did any one taxes get accepted feb 14 and they still are being processed?

  • yes mine was accepted on 2/14, approved today.
  • Mine was processed on 2/14 due to late processing of returns with education credits. According to the IRS "Where's My Refund?" tracker, it is set to be deposited into my account on 2/25.
  • Filed 1/30 accepted 2/14, still only one orange bar and no change.
  • I filed on 1/30 and was accepted 2/14 due to education credits. Checked WMR this morning and it still says it's processing.
  • @allowery does yours have a link for tax topic 152? Just wondering because mine does but I still have not been able to order a transcript and there has been no change at all since 2/14
  • its funny mine let me order a transcript
  • I filed on the 30th with education credits got approved on the feb. 14 and got a DD date for 2/25... My boyfriend filed his on the same day and got accepted on feb. 14 as well and yesterday he got a DD date of 2/27.
  • @aloha808, yes, the topic 152 started showing on there around Tuesday, I think. Aside from Tax Topic 152 being added, nothing else on WMR has changed since 2/14.
  • yes mine is still processing and woke up n o bar  but my amount is still there....
  • Wow, I guess Im just SOL then! So discouraging but Im going to try and not really worry until my official 21 days is up I guess.
  • If it's letting you order your transcript, that's a good sign. People are usually getting their approval very soon (next day on most I've seen) after they are able to order transcripts.

    I still cannot order mine. :)
  • I still can't order mine either, online or over the phone. One day....one day.
  • I filed 1/25 accepted 2/14 and got a DDD this morning of 2/27....
  • That's where I'm at too, and it's so frustrating. I filed on 1/17, and when I i got the email about the EDU credit delay, I was bummed, but figured it would all still wash out as people around me filing were getting their money within a few days of being accepted. Not the case, can't even get the status bar to change from "processing."  I have tried calling to talk with someone since it seems many have had success on getting a DD date from an actual person, but I never even get an option to wait for anyone, the message always tells me they can't even accept my call at that point. :(
  • Yes. Like everybody else here, I filed on the 1/30, hold was placed due to the education credit- it was processed and accepted on the 2/14. I also was a lil angry due to the fact my friend file on the 2/14 without any education credit and received their refund on 2/20. SUCH A BUMMER!!!!! However, it says that the EARLIEST date of deposit would be 2/25 at the max March 7.

    Can anybody tell me whether or not they have received there STATE REFUND yet????
  • Same education credit, filed 1/22 they accepted it early on 1/26 and yesterday i got a DDD of 2/26.  I received my state (WI) on 2/7.
  • i still havent received my state (mo) im like wtf
  • Still waiting on Federal with DDD on 2/27 but recieved the State on the 11th of this month already!!! Frustrated, thats for sure...Did anyone that got theirs already come before the DDD????
  • Mine was accepted on feb. 6 and still processing with an estimated dd date of 2/27.
  • recvd my fed today submtd on 8th accepted on 14th  apprvd for dep on Monday 25th but was in my bank today n I have school credit
  • To All, I filed my taxes on the 30th of January (Federal and 1098-T). I was accepted on Feb 14th and I just a DDD (Direct Deposit Date) on Feb 27th. I was in the same boat yall. We just have to be patient. If it was accepted Its gonna most likely be approved. I called the IRS on Thursday and asked why WMR  is not showing my info. I basically lied, he told e my DDD. and Ordering a Transcript is nothing, all because you order it doesnt mean you have been accepted yet. but anywho once youre approved check here https://cisc.sbtpg.com/index.aspx. Youre Welcome!!
  • Well I was finally able to order my 2012 transcript on Friday 2-21-13 I filed 0n 1-30-13 8863 accepted on 2-14-13 rec'd state on 2-14-13 orange bar moved over to accepted with DDD OD 2-27-13 just this morning so there seems to be a little truth to being able to order transcript and getting DDD next day
  • sorry Friday 2-22-13
  • More detail
  • At cookietwo13 which transcript ACCOUNT or RETURN
  • I'm still waiting on my return. I'm not happy about it.
I really think that its a turbo tax situation I'm guessing with all the fraud lately that they are combing through Turbo filers with a fine tooth comb now. Everyone I know who went to a tax specialist have received their refund with no problem. Next year I will be not be using Turbo Tax. I will use a professional or start my own tax service. This situation is ridiculous. SMH...
  • Everything you've written is ridiculous conjecture. You have absolutely no facts. Second, if you're familiar enough with the tax system to start your own tax service, why even bother going through TurboTax to begin with? And relax, it's only a tax refund, not a paycheck - it comes when it comes.
  • We went to HR Block. filed 1/25. Accepted 2/15 with 8863. No DDD yet and can't order transcripts.  State (IN) hasn't been accepted yet either.  I don't believe it's a Turbo Tax issue.
  • Honestly BROCCOLI, I wont go back and forward with you about why I used Turbo Tax this year. I would say that this is my opinion to which I am entitled. And based on my personal experienced (FACTS) Turbo tax filers have experienced a delay this year v/s others. Thanks for your input but no thanks :-)
  • I used TaxAct.  I filed 2/3, accepted 2/10, processing started 2/14....   Still nothing.  Orange bar 3 days. Now just a generic "your tax return is still processing. A deposit date will be provided when available".  I've called and asked - mine does not show a DD yet, all is fine with no flags.... They're just flooded with returns.
  • give it till 6:00 a.m. it should show your ddd ! My was the same way!
  • Mine was accepted 2/14 with education credits and it is still in processing with no further information. This is so frustrating.
  • @jennyrae0209, mine is the same way. I finally called yesterday and the lady told me they are just swamped and they are just going in the order they were received.
  • What I want to know is what number you called???
  • same situation for me. accepted 2/14 and still no determination of when i will be receiving my funds.
  • I went to a tax specialist & am having the same problem...the problem is the IRS, not the tax program or the preparer
  • Called IRS 3-22. IRS stated taxes with education credits did not start processing until 3-12. It will be 4-6 weeks from the 3-12 date. I got the feeling that the 21 days for us started on 3-12.
  • whattttttt. did a rep tell you that?
  • Yes, that is what I was told by an IRS rep
  • I don't understand why everyone is getting such different information.
was approved and received my refund today, 2/23
  • I filed on the 24th of jan and got accepted Feb 14th , still processing and no change!
