dates are the same as yours. I called this morning and the rep said if I don't see anything by the 11th of April then to call back to see what has updated. I went online to verify incase my info didn't go through. I just hope something changes soon.
  • when do you have to verify. I never received a letter like that just a review letter.
SPECIAL NOTE TO CALEBMARTINSDAD - Hey its me - td 648 we've been on this thread for a while - but there is now a bunch of us on FaceBook :  under the community called: "4883c IRS Letter Club" - dude - we miss you - I miss you! You and me got a lot in common, I been raising two kids alone for years, we bust our asses to get through and scrape by - your post about having your "Christmas" in February really touched me because I actually said the EXACT same thing to my kids!! What a disappointment this whole situation has created for all of us....But - at this point.....All that is water under the bridge man....its now the waiting game, but if we all support each other and keep each other posted - that helps alot. Ok so you can find me on that link as "MarkPower" - that's me man, come on to the page - we are all posting whatever we can to help each other......look forward to seeing you there ! 
    Super Important You Guys.

    HAY everyone! I posted here earlier and gave my info- accepted February 1-ish, original DD date of March 4, got the letter March 3, verified March 4. Called back March 18, told my verification was only on the 4th so I had to wait.

    I called back today. The automated message will tell you to hang up if you have already been verified, but I did not. 

    I spoke with a very nice lady who gave me a key bit of information if you are still waiting for your refund. 

    There was a glitch in the system and those of us who verified early DID NOT GET VERIFIED. Had I not called a second time, I never would get my refund. 

    As of today, March 26, my 4-6 week timeframe has reset and begins today. I essentially had to re-verify and my first verification did not count.

    Obviously, everyone has gotten a different story but if you have been waiting and others who verified after have gotten refunds, I would urge you to call back. I just called at 12:15 EST and there was a 2 minute wait. Not hours, minute.

    This is another bit of stress for me- I have a few urgent things to settle with my refund if I get it- but at least knowing it might be here in a month is helpful.

    So please, everyone, definitely check back! HTH, and good luck all you guys. 
    • thanks for the info they didnt truly verify me until after I faxed over the info (which they dont say what) wish I knew that before would have saved a lot of time. went back into processing the next day but thats what i was told last time. Also there's a website they give you now idverify.irs.gov and give a call and tell them that you want to make sure.

