When I went to "where's my refund" on the IRS site, the refund status was not there and I got a message that read: Your tax return is still processing. A refund date will be provided when available.

When I went to "where's my refund" on the IRS site, the refund status was not there and I got a message that read: Your tax return is still processing. A refund date will be provided when available.  What does this mean?
  • Many refund are being held if you received the housing credit in 2008 and 200. if you skipped a year paying back then the IRS kicked your taxes out . They will complete processing 8 weeks from the date it was kicked out. You need to contact them or wait on the letter. Others was kicked out during the updating of their system to track education credit and recovery credit. If you believe you are entitled to a refund call them.
It means the IRS is still processing your return, and will give you a refund date when it is finished.
  • Same here. I filed 1/31 accepted 2/14 still processing no dd yet :(
  • I am in the same boat! I got accepted on 2/14 and on Turbo Tax it says accepted but when I go to the IRS website it says that it is still processing. But according to everything I have read it has to be done by this coming Friday! Lets hope... :/
  • Mine was supposed to be here by today and I have yet to see it. My boyfriend filed last week and his is scheduled in our account already. First and LAST time I will be using turbotax.
  • I just got off the phone with an IRS representative and she told me that they had to manually check my credits to make sure that Im suppose to  get the 8863 credit as of 3/1 & it could be a couple more weeks til I get my refund smh
  • when i go into turbo tax"track my refund" it says before march 7th but when i go into the irs "wheres my refund" it says its still processing, a date will be provided as soon as possible" no money yet. its aggravating. i filed on january 30th and got accepted on the 14th. i havent gotten no phone call from irs, no emails.
  • @cmorrison6393 I know it's frustrating, but don't let it turn you off to turbotax. I have used turbotax for 5 years straight, this year, I actually went H&R block because with them I qualified for free return (less than 57k)...whereas with turbotax I needed less than 32k income. So I switched, and I am in the same boat.

    I used form 8863 also so, although I filed on 1/31 return was held until 2/14.  I have been very patient, as I have money so I'm not in despeart need, but It actually makes me nervous that my refund hasn't been completed yet. I thought that perhaps I entered some incorrect info into H&R block (since I had to manually enter everything.) I also had capital gains losses this year (only about 500)which was new, so I thought maybe my return had been flagged.

    I called a few days ago and was told that it was just the 8863 delay, but the next day the bars where gone on "where's my refund" and I got the message you are getting now. I thought maybe I had screwed something up by calling. IDK, but definitely not a turbotax thing....IRS is really behind this year and you are not alone.
I filed 2-2-13 and was stuck on the processing with the bar since last thursday. On 2-21-13 it changed to no bars and refund will be provided when available. So after a week of sitting on that message i decided to call IRS today. I got a very helpful guy. He said no offsets are showing up, no audit review, no red flags he even went through my taxes and said they looked good. Said if no status change my Monday afternoon to call back. He did say education credits did not start getting processed until the 15th of Feb. However i did not have that credit. So who knows guess its just a waiting game. So hope this helps.
  • hey did you get a diffrent message yet?
  • Who can I call?
  • Still stuck on same message. However I called the IRS Monday evening like the guy instructed me too and the lady said it was in the error department due to 2 additional questions that was added to the EIC form that many people didn't fill out. She said some people that filed between Jan. 30 thru Feb 8 didn't have those questions so all those people went into the error department. She said letters were mailed out around the 20th of feb. I told her well I haven't received any letter. From what she said the error department released all those refunds on the 28th of Feb and the whole process starts all over and could take up to 4 weeks to process. I can't stand those people.. so hoping for an update by the
    weekend hopefully...
  • It's 1800-829-1040
  • So I called again my refund didnt get accepted til 3/1 &it's 21 days from that date smfh
  • @grievster & ntfan86 Thanks for the info...I just had my husband call the IRS. Our return is in the errors department but for a diffrent reason. First I would just like to say the rep at thr Irs was very very nice. She said that TT had a software issue that had put to many zeros on aline 7 times. She said that it will be in review in the errors dept for 14 days....So we are crossing our fingers. I encourage anyone with problem to call 1-800-829-1040. maybe you will get some answers yourself as we did...Good Luck!   :0)
  • Thanks for the update. I checked the website today and still getting the same message but now code 152 is showing which is just deposit info so maybe ill get a date soon.. lets hope..
  • UPDATE.... my status FINALLY changed today and got a DD date of March 13th. The 3 bars have reappeared. Yesterday I had the same status " a deposit date will be provided when available" but a code of 152 was added and today was updated with DD date.. Whoo woo. Finally. Filed on Feb 2.