I filed on 02/07/13, and mine was accepted 02/14/13 because of the education credit delay and mine is still showing received, but not approved yet and I have no DDD yet either. 
  • me either
  • Have u been approved for the refund yet or did u get a dd yet?
  • I received mines yesterday . I'm jus waitin on my state now
  • Still no updates for me.
    Filed: 1/30
    Accepted: 2/14
    2/15 - now: No updates
  • I filed 1/30. Accepted 2/14. Was able to order a return transcript on 2/27 and today, (2/28) I got a DD of March 4th.
  • @ Ambrnicolec , i got a ddd of march 4th, let me know if you get yours earlier than monday!
  • I am in the same boat. No new updates for me either. It is still processing
  • @tarawhitfield I finally got some sort of change on WMR. This morning my Orange bar is gone and it now says "a refund date will be provided when available." I'm going to stay hopeful! LOL
  • @tara you should get your refund date tomorrow morning!
  • thats what happened to me the date before my refund date of march 4, hopefully u will get yours to that date!
  • @lanny11 I checked SBBT and its been received. It also says it has been disbursed to my bank, but I have nothing in there yet.
  • @lanny I certainly hope so! Thanks for the info!
  • Got my money this morning!. Didn't think it would show up in my bank on a weekend day but it did :)
  • congrats! ambrnicolec, i got my deposit yesterday! thanks for letting us know, i hope tara gets hers too!
  • @lanny, I finally got a ddd this morning. It is the 6th so we will see. Did you guys receive yours earlier than the date?
  • yes, congrats! i got my refund   march 1st, you should get yours anytime!, they are depositing almost everyday! I got my refund 3 days early!
  • yes tara i got mine (march 1st) 3 days early mine was supposed to be on march 4th, so check everyday!
  • Thanks for all the help! This was the only blog that had credible information from people! I appreciate everything lanny!
  • Not a problem Tara, i think alot of us are all in the same boat here, glad i could share my experience!
  • Filed mine on the 3rd accepted on the 14th still no update :( am I the only 1
  • Still no update for me either! Accepted on the 15th
  • same accepted on 14th no update :(
  • I have had no orange bars for over a week now and order my transcript almost a week ago and still have no DDD. I filed the beginning of February, accepted on the 14th, went to processing on the 18th and still has not changed on WMR.
  • @moses, if yours was processed on the18 of feb, you need t give it a few more days before you get a ddd, you should have a change by Wednesday next week.
  • Me and my daughter are in same boat, filed Jan 30,excepted feb 14 and still one bar. went to irs refund says system down.
  • cordarrelcooksey and sjjaxn,sierra_magen16, you should all get and update anytime now, you will  notice a few things happen on WMR before you get an update, it wll go from processing, to nothing showing up, like a message saying, a ddd will be available or some bs like that, then a day or 2 later, you will get your ddd like me and others I got my deposit 3 days before my expected deposit date.  , it will change and if it does not, you need to call because, you are being reviewed, or you are red flagged for identity theft, you won't get a letter for days, weeks, so its best to call if nothing in a week.
  • @karensgifts , the system is down because of to many ppl bogging it down, you should gt an update anytime, try ordering a return transcript and if it is approved you will get a  ddd anytime!
  • The system is down until 7 a.m est for scheduled shutdown. They have the times on the first page of the irs wmr site that tells you when it will not be available.
  • They d it also to lock ppl out to. It will be updated too.
  • i meant lock ppl out^ sorry about that^
  • I keep hearing it's has no bars because we are being reviewed is that true? I filed in January was delayed til feb 14 and was accepted same day... now I have no bars and no DD....
  • I have not heard that.
  • no that means, that you will recieve a ddd anyday now, should be by tomorrow or next day!
  • give it another 24 hours then check, when did your bars disappear?
  • If the bars disappearing mean that you will get a DDD soon, then I should have seen my date a week ago. My bars have been gone for over a week.
  • have you not gotten a ddd yet moses?
  • That's good news... my TT says by the 7th I really hope so (fingers crossed )
  • then you should get yours soon, then i got mine early just callm3boo 3 days early praying for ya!
  • Have not received a DDD yet.
  • You need to check the SBT website Justcallm3boo, they will get it first, then you.
  • Have you contacted  The irs? To see if you are being reviewed or being flagged moses68179?
  • Called them almost a week ago and they said I started processing on the 18th and had to give them 21 days from that date.
  • oh i see, mine was processed on the 14th, give them a few more days, it will be any day now, just keep checking.
  • It sounded like yours was in errors for some reason, but as long as they processed it you will be fine. Give it another 48 hours most likely you will have it.
  • They disappeared over a week ago
  • What is the sbt website
  • my son refund amount disappeared like 2 weeks ago. with no bars.  this morning the amount came back still no bars  just said processing. hope this is good news for him..
  • I called the IRS on Thursday to see if there were any problems, the lady looked up my return and said that processing is just very, very bogged down and they're going in order. My bars disappeared in Friday. No changes since then. Hoping to see a change today or tomorrow.
  • Your not the only one filed mines same day as you did accepted on the 14 suppose to have my refund before march 8 and no updates or change on wmr idk what's going on no red flags or nothing on my taxes this is bs if you ask me
  • @b.johnte I agree! I have never had such trouble with my taxes. It's ridiculous, but they have us over a barrel... I have seen many people who filed the same time and have already received their refunds. I just can't figure out what the issue is!
  • I just called the IRS. Mine was initially accepted on 2/6. They took it out and started reprocessing on 2/21. So now I have 21 days from that date. This is due to the education credits. So I m now suppose to get the refund by march 14. I hope so. This is ridiculous.
  • Do you have there number so i can call em
  • The number that I called was 1-800-829-1040.
  • @sboyles Did your MWR status stay the same throughout the process or did it change at all? Just wondering because mine was supposedly accepted on 2/14 but now Im beginning to wonder.
  • It stayed the same. And said I would get my refund in 21 days. That would have been 2/27. So now I have to wait longer. I called 1-800-829-1040
  • @tara_whitfield I have the same date are you fees coming out of your check and have you gotten yours yet?
  • As of today all returns should process fast now.
  • @lanny11 that is great did you have fees token out of your refund are did you pay upfront?
  • Lanny11 how do you know returns should go faster now?