      The lady said im processing but there's an open case still and idky sent more than enough to prove who I was. hopefully get info soon or ddd
    • I just called and talked to a stupid prick! But anywho... I verified 2/21 and I was trying to see if my info went through. The lady just told me to call the 1040 number and that they were the verify hotline. I told the dog I knew that! Anyway... I went a head to the idverify.irs.gov website and verified my info there as well. It went through like it was my first time verifying.
    • EVERYBODY!!!!!! I just called the IRS and had the guy look at my account. I didn't told him any info. After waiting 5 weeks, the hold was still on my account. I called back to the verification hotline and acted like it was my first time calling. I went through the whole verification process ALL OVER again. They did not update my information when I called Feb 21. The last IRS reps I talked to flat out lied to me!!! If you were waiting since February, call back and see if you can verify if the hold has not been lifted off your account. I now have to wait 4 to 6 weeks from today!
    • how do you verify
    • how do you verify
    No..I havent seen or heard of anyone getting even so much as a DD yet...im in the same problem now...also accepted on 01/25...verified info on 02/21...still processing...cant order my transcripts either...
    Ok everyone I finally got a date of March 13, which 21 days after I verified my information with the irs faurd department, so there is hope and its not taking 4-6 weeks! Good luck everyone!
    • @ stnie143shell what time did you check and seen that you had a DD date scheduled?
    • @ stanie143shell
    • Anyone else get a DD date that was verfied on 2/25 or after?
    • I checked at around 2pm but they only udate once a day which in overnight so you really only need to check once a day! But like I said my DD is 21 days after I called and verified who I was after recieving the 4883 letter, so in all I waited 6 weeks, 21 days from the day I was accepted to get the letter, then another 21 days after I got the letter and verified!
    • I actually didn't wait for the letter to come to me, I just called the number an agent gave me. But shoot, I was accepted a LONG time ago and just verified on 3/8. But it sounds like maybe (hopefully) the process is starting to quicken up and most (after verifying) haven't had to wait any longer than 21 days. Fingers crossed, but with how it has gone this year, I'm not counting on it, just hoping.
    • I was accepted on 2/5 and verified on 2/25...so I guess it will be around March 18th for me.
    • I don't understand all of this with all these different letters and these numbers to call. I received the dreaded 4883c letter. I called the IRS this morning my call was answered very quickly! They tell you on the letter to have ur prior year tax info available but I was asked nothing about those returns..I was asked about the return that I filed this year. Which was not a problem..but the time she had me on hold in between questions was utterly ridiculous! My entire call for maybe 7 questions at the most was 50 mins. I felt like I had done something wrong when I all i did was file my income taxes that I'm entitled to! Some of us having been filing taxes with no changes,  for long for this to be happening to us. So I got the standard response that my taxes would be put back out in the pool and it will be 4-6 weeks before I receive my refund! What about the all the time I have waited so far! Sorry guys for venting but I'm so frustrated! Lets keep each other updated so we can stay sane through this horrible mess.
    • Nothing yet can't order return transcript received 4883 letter 2/19 call sameday  irs told me I should have refund by 3/19 hope so
    • Would you mind me asking what type of questions do they ask you for verf ? This "ID" process is crazy !!!!
    • I am in the same boat I was accepted February 15th got a 4883c letter March 9th, got verified march 11th and now I also have to wait 4- 6 weeks. I really hope that it will not take that long or even longer.  This is really ridiculous  and frustrating :(. Please continue to post updates.
    • Just some personal tax info from previous years
    • Ok thanks I am going to make my call today ! (Good Luck guys)
    • I tried several phone numbers a minute ago and the lines seem to be shut down due to heavy call volumes. Maybe all of this mess need told nationally because something just does not seem right. First voters right want to be taken away now withholding our income taxes from people who needs them. Who is the head of the Internal Revenue Services?  We have been waiting since Jan 30th.
    • Received my 4883c march 9th , verified today  march 11th after a 1 hour hold. Very nice polite man asked me easy questions like; previous address, county, employer name, name of my mortgage co and to verify ss# and age of my oldest child. Was told he was taking my return out of hold and putting back in for processing and it will be 4 to 6 weeks before I get my refund. I asked him if there was anything else i need to do and he said no. Gave me refund # 1-800-829-1954 to call in 4 weeks... total call time 1hr and 15 min .
    • What number did u call to verify?
    • I've been holding on for 1 hr and 30 mins so far and no answer...wtf
    • Did u get through yet? I've been on hold too
    • racheal...i called 1-800-830-5084
    • Did u get a ddd
    • I got my refund today.  Good luck to all of you.
    • mkaz, when did you verify? I called last week before the letter came (still haven't received it) and wonder if I should keep waiting or call. I still can't order my dang transcripts yet or anything!!!!
    • update....was able to order my account transcripts today ...unable to order my return transcrpits
    • thanks mkaz !
    • sereine4, I was able to order my account transcripts a LONG time ago, but not my return transcripts.
    • great : (
    • Sorry. I know I got excited when I could order my account ones but was pretty disappointed when I finally found out, that didn't mean anything. I am in the same boat as you and now I am getting a letter from TT stating that I have to pay them when I haven't even gotten my taxes yet! UGH
    • Just checked where's my refund site and I have a dd of march 20 2013 ... I was not able to order my refund transcript yesterday FYI ... Will keep you posted :)
      Filed 2/4
      Accepted 2/14
      4883c 3/9
      Verified 3/11
      I have eic and educational credit and a substantial refund due
    • @sereine4 Awesome ur giving me hope! Our situations are actually identical except I don't have a ddd....keep us posted..im happy for you
    • I just want to let everyone know there is hope.  We filed on 1/26, accepted on 2/14, Letter 4883c 3/9, Verified 3/11 and just got a DDD for 3/20 this morning.  We had educational credit.  Good luck to everyone!
    • Yeah the woman I spoke to at the IRS said it will take me 4-6 weeks did they say the same to you? I hope I get mine very soon. Just checked WMR and mine still says processing and it been a while since I first filed. I am happy that you finally received your DDD.  Have a great weekend.
    • BryanC8811...they told us 4-6 weeks when we verified on 3/11.  So, I hope that you get yours soon.  :)
    • i verified on the 7th and still dont have a ddd and when i tried to call back to make sure the guy told me that i had to go the local office to confirm since im a first timer( couldnt send a fax or nothing) but thats what the identity unit does i thought too myself  and why the other woman look through and help, got mad hung up and got an advocate, hope he or she helps a lot. also was told that i started back processing on the 8th but i dont know now
    • no problem..go ahead and vent!! THAT'S WHAT YOUR HERE FOR!!!
    I was accepted 2/16. . Wmr website says processing.  . I haven't received any letter so I called the irs today and she said shes sending me a letter I should get in 2 weeks. . . .what's it about and could I just call the number you guys did to try and move this process along so I don't have to wait for this letter?
    • I called the IRS on 3/5 stating that my 21 days is coming up (accepted on 2/15), got a nice lady and she put me on hold as she was looking into my acct, took less than half n hour for her to tell me that mine is under review and I should get a letter in a couple of weeks. But she was really helpful, she told me since now I know that it's under review for verification, she gave me a 1-800-830-5084 to call and if they ask just tell them that I'm calling cuz ive received a letter. *.* basically she told me to lie about getting a letter so I did. Was on the phone verifying for less than an hour and the rep told me 3 weeks, and that the # I just call will be no use to me since my info had been verified. Ask her y I was being verified.. She said cuz of all the fraud but that I have nothing to worry about and just wait.

