Filed 1/22
Accepted 2/14
Still no DD Date on WMR... WMR+no DDD=
  • Have you called to find out?  WMR is not updating very quickly.
  • I called yesterday on hold for 50 mins and all I got was "Keep checking WMR".. like seriously redic..
  • same thing here!!! what is  going on? seems like everyone else with 8863 is getting dates!!
  • I know im on here and im like WTF I filed the same time as everyone else and I havent gotten anything yet??!!
  • i wonder if we are under review? i talled to irs yesterday and they didnt see anything wrong with my return, she just said it could take 21 days!!
  • same exact thing the lady told me.. she said she wouldnt worry until 21 days of not getting an updated status.. Meanwhile im thinking we are supposed to get a return in 21 days .. or so i thought..
  • I doesnt seem like there are many more 8863ers waiting for a date.. so far you are the only other person I've seen that's in the same boat as me.
  • this isnt good...
  • just called they are closed obviously BUT I did check the automated service WMR and it says the same thing (we have received your refund info and it is being processed) BUT the IRS.gov still went from 1 bar to nothing now.. maybe they are updating our info.. Afterall even though they are closed everything is done by computer in the processing center..
  • I filed on january the 10 got acepted on february 14th still proccessing and no due date then i have no bars on wheres my refund anymore whats going on here i been waiting patiently....
  • i called women got attitude and said 21 day and refused to look up mt information, never have i gone thru this with my tax returns....this is mesed up...
  • I'm in the same boat as you guys....all I have is the Tax Topic, not able to order transcripts, seems like everyone else has gotten some progress
  • giess all we can do is wait cause we know its coming its just the point of when is it coming....
  • Im not able to order transcripts. Does anyone know when the updates are  for the transcripts is it like the WMR
  • I would assume it updates the same time as WMR
  • on other questions people have said they were able to get their transcripts at different time frames. -
  • I guess it's just luck of the draw then.. From now on I am going to be like Romney and just keep my sh!t in off shore accounts so I dont have to pay taxes and deal with this sh!t..
  • Im in the same boat. Called irs thrusday and friday both days a rep told me it being processed and both pulled up my account,,,still no dd date still no transcript...starting to believe im under review.
  • Yeah, It would just give some peace of  mind to know, instead of checking daily and getting frustated....
  • I know right anyone with any common sense would know that if someone is calling in and is willing to wait THAT long to speak to someone about a concern wouldnt you at least tell them what's going on with their stuff?.. You cant tell me they dont know or they dont have someone there to consult and find out.. Freakn BS..
  • I've called in a LOT and never get a solid answer just the run around.  Talk about stall tactics! Maybe our government just doesn't have the funds for us!
  • i asked the lady yesterday if there was something wrong with my return and she said she didnt see anything. how would we know if we are under review??
  • everyone i have talked to said the irs reps are all rude and wont give them any straight answers!!
  • @rezsilv - I know right it's almost a waste of time dealing with them on the phone and even checking WMR which has been a POS system since they came out with it.. Everyone was talking about this "new look" id rather have something that actually works rather than something that looks nice but doesnt work.. talk about the US being Ghetto rich LOL
  • @amiemccue - Not sure how we would know but I would assume that we all are because everyone else is getting their sh!t but us..
  • I have an education credit and as of today am still processing. I agree everyone else I have seen has a DD.
  • @amiemccue -  I honestly dont even think when you call in they even look @ our stuff I think they just say "im not seeing anything wrong with your return" because if they actually looked it up and there was nothing wrong then it would have been processed by now... or at least we would have dates..
  • @atlyvi - I know starting to get worried here.. Yeah it's easy to say "oh, well dont worry you will get yours" when you already have a DDD and we dont..
  • @jeffery I agree! They act like we are a problem calling and asking about OUR returns!! I give up. As of today I am not even going to expect anyting.
  • I was a 8863 filer. File was accepted on the 14th and they started processing it on 15th. I did have the first orange bar now I got this:

    Your Personal
    Tax Data
    Social Security Number

    or IRS Individual Taxpayer
    Identification Number:
    Filing Status:
    Tax Period Ending:
    December 31, 2012
    Your Expected
    Refund Amount:
    Refund Status Results
    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
  • Did you call today? If so what number..I filed on 2/12 got accepted on 2/14 WMR still say processing. Up until yesterday I was able to order the "Account Transcript" but I have seen on the blog that the Return Transcript is what matters....Im so sick of the IRS...This is beyound BS..WMR say processing will get return in 21 days..I at least want to know that for sure.
  • They both looked up mine cuz i have an offset
  • Are they opened today?
  • @sassy - or so you think they did LOL I too have an offset because I owed $3,500..
  • What are you talking about with the orange bar?
  • They said it wouldnt delay my sh!t at all though because offsets are done automatically..
  • I dont have an offset but something is wrong..i will give it until tommorrow. If no update, I'm going to call and ask questions. If I'm under review I thought it would say something pertaining to that on WMR
  • I just successfully ordered a return transcript. Is that a good thing?
  • I was able to order a trascript yesterday but the IRS said "It's going to be blank because your not done processing" WTF? WMR still says processing and I received a letter two weeks ago saying I was under review and have to wait till April 11th! WTF!?! Then when I call in they say "It might be less) or "You have to wait" Or my favorite! "I can't see anything to tell you anything"
  • when its processing correctly, u will 3 stages and as they are completed an orange bar will show under that stage.
  • @jeffery I also have an offset! I wonder if that has anything to do with it??
  • @disnugaswagg  - no they are not open today only Mon-Fri the only thing you can do on the weekends is check your sh!t through the automated thing which is just as much BS as WMR
  • @harts5329 - It's supposed too..
  • yes, that is a great thing. u will have a DDD very soon. It means that ur taxes are completed.
  • atlyvi..YES..You are on the MONEY..LOL..thats the golden ticket from what people are reporting...Was that your first time trying to order a Return Transcript? You may ee your DD tommorrow. Good Luck
  • @ jeff... thanks
  • @amiemccue - No, 2 IRS dummies told me over the phone that it is an automatic process and will not delay your return what so ever. You will only receive the offset amount so for example I am getting $9,550 I owe $3,550 from tax year 2010 (yeah they waited that long to audit me) so I should receive $6,000 back within the normal time frames which is 10-21 days...
  • That is the first time I tried ordering the transcripts and at the end I recieved this message...
    We have accepted your request for a 2012 Return Transcript . Please allow 5-10 days to receive it. The transcript will be sent to the address we have on file for you.