  • IRS released information!
  • @makisha i had my money taken out,its best to check the SBT website they get your refund first!
  • My mom filed friday and got a ddd for march 9th already!
  • Glad for her, but that sucks for some of us that is still stuck in processing.
  • have you called and checked Karensgifts?
  • Did they did they give you an explanation as to why it is still processing, when, when where you accepted?
  • No can't until Friday at wrk, but my 2 daughters did there taxes same day and there's says processing also, we all had college credit.
  • when did you get accepted?
  • I called they told me the same bs IRS.gov sayd didn't even take time to pull my info up are nothing bs
  • Turbo tax said 14 that afternoon
  • So you were accepted on 14th, have you ever called them about this years return?
  • I would make sure it was not in errors, then resubmitted at a  later date than tt stated on the accepted date. The WMR isn't accurate neither is TT.
  • Some of the people on here are being held for review to and it takes up to 30 days to get notice, and make sure there are no red flaggs, or it may just be taking a long time to process.
  • I called TurboTax an they say mine was accepted on the 15th and everytime seem find so I should receive mine between now and the 8th...dont know how sure they are guess ill just have to wait patiently and see
  • No haven't called yet , my 21 days is not up til 6 th or 7 th.  but I have never had to wait 21 days. I
  • my mom is to receive hers on the 9th this week, i received mine march 1 st, which my original ddd was for March 4th i hope everyone gets theirs soon! Maybe you will get yours early too!
  • Karen i would call before your 21 days is up, obviously something is going on.
  • I'm not sure who is helpful more the IRS or TT lol. My best bet is IRS they are the ones that have your money!
  • I filed on 2/2, was accepted early A.M. 2/15, and has been processing ever since! I have education credits (american oppurtunity) and EITC, anyone else in the same boat? I called the IRS sometime last week and all they would tell me is that it is processing !!!!!
  • It ll be Friday before I can call I wrk 10 hr shifts next 4 days I only get 2 30 min breaks not enough time , to get to car get my phone and call.  Thanks for your help
  • Me and my 2 daughters are all same as you still processing here to.
  • @Jorge.polendo yu not the only 1
  • I imagine by the end of the week praying you all will get ddd!
  • I read somewhere that some people weren't really out of errors and into processing until 2/25 and that is the reason why there is still some delays, anyone know of the validity of this? I hope!
  • Thanks hopefully we will all get ours soon!!!!
  • Please update when you receive your DDD! i'm hoping to give good news and not bad! *FINGERS CROSSED*
  • I'll update mine and my 2 girls also. Good luck!!!
  • @jorge.polendo the irs said as of today there is no more delays it is on there website, so hopefully some many ppl should get an update soon!!!
  • same boat -- filed 1/30,accepted 2/14,still processing, irs stated tht I should gt it by Thursday which is the 21st day;she said all education credits went to error dept, it stated I had a letter but tht when it goes n error it auto states u hv a letter but never recvd it, she said not to be alarmed,it's jus taking long thn usual---
  • I thought it was strange that me and my 2 daughters all with college credit hadn't got a dd yet.  Oh we'll fingers crossed...
  • its a luck of the draw to talk to the IRS bc u gt a diff and everytime; some will pull ur acct to look others will say wait on the letter tht may never be sent d/t the fact tht 8863 returns were all accepted the same day tht were on hold from the 30th and some are being manually handled
  • @lanny11  I checked this morning it wasn't there yet. Did they tell you it was there are did you just check?
  • in the error dept?
  • Okay so here is my update.. I am no longer able to check my status it's asking me for more information... and then it tells me that it can't provide me with information... why is that?
  • @makisha_77 i was sent a text message when i receive mine.
  • @justcallm3boo check in the morning u might be getting a ddd!
  • @Ianny11 I really hope so it's been a long wait and it would be right on time
  • I hope so to justcallm3boo!
  • I been sure to keep you posted!!!
  • any information i can find out for you i will post on here for you!
  • I checked mine n it asked for more info as i was locked out n this time it said we h. no further info and to wait 24 hrs after receipt-- nvr seen tht before
  • How many times did you check today tasmitchell74?
  • I am also getting the same message! :
    You may not have entered your information correctly. Please verify your personal tax data and try again.

    Please confirm your Social Security Number, Filing Status and Refund Amount shown below.
  • I have tried to order transcripts, still no luck.....
  • I put my info correctly
  • wen i normally check it has the bars--this time i checked it gave me the normal lock screen and wen i put in the addtl info it stated that it had no further info and to wait at least 24 hours after u gt the acknowledgement email tht ur taxes hv been recvd by irs----this is my 3rd time
  • I just checked mine and its still sitting at refund received
  • my bars are now gone and a refund date will be given when available is wut it says now maybe it will be soon
  • Mines has been like that for over a week or so now and I am still waiting so idk how soon..  tasmitchell74
  • from wut I've read is tht people who hv recvd their return tht it should be soon my 21st day will be Thursday
  • Mines is too
  • If it's any consolation ... I filed Jan 25th accepted Feb 14th (8863 & 8812 EIC). I was able to order transcirpts on Friday and Sunday received a DD for March 7th. I know the frustration and agony this has been to all of us with the way the economy is these days. I am hoping the DD is correct, will keep you guys up to date! Best of luck ...
  • thnx debddc my 21st day is Thursday do maybe the system is behind n itll jus pop up like everyone says it does
  • mine is saying
    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
  • Same here @Jorge.polendo mine say the same
  • Mines say the same okay we finna get ares then i assume cause my bar is missing bout freaking time.i was bout to insane
  • my bars been gone for 2 weeks still no ddd. my  21 st date is Thursday.
  • My 21 days is thursday aswell we might get ares this week or weekend i pray lol
  • called irs this morning, they said there was a glitch in the system and it could be as long as 04/22 before it's issued my 21st date is Thursday, now they are saying 6 - 8 weeks more
  • @kadamss, me too, well kind of, called yesterday and their was no errors or letters, my 21st day is  march 7. today, i get this messaging about still processing and called again, now I magically have a letter being sent, however what he told me was to fax back the information and then wait 3 weeks???? didn't tell me what the code of the letter was or anything....now from stalking WMR to stalking the mail man!