      2/15 accepted
      3/5 called irs to verify
      3/9 got a DDD of 3/13
      3/11 today.. Waiting for my dd.

      The whole process after the verification took only a week to get my dd, even when I was told 3 weeks.

      Btw, I still haven't receive a letter from the IRS! It's all good cuz I'm getting my dd before the letter come, just imagine if I were told to wait for a letter. What a waste of time or will be. So glad I got a nice rep.
    • I received my letter yesterday afternoon telling me to call a 1-800 number. In the letter it says before we can go ahead and proceed with your taxes you will need your prior year return. I waited 96 minutes on the phone and was ask a series of questions. I passed all the questions, and they said we are now going to take your refund off hold and put it into the processing department. Please wait until 4-6 weeks before checking to see if you have your refund.

      First filed: Jan, 04
      Accepted: Jan, 24
      Started processing: Feb. 14
      Waiting time:  4-6 weeks
    • Filed 1/28, Accepted 1/30. Verified info on 4883c letter on 2/14. Told 2-4 weeks. Called back verification department on 3/4 to find out about status and was told still processing and that there was no need to call back that dept. Said i could call 800-829-1040 the following week. Which I did. Called 3/11 and IRS agent explained in long techincal detail the process of the 4883c letter. I was only concerned about my refund tho and he said there are no problems and I SHOULD get it this week. Right now it is 26 days since I verified and 41 days since It was accepted. WMR still says processing.
    • Filrd 2/7 Accepted 2/7 called irs 3/7 got letter 4883c 3/8 verified 3/13 told i'd get refund 4-6 weeks even with efile and direct deposit WTF?????
    • Just checked where's my refund site and I have a dd of march 20 2013 ... I was not able to order my refund transcript yesterday FYI ... Will keep you posted :)
      Filed 2/4
      Accepted 2/14
      4883c 3/9
      Verified 3/11
      I have eic and educational credit and a substantial refund due
    • I filed 1/30, accepted 2/14, 4883c 3/11 and verified that day, no update on my WMR. IRS2GO app wont show anything for some reason for the last few days.
    • can you please let us know if you recve your refund on 3/20 sereine4. Thank you
    On hole for 1hour & 50min ans still on hold
    I filed 1/23, accepted 2/14 with EIC, child cred, and ed cred. Stuck in errors til 2/20, told to start my 21 days there. Called 3/8, and was told I was being held for review and was frozen in processing until I provided whatever info was asked for on the letter they sent. I chanced it and called the ID verify line that a friend told me about. They asked me about random income, workplace, residential, dependant, and filing status for the last several years, but said they couldn't give me anything more until I received the letter. It finally came on 3/11. Iv e called twice since and got disconnected after 2+ hours on hold. Today after another 2 hours, a man came on and transferred me to the wrong department. I nearly lost it, but the lady was so nice and understanding and looked up my account. The hold has been lifted and my refund, ALL OF IT, will be deposited on or before 3/20!!! Its finally over. Good luck to all of you. P.S. Today was also the first day I was able to orderr a return transcript.
    • See? The Fed pays her price and she goes away!