    Feb 2: filed married jointly with 2 kids, with a house.

    Feb 4th IRS accepted showing 3 bars withfirst one highlighted

    Feb. 21st status changed to no bars with comment of processing deposit date will be provided when available.
    March 1st called IRS was told everything looks good wait till monday and if no update call back.

    March 4th still same message on website. Called IRS that evening was told in error department due to EIC form but has been resolved and should receive refund within 4 weeks.

    March 8. same status on website except code 152 appeared

    March 9th        DD date of the 13th was provided and 3 bars back on website with 2 of thrm highlighted..

    hope this helps guys....
  • I have 3/13 as well, hope yours goes through. I'm taking the week off work!  (I'm doing the paper-check,)
  • Many refund are being held if you received the housing credit in 2008 and 2009. if you skipped a year paying back then the IRS kicked your taxes out .  In addition to the education credit are keeping many held because of the way they setup the questioning. So they are going back to your 2011 taxes to compare to this year.They will complete processing 8 weeks from the date it was kicked out. You need to contact them or wait on the letter.
you can call the IRS at 1800-829-1040 it's best to call. I was having the same message and my refund date was set for 3/15 when I called to get more information.
  • That's the number I called and kept pressing #### was connected with someone in about 5 min. But I also called at 620pm so not sure if that's why I got through so fast
  • There office is open Mon-Fri from 7am-7pm. You may have called as they were getting ready to close. *happened to me once, called at 6:30pm, was on hold until 7:10pm*
  • isnt this the automated number.?
  • No. It will connect you to someone if you call between 7am-7pm..
  • I have a refund date set for 3/13, when will my wmr page update? (on or after /13,) Also, is there a chance it may change? *my follow up date is set for April 10th.-I live in Texas so my check is coming from Austin.* thanks for any help/info.
  • If it's sent on the 13th does anyone know how long it will take to become available in my bank accnt?
  • I filed early February, the IRS didn't accept it until 2/14 because of the education credit form.  I have the three status bars with one highlighted.  Then, it changed to "still being processed, a date will be provided when available".  Finally called IRS today and they said it was in the errors department.  They said I should receive a letter in a week or two stating that I either have to submit more info or I will be receiving my return.  Based on the comments here, it sounds like the IRS screwed up the education credits form and the EIC form (I have both).  As usual, our government is failing those that are in the toughest financial positions.  How frustrating!  I hope I get my return soon. :(
  • The IRS is processing the 8863 forms now, they stated 4-6 weeks to get dd, but I calle today because I was able to order return transcripts and they have a dd of 3-15
  • Thanks for the update, after your post I decided to check mine, and I am finally able to order transcripts as well. WMR still has not changed.

    I received a letter yesterday about form 8863 issue. I called and was told that I needed to fax back some info. I haven't faxed anything and yet today I can order transcripts.

    I hope I will be getting a dd date soon.
  • Ya the IRS said there is no need to reply to the letter. Check WMR and if your refund amount has disappeared and tax topic 152 is at the bottom. Call 18008291040 hit 1 and then #####. Tell whoever answers that you want to talk to the refund department. Tell them that you were able to order trans, your refund amount disappeared, tax topic 152 is back, and you were wanting to know your refund date. If they give u a hard time tell them that all the blogs state to do this and if they still give u a hard time hang up and call back. Let me know if this works.
I'm getting my refund either this coming Saturday, or sometime next week. I had education credits (1098 T-Forms,) Super happy!
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