  • didn't say anything about a letter just computer problem and I guess we have to suffer, so not fair
  • I called yesterday and the guy said there is nothin wrong with my refund its still processing smh its a shame
  • well, something told me to call back, wasn't setting well with me....and I did, now this guy, really nice guy too, looked it up and said there was NO LETTER sent to me, but that some of us 8863ers were going to take an extra 1-2 weeks to process and that is the fault of my prepared, and I filed H&R block this year instead of TT. He said no review, no identity theft no nothing.
  • This is why I don't want to call every time someone calls they get a different story!!!! My 21 days is Thursday also!! Still processing 1st bar.
  • I called this morn as well and he said to wait in the letter and there may be a fax number bc he "guarantees" it's not n the depr tht does audits jus need further info
  • My 21 days is also Thursday and my WMR has showed no orange bars and "a refund date will be provided when available" since Friday. I have really had it with the IRS, and government, in general, this year. I know that everything was correct on my refund, I've called and they told me there were no issues, I've stalked WMR... I don't know what else I can do other than be really, really annoyed.
  • I've googled every message on this topic m beyond n read diff situations and every outcome is diff so there is no particular pattern tht we can go by-- Ive read tht your gttn closer when the bars go away
  • Thats not true, i was accepted the 14th and bars have been gone since the monday immediately after
  • Seems like everyone that was excepted on14th is having issues. Almost everyone we know filed after 14 th with college credit all got there money already.
  • yes the common denom is the 14th-- I hope tht we gt it soon
  • @mommie426 just out of curiosity, does your refund amount still show for you?
  • Yes, with one freaking bar. For me and 2 of my daughters, other daughter filed on 11 th and got hers  10 days later.
  • yep
  • Okay guys so I'm in the errors department and that's why I can't check it... nothing serious so I'm not receiving a letter... but the latest I will get My refund is 4/12 or 4/22... and I was given a number to call if you have a emergency they can try to help you (877)777-4778
  • ok so me and my daughters check just now and all 3 of us bars are gone, but amount on side is still there??? whats up with that anybody know??
  • Call 18008291040 and press 0 till you get a rep tell them the computer and app won't give you any info... ask if they can research your account
  • that sucks justcallm3b00, if i could just get the correct info instead of something diff everytime i call, i would be satisfied....i am putting the money up for vacation anyway, so a concrete answer will work for me and they can't even give those
  • Today was the first time I got some real information
  • Yea my refund amount still shows. It would be nice to have it processed. I need to file my fafsa
  • My orange bars disappeared on Friday like I said and my refund amount also disappeared. i am fed up! :(
  • my refund amount is there still......wonder if that means anything.....i swear, i went 2 days without checking last week and those were the less stressful days for me....i may not check till next week again
  • any known updates
  • Mine and my 2 daughters still same as yesterday when our bars disappeared .
  • My bars & refund amount have been gone since Friday. Still no changes...
  • My bars have been gone for almost 2 weeks. I called them yesterday and they told me that because my ex-husband owes back taxes, they might be taking it out of my money. I haven't been with my ex for some time and I was told I would get my refund anywhere from the 25th of this month to the 1st of April. If I don't have it by the 1st, I am supposed to call back.
  • They did same to me said I didn't file with 1099c but didn't give me date been processing since feb15
  • My bars disappeared this morning but are back now....still says it's processing though:( #ineedmymoney #imsobroke
  • My bars have disappeared today again?! Does anyone know what is going on?!
My bars disappeared Tuesday. I had been accepted on Feb 14 with EIC and Education credits. I was stuck on processing but now I just have the message : Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.
The amount of the refund is gone. Tax Topic 152 is still there. I have never been able to order transcripts or link my return to FAFSA.  I called on Tuesday and was told that my return had been pulled, that it was in errors and the error was being being corrected, but if they needed my help, they would let me know. I have never received a letter. If my return has errors, I would like my money back for business and home edition ($79) because the errors are not on my end. I was told my return was actually accepted on the 15th of Feb, so I will be calling the IRS back tomorrow because there is no way I am getting my $$$ by then. If I find out these errors are Turbo Tax related, I will be calling for a refund. 
  • Whatyoupaid, me and my 2 daughters are in same boat, everything you put above is on ours also.except all three of us was excepted on 14th our 21 days today.
  • Filed & accepted 1/25...I asked TT for a refund today...they wouldn't give me one.  Last time I'll use them, I'm afraid.  I've used them for years, too.
  • I was finally able to order transcripts as of 9am I hope the $$ arrives soon
  • Which transcript the account or refund transcript
  • Refund
  • checked again this morning Me and my 2 daughters still same 21 days up yesterday, bars gone Monday still same stupid message its processing.Guess i'll check again in morning,I'll update. Still in IRS HELL!!!!!!
  • @karensgifts---i am too lol this is so frustrating and calling doesnt help at all--
  • So someone said irs told them don't count weekends or hoildays in the 21days. i figured it up that is the 18th of March, the 18th of Feb was hoilday,i was excepted on feb 14th. we will see.
  • Still nothing, no bar, no DD date, amount still there, wont let me order transcript,and accepted on feb 14th. my 21 days were up yesterday on the phone with IRS, last excuse was error department lets see if its something new or if i get any help........
  • i always thought it was 21 calender days? and if this is true that means the 21 days is   next friday---
  • @shellerox86--let us know bc im not calling anymore--its like playing russian roulette wen u call and tht is too long to be on hold and u may or may not get someone who is willing to help u
  • me to but i have been looking all over TT and i have seen that comment alot,dont know if it is true. I have never had to wait this long!!!
  • I ordered my account transcript wont let me order refund transcript idk i talk to a rep she said i have no error or letter sent to me nor red flags she said just wait my 21 days are up and and bars are gone just a waiting process
  • I just called ddd of 3/13 so glad
  • @b.jonte wut did they say about the bars missing?
  • Phyliciapnr,you said IRS told u refund date 3/13 but what does your where's my refund say?
  • this guy said it will take longer because i was married last year and now im single LOL ohhhhh ok yesterday it was due to something with an address change....
  • Karensgifts its say still processing. A date will be provided when available
  • Ok my bars gone Monday, now it says processing and date provided when available.
  • When did your bar disappear and u get the processing message?
  • My bars went away last Friday
  • Ok thanks, mine gone Monday hopefully good news soon.