      Just kiddin' ya' there, Beautyskooldropout, Thanx for the info. Gives me hope for seeing my money by next week since I verified 3/7... please update us on the 20th one way or the other...
    • Just checked where's my refund site and I have a dd of march 20 2013 ... I was not able to order my refund transcript yesterday FYI ... Will keep you posted :)
      Filed 2/4
      Accepted 2/14
      4883c 3/9
      Verified 3/11
      I have eic and educational credit and a substantial refund due
    • I also just checked wmr and i have a dd of March 20
      filed on 2/7
      accepted on 2/14
      received 4883c letter on 03/9
      verified on 3/11
    • I verified on the 5th of march , was able to order return transcript yesterday for the first time but still no dd or update on wmr ...
    Filed 1/30 - return held until 2/14. Didn't get a refund within two weeks ( was the norm for people I know who had filed). Called to inquire - was told I had to wait for the 4883c letter or another letter. I came to this site and found a number to all regarding the letter. I called and verified on 3/8 got DDD for 3/20. Followed up on 3/14 to ensure nothing else was needed. The stupid letter came yesterday. This site has been very helpful.
    • That gives me hope...i verified on the 5th and and was actually able to order return transcript yesterday but no dd for the 20th today..hopefully an update tomorrow
    • filed 2/4 verified 2/25 checked at 5 am because I was up and still nothing tried again a minute ago and where's my refund is currently down.
    • called the hotline and still the same stupid message
    • Yea ..gets a little frustrating
    • heres the facebook page to be able to communicate better update and just rant  http://www.facebook.com/pages/4883c-IRS-Letter-Club/614958891852304
    • I filed Feb. 15th
      Verified March 11th
      DD March 20th
    I filed 1-30-13, accepted 2-14-13. I just received a 4883c letter March 12. I called, they asked ALOT of questions and was on the phone waiting for 2 1/2 hours. They told me 4-6 weeks now... On 3/14/13 I was finally able to order my return transcripts. On 3/16/13 I checked Where's My Refund and my "orange bars" have reappeared and I have a direct deposit date of 3/20/13. I will up date when the money actually goes into my account.
    • Alright! I think we're starting to see some movement here!

      There is no way to tell what perecentage of Taxpayers had our specific set of issues and also found each other on this forum could possibly be...

      I can, however, point out that even if it was as small as .00001%, that would still be 1350 people... So, I wanna hear 1000 updates in the correct format of

      DDD (or NOT)

      Short narrative regarding applicable credits and/or ID Verification Phone Experience here

      That has proven the most effective benchmark for Taxpayers to decide if they are simply in a waiting game or if something else is wrong and they need to pester the IRS. I for one, am not waiting Another 21 Days to fix any other "errors or issues" holding up my money and would really appreciate this info...
    • Filed: 1/14
      Accepted: 1/25
      Verified: 2/22
      DDD: n/a "still being processed"
      -No EIC, Educational, or other credits
      -Single source of income, easily verifiable (State of Washington)
      -Standard W2, filed 1040ez. Single.

      Verification rep was polite, nice even. Asked me very basic questions, said all was good to go. Told me 21 more days.

      Got antsy, called tax advocates on 3/1 as still no change on WMR. Rep was rude, said wait 6-8 weeks.

      Called verification again on 3/14 to ask WTF/ make sure everything was ok.  After 2.5 hours on hold, Rep was an idiot. Claimed he couldn't look up my social since i had already verified.

      Called normal IRS number on 3/15 to ask WTF. Rep placed me on hold for 10 minutes then berated me for calling in before 8 weeks had gone by. Told me to use WMR. I told her I have daily and used the hotline and the mobile app and I am tired of not getting any info at all. She assures me my return is not flagged for audit or held up, that it is just still "being processed" but had in fact been released by verification people. Basically told me nothing and tried to get me off the phone quick.

      Called the offset number just to check. Nothing there.

      Beyond pissed.
    • @iamMadBro i can understand, did you see the folks that have verified this last week and already have deposit dates! It is maddening! theres a few here on this thread that verified this last week! and bam they got a deposit date.....join us on facebook we have a page there now.
    • You are possibly the worst case I've seen... you have no credits or itemized deductions to slow the process... verified 21+ days ago and nothing? That's crap...
    • dude, i know. i just don't effing get it
    • @ i am mad bro...do u think the edu credits have something to do with all these fortunate people who  verified less than a week ago & re already getting ddd? Maybe they are being given priority over us because of the whole 8863 fiasco? Because why else would their 4-6 weeks timeframe end up being less than a week?
    • Hi, wh.what1. In the interests of adding to the body of knowledge here, let me try this:

      Filed: 2/10
      Accepted: 2/11 (est DD given of "by 3/4")
      Received 4883C: 3/3
      Verified: 3/5

      Qualify for EIC, single, HoH. Called again today, had to "reverify" and they say that it's 4-6 weeks from 3/5.
    • Thank you, ma'am!

      ...and here's my update for you.

      Accepted 2/14
      Letter 3/7
      Verified 3/7

      and still nothing...

