Anyone receive their deposit a day early? my ddd is for tuesday, feb 26,2013' im wondering if it will come monday 2/25/2013.

  • I think some people are getting confused about whether they received an exact due date or an acceptance date from the IRS or on their tax preparer's turbotax, taxact...your only correct Direct Deposit Date comes from the IRS refund tracker on Where's my Refund...hope this helps
MY DDD was for Feb 25 and i got it on Feb 22.
  • my due date is also 2/26/13 and still havent received it yet.
  • richardo where did you get this date? From WMR or on the phone with an agent at IRS? You need to call the IRS.
Did it come?  We are hoping you'll update and let us know. I have a DDD of 2/27 and am hoping to see it tomorrow.
  • my friend for her money on the 24th they told her she would get it on the 27th she had the education credit also.
  • mine is the 27th too.. sbbt has not recieved it yet.. hoping they at least recieve it tmro!!
  • I checked the sbbt website, and they did not recieve it yet, but some people with the ddd 2/27 got theres already, my fingers are crossed, it would be nice to get it early, goodness. The wait is not over until this money is deposited.
  • i know its been so crazy this year, i'm not relaxing until the money is here, well at least at sbbt, then i will relax!
  • update shaunnarose when sbbt gets yours!
  • They didn't  yet I am still waiting,  Saturday I got my DDD date, so Im praying they have it tomorrow also i forgot to save the link for sbbt, can someone repost the link, and do they update only once a day
  • Me too got ddd of 02/27 hope to see it sooner. Let's keep each other updated. Nothing on SBBT yet but hoping tomorrow .
  • I am sorry but what is SBBT? I do not owe TT any fees so will it go there or straight to my bank?
  • yes rachael it will go to your bank directly.. i always just google sbbt tax products and the site comes up first on the google search. for some reason when i put in my browser it wont go, i have to google it.. i got my ddd for the 27th on saturday as well
  • I have a dd of the 27th also and have not seen anything in SBBT yet
  • I got mine yesterday. My refund was short of $60
  • @annlong when was your DDD?
  • Mine will post to the account tomorrow, it is showing a pending deposit that wont be available until Friday
  • @Vegas what was your DDD? Did it show up at your bank today?
  • @ Vegas did it go through SBBT. If not what bank
  • DDD was 2/27 but I will not have access to the funds until friday. I bank with NFCU (Navy Federal Credit Union)
  • Correction Thursday
  • Not trying to be negative but I had a DD of today, 2/25.  I checked the SBBT website on Friday and it showed the refund and that it was disbursed to my account on Friday as well.  My bank still has not received it.  Maybe tomorrow.  I made sure the routing and account number was correct and it was.  I hope you guys have better luck than me.
  • @shaunnaroselle just go to
  • vegas240silvia ::: I have NSWCFCU will I have to wait for
    Mine too? My DDD is 2/27
  • If you look above all your account numbers there should be a tab that shows pending deposits.  That is where mine is. In the PENDING column. The bank states on their webpage that funds will not be available until after the posted date. Which for me would be my DDD 2/27
  • I hope that helps kellie
  • @ cindy Alot of banks that receive a transfer after a certain time on friday will not make it available til Tuesday morning. Even if the bank has Saturday and Sunday hours. The funds will actually process monday night
  • So dont be discouraged
  • This Is on your actual bank account website or the Santa Barbra website @vegas240silvia??
  • No this is on my account access page
  • I couldn't find pending transactions.....
  • @ italia - I am guessing that is what happened as well.  I was just really disappointed this morning, but I am over it.  Now if it is not there in the morning I will be really angry - lol.
  • Damn, everybody must be hurtin' on cash pretty bad, eh?
  • LOL yeah. I want to know whats going on with this guy with a dd of the 20th that didnt get anything yet. I dont like the sounds of that.
  • I know I am
  • I dont care what everybodys reason is. I think that if you paid it in or you are owed it because of the laws they put into place then you should get your money. I have heard alot of horror stories about cars getting repoed and everything else though
  • I know if we owed them Interest and penalties would be stacking up daily. LOL
  • I really wasn't needing the money prior to last week, but wouldn't you know it, my fridge decided to bite the dust.  Luckily I have an extra one in the garage, so I didn't loose any of my food but it is pain in the butt to have to go to the garage when you need something.  I guess I shouldn't be complaining though, at least I have another one.
  • MIne said I should have received it on the 24th, I am still waiting. I was hoping it would go through today, I really need to get new tires and some work done in my car. Mine Federal was approved on the 14th, I guess everyone is still waiting on theirs.
  • @bellafab did you have fees deducted through sbbt
    For those asking for the link to SBBT
  • How come sbbt has no info on me? Is it because I used free turbo tax?
  • did you have fees taken out or did you pay upfront
  • I used the free version I didn't pay anythjng
  • Just the federal return. It said basic free
  • then yours wouldnt go through sbbt
  • Oh it should go straight in?
  • Yes
  • Mines was free also kellie.   Humm I have the same question
  • I have a DDD of 2/21 and have not received it as of right now.  Idk whats going on. Called the bank and they said nothing is pending and they haven't received anything.
  • Well my DDD is 2/27, will it deposit then?
  • @vegas... I also have navy federal and a ddd of 2/27. they told me that my money will be released on wed morning
  • DD of 02/25/13.  Supposedly sent by SBBT to my bank on Friday.  Still no deposit.
I'm wondering the same thing. My DDD is 2/27 as well and would like to know if anyone received their deposit on the DDD that was given or a day or 2 early?
  • I had a dd of the 20th and still have nothing sent to me it did show a date for refund then after the date it wasn't there anymore and I still have not had no money sent to my netspend card. Is anybody else having this problem. I don't know why my taxes are so late when I filed on the 31st and got accepted the same day. Still waiting for my money.
  • shawn have you called the irs yet? also check sbbt tax services.. that's the bank that it goes to first if you had turbo tax take their fees out of your refund.
  • My ddd was 2/25, have yet to receive.  The IRS tracker said still being processed
  • cwt have you called the IRS??
  • Did you get the date from Wmr or a agent.
  • my DDD is also 2/27, I have not yet received anything
  • Have DDD of 2/27 and we have not received ours yet either.
  • Same 2/27 hopefully we get it tomorrow
  • DDD 2/27 also. Checking SBBT tomorrow...fingers crossed. Waited long enough and hope that the money doesn't get held up!
  • Ddd 2/27 as well and I haven't received mines yet hopefully tomorrow *fingers crossed*
  • When is a good time to check SBBT? My direct deposit is 2/27 also.
  • Same here
  • I guess we all are getting 2/27 DD dates.  Good for me because I'm getting on a plane across the country that day and was going to be getting on said plan with no funds, lol.