    If you need more than one copy of your transcript you are allowed to make copies for your personal records
  • I do have an offset..was audited in 2010 during off season...so i know they both pulled up my account cuz they gave me the amount i owed...im in a installment agreement and pay 100 a month...they said the offset is not delaying my return....my return is processing. ...no errors...soo what am i sill unable to order transcript? the majority of people on here and around me have receieve a DD.
  • I haven't noticed the orange bar.
  • @disnugaswagg -  no problem
  • @atlyvi - well you have gotten further than I have it wont even let me order anything..
  • The irs is closed on the weekends. And i wish they could put something on their website stating if I was being reviewed, audited, or something. Im tired of getting the same info everyday. Dont know if I should get worried or not. I filed mines on the 30th got accepted on the 14th and now its a wait game. WTF!!! I really wanted my money for my out of town trip I planned on taking at the end of march but dont know if I will have any luck
  • My cousin filed hers on the 25th got accepted on the 14th also and she got a notice that her return would be deposited on monday. And she also had 8863 for on her return. Im sick of this!!! This has been the worse tax season ever!!
  • @sassy - same here but I told them to just take it out of my return which they told me it would automatically happen that way anyways if you owed
  • That would be great! But, still says processing with no DD date in sight..:(
  • @ res does wmr say your under review??
  • so come up when u check WMR?
  • @shatarahogan - already had to take mine to Orlando without it.. trust me ballen on a budget SUCKS!
  • @shatarahogan - agreed worst tax season ever!
  • sorry... so what come up when u check WMR @alt??
  • @Sassy no it doesn't @ atlyvi I ordered my transcript and it gave me the same message but STILL no DD that was two days ago and when I called yesterday to ask they said it would just send me a "blank" since i'm "under review"
  • Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
  • How do I know if I am under review?
  • I dont believe that one@ res... they arent telling u correct information. If ur taxes are not complete ... u cant order anything.
  • Strange because almost everybody who orders a Return Transcp, say they see the DD the next day..Good Luck and hopefully the review is just another lie the IRS is telling tax payers to get us scared straight
  • I filed 1/23 with 8863 and still nothing
  • @atlyvi when I check my status it says the SAME THING
  • thats the same message I have now @ATL... I did have the orange bar shwoing processing ... now its the same as yours.... lol. This is just crazy!!
  • fluffykitty..have you tried ordering a return transcript?
  • O crap!!!! Im sorry..hope im not in that situation...i called yesterday and they said everything was fine but irs reps r liars..what does wmr say?
  • @dsinugaswagg I agree it makes NO sense at all!
  • My WMR  says its being processed wait 21 days still at one bar tax topic 152 with refund amount showing
  • eventhough u filed on that date... IRS did not start processing any 8863s until the 14/15.... so thats the date to remember@ fluffykitty...
  • Mine just says processing... it doesn't have anyting about 21 days.
  • Trying to remain optimistic so maybe they didn't start processing 1/15 most returns with 8863 and we are the next batch to be processed...theres gotta be many more in our shoes just not on the forum
  • I try everyday. A few times
  • @ rez, i am also an 8863 filer... was told that they rec my refund on the 14th... starting processing it on the 15th. Then got this 9001 reference code.  Finally, that was taken off and I was given the first orange bar on WMR. Now, its saying the same as yours. LOL, i have to really laugh this off.....
  • I look mutliple times a day as well and I keep my fingers crossed every time.
  • How do you order these transcripts ??
  • well I may need to cross my fingers and my legs because this WILD @ ATL .... lol
  • OK yesterday I recieved a email stating that I would have to pay the Turbo Tax fee becuase my return would not cover it. NOW I just checked my email it got this:
    We sent you an email yesterday, Friday, Feb. 22, regarding "1st Notice - Account Debit Pending for TurboTax Fees". This notice was sent to you in error. Please disregard it. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

    Please remember that the IRS expects to process 9 out of 10 refunds in 21 days or less. You can check the status of your refund daily on the IRS "Where's My Refund" page.

    Thank you for choosing TurboTax,

    Bob Meighan, CPA
    Vice President, TurboTax
  • Would I know by now if I am under review?
  • Same here. At first they told me I was accepted on 1/24 but they won't tell me when I started processing
  • go to irs.gov ... type transcripts in the search area, click on the first link .... make sure u order refund trans and not account trans...
  • On the IRS website...I did a search and typed in RETURN TRANSCRIPT and it sent me to the for.
  • LOL me too, that must be what I am missing.
  • ITs hard to say anything @ ATL.... If you called wouldnt they tell u that????
  • http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Order-a-Transcript
     For transcripts, try to get your return for 2012
  • IDK haven't called and talked to a person. Have only gotten the automated system which tells me the same thing as the WMR site.
  • lol @ ATL
  • The IRS is a bunch of lazy @ss liers in a nut shell
  • Won't be able to get in touch with anyone until Monday now.. the waiting continues.
  • When you call the IRS aren't they suppose to beable to tell you when you started processing?
  • Well we have the same message on WMR. I have called several times and each time my refund is okay and its processing ...
  • When I try to order a transcript it gives me a error code113 ??????? I give up :(
  • I havent been told anything about a review....
  • @disnugaswagg  - I havent either...
  • hmmm, yeah  @short I would leave that alone too.... IRS's system is already overloaded  and on its last breath... pls dont go breaking nothing until I get my refund ... lol. Just kidding, but that a new one...I have never heard that one before...
  • I filed my taxes on feb 01 but was accepted on feb 14 I got accepted this morning with a dd date of 02/27.I was wondering if anyone knew if I paid from my refund will that cause a delay
  • No there would be no delay. SBT will automatically deduct everything.
  • @harts5329~if you were able to order your "account" transcript then your DDD will be here VERY soon!! i was finally able to order my "account" transcript around 11p last night and got a DDD this morning of 2/27!!! YAY! it doesnt matter which transcript you order. if you can order it, then they are finished processing your refund and you should get a DDD very soon.
  • @sao_angelina - No it wont have an effect