      Of course, I'm only halfway through my second 21 Days but, I'm not waiting around this time...

      I've ordered my Account Transcript so I can see exactly where my return has been and what it's doing now.

      Anyone, such as Mizz Kimberly.Elliot or Messrs. iamMadBro and aliV1, who have waited out any "Credit Delays" exhausted their "21 Days" and have seen a significant amount of time pass since ID Verification, should order theirs as well...

      If you order today, it should arrive before the 28th. Assuming you havn't seen your Refund by then, you will have a written record of exactly what the hell is going on with your return and what the new hold up is...

      The Transcript will be more codes than words so go ahead and save a copy of IRS Publication 6209.   


      You'll need it to decode the transcript...
    • I tried to order a transcript for 2012 of my return... not available? Is that bad news? :)
    • I tried to order mine as well and it said not available, i filed 2/2 called Irs 3/1 and I was on the phone with them for over an hour just to be told my return was accepted and still processing and there's no further info she can give me and to wait for a letter and if i don't receive a letter within 30 days to call back.
    • You won't be able to order your Return Transcript until the IRS is actually finished with your return. Most folks on the forums see a DDD within days of being able to order one.

       Being able to order a Return Transcript and then not receiving a DDD is a good indicator that, while they may have finished with your return... Offsets/Credits or a Balance is due. If you find yourself in this group of Taxpayers,  you will have to fight to get any info over the phone other than "You must wait for a letter explaining why we have finished your return but, decided your refund will be not what you expected, none at all, or a bill"

      In other words... one last serving of Delay, with a side of Keep You in the Dark about it...

      You want to order the Account Transcript... and it is available as soon as your Return is accepted for processing each year. It is a record of everything that has happened between the time your Return was accepted for Processing and the moment you ordered the Transcript. This is how you will get real info on what's going on with your return and where you can expect to go next....

      Hopefully, everyone receives their Account Transcript days after they receive their Refund but, if the Transcript finds you still waiting on your money,,,  sit down with IRS Publication 6209, a notepad, your drug of choice, and start writing down the definitions of the codes on your Transcript on the pad...

      Other Folks facing more serious IRS Issues on other forums have used this info to not only find out what went wrong... but, to answer the IRS without having to wait on another letter...
    • Accepted1/30
      Verified 3/5
      No dd!!
      I can't believe this!
    • Aceptes 1/30
      Verificad 2/20
      Return transcript 3/8
      No dd
      Same message : 2/1 reference code 9001
    • File 1/31, accepted 1/31...recieved 4883c 2/25
      Verified 2/26
      That's where update ends...lol
      Wmr "your return is still processing, a refund date will be provided...blah blah blah!"
    • Filed 1/28
      Accepted 1/30
      Letter 4883c verified 3/1
      No ddd, no movement, can't order transcripts (even an account one)
      Called IRS 3 times at 7am and get disconnected after waiting
      Beyond pissed now when others after me have seen progress.
    • I called Friday was told nothing was wrong it was just waiting to go back into processing doesn't make sense when people verify 2 weeks after me and have deposit dates.
    • Filed 1/26
      Accepted 2/14
      4883c letter 3/11
      Verified 3/11 then told wait 4-6 weeks
      DDD and updated status on WMR 3/16
      DDD set for March 20 and if not in my bank by the 25th to call the bank
    • I got my account transcripts and they were blank. But today i was able to order return transcript. any idea what this means?
    I filed on 1/25
    Accepted on 2/14
    Still no letter got the irs number caller they gave me another number to call.....after waiting on hold for 2 hours,  was disconnected called back waited 2 more hours got a nice guy name Mr, Trussel. Verified all info was told my returns was being released wait 4-6 weeks!  Checked wmr today still no ddd!
    Is there still hope :-(
    • Still wating 2/19 verified nothing still ,calling doesn't  help, guess Ishould just forget about it no return Transcript got state refund a long time ago I'm broke af!!!!!
    • To top it off turbotax going to overdraft my bank account !!!
    • got letter on 3/12 verified on 3/15 still no dd date and cant order transcript. this is becomin a head ache
    • Just got off the phone with a nice lady. Told me that she seen the release of the hold, and that it can take up to 6 to 8 weeks. That's the frame for processing... Its basically ready to be proccessed and it's just sitting there. Atleast that is what I'm getting. I verified on 2/22 and so Im closer to the 4 week marker. I really hope they move things along.
    • this is bs i am broke af and i have been accepted and processing since 2/7 verified 3/13 and still processing disgusted
    • I verifed 2/25 still waiting
    • Verified 2/26 no changes at all... I don't understand but I've just tried to stay calm. IRS won't tell you jack, I am barely scraping by, I owe money that needs to be paid. Sucks
    • Same here Calebmartin.....same here : ( ...verified so long ago. Come to the facebook page too. http://www.facebook.com/pages/4883c-IRS-Letter-Club/614958891852304
    • Me too.. and
    • Same here..
    • I understand what you are going thru but worrying and getting upset won't change a thing. You have to take care of yourself. Think of it this way what if that money was not available what would you do then? Everything is going to work together for your good i assure you. Your health is important. Stay encouraged we are all in the boat with you.
    • This is the best post I have heard in a very long time, and both my partner and I need that encouragement as we both have a LOT of stress. She is the filer,and I have Lupus, this winter has really taken its toll on me. Thank you Marilyn!
    • The majority of us having these issues with the irs and these letters used turbo tax.  I say we email them and demand they contact the irs on our behalf and fix this.  Here is there link at Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/turbotax?ref=ts&fref=ts   I sent them a private message that said the following.....

