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anybody accepted on 2/15 have a ddd yet

    I haven't got a date that i would received mines, I'll called the IRS and was told that they had received mines but the processing didn't take place until Feb. 18, and so I don't know what's really taking them so long to process people returns it's really a hot mess!!!! Majority of people I know have got taxes with in two or three days and I mean I'm in school doing something with my life and they are working slow to process our returns. Now I know if I owed the IRS they would want they money asap so I feel the same way they would feel!!!
    • if you owed them you would have until April 15th or file for an extension which usually takes you into October.  We are all in the same boat.  I have to renew my car insurance and renew my license by the 28th or i wont be going to work.  Everyone is either waiting or they are no longer on here looking for theirs.  PATIENCE PLEASE.
    • Does anyone remember the days when efile didn't exist? Yeah your taxes were done on paper only, then you sent it out snail-mail and didn't get your check for 8-10 weeks also sent snail-mail,
    • Yeah, the economy wasn't as bad back then!
    • very true. The way our government is today, NOT FOR THE PEOPLE, makes you wonder if we'll always get a tax return. Really, think about all the talk of taking social security away, and we are paying into it every week. I'm not counting on that for retirement cause I'm not sure it will be there.
    • I don't count on anything anymore. I'm not rich and any wealth I have is in family and possessions. Chances are, I won't be around to apply for SS anyway. Hah!
    • The economy was bad back then.  I remember the fuel crisis in the 70's  they didnt have the efile then
    • @ t.deweese  I posted this last week.
       Am I the only one who remembers the old way of filing taxes.  Your W-2's came in the mail usually the first week of Feb.  You sat down and filed out a form with an instruction booklet off to the side. The book had line by line instructions.  You added this line 23 to line 24 the answer went on line 25 then subtracted line 25 from line 22.    You then repeated the process for the state return. You then put the completed and signed forms along with any corresponding paperwork into the appropriate envelope.  Using snail mail you waited for them to receive it. After about 4 weeks you called a number to get a status.  IF you were being processed you waited at least 3 more weeks for a check to come in the mailbox.  People did not even look for their tax money until around late March.  Too much instant gratification.
    Yes my DDD is 2/27...I am also a 8863 filer (Education Credit)
    • I filed on 1/25
      Accepted on 2/14 with ed credit (8863)  On 2/22 I received a ddd of 2/27 from IRS
      Money is in the bank today!!!!!!! There is hope! I bank with USAA.
    • Filed on the 1st, received by them the 14th because of edu credit, still being processed.
    • My daughter and I both filed the same day same tax situation.  we were both received on 2/14 she received hers on 2/27 I finally have a DD date of 3/4
    Accepted on the 14th, DDD on the 27th. 8863 filer. Just be patient. It sucks I know. I initially filed 2 weeks before my sister, who didn't have a 8863 form. She got her deposited refund before mine was even accepted. Everything will be fine as long as you breathe, exhale, and remain calm. :-)
    • Yup thats all I can do
    • Exact same boat as me, I got my DDD for the 27th also and was accepted the 14th due to education credits despite the fact I filed early. I was never really freaked out, It's just, the sooner the better where income is concerned, right? I was looking to pay rent with this but we got a free extension since we had paid on time up until having this rough patch this month.. thank goodness for understanding landlord. Since that unrelated issue has already been resolved, I could care less when I get it deposited, I'm just glad it was accepted! ^_^ good luck to everyone else, just be patient!
    • I filed on 1/25
      Accepted on 2/14 with ed credit (8863) On 2/22 I received a ddd of 2/27 from IRS
      Money is in the bank today!!!!!!! There is hope! I bank with USAA.
    Yes my DDD is 2/27...I am also a 8863 filer (Education Credit)
    • thanks and I see we're in the same state hopefully my ddd is coming soon been having the 152 code since last Monday
    • You are welcome...and I'm praying that this nightmare is over...you can call them early (7am) and tell them that you can't access your information on irs.gov and more than likely they will look it up for you...you might have to lie a little bit for them to help you though, but that's how I got my DDD.