    I checked SBBT and it looks like they haven't received mine yet.  As long as it happens Wed., I'll be happy :)
  • It seems like everyone is getting a DDD but me! Mine says it doesn't have any information.. Ah...maybe tomorrow some good news.
  • jpm2qg - CALL the IRS. They will tell you your DDD. Can you order transcripts?
  • I can only order the Account Transcript..... Today it still happens to be processing after being locked out for two days!
  • My ddd is 2/27, my money is in SBBT as of early this morning (2/26) so looks to be on schedule!
mine was in my bank this morning..... ddd 2/27 I cant touch it until tomorrow night
  • I just contacted my bank and nothing has posted my ddd 2/27 also. I hope it does tomorrow I have to pay a lawyer
  • On your Net Spend Card?
  • i got an email saying my fund were dd but i still dont got the card mine got accepted 2/15.  i heard lots of people been having problems with the netspend card. i better have it today
  • i had it direct deposit to my usaa bank
  • @teronmckinley - when did you file? i have usaa as well and still no word. mine got accepted on the 14th. when did yours get accepted?
DDD of 2/26, bank isn't showing anything pending. Now I am starting to panic. 
  • HOW IS EVERYONE CHECKING PENDING DEPOSITS?!? I don't know how! I have NSWC federal credit union!
  • We Bank with Wells and I just called them and asked if there were any pending deposits
I had my DD of today the 25th and got it today... no pending checks either.... but dont worry it really depends on your bank once turbo tax takes its fees out

  • did yours go to sbbt first
  • @Jmosscrop did yours go through sbbt first
  • Yes..
  • Thanks
  • If you dont mind me asking on what date did you see sbbt had your funds. Thank you
  • on the 22nd..
  • What if I used turbotax free version will I have to go threw sbbt??
  • My DD is 2/26 i went through SBBT they showed my refund was there today and it sent to my bank today. Now just waiting for my bank to recieve it. Should be there by midnight.
  • Thank you mamadelo
  • Your welcome! Ill update here when I recieve the money!
  • mamadelo Do you know when SBBT updates like after midnight or would it be when they open in the morning?
  • Jlappers - I'm not exactly sure when they update. But they do open at 5am pacific time.
  • I'm guessing the people that have a ddd of the 27th will see it tomorrow on SBBT if you had your fees taken out of your taxes. Remember banks do updates on Tuesday after the weekend. Good luck. Everybody post if you received your ddd on the 27 th
Being that I'm in Florida will mine go through SBBT?
  • I dont think it matters where you live, if you have TT fees taken out of your refund it will go through SBBT.
  • Yes most of the refunds go to SBBT. The take your tax fees out then put money in your account. You can go to there website and put your information and you will see.
  • Im in Florida.... DDD of 2/26 SBBT had funds around 10 am and my money was loaded to my netspend card right around 1 today
My ddd was for today 2/26 and I got mine at 3am.
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