  • ok phyliciapnr---im trying to find a pattern somewhere cuz ive seen soooo much--
    i filed jan 30
    accepted feb 14
    still processing
    bars disappeared mar3 and refund date given wen available
  • and i am so happy somebody got some positve feed back from them  by the way
  • I am in the same boat!!! Still processing and I was excepted the 14th
  • and i had the education credit, eitc, and some itemized billing
  • I filed on 1/24 and  according to tt my return was accepted on 2/14 due to educational credits but when I called the irs yesterday the lady told me that my return was rejected and the accepted on 3/1 and thats when my wrm status changed to refund date will be provided when aval. i was finally able to order a refund transcript  today 3/8 and I called and the guy said that I had a ddd of 3/13 so it takes a week for processing to be complete and then a date is provided
  • Ok thanks, so maybe I'll get mine in Friday after u. Your bars gone on Friday and mine gone on Monday. Fingers crossed
  • Have you tried calling them
  • Different story every time I called,  one person said i was getting a letter, other person said no letter they just behind ect...only have 1hr lunch cant Spend whole time on ph.
  • So, I was on hold for 30 minutes, was told the rep's (#1904551) screens went down, then I was on hold for 5 minutes, then I answered security questions & was told she needed to do research...on hold again for 5 minutes...then I was told I would get a cp05 letter, but she couldn't tell me why or what it was about...also said it was dated 3/18. Umm...it's 3/8, so WTF!  I filed on January 17th!  Full time study, very part time job and can't get any f'in answers!  I am so pissed off!  My return was so simple, I can't believe this BS!  Really, what is the point in calling at all!  No help whatsoever!
  • yeah i keep get this mumbo abt a letter that has never been generated or sent---and to wait
  • I was told its still being process no issues or errors they said there going to be giving me a direct deposite soon just be patient they will call me if anything goes wrong with my return
  • good times @tasmitchell74!
  • @km & karensgifts, I have gotten a million different stories. I'm sure they just pick a reason off of their script to satiate us for a few days. I'm only checking this thread now because every time I see "the bank has not received your deposit" I get a little more mad!
  • I finally got a dd this morning for 3/13. To order my transcript im going to have to call. Still says it doesnt match records. This is great news since we are going on a 1350 mi each way roadtrip at the end of the month!
  • Congrats, @mommie426!! I was told by one of the nicer agents that I couldn't order my transcript until 4 weeks after processing. I don't know why that is, but I'm assuming she was right because I've tried with no luck recently.
  • congrats @mommy426---allowery i haent been able to order either transcipt either im following a few blogs on  these issues and it looks tht irs has been really bogged down with the glitch on the 8863 -- i have seen a pattern of having the 1st bar showing accepted,which means they have the return--- then weeks later the bars disappear some with the retun on the side and some not wit the message of ur refund date will be given when available, meaning they not only have the return but are now actually processing---then some say either they call after a few days and get a ddd from a irs csr or the bars reappear showing approved or with further instructions---ive seen when the bars disappear tht positive results have been achieved on avg of 5-10 days after dissappearing--- of course nothing is concrete and its not a turbo tax or hr block issue--once its been accepted of course there is human error but at this point i dont believe any of the irs csr bc they dont know any more than we do--wen the original 8863 filers got ran they had a test batch and those are the ones tht got their checks and made the rest of ur think there was a prblem--come to find out after tht test batch they found the glitch and jus fixed it a little over a week ago--and with that we all went to the error resolution dept in which a letter is automatically generated but if they cant see wut it is,then there is no actual letter-EVERY call has been diff and i swea ive called 10 times literall but following these diff sites have shown a pattern of some sorts-- and i have heard quite a few that have recvd their refunds and the bar is processing or still have not reappeared yet so its basically a sit and wait at this point-- i hope this helps somebody bc it took me 3 weeks to figure all this today and im prob still wrong lol
  • Congrats mommie426.
  • @mommie 426---how did u gt a ddd? from ur wmr? and what does ur wmr page look like?
  • Its updated on wmr, and the orange bars are back, says if not posted to my bank then to call after the 18th
  • This all so frustrating! I ordered my return transcript two weeks ago and rec'd it Monday, so obviously they're done.  I just don't get what's taking so long.  The rep seemed like she was feeding me BS the whole time I talked to her.  I don't know what to believe.  But, it's been two months since I filed and I am between a rock and a hard place.
  • and tht came up overnight??
  • Yea mine updated overnight
  • km it sounds to me tht ur time is coming soon--and i totally agree with the being fed the bs but we are taling abt the irs--amd those call centers are so useless--- but all we can do is pray tht all this time being used is to give us our money and not ask for us to come up off any
  • I hope yours comes up soon, too!   We all need it!
  • mine finally got updated too! only thing is i got - 4000 off my return cause my kids names dont match their social? i even just double checked w ssa and everything was correct. im so frusterated!
  • Hopefully all of us in this IRS HELL, will get a due date this week. Our bars have been gone almost a week now and our 21days have come and gone. I'll check again Monday and post update.good luck everyone!!!
  • I caved & checked WMR today. It changed again and is now showing my return amount (still the same amount as before) on the left again and tax topic 152 is gone. I don't know what it means, but I will be happy when we are all on the first thing smoking out of irs hell!
  • Mine and 1 daughter has same as u with the topic( which it says is some deposit thing, we both have ours to be put in our account ) the other daughter has same thing with no topic. I ask IRS lady about it she said dont worry about it, if I had it to be deposited in my account. Ours all change to that on monday the 4th.
  • i havent seen tht topic 152 since mhy bars disappeared--- i dont kno if it means anything or not
  • When my 1 daughters bars gone, the topic 152 gone on hers to. But me and my other daughters it stayed when bars gone. I asked IRS lady about it she said don't worry about it. I just don't know anymore. Just so sick of it all.
  • MOMMIE426 when you filed and got accepted?
  • I filed 1/29. Got accepted 2/14, and was just patiently (kind of) waiting til today wmr had the dd of 3/13
  • so mommie426 ur not able to order ur transcripts??
  • Not online no, but my address is kinda screwy, i will have to call to order
  • Allowery. mine went back to that too. Thursday. keep updated if anything change. my son went to that he got his DD. so i am hoping some good news  Tuesday. i was suppose to get a cp05 letter 2 weeks ago have not recieve yet.
