Why does TurboTax think I'm in a Same Sex marriage simply because I am 'married filing separately'?

TurboTax tells me I can't e-file in CT because "Returns with filing status of Same sex marriage filing separately are not eligible for electronic filing."  However, mine is not a Same Sex marriage.  We are filing jointly for Federal purposes, but I have to prepare a 'married filing separately' return for CT.  Is this a TurboTax screw-up?
  • You may want to revisit your entries under "Personal Info" - "You & Your Family" to confirm that you did not select, "In a same-sex marriage."
  • you cant file separate for state and then file joint for federal the filing status has to be the same
  • Some states do allow separate filings even if Federal is Joint.
  • Looks like a bug to me, i definitely don't have the same-sex marriage item checked, but i am filing separately in CT, joint Federal. Somehow the logic is getting messed up there. I am just mailing it in as is.
  • I spent 5 hours in the online chat with this same issue. They couldn't fix it and wanted to transfer me to tax advice. I then magically got disconnected from the chat. Clearly a turbotax error.
  • Why are you trying to file a joint Federal return and Connecticut married filing separately?
  • My wife and I live in separate states. She is filing NY state separately.  This person has the same problem also:  https://ttlc.intuit.com/questions/1752476-filing-joint-federal-separate-ct-and-ny-state-ct-lists-as-same-sex-filing-separately-is-this-correct
  • I am getting the same error.  I live in Massachusetts and work in CT.  I am married filing separate.
  • I found the fix.  Go in and change your filing status under personal info.  walk through the state again, there should be pop ups for the filing status and you will see check boxes to check.  Check the correct box.  finish the state return.  Then go back and change your filing status in personal info  to what it was.  recheck return,  it should be ok now.
Hello ecm, below are screenshots from a Connecticut State return containing a nonresident spouse. Are you not experiencing the same interview path?
  • 1st screen is the same. 2nd screen is slightly different since i am a CT resident but i still select no to joint return and continue. 3rd screen is the same. 4th screen instructions are the same.

    Now the issue arises after i follow those instructions and create my mock return as if i was MFS for federal. When i get to the error check under my mock federal, it says the CT return is ineligible for e-filing because "returns with filing status of Same sex marriage filing separately are not eligible for electronic filing.
  • Hello all, sorry this one took so long, but below I have posted the containment article for this issue. Please sign up to be notified when this issue has been corrected.

    CT: Confusion on Married Copules with Different Residencies...
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