My taxes were accepted by the IRS on February 8, 2013, but I have still not received my refund. "Where's My Refund" says that my return has been "accepted and is processing". When can I expected to get my refund?

  • its been already 4 weeks i had read i would get it no later than february 21, 2013
  • We do pay for these serves and have not received our money in the time stated. I'm going to file a complaint with the Better Business bureau.
  • I feel the same way.. It's taken forever for my tax returns.. They didnt have to upgrade the systems or anything the way things were working was just fine.. last year i filed my tax return and got it back within a week.. now they have until 7th to get me my money..
  • got my fed taxes on my netspend card pretty fast but theres no sign of my state taxes do they also get put onto card or sent in check form
  • When was your Federal Tax accepted?
  • Just read over my entire print out of the tax return. We are paying $29.99 for Turbo Tax's bank to get the money from the IRS and send it to us. We can save the $29.99 by the IRS just sending us our money, This is my 5th year with Turbo Tax and this is the longest I've ever had to wait. To me IF I'm paying pretty much $30 they should give us the refund loan and then collect the money from the IRS. My last year with Turbo and yes I will file with BBB.
  • How long did it take for ur fed tax refund to come
  • like a week
  • Dam that was fast how long did it take for ur net spend card to come
  • I have always liked using Turbo Tax, turns out that's because I never actually NEEDED them for anything. Now I can't get them on the phone or livechat, and no real help with this issue that I'm having as well. So much for TurboTax assistance...what did I give them $40 for? #frustrated
  • just wondering where my stat taxes are already received fed but nothing on ri taxes everytime i try calling they say everyone is busy call tomorrow i filed in feb
  • does somebody answer the questions and how long does it take
  • Me to mine got excepted on Feb 6th the irs updated my stuff to in the process i think its unfair no one can tell me nothing!
  • OK I filed on the 3rd of Feb! I have not yet received my state but my son filed after me and got his back in the check form just Friday 1st of March. I dont get it how in the world . I got my Federal like 2 weeks after I filed. I need to find out what is going on. I have used Turbotax for 6 years.
  • I also haev been waiting since the 7th and it never takes this long....  I am worried something was not files correctly
  • Ive used turbo three years now. i filed jan 31st. i got my federal 2 weeks after i filed, but still no federal.
  • still no state*****
  • where is my money TurboTax i need my money i got accepted since feb 4th and i still haven't get my money yet
  • It has been 73 days still IRS where's my refund states processing no available date.
  • got accepte on 02/14 and still no refund. shows that its still being processed. its been over 2 month.
  • 62 days and still processing..
  • 71 Days Still processing...this is rediculous
  • I filed march 7th said my refund would be back on the 27th, has used turbo tax for 7 yrs now this is the first time its ever taken so long, IRS website says its accepted and processing it yet again when I just checked it. Then i just got a e-mail from turbotax saying i owe them filing fees because my refund wasnt enough to cover the cost of filing, wth they say i owe them an the irs is still processing so confused.
  • hey, same thing happened to me!! just today got that email. I dont own any money to the IRS. its been over a month and no refund... no turbo tax is coming down with that email about not enough refund!!.. something wrong is going on!!
  • What is going on same with me I filed a while ago its well over the 21 days it said wtf I'm gettin aggravated I think it's this new. Etspend and the IRS anybody talk to mass IRS ans see what's going on ...?..
  • i just checked ones again and irs still shows its pending. omg!!! its been over 3 month. wtf.
  • you had the student credit i assume?
  • Student loan 1098 E no additional form filed by tt
  • yes i did @me420nm. i had student credit last year though and it didnt take this damn long. is going on 5 month now.
  • Yeah same here. The IRS screwed up when they accepted the return. Due to a system change on their side the returns are actually incomplete. This is affecting over 600,000 people who filed with this credit. They are working on resolving this. I was told it "should" be resolved by mid may sometime. This was according to the geeky IRS guy I waited on hold for 3 hours for. Hope it helps
  • yeah, at first i thought it was just me but i see that so many people are going thru the same thing. the sucky part about it is that they wont tell you nothing. all they tell you is to wait and wait. i hope this gets resolved fast. thanks for the information it def helped
  • I just called the IRS they released the refund a week ago it's turbo tax who is holding it
Like Julie.rubi said, it's taking the IRS longer to process refunds this year.  I live in Florida, which seems to be the identity-theft capital of the U.S.  The IRS is trying to stop refunds being sent out to identity thieves - maybe that's part of it.  I'm just glad to read that I'm not the only one.  I was worried before I read these posts.
