Has anyone received Louisiana state tax refund yet? LDR said it would start issuing refunds on Feb 26, but I still don't have mine.

  • I prepared my federal an LA state taxed via TurboTax in February, LA accepted it on the 27th of February, mine still says received and has not been completed yet, I rec'd a letter from LDR dated the 20th of March stating that my return has been selected for review and it will take 90 days.
I finally received my LA state refund yesterday by direct deposit. LDR never did update until today saying that direct deposit was 3/7. So LA is slowly but surely issuing refunds. Crazy that they said they would start issuing refunds on Feb. 26, yet I'm the first of anyone I personally know to get theirs.... do we expect anything different from good ole Louisiana??  Good luck everyone!
  • When did u file and get accepted?  Did you have net spend DD?
  • I filed 2/2 accepted 2/4 ...just got louisiana state dd today ... ldr still says processing
  • Mine says refund pending approval. Excepted 2/9
The state of Louisiana has been waiting to issue refunds for some special anti-identity theft program to be put on their computers.  They began issuing refunds this week for those who filed as early as January.
    No, I don't have mine yet, but today, I received this message on the "Where's My Refund?" web site, "Your refund is pending approval."
    • mine still syas still processing. i hope i get it soon
    • Yeah mines still says processing also. Filed Jan. 30....Gotta love bass ackwards Louisiana.
    • Now, we are going backwards.  It says it is processing again.
    • Yeah, LDR claims that they were gonna start processing payments on February 26, yeah right. Here it is March 4, and I don't know ANYBODY that has received theirs yet!!
    • Still haven't received mine either.... so frustrating!!!!
    • I haven't got mine either and here it is march11 I submitted on feb 17 smdh
    • irs accepted mine on feb 2 here it is march 12 still nothing still processing don't take them that long to take the money wtf it is my money due to me why is it taking so damn long!!!!!!!!!!
    • I have that same problem. I did get someone on the phone and he said 7-10 business days and I filed my taxes Feb 6. I will say my friend did get theirs back on Feb 27. It was not very much like 34.00. Now when I call the lines they r so backed up rhe phone hang up on you.  SMH they act like they don't want to let it go.
    • I filed mine 1/30 to, did not take any time to be approved. But now 3/16 still waiting. It said forever it was still processing but for the last few days it has been saying: Your refund is pending approval. Has anyone on here gotten theirs since last comment? BTW me and my co-worker both filed same day, both through online services, and both picked direct deposit, she got hers on Feb. 27th. WTH, can someone explain this??
    • Like so many others, I too filed on 1/30 and as of 3/17, it is still saying processing hasn't been completed. I feel like I should call J G Wentworth & say " IT'S MY MONEY & I WANT IT NOW!!!" for cryin' out loud!!!
    Mine was accepted on 2/2.  This is getting ridiculous.  I know people that used other sites, filed later, and have gotten theirs already.  I didn't even have anything fancy.  Just my W2 and 1099.
      Filed on 2/12/13,accepted on 2/15.Got my return by DD today-3/15.Website still states
      "processing." Took about 10 days for my Federal return.
      • I filed Jan 29. It was Accepted on Jan 31. Still says processing and never received DD 6 weeks later.
      • Mine was accepted on Feb 2 and still says processing. I filed my brothers on 2/12 and it was accepted on the 2/15 and his was DD on 3/13. I don't understand how he got his before me?
      • Mine was accepted on Feb 2  and when I call it still says it is not processed yet. It has been a month and a half. This is ridiculous!
      I filed my state tax feb was accepted feb 26 have not received it's already April all I get from ldr is still processing I should have mailed it if I knew it would take this long and still was charges 29.00$
        i received my direct deposit saturday from louisiana. my sister got her paper check in the mail on march 1st

        • When did you file?
        • i filed 2/9 was accepted 2/10
        • Wow! Good to know some people are getting theirs. I filed on the first day to file, 1/30, and mine still says processing. Just doesn't make any sense to me......