    See this what im talking about .. she filed on Feb 1 with 8863 got excepted like everyone else on feb 14 and already has a DDD.. Im glad for her but WTF happened to the rest of us??!!
  • Also after i realized that i ordered my account transcript instead of my return transcript, i tried to order my return transcript but it would not let me on the irs.gov sight, said i had to wait 10days to order another transcript. so i called 1-800-908-9946 and was able to order my return transcript as well. hope this helps. good luck to you all...
  • LOL everyoes ordering their transcripts and shit and the USPS is going to over loaded come monday hahahah now I will not only still be waiting on my refund on monday but i wont get mail for a solid month hahahahaha
  • @jeffery- atleast I dont have to worry about mail. I might have a few letters from the IRS by the time I get back...Lol
  • Hey guys, just wanted to give you some hope. Filed 1/18, accepted 1/25, actually accepted 2/14 (education credits), had no status bar, etc, log in today and I have a DD of 2/27. Finally!  Good luck to you guys. Just a little longer.
  • When I try to order my return transcript it says the address we have does not match what we have on record for you. I know I put the right address. What do you think could be happening?
  • I ordered my account transcript for 2012 on my old address. Do you think tt didn't update mt info?
  • I was able to order account transcript three days ago but not return
  • I hope so...so many people are saying only the Return Transcript will get you a DD..crossin my fingers for a miracle...I called that number to order transctipt but it wouldnt allow me to order the return transcript only the account transcript... this is getting bad.
  • I ordered my 2012 account transcript three days ago .... and still no DDD; however, when I tried to order the return transcript I am getting not avaliable. So it has to be the refund transcript that can confirm if your taxes are indeed completed processing.
  • i ordered my account transcript last night and got a DDD of 2/27 this morning. after i ordered my account transcripts it would not let me order my return transcript on the irs sight. so i called 1-800-908-9946 and it let me order my return transcript there. good luck to you!!
  • also, called this number and it is stated that I cannot order my ACCOUNT transcript because it has already been requested for 2012. However, when I tried return transcript .... it stated that I do not have one .
  • So here’s what I’ve gathered; I was able to order account transcript with new address three days ago, so I’m thinking an account transcripts states that they have received it and it’s processing. I am unable to order return transcript because my taxes are not complete. I have been on these forums for almost a month now and it’s very discouraging when most have received DDD and you have not. I really don’t think we are all getting audited. I don’t think the irs reps would hold information in regards to being under review, I actually think they would be more than happy to release that information. I also feel everybody’s tax situation is different, since we don’t have answers we are all comparing to others. I know last year I had no idea what an account or return transcript was; now I’m constantly trying to request one.  I currently have an offset which I make monthly irs payments, out of this return they will be taking the rest so I think this has reflected me being unable to request my return transcript. I am trying to remain optimistic though it’s very difficult at times. This weekend is big updates and WMR shuts down several times, so maybe we will have some answers. I wish the best of luck to all.
  • Thanks @sassy. I agree with you as well. Hopefully this nightmare will be over soon.
  • this nightmare will soon be a distant memory :)
  • @davidwmaxwell  - thaks bro
  • @sassy - If we all compare we will get somewhere and formulate our own answers which we are not getting from the IRS reps. They may not be witholding info but they could definately do a better job of trying to find out.. we shouldnt all have to be comparing answers right now. If the IRS did their jobs correctly then we wouldnt be in this situation. If it's out of their control because of computers or whatever the case may be then they need to get control of thier institution.. they should be able to answer clearly anything pertaining to our records since they are the ones who handle them and handle the money that we pay every year...
  • I absolute agree with you! Just like you I have also been comparing and coming up with my own theories. I didn't state that the irs does their job correctly There completely rude and will not give accurate information. With that being said I think they would be thrilled telling someone there under review. My post was in attempt to give a dose of optimism during this stressful period.
  • stressful indeed and I bet everyone that works there had there returns 1/30 on the nose
  • okay so i called 1-800-908-9946 to request an account transcript through the automated system and it said they had nothing for me for tax year 2012.. freakn sucks..
  • I just called about 15 mins ago and it said the same thing for me......
  • someone said they tried @ around 9:30 eastern time and it worked.. probably doesnt mean anything but ill try until midnight lol nothing else to do.. although I do have a college paper due at 8pm tomorrow night.. then work monday morning for the federal govt ahhhhh what a joy and they are telling us at work that we will be going through a furlough until October.. BLAH 4 day weeks is not bad but they arnt paying us for that 1 day off a week.. 22 weeks at 176 hours off at my pay grade is ALOT of $$$$ freakin SUCKS...
  • and someone once told me federal employment was the way to go LOL what a JOKE!
  • My schedule isnt that hectic but I have 2 boys in college that are on me about getting my transcripts. One of my sons has to have them by Thursday. I dont know what to do
  • A federal job is not as secure as it used to be. I have worked for them for 20 years and we have had more furloughs the last couple of years than ever before. They still want all the work done though.
  • I am in the same boat. I filed 1/29 accepted 2/14 and still nothing. WMR says same generic processing message. :( I cannot order an account or return transcript. I talked to the irs on Friday and she told me I was in the error resolution department and my return was coded for a simple error and that she couldn't give me a timeline for it being fixed. Thankfully I don't need the money to survive (first time in years) but none the less it is my money and I am tired of being told to check WMR and be patient.
  • that sucks im probably in the same boat of course out of 120 million people filing my shits part of that..
  • if i call in monday and someone tells me that shit without an estimated date someones face is going to be a part of the error error resolution LOL JK be seriously ill be pissed for real.
  • Los of people going through this. H and r block people also.  https://www.facebook.com/hrblock?filter=2
  • If we are in this "Error Resolution" I found some INFO:

    @clbpro posted:

    Second IRS 8863 Error Resolution Update (Early Filers Only)
    File Date: 1/17
    Acceptance Date: 1/24
    8863 Filers with Dependents.

    Ok So I called IRS Advocates back on the 1-800 number and this time I was not transferred to another agent, the lady looked me up and said that I have a code and it's Code "System Problem". "Unworkable Suspense" Found here >> http://www.irs.gov/irm/part3/irm_03-012-038r-cont01.html

    Didn't get a chance to read it all but basically I have been in Error Resolutions for 16 days! and yes I can get a tax advocate but in the end it will still take as long as YES 21 MORE DAYS FROM THE 14TH TO FIX. It was nothing we did  but because TT sent the return through early after saying they were going to hold them, and it's not just them she said a lot of tax preparers even independent preparers sent returns in early, She said in no way does the IRS ever pick up returns on a server, all returns are sent to them. PERIOD. So yes TT did send it through too early and never should have.

    She said what the other agent said that we were lost and now found sitting on someone's desk (Mine is at Joe Shit the Rag man's desk in Austin, TX) waiting to be pulled and fixed.

     Joe must be really overwhelmed or he takes a lot of breaks during the day to avoid dealing with my return. She said I do not need to provide any information and Additional Action is being taken.

    So I should have a return by 3/8 at the latest. So wonderful to hear. I could send in my disconnect electric bill but I think I will just woman up and pay my bill by other means and not get them involved at this point I do not think it will speed things up if anything it will probably piss Joe off and cause me to be put to the back of the file and Lord knows he probably already has so much work to do.

    Lastly she told me that the IRS updates the system once a week and that's why it shuts down Saturday and the update is posted to the system on Monday. Of course she could be saying that so we will stop flooding the irs web site crashing it, Lord knows they aren't using our tax dollars to prevent a domain crash.

    Joe could get off his ass any minute and process my return so I could get it today who knows but for now there is nothing I can do but NEVER EVER FILE EARLY and never ever use turbo tax.