       I used your service and am paying for your service. I trusted that there would be no issues. However, I as well as thousands of others were red flagged for identity theft. Now we are being forced to wait an additional 6-8 weeks for our refunds while you sit and do nothing to help. I demand that you contact the irs and do everything with in your power to fix this and speed up this process or I along with thousands of others with whom I have been speaking to on blogs and Facebook will never use your products again and you will lose thousands in business next tax season! The majority of people this has happened to used Turbo Tax. Fix This!

      Join me and send them this message or a similar message and lets see if we can get them to fix this for us as it is partially their fault.  We paid for a service to make sure nothing went wrong when obviously something did.
    • Please do this.  They already responded to me and swear they were unaware of any problems.  Lets let them know how many problems there truly were.
    • @rosecrans I just sent them a message also. You can post this on the facebook page too if you want. Perhaps that will help get more people involved.
    • Accepted 2/13, called to verify before receiving the letter (3/6) got the4883c letter next day (3/7) the letter is dated 3/4. AND still says return is being processed refund date will be provided when available
    • @marilyn.irby.........touching words!....thanks.
    • Hey its me - td648 - get on our Facebook group - we are 4883c IRS Letter Club - we miss you man!
    • @lily.drum well my friend  i also verified the same day as you filed 2-5 accepted 2-14 verified 3-7 well i was on the facebook page 4883c and people with our same verify date have ddd of 3-20 today so i called the irs and asked what was going on with my refund and they advised me that they didnt even see where i had verified my information and that usually there are notes saying that the info was verified so i called the verify # twice 1s time i got a nasty heffer 2nd time got the nicest person thank goodness well after being on hold for 30 mins she comes back on the line only to tell me that the rep i had spoken to didnt get all of the info needed WTF so she went ahead and got the info needed and guess what i have to wait 4-6 weeks from today 3-20 i want to scream... my advice to you is to call the verification line back and verify that THEY have processed you info correctly good luck
    accepted 1/24 got letter called an verified 2/21 still nothing i called the irs an he said it hasnt been the full 4-6 weeks my 6th week will be up around april 3. an then i should recieve a date. idk ive givin up.
    • @slimj1588 come to the facebook page many of us that are the old-timers from verifications in Feb are on that page updating each other. http://www.facebook.com/pages/4883c-IRS-Letter-Club/614958891852304
    • Ive given up too..the earliest I'm expecting is june or july ..they've been playing wit my sh!t for the longest..never took this long in previous years n all of a sudden its a delay ..throwing that  famous 4 to 8 weeks  line in ya face (guarantee they're laughing at us )lol
      Filed :jan 30
      Accep: feb 14
      Feb 21: infamous F you message
      Verified :mar 5
      Bullsh!t by irs: jan-march
      Expected 2013 refund date : probably 2014
    • People go to this link and read.  They knew this was going to happen in December. The delays were planned for 30% of filers.  Notice the post date at the top of the page.  http://www.nvsea.org/tnn/tnn_009.htm
    • I only filed an education credit though, that letter doesnt mention those.
    • I have an answer for MANY come to the facebook page..
    • That should of been on the news do we all could expect that this year!
    • Link it plz!
    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/30
    4883c 2/19
    Verified 2/20
    Called a bunch of times to check if everything was okay..
    Called and was told hold was lifted and to wait..
    3/21 WMR finally changed to "we have received your return and it is being processed"