        • In my personal opinion u should not rely on the websites wheres my refund on irs.gov still says approved when i received my federal on 2/20. the LDR just changed this morning when like i said i received it saturday. i wish u all luck but please dont put all your trust in these stupid refund sites.
        Has anybody received theirs as of March 6? I still do not know of anyone personally that has gotten theirs.
        • maybe you should try to call them 225-219-0102. i know alot of people who has gotten there state refunds
        • Ya tried that number. It says due to the number of callers already on hold they can't take my call. My taxes were accepted on 2/3 and I still have no info. It's a little frustrating!!!
        • Filed LDR 2/1 & site states "its been received but processing not complete". Email customer service about refund last Friday. Today I got e-mail response stating direct deposit sent om 2/28/2013 & I should allow 7-10 Buisness days to clear my bank.  In today's mail I receive a letter stating my return was selected for review & refund could be delayed up to 60 days. hmmm.... Don't know what to think.
        • Yes I did. Actually, mine had to be amended (by myself of course, after being sent a letter from the State of Louisiana). I went into Turbo Tax's site, changed the information that Turbo Tax actually calculated wrong, and my refund was deposited on Monday. But the question is why is Federal still pending? I have no answers as of yet for Federal but Turbo Tax is bs as well. Why? Because they made sure their fees were taken but NEVER update or respond to anything that I ask. It's set on the Santa Barbara Bank website to where their funds will IMMEDIATELY be taken once funds are posted. As of today, if I go back into the site, it still shows my Louisiana refund as the same as when I began. So that's proof right there that they do not care once they scam you into their so called FREE services. Yes, the IRS may be at fault for what they do but Turbo Taxes were the ones paid so they should make sure that as much UPDATED info is posted as possible. Tbh, last year I used the IRS.gov website to file taxes and it was free and hassle free. Received my funds w/ in seven (7) days. Yes, I'm aware of all the changes this year but it doesn't justify Turbo Tax having HORRIBLE, UNCONSIDERABLE service. We taypayer's have been more of a help to eachother through these forums than what they have been. They are clueless. Let's see how their tax returns will look next year when they have to use UNEMPLOYMENT as an income. Best wishes you all, as I am still residing in Federal Tax Refund hell ... CLUELESS!!! smdh
        • KA, they selected my return for review a few years ago and it took 12 or 13 weeks to get the refund.  It doesn't mean something is wrong; they just flag a statistical sample for a closer look.  However, I wouldn't be expecting a check any time soon.
        • First, want to say "THANK YOU" to everyone who has taken time out of their day to help me & many others. It's  appreciated. Agree w/ previous post on helping each other to navigate through the tax mess!!!
          Received another letter, stating LDR made adjustment to return. Long story made short... Turbo tax is to blame!!!...Completely!!!
          Calculated forms wrong! Not entered wrong, calculated & transferred wrong!!!
          This situation depends on what forms were needed.
          However, while digging for info I learned:
           if u selected refund card & amount is over limit a paper check will be mailed. Not my case but it may help another.
        • • The LDR recently introduced the new prepaid MyRefund card for state income tax refunds. Louisiana taxpayers who do not choose direct deposit for their  refunds will receive those refunds in the form of a prepaid debit card. The LDR has made one change to the program. For refunds more than $6,999  involving taxpayers who do not choose direct deposit, checks will be issued instead of prepaid debit cards because “federal banking
        I filed and was accepted on 2/31....wheresmyrefund says that it was accepted but still processing! Today is 3/26
        • filed La income tax 2/18 still says it is received, but still processing what is taking so long!!!! Received Federal money over a month ago
        • Under LDR’s new fraud prevention system, all state income tax returns are now subject to verification with identity authentication software.  i suspect this has slowed down the process.
        • I do not believe it takes that long to institute fraud software. Seems there is a little more involved here, like they don't have the funds to make refund payments.
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