    So that's it. I'm an avid Law of Attraction follower and it has done amazing things for me,the one thing they always tell you is that when you focus on and talk about what you do not want then you get just that. For weeks I have been negative, sometimes rude, and I have taken my anger out on others. I don't plan on doing that anymore. I could stay around here for another 4 weeks but talking about not getting my return is not going to get my return. I am going to focus on what I am going to do with the money and pretend it's already there and I don't need to touch the money and soon my return will come. Sooner than March for sure. I wish everyone luck and I hope that everyone gets an update soon! God Bless and try to stay positive!
  • I have heard of a lot of early filers going to error resolution department as more of a default because the system just couldn't process them that early. I, however, am not an early filer so I was kind of surprised when she told me I was in there. I was even more frustrated when she said she has no way of knowing what the error is, I mean, isn't it their job to know?? All she could tell me was that the code "looked" like it should be a simple error.
  • I think thats what they are telling everyone that has an error you would think she could look the code up in a binder or ask her damn supervisor to find out so unprofessional.. the last time i called she said "i dont see anything wrong with your account" and "i should call back if I havent got a DD in over 21 days from the acceptance date which was 2/14" meanwhile im thinking wtf seriously.. i waited 50 mins on hold for you to tell me basically what i already knew... i know monday im callig the IRS tax advocacy line and demanding an answer im tired of being nice..
  • @JDUB Did you ever find out anything differently?? i heard that if the 8863ers didnt get a dd date by yesterday that we are the 20% that was put under review!of course i dont know how true that is but it kinda seems to be the case???!!
  • did you reciever your refund today everyone with a dd of 27th??????
  • I was able to order a return transcript yesterday and woke up this morning with a DD for the 4th wanted to update everyone hang in there
  • I had to call a tax advocate today to find out that I im still in the errors resolution department!!!!
  • Do you have the telephone number for the tax advocate? My refund was accepted 1/28 and I still don't have a DD. I have requested a return transcript.....and still nothing
  • That was the same for me. The # is 877-777-4778 and tell them that you have a hardship
  • order tax transcript Feb 21, and still nothing???
  • I dont know for sure but I read that if you order your transcripts and dont get a DD that you could be under review but you should call just to make sure
  • Ill callrd tax ad and she saiid i had an error for incomplete info wtf look for a letter can take up to 8 weeks to finish processing. My return is complete an done correctly im def not a happy camper now
  • Just wanted to update everyone I had a DDD for the 4th an now its pending in my account :D So excited! Keep your chins up!!! Good luck to you all its coming tho,.
  • There are two diff types of transcripts you have to order your return ones its the second one once you are able to order that then you should have a DDD within a day or two. I was able to then got my DDD the following day for the 4th
  • I was finally able to order my return transcript a few minutes ago! Hope all goes well in the next couple of days!
  • I'm still waiting on my return transcript to arrive in the mail
  • I just checked and have a ddd of 3/6
  • I too received a ddd of 3/6 this morning. =)
    1/29 filed
    2/14 accepted
    2/25 changed to your return is still being processed a refund date will be given when available
    3/1 ordered return transcripts
    3/2 DDD of 3/6
  • Maybe someone can help me. I filed February 3rd and got accepted February 5th. My 21 days was up February 25th. When I called they told me I was in error resolution for 13 days and my 21 days started over on February 20th. I know my new 21 end date isn't till march 13th but my oven just died on me yesterday an I wont have the money to get a new till I get my refund. My question is has anyone been in error processing get there refund yet?!?!?
  • i jcalled yesterday and was told im out of the error department but have no date as to when i came out....
  • mines  ends march 8th. i was not able to order niether my account not return transcript but i was allowedthe account transript i hope my return transcript is avl. tommarow or at least by monday
  • They told me I came out on February 20th and my 21 days started over.  I see a lit of people getting there dds. That filed after me. An the lady I talk to said it was the Irs fault I got put into error department.
  • I see on here that some people cant order either one but still get there ddd. I dunno
  • i was told that when our returns got sent with the education credit, we all got kicked into error deparment. and they dont know why but its processing and would take the full 21 days! WHICH IS MARCH 8TH
  • I was also in the error department and got out yesterday. She told me that it could be another 21 day but it usually isn't that long.. Praying I get mine soon! Also I was able to order return transcript last night.
  • Ive tried to order both an I can't I didn't have any ed credits.  I just filed hoh, eic, and 2 dependents. I don't know y I got put in the error department
  • if your return was accepted on the feb 14th some were kicked out for unknown reasons and were placed in the error resolution department , they irs agents had to process them manually.
I know right this is BS 98% of the other people who returns were recieved on 2/14 are getting transcripts and DDD's we must be the lost children here.. All I know is if that b!tch at the IRS makes me wait on hold for 50 mins again and tells me to just check WMR I will choke her through the phone with my words..
  • i was accepted on 2/14 and still no DDD but was able to order refund transcript. WTF is really going on.
  • When did you order your return transcript?
  • If you ordered a return transcript then you will get your DDD date tomorrow - and it should be for thurs or friday. I am so upset too..I filled on 1/21 accepted on 1/30 and I cant even order transcripts and I keep getting the same answers as you. SUCKS I have been waiting over 30 days because of this damn 8863 - but TECHNICALLY 21 days from 2/14 grrrrrrr....Everyone is getting DDD dates but me - so sad!
  • not true i filed 1/28 accepted 2/14 and ordered both transcripts on tues 2/19 and still have no DDD yet
  • I filed on 2/5 ordered transcript on Friday and still no DD either wats going on wen I check WMR it just say its processing dey will have a date wen available???
  • That just killed all hope :(
  • I ordered my return transcript the 20th at midnight got a ddd of feb 26th on the 22nd about 24-48hrs n checked republic bank (taxact) n it's waiting to deposit in the morning!!!! This has been stressful! If a return transcript can be ordered do it! I receive the return transcript in the mail today! It wouldn't hurt so the process can be moved along! If u are not able to do ur 2012 return transcript than that means it was not approved yet "processed"
  • Irs does not give refund updates on Monday and Tuesday. Just Wednesday thru Sunday. Tomorrow will be dd for  March1. Hopefully a big release date for many, because stupid congress sequester cuts fed funding and irs will prob stall longer.
  • I hope this is true bc I think we've waited long enough
  • AMEN
  • Do u guys know what it means if I am able to order return transcript over the phone but not online????
I'm in the same boat, mine were accepted feb14th, WMR shows just one bar. I was able to order both transcripts on the 22nd, but still have not received a DDD. Anyone else able to order transcripts and not receive a DDD?
  • I ordered transcripts on 2/5, received ived thefm around 2/13 and still nothing. It was NOT all zeros.
  • Sorry for the typos....phone typing!
  • same time frame on filing here and still saying procesing until this morning got Error  Error 500: Internal Server Error
    Please contact the site administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.  It was about 6:30 am CST
  • I got that. Then went back in hr and it was back to normal
  • I filed on 1/19 but now accepted until 2-10 then on 2/14 first orange bar and the 21 day message with tax topic 152.  Then on 2/15 WMR started giving me the message with no bars your refund is still being processed a refund date will be provided when available tax topic 152.