    I am single, no credits of any sorts, 1 standard W-2.
    • Hold was lifted 3/7
    • Wow! I am in the same exact situation. Filed early accepted same date, etc. however when i have called back none of the idiot reps have said anything about a "hold" at all. What do you mean hold was lifted?    Also my WMR page changed to the same message two days ago. hope that is a good sign
    • Not sure the last time I called, which was about two weeks ago. The rep said "the hold is lifted and your refund is release to be processed and should take 1-2 weeks." Which in this case it's pretty spot on. Yeah same, at least it's a change maybe next week we will get a ddd :) good luck to you. Ill keep you posted if I get anything.
    • Hey iamMadBro I got a ddd for 3/27. Hope you get yours soon!
    • Yep, just looked and me too.
    • I just checkd wmr site and it gave me a deposit date 3/27. Prayer does work. I pray everyone get theirs soon.
    • Congrats. Thank you for your prayers as well.
    Eventually I had to go to a local office and faxed over everything because the letter is so vague to verifications. The next day my advocate called faxed her the same thing last week 18 and 19th. I called yesterday day the woman just kept saying it went back into processing. and allow 4-6 weeks from the 25th of Feb whiles other say from different days. Today i tried to call my advocate and she hasn't even got to my paperwork and or asked for a release of some of the money at least. Told me the wait till the 9th of April even though gas is to be shut off this week. had a major snow storm last few days and electric next week. this is all a bunch of bull. it seems like i had better luck going to the office and doing everything myself. No one in the IRS is any real help and thats sad. three months and counting i give up. still cant order transcripts either
      Just to let you guys know the tax advocate that contacted my husband today told him to forget his claim, this is what they are telling people. Even after we have faxed everything to them. The best yet is we found out that the guy didn't do his job 2 weeks ago and post it.
      • WHAT!!! Well u called Monday, told me that ( after 3 months)  that I am not getting anything) because my husband owed taxes and they took mine, (filed married filing joint)!! I told them you should of told me when I first filed. WTF!!
      • hi, you may be able to recover most (or all) of your refund  by filing forms 8379- Injured spouse allocation, or form 8857,  innocent spouse relief:  

        * You may be an injured spouse if you file a joint tax return and all or part of your portion of the overpayment was, or is expected to be, applied (offset) to your spouse’s legally enforceable past-due federal tax, state income tax, child or spousal support, or a federal nontax debt, such as a student loan
        Form 8379 Injured Spouse Allocation is used more commonly and can be electronically filed with your tax return or sent alone after filing the tax return if necessary.

        Form 8857 Request for Innocent Spouse Relief: is NOT sent with your tax return and is completed to request relief from tax liability, for which you believe only your spouse or former spouse should be held liable

      what is really going on?
      Filed and accepted on march 3rd. I got worried because weeks passed by and still no refund was deposited so I called.
      I called and I was told a letter was on its way (never recived the letter btw),
      but the rep told me what would be in the letter. Basically I needed to verify who I was. I called on march 28th and verified who I was .they asked me a couple of questions about myself. she said I was ok and it would take 4-6 weeks. Ok that was march 28th. my state return went through on the next day friday ,in the afternoon. its now may 6th! the 4-6 weeks waiting period ends on thursday. I called today (the sixth of may,2013) I was told there's a freeze on the account. He informed me processing was done but they werent releasing the money due to a freeze. the friendly rep sent out a referral so the dept freezing the refund could release the refund to my bank. . the referal will take  will take 30 days to be answered and dealt with by the department. meaning within 30 days I will receive either a letter or phone call telling me what they need from me in order to release the refund to my account......im angry, broke, have bills due.

      1 education credit
      no dependents
      1W2 FILED.
      address is wrong on the return , could that be a problem? its bronx instead of bronxwood-The correct street.

      I Dont know what to do anymore.