    • I too have had that 152 and filed 2/14.. 8863. Still in processing limbo
    • yes filed 2/7 accepted 2/14 DDD of 2/27 (8863 filer) good luck to you
    • i got accepted on the 14th and it says my taxes are still being filed, they will have a dd date when available.... anyone know what that means?
    • Being filed or being processed?
    • lol sorry being processed
    • Mine says the same..not sure
    • me either, when were ur taxes accepted?
    • was anyones accepted the next day? mine was file 2/24 and accepted the next day 2/25 (Today)
    • Filled 1/29 accepted 2/14 8863 married filing joint 2 dependants. Been processing since 2/15 topic 152 since 2/17 praying for a dd
    • I hope this helps you guys. First, PLEASE STOP WITH ALL THE WORRYING. LOL. I know its hard, and everyone is a little panicky over the delays, but calling the IRS a gazillion times a day is doing nothing but stalling the system and the refund process for everyone. The reason EVERYONE'S WMR still says processing is because of all the massive flood of people checking the website multiple times a day, it keeps crashing, and therefore does not update! For anyone who got accepted 2/14 or 2/15 .. Your return did not start actually being processed until the 18th, 19th, and so on. The entire system is backed up by days! (My sister actually works for the IRS and it's hell) I filed 2/4, was accepted 2/14 (but it didn't start being processed until the 18th) and I have a DD of the 27th (AND THIS APPLIES TO ALMOST EVERYONE WHO FILED OR GOT ACCEPTED AROUND THE SAME TIMES). All I can tell everyone is please continue to be patient. Your refunds ARE COMMING! The system can only process 20,000 returns per day, in no particular order. So if you do the math of the millions of returns that have been filed, @20,000 per day, it can take quiet some time to get through all those returns. Multiple calls, WMR logins, etc are doing nothing but crashing the system and slowing the process for everyone! So please be a little understanding and pull out the last bit of patience you have, but know that you will receive a refund as soon as humanly/machine possible.
    • I went into processing 2/15 via rep
    • Then you were an exception. Because of major system hiccups, most did not start processing until the 18th.
    • Idk there are so many different answers a bunch here have also said the 15 its just a big mess this year I just pray it speeds up cuz I needed that money like a month ago
    • Means you better call them...
    • Yes just be very patient and try not to worry! Mine were accepted on 1/24 and I just got a DD yesterday 2/24 for the 28th. I was in stress and panic for a full month for nothing! Just be patient, because they will definitely get to you!
    • yes i agree with you exactly. I have submit mine on jan 27th it got accepted next day but due to school they didn't process it till the 14th like you said. And got my DD for the Feb 27th. People are freaking out when the IRS even said they will hold down their processing for education for two weeks. So YEs lets everyone just wait and let them do their Job. Honestly they wont have any more information besides what you see on where is my refund tool.  Good things come to the people who wait!!
    • Mine was accepted on the 1/24 I checked the site and it stated the same.  Now when I check for my taxes it says it cant find it in the system.  If there was an issue I would recieve notice or rejection right? I have no issues with waiting if the system is tracking me but I'm confused because there's nothing about my return in the system except when I tried to file with another company I recieved a rejection because my SSN was in the system already.
    • I put mine in on Jan 28th and finally got accepted on the 14th of FEB.  I filed for education credits (filed an 8863) and finally got a DDD friday, on the 22nd, tho I didn't get around to checking it until yesterday but that is when I got the notification. My DDD date is said to be Feb 27th! It also states to check with your bank if it's not deposited by March 6th.... so I am crossing my fingers it will get deposited on the 27th but won't start freaking out until after March 6th. Good luck to everyone who has not gotten their DDD yet, I'm sure it will come soon!!
    • Kenn6987 You've likely checked WMR too many times...it'll lock you out for a day when you log in too many times in a day.
    • No I only check one time once a week
    • @ashley...I get what you are saying but I think the frustration is knowing that ex: I got accepted on 14th, my sister got
      Got accepted in 15th and we both hv edu mortg interest etc...why does my sister have a deposit date and Im still pending..I think people are more so mad about that and not being able to get answers..