     I’ve called IRS and TT and they had no information except you should get it we see no problem 21 days. Then this morning:  Error 500: Internal Server Error: Please contact the site administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. So I called IRS when they first open this morning 15 min hold and an hour call but very nice young lady said SS# was not correct. TT told me from the beginning it was one of the kids SS#, I confirmed the 2 SS# are all correct and they sent it.   
    The IRS lady went over each and it was my brother’s SS# and the numbers was put in wrong. I held while IRS corrected.  She refreshed me about 4 time every 5 min. I was so happy to have someone working with me.  She came back and said it was corrected but will be another 1 – 2 weeks.  OMG!!! OK.  I got off the phone and had to call back to ask about transcript and got another nice lady (thank God) and she said the return was on hold for 7 days started last week, system do not give her a date when went on hold, just give week.  (NO ONE TOLD ME THIS) they had dropped the dependent that had issues with SS# and processed the return without him “NO ONE TOLD ME THIS” TT where are you, all I’ve gotten from them is “Accepted” no updates.  Anyway she said the correction made this morning on the call before her would delay 1 to 2 weeks she went in and undid the correction said when the 7 day hold from last week is lifted this week I should get a DD but will have to call back to get the additional funds sent from the corrected SS#
    So All there is a lots going on with our taxes we do not know about and if we do not get some one that cares and will give us the additional information at IRS We’ll be SOL for days…weeks, who knows when the refunds will come.
  • Wow... The man I talked to only said that it is being processed and he didn't see anything wrong and maybe I will have a date this week.
  • Always keep hope you may get DD soon I do know they are coming so  one may be yours. soon  Good luck
  • My ddd is 3/4
  • Still haven't gotten mine:(
I filed on 1/17 and it was accepted on 2/14.  I still have no DDD.  I called last Friday and was told by the first rep that I was in review, but he couldn't give me any information as to why and that I would recv a letter in 3wks. Why wait to send a letter if I'm in review now? I was given a number to call to  get additional info, but when I did the 2nd rep couldn't even see my return in the system and advised that I call back the first number.  I called back, and the 3rd rep said that my return didn't have any error notes, nor any notes about correspondence being sent, but said that it would take another week or two. Turbo tax says I should receive my refund before March 7th. I really would like the WMR to update and say the same or something other than the 21 day processing yada, yada...  Its frustrating to see others who filed after me, but accepted on the same day recv a DDD.  Aarrg!
  • I Just read somewhere else on here that someone called the irs and they told them that if we didnt get a dd date by yesterday then we are prob under review. I called yesterday and they said mine looked fine but I am starting to think that we are all in the review department!! Has anyone else heard this??
  • Yesterday they told me that my return was rejected
  • As I posted yesterdat a rep in the refunds dept, a rep in the holds dept, that they see nothing for me. I was told yesterday that my return wasnt received until 2/15 when TT told me it was received 2/14. The rep also told me I have a projected DDD of 3/4. But WMR still shows processing with topic 152 and Im not able to order my return transcript. So I called again today this morning. Today the rep told me that my return wasnt received until 2/18 and that I should have an update soon. I give up. I really need this money but I dont see it coming. I heard so many different stories, none of the reps are telling me the problem or the hold up. Im tired of guessing. The stress is too much...
  • i read on another post that they called yesterday and 2 different reps told them that if all of us didnt get an update yesterday that we are most likely under review! i called yesterday and they said mine was processing but im starting to think we are under review!!!
  • @TMB this will make you laugh. Yesterday I was told by 2 IRS reps that my return was rejected. I called this morning and a very nice lady told me it isnt rejected. She said they dont accept them and then reject them. She said there are no errors and no letter has been sent to me. She also said that I was in suspension because  the 8867 form was not filled out correctly by the preparer. Now I can say that ive actually heard everything. I have honestly given up at this point
  • @fluggykitty999....This is exactly why I say that no matter how many comments I have read, on several different forums, I still know nothing more than I did a month ago!!! And yes, I'm beginning to think this is a stall tactic also! It's very frustrating, but I'm still staying positive!!
  • ha!! sorry, spelled fluffykitty wrong!! LOL
  • @fluffykitty omg.......... this is ridiculous. I wish there was a higher power that we can complain to. Or just give us the correct info. I give up. But I know next year I will be filing differently.
  • After what I heard the past 2 days im speechless. I cant believe anything anyone at the IRS says. I dont understand why they are making us wait, especially when they keep saying that nothing is wrong.
  • Right. Like why all the hassle and why us? Like how long does it take to process.. 21 days my *ss. Ppl are getting their money left and right and if something is wrong tell me what it is and how to correct it. ESP when they're saying they sent out letter no one has received.
  • I think it is a way to delay things. Why us I dont know but the lady I spoke with today told me 21 days after the 14th and then another 2 weeks because of the 8867 form. That makes absolutely no sense. Why would it take 5 weeks to process when other people are processing in a week
  • So I had yet another rep pull up my account and he had the best answer so far. He said most of the reps give routine answers and arent looking correctly. The only way they know something is wrong is if they look and see an error code. When we call and they say "its processing" thats because it is. They dont know what the errors are until its done processing. So @fluffy maybe they processed yours, found the errors, and then the error code came. As for me. Its true but the reps worded the info incorrectly. It was received on the 15th and started processing on the 18th. Its still processing so its too soon to see if there are any errors. Most of us are in that limbo of waiting. He said some of us got processed in 7 days. The next of us will be 14 days. And the last of us will be 21 days.
  • @TMB I can deal with the 21 days because thats march 7th but I cant deal with waiting another 2 weeks after that. They always give such vague answers so you really dont know whats going on
  • @latechar .... Did you get your transcipts? I was able to order a account transcript but not a return because Im not done processing. I wont be calling the IRS or checking WMR til Friday. They're giving me a headache. I wont know anything until Im done processing so I've come to terms to let them have their way with my return and when they decide to issue me my money, put me in review, or finish playing  hide and seek with my returns then I will handle it from there. Its clearly out of our hands and nothing we can do.
  • @TMB....I agree with you completely. Theres nothing we can do but wait so why make ourselves crazy and after this and ive had my fair share of craziness with all this.
  • Right and Im convinced that not everyone was going to get their refunds all in the same week. They had millions of ppl on hold til the 14th. That was only 12 days ago. I doubt we all are in some type of review. Im very sure of myself alot of people who are stuck will get dates by the end of this week. This has consumed me lol. Im on wmr, calling the refund line, trying to request transcripts, calling every dept. I was a damn mad woman for something out of my control lol. I wish everyone lucj and will touch basis with everyone on friday to see where everyone is in their process. I need a mental break :)
  • What I don't understand is yesterday I talk to one rep who said I was or should have gotten a cp05 letter in the mail but now I have to wait 2 weeks before I get it talk to a different 10 mins later and she said I will get a letter in 30 days why is it that they tell you 2 different things and why do you even have to wait that long for a letter is sure don't take them that long to take your money
  • I called again today and this rep actually really took some time and looked into why.  I have two codes on my return. One code was for a system delay that pushed my return to the error department by mistake. I was advised that a lot of returns were sent to the error dept, even though, nothing is actually wrong - some sort of system error thing that the IRS can't seem to fix. Go figure!  AND my return is actually in review because of EIC - supposedly, I'm being research to see if I'm actually eligible to claim my own kids on my return - I've been claiming them each year for 14, 6, and 3 years now. ???  I was told there's nothing for me to do, but I would receive a letter, but was also told that I should still receive my refund by March 6, if all goes well. Who the hell knows...I give up!
  • I finally broke down and called today. I had an awesome person who said that my return was actually deposited but was kicked back due to the wrong routing number. I am to now receive a paper check which should be here by Monday. I am hoping that this is the case and that I won't get a different story if I called back. She seemed pretty thorough. Put me on brief hold twice to check for the issue than for a date when I would recieve my check.  She said she couldn't see a date however it was released.
    Crossing my fingers AGAIN!
  • @MickeyMinnie I am in the same boat :( You are not alone....I called twice today and received the same answer I will cross my fingers  for us! All I can think is....Why me? WHY?
  • Almost as irritating as the IRS not sending me my money???? GETTING 300 EMAILS ON MY CELL PHONE AT WORK, from this link.. How do you make it stop
  • Bwahahaha.....that is funny!! My husband looked at my inbox and was like WTF are you doing.....Just click on the bottom link that says change email settings and you can change it :)
  • Well I just got my transcript in the mail and it says nothing is wrong with my taxes plus processing should be done March 11th but I won't hold my breath
  • Did you get a return transcript?
  • I got both transcripts in the mail but how do you read them there is a lot of amounts dates codes on them how can you tell anything on them about a return
  • I just called the review number and they told me that they dont have my return and that im not under review so I really dont understand why im still processing
  • Return transcript hasn't come yet
  • A tax return transcript shows most line items from your tax return (Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ) as it was originally filed, including any accompanying forms and schedules. In most cases, your transcript includes all the information a lender or government agency needs. It does not show any changes you, your representative or we made after you filed. Ask your financial institution to be sure a return transcript will meet their requirements. The tax return transcript is generally available for the current and past three years.