  • @MMARIA1003 I have never been told anything about a letter the million and twelve times I've talked to the IRS. I've heard many people say that they were told about a letter and never received it. I will update after i check WMR later.
  • hey i jus called-- and the info tht came out friday seems to hold true-- she said that there of course were problems with the early 8863 and all were dumped to errors--and told about letters coming--my status was talking of an error and to wait on this famous letter-- she check my status and seentht my status has beenn changed as if the letter was sent and recvd and shall receive my return anywhere in the next 4 weeks----if i do recvd a letter to ofcourse answer to it but in their system it has been resolved
Well its seems as if your WMR status goes from having a bar to   Your tax return is still being processed.  A refund date will be provided when available.  then more than likely have gotten flagged for identity theft! a NEW thing the irs is doing!! to prevent it!! said most identity thefts take place right when tax season opens, because they want to get your money before you try to!!  i also haven't got any info on my return in the past 2 months  then called IRS said to wait for a letter then call the number and have your 2011 tax return ready if everything checks out its you then wait 4-6 weeks for your refund!  so ive been waiting and waiting no letter so i searched around and from the # that some had on there letter and called it... she ask me simple questions and said ok everything looks fine.. allow 4-6 weeks!!  so hopefully this nightmare is over!!
  • Me and my 2 daughters went on line and it let us order the return and account transcripts. Don't know what that means.
  • it doesn't seem to mean anything because I ordered mine last week and received it this week, still no DD.  I called today and said I was getting a cp05 letter in the mail dated 3/18...wtf!  I would call if I were you, but you'll probably get a different answer from what I can tell
  • karensgift it tht ur 1st time tryng to order them??
  • We keep getting BS answers because the IRS doesnt want to say we fudged up
  • Yes, it was first time trying to order them. I did call on my lunch. They excepted mine on 15th and she said everything looked fine with mine but still in processing no DD date yet, she said give it a few weeks.
  • Okay guys ive got the real information on why are returns are taken so long i talked to a very helpful rep she said all the people who filed with 8863 form befor the 17th getting  fix due to the format they change on the form they are correcting them  them selfs they have alot to do and  we should have are return updates in a week or two i know it sucks ass but she told me to tell everyone they are fixing the issue
  • i said i wasnt going to call but the update i got was that my return looks fine doesnt show any letter or errors and to wait another week for a ddd
  • I know I said same thing, I called and was told  that to but give it 2 weeks.
  • Well hopefully we all get our returns soon
  • Now it is saying im entering my info not correctly. UGH really
  • shellerox86 it does tht wen u hv checked more than 2-3 times or in a high traffic time ---they said over night or evening time is the best
  • I check once daily
  • Got a letter today to call a number they need more info to process
  • So what is the number did you call @greeneyes30
  • shellerox86--- has your bars disappeared? or it's always said processing?
  • Tasha Mitchell hey i jus called-- and the info tht came out friday seems to hold true-- she said that there of course were problems with the early 8863 and all were dumped to errors--and told about letters coming--my status was talking of an error and to wait on this famous letter-- she check my status and seentht my status has beenn changed as if the letter was sent and recvd and shall receive my return anywhere in the next 4 weeks----if i do recvd a letter to ofcourse answer to it but in their system it has been resolved
  • Thank you for posting this!  Has your status on the where's my refund changed yet?
  • I really appreciate you posting all of this info.  Especially since TT hasn't bothered to mention any of these errors that H&R block just confirmed.  You've put my mind at ease a bit and I really can't thank you enough!
i did and mine was just approved today. they have a lot of tax returns to process so its no wonder it takes forever. all i can say is be patient
  • @sinderella_616 did you processing bar disappear before you received your date?
  • @sinderrella mine was approved today as well. About time you know patience is a virtue.
Mine was accepted on 2/14 with an estimated refund date of 2/20. I received it on 2/27
    Mine was processed on 2/14 due to late processing of returns with education credits. According to the IRS "Where's My Refund?" tracker, it is set to be deposited into my account on 2/25.
      Mine was also accepted on Feb 14, and I'm still on the first bar.  It looks like many people whose were accepted on the 14th have just heard back today so hopefully I will hear something soon
      Mine got accepted the 14th and still is processing. checked WMR and still processing :-/
      • Mines was the same until last night...  so I called an hour ago and got the info I posted above...
      • On hold now hopefully i find something out
      • oh well i'll check again in morning and let everyone know,i am not going to call ,can't til friday anyway, but my daughter has talked to 4 people all with different stories. The Truth Would Be Nice ,Bad or Good!!
      • LOL @karensgifts......I have gotten different stories as well, from each and every rep i have spoken to! I just need it by May....LOL
      • I am having surgery in a few weeks need money to cover bills, ill be down 6 to 8 weeks 3rd and finally surgery think goodness and no chemo. Got lucky!!!
      • I filed 2/2, accepted 2/10, processing 2/14... Had orange bar for 3 days then went to generic "your tax return is still processing. A deposit date will be provided when available" message.  Never had amount disappear, nor any "tax topics" showing.
        I called week and half ago, and was told its just processing slow.  Call back Friday that week if no update or deposit date.  So I called back Friday, and was told that everyone who was accepted around the same timeframe as mine got an error due to a system glitch, but it was quickly resolved and is back in processing.  So I called today, and the guy tells me something completely different!
        He stated that he didn't know which error or whatever, but it had one and it will take 8 weeks, so I have to give them until April 9th.  Amazing - he don't know which error or what problem but knows how long it'll take?  I bluffed and asked him "is that why I can't see it on WMR?" and he said "yes that's why - when it disappears from WMR it's pulled from processing for errors or problems.  Yet, mine still shows up on WMR so I know he's full of crap.
      • Pretty much the common theme is returns are delayed because they didnt make sure systems were functioning prior to tax time
      • ok update me and my daughters checked again today and bars was gone yesterday still not there today,just amount and everything on side, 21days up tomorrow. filed 30th, turbo tax sent to irs on 14 th due to college credit,excepted on 14th, had one bar and no change til yesterday and now bars gone and nothing.
