Has anyone who filed early received a Letter from the IRS LTR4883C requesting more information before your return could be processed?

This was the letter I received on 2/19, I called gave the information, and that is my new received date, they placed a referral on the file for expedition of review (whatever that means - as no one will tell me), which can take up to 30 days for review and 4-6 weeks to process the return.  In subsequent conversations with IRS CSRs I was told that it was an IRS system error, but could not expedite the return just to allow 4-6 weeks from the 19th.  God I wish I could get a straight answer, or any answers.  IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO IS EXPERIENCING THE SAME THING?????
  • recived letter 4883c i called
    received second letter [*referred]
  • @annat1 you received a second letter too? what do you mean by [*referred]? i called them again today to be sure they are processing my return and she just said i have to wait 4-6 weeks.
  • received the same letter again 4883c  i called them again today to be sure processing (begin processing 25/02)
  • Yeah I called again 2/26 to verify what the heck was going on and the stated to me that I should be calling as all they could do was tell me that if I had not heard anything by the end of the six weeks then to call again, but to be patient.  I snapped back stating that well I guress you are not waiting for your money right...bet you got your refund.  Ther Rep was not happy with that response and stated I need to call back in 4-6 weeks.  Not sure what the heck is going on.  I am trying to be patient but this is getting old.
  • This is **** asked me for info they already had. Why the wait? Now people who filed a month later than I did get refund first. I also thought efile was quicker to process tbey already accepted my return. Now accepted date changes wtf
  • The ltr 4883 c is a letter for possible identity theft they will ask various of question only you would know then they re submit the return
IRS Letter 4883C is sent out when the IRS has reason to believe you may have been the victim of identity theft. The IRS would not process your return until you called them and they verified your identity.
  • Thank you JJJJust...i did call and verified my identity and they placed a referal in the system which can take up to 30 days for a response, with 4-6 weeks to process.  Just would like to know what the heck is going on.
  • The new IRS system has a lot of new checks built into to combat identity theft and other fraud.  Many of the reviews are random and some are not.  What is going on is that your return was selected for whatever reason, and this is causing your refund to be delayed.
    I got this letter and if they bothered to actually read my return. They would have gotten same info I gave over the phone.I did all checks on Turbo to avoid this crap now 4-6 more weeks of waiting?  Nonsense! I am more than furious if they wanted to do that they shouldn't have accepted the return from the start not have me wait three weeks to give me a letter to get information already stated on my return this is a joke!
      I received a letter 4883C on Feb 21st.  I called the number listed and the lady could not tell me why or what they needed. She told me to give her my phone number, and she would have someone call me. I called the regular IRS number and the man verified a crap load of information about me, and then told it they could now process my return, and it would be 4-6 weeks before I got my refund.
      • I was told someone tried to file taxes with my information as well, but it seems to me, that the only people having this problem are people who filed with TurboTax. I will most defintely NOT be using them again.
      • me to received 4883c letter 2/19 call same day verified all needed info rep said all clear flag removed wait 4/6 weeks he said it wont take that long i said good need cash  make sure if u call you have 2010-2012 retures with you or dont call
      • I received my letter on the 25th, I called the 25th, 26th, and 28th, and talked to 3 different people, so somebody better be releasing my refund soon, because this is so ridiculous. I have never had any problems, and I have been using TurboTax for a long time now.
      • Aaron you gotten yours yet?
      • Tishahouston did you recieve a ddd yet
      • No nothing yet
      • i got my letter today called them verified my info they said my refund would arrive in 4-6 weeks
      • No i didn't! Ugh i filed jan.30 got the letter on the 23 verified on the 26 still no ddd called Friday spoke to some one she said that based on her knowledge me expected ddd is between the 17th -23rd but to check for a change on the where's my refund site as soon as Thursday this week...she said it takes about 3about3wks to process from the date that i verified
      • Aaron can you order 2012 transcripts yet?
      • I verified my information on the 19th...and I still have no DDD.  I really need this money to get things caught up.  I see no rhyme or reason for the processing of the returns.  Nor do I understand this whole screw up.  I understand that the IRS set up better identifiers and flags for fraud to try and save money, but in reality this year I think the system is costing them more money than the fraud.

        Point is I guess still waiting....
      • @tishahuston ohk if you get any updates keep me posted and i'll do the same seems as if me and you are and the exact same boat
      • Ugh this is bull and turbo expect somebody to pay them...plz
      • Well I just spoke to my Tax Advocate and well it appears that my return has been processed but there is a hold because there is a balance of back taxes from 2009, I said yeah and I realize that and was expecting the balance to be taking out of the return, so what is the hold up.  She stated that she was not sure but really did not have more time to talk with me about it she was going to be late for her bus...for which I wanted to answer so what...I waited for you to call for 3 days and was told that I needed to answer it as you would only call once.  I just asked why is there still a hold on it...She stated that if I claimed hardship she could only release the amount to cover the hardship and then it would be another 4-6 weeks for the remainer.  She stated that my file was flagged for fraud...I said you are not telling me something I do not know.....I cleared that up with fraud department on 2/19.....it will be 3 weeks tomorrow.  She then told me it would be better to wait it out...and call her if I have not heard or recieved anything by next Mondy as they system only updates on Mondays and Fridays...I said so the IRS lies when they stated it is updated nightly....NO RESPONSE.

        Now I am no further along than I was on 2/19 except that they are gaining more interest on my beyond the interest on the balance I owe them..penlties...late fees.... and non-payment charges... WOW they are making some money off me.

        I will Continue to update....
      • Any update aaron?
      • Nothing yet "your refund is being processed 2/19 verified
      • Called irs yesterday  was told "no info available nothing in the system showing other then processing just wait 4to6 weeks. can't order return transcript
      • They are really playing with us....i don't think they have any intention on giving us what they owe us... aaron yours has been what 3wks
      • @aaron there are so many of us that have been waiting over 4 weeks! there was another thread that had most of us updating each other but they closed it this morning so i guess this will be the thread we use now...i verified on the 2/22 and still nothing at all.
      • Wow in getting upset because everyone i call i get a different answer
      • i finally called a tax advocate for which I had to wait three days for them to call me back.  Then when she looked at my account found out that everything had been processed, but was hanging on to my refund because of 2009 back taxes oweing of which I was making payments on.  I told them that I expected for the remaining amount to be taking from my refund so why the hold up.  So the next day I called to find out why I had not be funded yet and they stated that it was ready to be funded and they were clearing the owed account.  I stated really...and it takes 8 weeks to process this, and four weeks since I verified my information from the 4883c letter.  Wow...i am getting very frustrated and upset with the whole process as is everyone else.  I do not like them playing with my money I can do that on my own...thank you very much.

        I feel your pain when you talk about every person you call at the IRS has a different answer.
      • http://www.facebook.com/pages/4883c-IRS-Letter-Club/614958891852304 new facebook page to communicate the experience and keep in touch
      • I verified on Tuesday and I'm still getting the same message saying still being processed but I was able to order my transcript today does that mean anything?
      • It changed to received and is processing after ordering transcript
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