    We can also provide a tax account transcript. The tax account transcript, which is also free, shows basic data from your return, including marital status, type of return filed, adjusted gross income and taxable income. It also includes any adjustments you or we made after you filed your return. Like the tax return transcript, the tax account transcript is generally available for the current and past three years.
  • I cant order anything. I try everyday
  • @mika2power, This is a vague description that I have seen on the IRS website, but what I was wondering is what the stuff on the bottom of the account transcript means for example mine says,
    code explanation of transaction    cycle date amount

    150      tax return filed                201xxxxx     3-11-2013          $1,354.00

    806     w-2 or 1099 withholding     4-15-2013         -$8,013.00

    570    additional account action pending     3-11-2013           $0.00
  • I was able to order mine from the irs app on my phone but it was before they came up with problems on mine
  • What nbr did you call
  • @atlyvi what nbr did you call
In same boat here WTF WHERE IS OUR DDD!!
    Just an update from yesterday..

    Today: 2/24/13

    Filed 1/22/13 (which did nothing)
    Accepted by IRS 2/14/13
    Today 2/24/13 still just 1 bar on WMR with no DDD and cannot order any type of transcripts online or by phone...

    Attached is what Ive seen for ever now...
    • i'm in the same boat. I filed 1/29 accepted 2/14 and I am still in the first bar as processing.
    • Jdub..im getting same message..but as of friday I can order only the account transcript....is that a good sign????
    • @harts5329 - I guess so lol i'm not particularly sure it actually does anything but people are reporting that by doing that they get DDD's quicker. However, I think it's pure luck lol But let us know if it works for you. People are saying that w.e day they are able to order their transcripts the next day they are getting DDD's (Direct Deposit Dates) on WMR. If you ordered on a Friday then im assuming by their logic Monday you should see a DDD on WMR. Good luck.
    • I really dont think that WMR actually updates on the weekends. I have heard no reports of anyone getting an update on WMR on a Saturday or Sunday.. If anyone has let us know..
    • So tired of this for real.. If 90% of us who were excepted at the same time by the IRS are getting DDD's I want to know exactly why I havent got mine yet.. Freakin BS lol Its because im white! hahaha
    • Jdub....I think its the return transcript that people are saying they order and get a DD next day...not sure what miracle the account trancsript will bring..lol thx
    • I ordered my account transcript but not the return transcript. I'm so OVER waiting for a date
    • When you are able to order return, then you have finished processing.
    • Many h and r block filers having same problem.  Here are their stories. https://www.facebook.com/hrblock?filter=2
    • lol!!!!
    • Yes, they definately update on the weekends. My son and my nephew both updated yesterday morning (Saturday 2/23).
    • thanks for the info!! @deedeehoward0898
    • My daughter and one of my best friends got their updates on a Sunday. I am one of those people who are waiting for a deposit date. I was accepted on 02/14. and all I see is a tax topic 152 I think it is.
    • Also, ordering any of the two different transcripts means NOTHING AT ALL!! I ordered mine on 2/5, received them on 2/13 and still have no DD date!!
    • I wish I would update ....ive been processing since 1/30
    • me to. i havent recieved anything but the processing message
    • @deedeehoward0898 - thats what i figured. ordering something to me would have nothing to do with anything i think those people just got lucky and it happened purely by happenstance..
    • I'm pretty sure it was just coinkydink!!
    • indeed
    • My brother ordered his transcripts over a week ago. He got the transcript but still no DD
    • i order my transcripts friday nite around 11p and checked my WMR saturday morning and my one orange bar had moved to the 2nd orange bar and i had a DDD of 2/27 underneath it. hopes this helps...
    Same issue. Filed 1/24. 8863 & EIC... Accepted  2/14. WMR tells me im processing with topic 152. Called the IRS this past friday & omg was the lady nasty & not helpful. I looked at yahoo answers and alot of people are having the same issue. I hope that we all get DDD atleast this friday. Everyone i know will be getting their deposits by 2/27. Please keep me updated with your progress.
    • I will also be calling the IRS today. Im waiting for them to open. I pray I get a nice person lol. I will report back with any progress.
    • What happened when you called???
          My gf is STILL waiting too
            Freakn sucks Bro
            • i accept 1/26 ( early for test run)  was lost in error department because  i had the education credit  witch they were not accepting to 2/14. i call on 2/20 spoke to irs lady she said they just started processing mine. 2/21 order trans. 2/23 got dd 2/27.. now my son filed a few days earlier then me and still has no dd..
            • @mmaria- im in the same position as you, accepted early. But when I call they tell me im processing but say they dont see a date when I started
            • fluffy  when did they tell u actually when they started processing you.. like me they said 20 of feb
            • i was also told if i did have a dd as off today, i would have to wait  until the next bunch goes out thats around the 3/1... i do not know how true that is..
            • mmaria i called tuesday and friday. Bothe said that I was processing but could not actually see a date. I think im stuck somewhere
            • fluffy.. when u filed .. did u have a education credit..   i am going to try to help you out how u can info on ur account lol..
            • I filed 1/23....was told I was accepted on 1/24....been processing on WMR since 1/30. And yes I do have 8863
            • help me out too ... i had an education credit on mine as well. I was told that it started the processing cycle since the 15th.
            • I know that we didnt actually start processing until the 14th but every time I call they cant give me a date when I started
            • well i was told that eventhough they rec'd them them on the 14th, they actually started processing on the 15th.
            • @dis thats what i was told. But when I asked for an exact date they say they cant see one
            • okay what i did i called and said my 21 days were up. i did not say I had 8863.. what ever u do ( do not say anything aboutthe 8863) because once u tell them that its over u will not get no info at all. theyhave to look into ur account to see why its being held up then will see the 8863 form, butthey r in ur account so they have to give u info. their will be no excuse why can not.. thats what i did and i got all the info i wanted, because she could not say she could openmy account. lol..
            • did they give you an exact date because from what I hear they should beable to tell you the date you started processing
            • yes, I did get the exact date of the 15th.
            • @mmaria- believe me ive tried that and it seems I get the smart-asses when I call. The first thing they ask me when I say its been over 21 days is, Do you have form 8863?
            • the 14th I was accepted. @mmaria, I tried that two times and everytime they saw that 8863, they would come back online and say that the 8863 was a delay and I should allow 21 days from the 15th.