      • same here @karensgifts-- so frustrating I hope everyone get their money at midnight tonight
      • Same aswell bars gone 21 days up tomorrow wtf i called irs yesterday about my bars he checked for me and theres no errors or issues with my return nor is there a letter getting sent out its good news but not good enough cause i want my refund lol
      • Did you all file on the 30th, too? I'm starting to notice that a lot of filers from the 30th of January are stuck in IRS hell with us.
      • filed on 30, accepted on 14 n processing since then, Monday the bars left n got message tht a refund date will be given when available n 21 days up tomorrow
      • My dates all same as yours above. Me and my 2 daughters all in IRS HELL with you!!!!
      • i hope soon this irs night mare is over..
      • Us to I'll report again tomorrow!!!
      • I pray tht we all hv a better story to tell tomorrow
      • well I really did think we were gonna get a change for the better in here-- and of course I didn't gt any progress on WMr or with my now daily call to the IRS --- and now finding out tht a few of my friends are gttn the same result and was also waiting on a dep on this 21st day and yet still the same :(
      • Me and my 2 daughters are here with u to on our 21st day also. Bars gone on Tuesday still gone and nothing.
      • I called the IRS this morning and was told I was still in the error resolution department. She told me nothing was wrong with my return but it may be an additional 2 weeks.
      • My 21 days are up today as well still no change same for two days no bars and wait til direct Deposite date is giving grrrrrrhhhhh
      • I've had the same thing for over 2 weeks, so I know how you feel.  This a f'in nightmare.
      • My money isn't in the bank either...pretty upsetting that they get their money when they want it, but we don't get ours when we are supposed to. I'm leaving on my trip today overseas and was hoping to take some extra cash with me...oh we'll. sounds like I'll be back before the money is deposited. I filed mine on February 5, it was accepted on the 14th, and been processing ever since.
      • still procesing on day 21. still no bars, just amount and still processing BS. i filed 14th got accepted 14th and nothing new now calling IRS
      • So the other day when I called I was told I was in ERRORS DEPARTMENT then I called today just to see and now I'm being told I'm being reviewed for IDENTITY THEFT... but it's me... I bet the real criminals have their money... UGH!!!
      • i had a friend who just claim the education credit thats it, she already gotten her refund back a week ago.. i filed way before her. it is kinda frustrating.. good luck all
      • @mmaria1003, I just claimed the education credit, too, and still haven't received anything.  Filed early, accepted 1/25, still nothing.  Able to order my return transcript last week, but still no DD date.  This whole situation is BS!
      • No change for me either, fellow irs hell residents! I called the irs today & a very rude lady told me to call back in a few weeks if I don't get my refund. She then hung up on me. I wasn't rude, just wanted to know the reason it hasn't processed. I am not going to bother calling back because this is exhausting. :'(
      • I'm just at a total loss for words at this point.  None of this makes sense
      • It's so frustrating. I know for a fact that if I owed them money, telling them they "might get their money but to wait 3 weeks then call me back" would be totally unacceptable. I guess I shouldn't look forward to my refund anytime soon!
      • Yep, exactly.
      My friend's was accepted on the 2/14 & his refund was deposited 2/26
      • bngore--- are your bars still there n how long if they disappeared
      • been in this irs hell sense 1/25 (early) 2/14 (delayed)  transcripts other both 2/20 recieve just accounting on 2/28. . went back in today and other returns again to see if i  will get them in mail.. call 3/1 was told i should of gotten a cp05 later week ago. never recieve it .call back yesterday 3/6 she said the same thing about a cp05 letter witch i never recieve i told her that.. she said give it a few more days.. this so call letter i was suppose to have over 2 weeks now and still no where.. i have no idea whats going on.. still no DD
      • My bars disappeared all day on 3/9/13..I got back on 3/10/13(today) & now they are back...still says being processed...hasn't been accepted yet. I don't understand why my bars disappeared for a day though...I think with all the new IRS software & updates, they(IRS) don't even know what's going on or how to fix it..why else would they be so far behind w/ no explanation.
      • bngore30 when they disappeared did u have a message like refund date when available??
      • i used the hr block at home and i jus stumbled across a fb page for them and there was some newsalert tht was put out yesterday tht there was glitch on the back end of the 8863 form lines 25-26 tht were crossing over blank to irs, prompting errors to early filers before feb 22--they are now aware of the issure and fixed it and all should be runnong smottly--now with tht being said--i dnt know wut to believe-- i caled hr block and the csr wasnt aware of any glitch or hr fabebook page
      • Interesting, tasmitchell74!  Thank you for posting that information, I just looked it up and saw it on the H&R block fbook page.  Would be nice if TurboTax would give it's customers the same courtesy!!!
      • got a letter yesterday for me to call in with last years and this years tax returns in hand so i can verify my identity, nothing has changed from all the years i have been filing, with the exception that I removed my oldest son...will call tomorrow and see what they say
      • I honestly can't remember...I have checked so many times..I don't think it said that though
      • hey i jus called-- and the info tht came out friday seems to hold true-- she said that there of course were problems with the early 8863 and all were dumped to errors--and told about letters coming--my status was talking of an error and to wait on this famous letter-- she check my status and seentht my status has beenn changed as if the letter was sent and recvd and shall receive my return anywhere in the next 4 weeks----if i do recvd a letter to ofcourse answer to it but in their system it has been resolved
      • @tasmitchell74, Thanks! I'm going to try doing that this evening and see if I can get a decent answer from them without being hung up on. I always try to be as polite as possible, but some of their customer service reps are beyond rude! lol
      • oh anytime keep us posted
      • No updates here, folks! I hope the lack of updates means people are starting to see some progress! :)
      • Nope no progress still same refund date when available hopefully this weekend or next
      • My bars are gone again!!! Maybe this means the system is updating & my refund will be deposited soon! I'm hoping anyways!!
      • mine are left last Monday--- but jus now the refund amt is gone n tht topic 152 is back
      • Mine hasn't changed since my refund amount reappeared last week. Still no bars, topic 152 is still gone...
      • Just received an email stating that those who do not have a letter from the IRS will most likely be getting their return in 4-6 weeks. There was a problem with the IRS processing forms 8863 (yes after the February acceptance date) and they are working to process these returns properly now.

        Yeah, it's so thoughtful that they send out a nice email explaining that it will 4-6 additional weeks after already waiting since January.