  • I e-filed and it was "accepted" on the Feb. 10th. I did my friends taxes through turbo tax 2 weeks after I e-filed, and she had to mail hers in...she received her refund Feb. 25th. How does that make sense?? Every time I go to check "Where's my Refund"...all it says,"Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available." WTH?? Does this mean it's not "accepted" yet and still processing?  Why did it tell me I would receive my refund w/ in 21 days of it being accepted. I expected it no later than March 2, 2013...and still NOTHING!! Grrr
  • I did ours on the 2nd and its saying it has been excepted also! I am getting really pissed
  • Well wick wack that is a bunch of crap cause everyone I know that did not use turbo tax has got theirs back
  • A friend of mine filed two weeks ago and already has hers going to Jackson Hewitt. I filed February 4 and have yet to get anything.
  • I filed on Jan. 31st and have not received my refund yet. I called the IRS on the 27th of Feb. and was on hold for 45 min. they could not tell me anything but "IT'S STILL PROCESSING" I received a letter dated Feb. 27th from Integrity and Verification stating that the IRS needed more information, and the website that was on the letter stated that it was to protect me from identity theft. The IRS DOES NOT WANT TO PAY ANY REFUNDS so they are using any reason they can to keep our money.
Mine got accepted on January 25...I am still waiting on mine. Called in and was put on hold for 10 min. then got hung up on before my call was answered. Have never been able to speak to anyone and have not heard a thing! My federal was sent to me within 2 weeks!! Coming up on 3 months now. I paid $100 for Turbo tax this year!!!
Ive always went to someone private and ALWAYS had both refunds sent to me within 2 weeks MAX! This is ridiculous to pay for this service and not hear ANYTHING! I will never use this service again!
    • how can i change my bank so it can go to another kind of bank
    I've used them for 5 years and always had a rapid return until this year. I waited 40 mins for live chat and then they transferred me and it was lost. I want to know WHY we're paying $29.99 to some bank/Turbo tax for them to have our money deposited in an account and then sending us our refund. We should have direct deposit from the IRS and not this transferring around. Read your agreement. I know there are delays but why are we paying for outside parties to dalay things? They are interested in new customers but don't have enough staff to handle questions. I filed a complaint with the BBB,
      Me too. This is ridiculious!!!! I was accepted on Feb. 15th and promise my money by March 8th. BS Aughhhhhhhhhh
      • You can expect to wait forever.....they told me another 4 to 6 weeks, mine were accepted on Jan. 31, 2013-that makes it over 4 months.
      yeah Iv been using turbo tax for about 5 years, Iv been audited 3 times and have never got any support from turbo tax, and now this year is taking forever. Its gonna be time to file 2013 taxes by the time we get paid. You can bet your ass ill not to another drop of biz with these freakn moron's
        Everything online is pointing to the educational taxes being way behind.  Originally people were told (me included) that the first week of May would be the pay out date.  Now that has changed to mid-May...though right now I'm not holding my breath.  When you check, "where's my refund" and it tells you that it's being processed, then it's all good.  Just wait.  That's all you can do.  It's not Turbo Tax that's the problem.  The money comes from the IRS, not TT.  TT just process your taxes.  They cannot control what the IRS does after that.  No, I don't work for TT, so this isn't a "pro-TT" comment; stop looking for someone to blame when it's the IRS that's the issue.
          I havented recieved my refund and  it was excepted on tha 8 too...whats going on.?
          • Accepted I mean.
          • The irs has to process and approve it first
          • Mine were accepted Feb 4th  I am still waiting for them to "PROCESS" my taxes.
            Why?  Some fat politician needed it to fly first class somewhere?
          • My was also excepted on Feb 4th. Still have not received it.
          • The IRS told me I can expect to wait another 4 to 6 weeks for my refund making it over 4 months.
          how long does that take?
          • 8-21 days
          • Well, I'm at the 23rd day, and nothing has happened. I'm starting to get worries that I screwed something up. Any insight beyond the info that the IRS website provides would be helpful.
          • Did u guys order transcripts?
          • Did you have a form 8863?? If so your processing does not start until after the 14th and then it will be 21 days
          • Turbo says my return was accepted and IRS says being processed. This has been 15 days. This will be my last time with turbo tax.
          • its not turbo tax's fault.  The IRS has stated that refunds are slower this year than last - for several reasons.  You can google the articles...its been on the news, etc.  Hope this helps....
            (Im waiting too!)
          • I too am in that gauntlet ...Stated I would recieve no later than 3/2 and still!!! So who really is holding up MY MONEY!!!
          • For the record I will no longer file with TT I could have mailed it and gotten a faster response ....
          • It's my money and I want it NOW!
          • yeah! next tax season its going to come around and we still havent gotten our 2012 tax money. this is insane.
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