            • I cant even get a date. Ive had people actually look up my info and say they cant see a date that I started processing
            • LOL, those people at that place are crazy!!!! How they cant see a date that your file started processing. Its just crazy...
            • @dis...thats exactly what I keep saying!!! How can you tell me that im processing but cant see a date when I started. How am I processing then?
            • hmmm.... I think that it would be completely safe to assume that your taxes either started processing on the 14/15. Or it be that you was sent in with this "test" group a few days prior to the 14th. I did recall reading about those. Also, u were accepted by the IRS before they made it official that the forms would be delayed?
            • @dis yes i was part of the early test group. I was first told that I was accepted on 1/24
            • On the WMR  on 1/30 it showed received, accepted, processing until about 2 weeks ago
            • @mmaria1003 - the IRS does not do weekly batches or cuttoffs anymore they pay out every day of the week except Sundays. so there is no every Friday DD's its Mon-Sat now..
            • @mmaria - I did the same thing. They asked me if I had form 8863 and I said no. She looked up my info and never mentioned 8863. That was the only way I could get answers.
            • anyone else with dd of 27th not get there money today>??
            • @JDUB im in the excat same boat i call on fri  march 2, and was told mines is out of the error department it will take full 21 days to process. but im facing hardship so i got an tax advocate! she will call me on monday.
            I processed my taxes on 01/28 and was accepted on 2/14/  I was able to order a return transcript on 02/22/13.  I check WMR this morning and got a date of 2/27/13.  I hope you guys get a date soon.  I called the IRS and they would not give me a date. 
              Me=accepted 1/26.. no special forms or offsets.  Was told by agent, wwhen orange barwent awway I was being "held for review "...  wmr sayys nothing different.  I believe all still waiting early filers have to be "reviewed " due to a system error.  = my best inference from weeks of taking in info... hope this helps
              • So not having a orange line is a bad thing....
              • awesome... :(
              • Right!!!!
              • mine just got taken away today i went from 1 bar to no bars but the telephone service still says the 1 bar answer (received for processing..) aparently the WMR and the telephone autmated system do not jive...
              • Still waiting here, 8863 & eic accepted 2/14 through hrblock. Im the only person I know that hasnt gotten a ddd date or any progress, im still stuck on one orange bar. I havent recieved any letters stating im being reviewed? But im about tired of this BS run aroynd game from the IRS who cant even answer simple questions... bah humbug
              • yes rachel I agree. When they want their money ... they waste no time, but when they paying out ,.... its so many excuses. This is just crazy .... Oh and dont call .... u would be told so many stories.
              • Rachel, I filed with hrblock as well and still haven't heard anything....
              • Wait. So if the orange bar goes away, that means review? What does it mean when it comes back? Mine went away for three days and then made a reappearance and has been there ever since. Does that mean they completed the review and now I am waiting 21 days from the date the orange bar reappeared?
              • I filed on 1/30 then accepted on 2/14 still at the first orange bar and no change and cannot order a return transcript either. EIC and 8863 were included. For those in the same boat, I understand. Here's to hoping it won't be much longer!
              • EIC and 8863 here, too. Filed on 1/28 and accepted on 2/14. My orange bar was there the first day, then went away for three days with an error message, then suddenly came back and has been that way ever since.

                If the disappearance of an orange bar indicates review, then I have to wonder if the reappearance of the bar indicates a return has been placed back into the processing queue?
              • aardvarks. the same thing happen to me it stay that way for 7 days, then was able to order trans, 2 days later DD. i think what it means they r processing actually..
              • i my orange bar never went away and i also recieved a letter stating i was undr review.
              I would think so.
              • They just tell me Thai I'm processing but don't see a date when it started. I think there's something wrong.lol
              • when were u accepted? @fluffy
              • I was told 1/24
              • I dont understand how they cannot see a date
              • I dont see how they dont know whats going on ... lol.
              • @disnugaswagg - my thoughts exactly if you work somewhere and your able to "look into their file" then why cant you see what the hold up is and if not at least process the d@mn thing..
              • Yea I know. When I call they always tell me that there is nothing wrong. If nothing is wrong, why arent you giving me my money!
              • EXACTLY... First it was the delays, which I was okay with, now its these system problems.... But what takes the icing off the cake is these unprofessional people at the IRS. I must admitt that I am a very laid-back person and it takes a lot to tick me off, but those people are just &&%#$#.
              • @ disnug....Im laid back also but when you either get a 100 diferrent answers or someone rude and doesnt want to help I start getting a little irritated
              • Yes, I agree. Its sad. I really wished that I did not deal with the IRS at all.
              • totally agree its the MOST redic experiense ive ever been through with a ""professional" organization.. All you get is a run around you never get a CLEAR and CONCISE answer for sh!t... Meanwhile 89 million of the 90 million people who filed the SAME time we did are getting DDD's.. call me ahater but it's BS LOL
              • Ive never had a problem before. Always filed the same way until this year. First year with the 8863 form and $440 is not worth this!
              • Well "professional" is not a word that I would associate with the IRS. And yes, it is a bunch bull; most it even more bull that none of their messages are consistent.
              • sorry for the typos .... juggling ten things at once ... lol
              • For the last 2 years ive filed an 8863 and never have I had this problem however I got a lot more back than $440 but it's because I paid over the max for tuition and fees for a private college 13k the max was 4k to claim so im getting an extra 2k back it really only bosted my state tax return which I have yet to see either..... but I agree even an extra 2k its not worth it to me.. ill take my 6k from FED and NC can have their sh!t back lol I need this sh!t like yesterday..
              Just checked WMR and I have a DD FINALLY!!!! Filed Jan 20th accepted the 25th, and got a date for the 27th!!!!!! I think WMR is now up and runnign properly :) Sorry if anyone who dosent have one but as you can see ive been waiting a month!!!!
              • wow....... did u check earlier?
              • by the way congrats
              • checking WMR now wish me luck peoples
              • GL
              • I got this MESS:

                Refund Status

                You may not have entered your information correctly. Please verify your personal tax data and try again.