          • Well, verified 3/12 was able to order transcripts on 3/15 and I don't have a ddd! :(
          • When I try to order transcripts, the system says my info doesn't match their records.
          • Hory sheet. I have a direct deposit date of 3/27.
          • Congrats Bro! Bout damned time you got your money...
          I have contacted turbo tax  4  times, they have tried to help. I had a very nice man from the FTA online Saturday, He did as much as he could. I filed January 26th, Education credits February 14th, got my IRS  letter 488C today called waited 2 hours to talk, to the IRS man who in turn was exceptionally nice! I really think their hands are tied.  They are doing their jobs to the best of their ability, they are doing the MOST they can!  I also paid my money, but our government is PLAIN and SIMPLY BROKE.. and until everyone else on the Turbo TAX website and H and R Block website and the IRS. GOV website realizes that you are not going to get any further with these people because they cannot do anymore than we can be do their jobs and WAIT!  AND the answer is NO.. I do NOT work for the government, a tax agency.
          • BS
          • I guess that explains why people I know who filed after me, and had bigger refunds than me, already received theirs.... oh wait...
          • @jacobkmoore, i was saying the same thing, but my refund is more than the people i know who filed and received their refund already, this whole situation is a pain in my behind,  I still haven"t received no types of letters and i've been told since i called the irs on 3/1 if i don't receive anything within 30 days to call back.
          • there are several people on another 4883c letter thread that verified on the 9th i believe and already have direct deposit dates!! meanwhile i verified 2/22 and still nothing so i dont know what the heck is going on...we set up a facebook page to share status and just share http://www.facebook.com/pages/4883c-IRS-Letter-Club/614958891852304
          • Still waiting...verified 2/26... Don't get logic of people getting ddd 4 days after verifying and I'm waiting 3 weeks
          • Well now... That is some fucked up shit right there...

            I hate to see the hold times now that everyone is going to be re-calling to re-verify...
          • UPDATE:

            Filed: 2/5
            Accepted: 2/14
            Letter: 3/7
            Verified: 3/7

            and today, 3/21, I get an email from Intuit demanding THIER cut..

            This is starting to piss me off...
          • Yea I got that yesterday too, but, it says,

            However, our records indicate that your refund, after adjustment, was insufficient to pay the amount of these fees. Although we have no way of knowing, the IRS may have adjusted your refund to satisfy existing debts including child support, back taxes, student loans and state taxes, among other reasons. Because you were not able to take advantage of the Refund Processing Service, you will not be charged the Refund Processing Service fee. Your remaining fees for TurboTax services sum to a balance of $29.99 due to Intuit by 4/12/2013.

            Is this the message everyone gets?
          • Same here...beyond pissed!
          • Do you owe them back taxes?
          • No idea, I never filed for taxes until I had to for financial aid.
          • I called yesterday the guy didn't even want to look up my account. Than he said ok ask for the same bull they always ask. Than he didn't say anything for a 1min or 2 I had to ask are you still there. He said yes I am looking over the notes on your account. Than he said hold on. On hold 5 mins he came back with ( wait 4-6 weeks) from the date you verified! BS!
          • Are you do a refund?
          • Yes, an education credit. Could really use it for transportation to and from school right now :P
          • come join us on facebook - we have a community of us all pissed off, impatient and STILL waiting Taxpayers - awaiting our Refunds after this 4883C fiasco....Just go to : 4883c IRS Letter Community - we're all there....trying to stay strong and keeping each other updated.....
          • Is it club or community because I can't find it? I see club not community!
          • Yes
          • Did you hear anything yet?
          • Got transcripts cycle date 20131105 don't know what that means
          • TT got rid of the autodebit on my bank account you have call them....and i still have no ddd or transcripts 4 weeks after verifiying
          • me too what does that mean
          • got transcript cycle date 20131105
          • i was able to order return transcript today, but i got the account transcript in mail today and it is blank, with a date of april 1. Has anyone else had this happen? please update if u have. I was not able to order return trancripts until today, which i am hoping is good, but no cycle date on acct trascript i recvd. just blank.
          • What does the transcript cycle date mean?
          • @msjuicy30- did you get your refund?
          • Update: I first filed Jan 04, Got accepted Jan 24th. I didn't find out that they wasn't processing education credits until Feb 14th. I called the IRS and asked why I am still processing they said that I was a victim of identity theft which was a lie. They sent me a letter 4883C on March 11th that same day I verified. They then told me once I verified that they are releasing my funds to processing department and that I should receive them within 4-6 weeks.  That time past and I called the IRS again and they said that it usually takes 6-8 weeks not 4-6 weeks. I waited 9 1/2 weeks called back again and they said you should have your refund by the first week of May. I still don't have my refund or a DDD so I asked them what was going on, and they said that March 11th the day when I verified someone forgot to send my information to the processing department and now I have to wait another 6-8 weeks. That means I won't be getting my refund until June or July if I get it then. Seems as though I have been waiting and waiting as if they don't have the funds to pay me or they just don't know what they're doing. This is ridiculous, but there is nothing I nor anyone can do to make the process faster. We just have to wait. I just wish they could tag on $1,000.00 for making us wait since the government claims that every year there is thousands even millions of dollars are unclaimed.
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