    • You where in stress and panic for a whole month now you have a ddd so your telling others not to "worry." Well I'm not worried just curious if anyone is in the same boat as myself
    • I was accepted on 02/15/2013 and still processing.  However, I checked this morning and my orange bar is gone and my refund amount is but everything else on the page is the same as before.  Does anyone know what that means?  Is that a good sign?
    • Mine did that about a week ago, it now generically puts my info but no dollar amount and nothing in the spots that say amount and date I know of three people that have already got their and never saw the old screen. I wonder if we have all been dropped into the older computer system. No bar everyone is talking about. Just all the info I wrote but nothing but your is Bering processed. It's do irritating????first they stay late now these back ups. Mine was submitted 2/1 and was excepted on 02/3 was pending with new bar but nor just what I wrote sbove
    • Same... Ccepted on 2/14 dd date of 2/27
    • I filed on 1/25
      Accepted on 2/14 with ed credit  (8863)
      On 2/22 I received a ddd of 2/27 from IRS
      Money is in the bank today!!!!!!! There is hope! I bank with USAA.
    • @snowprincess did you have TT fees taken from your refund?
    • No, I filed the free edition and had it sent straight to my account.
    • Same boat here... SO frustrated! It has never taken this long to get a return back. We filed on the 2/2, accepted according to TT on 2/14 but according the the IRS on 2/15, and ever since it just says processing and to wait the 21 days. Where I did my mom's return for her. Filed it on the 18th, got a DD for today and low and behold it is there. I helped 5 people learn to do their taxes on TT this year other than me they all have their refunds. Granted me and my mom were the only one's with Ed Crd. but still. I called the IRS bc I was told by a CPA friend that many ppl were accidentally routed on the 14-16th like they had errors and that was the hold up.... If that is my case then I just want to know what's going on and if/when they can get it fixed. But to no avail. This last guy wouldn't even take my info, he said, "if my own mother were calling about a return like this right now I could not tell her anymore than I am telling you" ya as if! You work for the IRS buddy, someone can tell me something....It is just annoying. My husband has to get to Montana for work and we really need part of that $ to buy his plane tkt, etc. And I don't see how it is possible that they can only process 20000 returns per day, that just doesn't sound right to me b/c I have seen seasons where millions got refunds on the same day.... IDK my hands are tied and in the air at the hands of the US gvmt. Splendid!!!!!!!
    My is still pross easing  since 1/30/13 wtf no dd date or nothing
    • I feel your pain, mine is still "processing" for two weeks now because of educational credit for my son.  Bunch of crap if you ask me.
    • I have been checking the wmr I have no ddd, this morning it went from the orange bars, to a statement saying your refund is still being processed a ddd when ava..... does anyone know what this means?
    • tangelaspencer  - Mine did the same thing this morning also.  I wish I knew what that meant.  Is that a good or bad sign...  But mine was accepted on 02/15/2013 and it changed to no bars and no refund amount this morning when i checked.  Strange.
    • I'm with you - filed on 1/30, accepted & has been processing since 2/14 with no change since 2/15 on the WMR site.  I cannot order transcripts either, and I need those for my FAFSA.  I understand how these things take time, and it's out of my control; however, I also know the lack of patience that would be shown to me if I were the one who owed money to the IRS.
    • Mine never changed still have the bars with the ddd of 2/27/13 which i do not know it is a good thing or a bad thing. I thought all the stress would be gone after i got a date last friday
    • let's just hope it's a good thing.... let's speak our financial stress to be over!!!!!!!!!
    • Just got off the phone with the irs spoke to a lady by the name of Ms. yeager she said nothing is wrong with my return it's still being processed and I should have it by the 21 days
    My husband recieved aletter  that told him to call they needed more info.He called and they have a identy theft department this year and the irs verified who he was and told him it would be 4 to 6 weeks!We already have been waiting since the 30th still no DD.
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