      • @aloha 808 can you post that email please my bars been missing over a week now with the message saying refund date will be giving when available the amount and topic is still there idk wth is going on but its frustrating
      • Who was the email from?  I didn't get one.
      • I received the same email from H&R block
      • i got tht same email tooo--- my bars disappeared las week, and over night the mount disappeared and i got tht topic 152 back
      • This is the email

        Valued Client:

        We are writing to let you know that the IRS has confirmed an issue related to certain education tax credits claimed on Form 8863, which has affected and delayed your tax return. We sincerely regret this inconvenience and want to assure you that we are doing everything possible to work with the IRS and to resolve this issue quickly.

        The IRS has informed us and other impacted providers that they are currently processing these returns and should be able to more accurately provide refund timelines via its “Where’s My Refund?” website. Please note this website is updated overnight by the IRS, so you don't need to check it more than once a day. It may take up to 4-6 weeks to process your return. However, some H&R Block clients are already reporting a change in their refund status since the IRS began processing these returns.

        As a reminder, at this time, there is no additional action needed if you:
        1.   Received an IRS letter requesting additional information for Form 8863 and already responded to the IRS; or
        2.   Have not received an IRS letter about Form 8863 to date.

        If you have received a letter from the IRS and have yet to respond, please call 800-HRBLOCK. The customer service agent will be able to better serve you and provide next steps.
      • Has anyone received their refund or a DDD?
      • No. filed 1/17
      • @km WOW! did you have education credits or EIC? what is the IRS telling you?
      • I got my ddd when I called n it's 3-19 I was able to order transcripts last night abt 10p
      • 8863.  Cp05 letter, supposedly.  Haven't received it.  This is such bullshit!
      • @tasmitchell74. Good for you!  I've had my return transcript for a cpl weeks and still nothing.  The reps are useless, too
      • I was flagged for I identity theft... I was told that a letter dated 3/6 was sent to my house.. still haven't gotten it...  but the lady have me the number so I didn't have to wait... called to verify who I am on the 11th....and then today I am getting a new message.. WE HAVE RECEIVED YOUR RETURN AND IT IS BEING PROCESSED...  also on the phone now and was just told the same thing that there are problems with education credits
      • I filed on 1/31
        HR Block said i was accepted on the 14th. IRS said 15th
        I was to the 7th no later than the 8th for my refund. Of course no refund.
        3/4 Got the refund when available message. The advocate called me today and said it may be next week and he would give me a call on the 29th! If my refund is available before then he will give me a call. A lot of help that was.
      • Just got a letter in the mail today from irs got to call integrity verification wtf i called still on hold so far been waiting for a rep for 1 hour 30 minutes still no answer wth i want my money this is bull shit and im fed up i was just told the other day i had no errors or redflags nor letter sent out now all of the sudden i get one in the mail a bunch of bs and lies from the irs i dont believe one word they say out there mouth now
      • I got a letter today too dated 3/18 saying that no action was needed and they will be finished reviewing my return by MAY SECOND!!!!!!!!  What the hell is going on!  I filed on January 17th.  This is totally unacceptable.  WTF am I getting a cp05 combat zone deferment letter for anyway?  I have no association with the military whatsoever.  This is all BS.  Just a way for them to keep the money I'm owed for as long as possible.
      • I haven't gotten a letter, IRS still tells me there isn't a letter, error, red flag, identity theft... NOTHING! I cannot figure this out, but it I am beyond pissed with this situation. I can't order transcripts, WMR hasn't changed in a week, SBTPG website says to check back in 7 days. I'm approaching 2 months since filing and the IRS can't give me any semblance of an explanation. I'm tired of calling, sitting on hold for over an hour, and getting nothing out of it. They ought to compensate me for those lost hours of my life sitting on hold!! I've got to laugh to keep from crying at this point.
        @tasmitchell CONGRATS!!!! It's about time for you! :) Hopefully the rest of us IRS hell residents will be on the way out soon after you!
      • I was just  able to order return transcripts.... does that mean anything?
      • You should get a ddd soon
      • Hey, I got my return transcripts weeks ago.  It doesn't mean anything except that the return has been processed, not necessarily approved, and could still be under review according to one of the rude reps I spoke to
      • I got my DD at 11pm tonight when I checked...  3/20... hope it's sooner
      • Update bars back DD date 3/20 everybody else should receive 1 soon
      • I got my ddd for 3/20 also:)
      • I finally got a straight up answer from the IRS today. Many TurboTax users have been flagged for identity theft because a large majority of ID Theft cases with the IRS originate with Turbotax filings. I was flagged for ID theft almost immediately after IRS accepted my return. Why the million other reps didn't tell me, no one knows, but I was told that a letter was mailed to me (5071c  Potential Identity Theft Letter) weeks ago. I've never received the mystery letter, but I did track down the website to get my identity verified and that's now done. Back to waiting, but now I know I'm in the clear so maybe this nightmare will end soon!
      • Gudmornin yu guy last update for me...I received my refund this mornin an I hope all the other 20th'ers did to..hope everyone else receive their fund soon thank yall for being helpful
      • UPDATE!!
        Return ReceivedRefund ApprovedRefund Sent

        You requested that part or all of your refund be used for a US Savings Bond(s) purchase.

        It may take up to three weeks from the date your refund was sent for your Savings Bonds to arrive in the mail. The Bureau of the Public Debt will mail your bonds to the address shown on your tax return.

        If you do not receive the savings bond(s) you should contact Treasury Retail Securities in Minneapolis at 1-800-553-2663.
        The amount not used to purchase bonds is scheduled to be refunded on April 3, 2013.
        If you do not receive the refund by April 8, 2013, please contact us again. We are unable to take any action until then.
        Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
        Bureau of the Public Debt, Treasury Direct®
        Please Note:
        For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
      • lashon75228, did you get a cp05 letter or anything like that?  filed 1/17 and still nothing over here.  thanks.
      • @km I didn't receive any letters. I was told that my return was being reviewed because of ny dependents. I have carried the same dependents for the last 15 years. I was referred to an advocate who contacted me on 3/14. I was able to order my return transcript 3/29 and ddd was on wmr on 3/30.
      My state taxes was accepted on 2/10/13 and I finally got is DD today. So maybe yours will be coming within the next week.
      • Yes, the IRS updates wmr every night. I check it when I wake up in mornings
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