                Please confirm your Social Security Number, Filing Status and Refund Amount shown below.
                Social Security Number

                or IRS Individual Taxpayer
                Identification Number:
                Filing Status:
                Expected Refund Amount:
                If you think you may have made a mistake when entering your personal information please select Re-Enter  

                If your personal tax data is correct, please answer the following questions:
                Approximately when did you file your tax return? How did you file your return?
              • Ive gotten that when I checked too many times in one day
              • thats probably whats happening with me ive checked about 1k times today lol i went from 1 bar (received for processing) to that message above... @disnugaswagg if you call the automated thing it will tell you your current status. @fluffykitty999 thanks that cleared up my confusion as to why my sh!t disappeared..
              • okay whats that number?
              • @jeffery I did too for the first week now I limit myself to 3 times a day. I get locked out on the 4th
              • @disnugaswagg - 1-800-829-1954 press option 1 for english press option 1 then enter the info requested.. so dial number press 1 then press 1 again
              • I got this message : your taxes are still being processed. A refund date will be provided when it is avaliable.
              • Where have I heard that before?  I remember....everyday for over 2 weeks now!
              • LOL.... sad ... really sad. Did you get a letter @fluffy?
              • I wish I could get a letter or ANYTHING telling me whats going on whether its good or bad so I can plan accordingly..
              • I'm a 8863er still waiting for a DD date too. I filed 1/18, got accepted 1/25 and NOTHING!!! Hopefully soon...it's killing me. I've lost hope.
              • Not that I know of ....Im out of town for work and in a hotel but every time I call they say nothing is wrong
              • @lisa_marieg - I hate to tell you this but if you are a true 8863er then your refund wasnt received by the IRS until 2/14.. just FYI
              • I'm not the one to be negative at any moment about anything. But this thread is ridiculous.You filed a little over a week ago and yeah some people are getting dates with 8863. But you have to consider How many people have it. I didn't have any credits and I filed on the 1/28 still nothing. I am by far not complaining. But this is the one time I going to use the term 21 days. Be patient and stop whining. .
              • @lisa same here ....filed 1/23... so called accepted 1/24
              • @fluffykitty999 - cant even have a hotel party lol no money!!!!! see how the IRS screws everyones day up.. LOL
              • I'm sorry correction accepted, I almost promise that the IRS hasn't even started processing your return, more then likely its in queue or just started processing.
              • @jeffrey- your so right!!! I could have been livin it up at the RAMADA!!!!
              • @darry- and thats the problem, when I call they tell me that im processing but cant see a date when I started. Theres something wrong with that!!!!
              • I have never had an orange line. Does that mean somethings wrong
              • @atlyvi-  It doesnt mean that something is wrong. There are so many different messages that the wmr is giving. I cant even remember them all
              • Its called being impatient. WMR will show processing until its approved and then it will show you a date.
              • @darry- when I call and speak to someone at the IRS they say that there is no date that I started processing. There is suppose to be a date!!!!! How can I be processing if nothing says when I started!!!
              • i should be be screaming and shouting but I don't care anymore. Like I said I filed the same way I have done for years. Filed 1/28 - Accepted Verified by the IRS 1/30 - 21 days have passed - Currently UNDER REVIEW and no DD in the near future.
              • @darry, how do u know that u are under review?
              • I wouldnt be mad but I just want a straight answer. Ive been told that nothing is wrong. No errors or flags no letters. I just want a real answer
              • Because I was told and on WMR Its says still processing and a refund will be provided when ava.
              • Well, I called yesterday and I was told that it was processing and it looked fine. I was told this three times yesterday. However, I do have the same message as u do on WMR.
              • @darry- its hard to believe what they say. One person told me I had an error and would be getting a letter. 2 days later I was told there was nothing wrong and no letter was ever sent
              • exactly @fluffy. If u called three time I am sure you would get three different answers completely.
              • The past week Ive gotten the same answer. They all just tell me im processing!
              • I too checked today with a DD of the 27th. My initial 21 days were up on the 15th. So it seems to be working a bit better now. I had actually resigned myself to March 7th.
              • dis that actually good sign, that means  u r about  to go threw the system for processing, i had it for 7 days..  got a dd today
              • If you ever have a rude rep file a compliant. I have had a few and I had to really get nasty with. But the other day took the cake. She told me she did not have time to hear me complain and she was hanging up. I explained to her what she  calls a complaint I consider as having a conversation. She said many were tired of all the calls. Simple..leave work or do not come in to work until this mess is over. I explained to her if she hung up she would regret her decision. I explained to her who and what the irs is a their role. I told her I was in fact a Federal Agent. She hung up. I made a call. And was called back twice. Have a dd for 26. Always get their number and name.
              • I am an FPO but I have not secret number to call...
              • Do they call and tell you your under review or so you have to
              • No, I was frustrated...filing 1/8 and to keep getting the run around with different info each time calling. I had enough.
              Filed 2/2, accepted 2/14 and rcvd DD this morning.
              • see I filed 1/22 accepted 2/14 and nothing..
              • Well still nothing as of this morning!! Hope some of you guys got lucky and have a dd date today!
              • same here !! I thought I would at least be able to order a transcript ugh hate waking up to disappoinment!!
              • i still i have nothing either. ppl say they update on the weekends but i find tht hard to believe
              I filed early January, accepted Jan 25, Jan 30 status "received and processing with one bar", changed about a week ago to "your tax return is still being processed, a refund date will be provided when available"

              I was able to order my transcripts for the first time yesterday morning, before that system told me they didn't recognize me.

              Gosh I sure hope I am getting close.  Everyone else is getting thiers... :(

              Anyone have any insight?
              • Getting this mess:

                Your tax return is still being processed.

                A refund date will be provided when available.

                Filed 1/30... accepted 2/14
              • Thats about the best shot you have.. Theres nothig else you can do and at least on this thread your further along than 90% of us.. I cant even order mine yet... You must not have filed with form 8863 because you stated that yours was excepted Jan 30th.. In that case you should have gotten a return by now I'd be super pissed if I were you because the rest of us on this thread filed whenever but wasnt excepted to IRS until 2/14 because we all claimed EC's on form 8863...
              • Mine was accepted the 25th, I did file with 8863, before the IRS said there was a problem.  I was at "your refund is being processed with one bar since January 30th, but no movement I guess because of the delay.  I think I was in hold status until the 14th.  I can't get any information and I have tried to call the IRS a couple of times but they are no help.  Its a waste of time.
              • your right a waste of time indeed... the end result is that we cant do anything and the IRS isnt going to do or tell us anything just because we call in.. didnt we throw a tea party last time over some shit like this? "increased tax, not getting what we deserved blah blah blah" not saying we should do that in any way but just curious LOL im brewing some tea right now hope it taste better than this disappointment LOL
              • I am actually drinking my tea now....lol....
              • A lot of people who used h and r block going through same.  See their post. https://www.facebook.com/hrblock?filter=2
              • I miss read,they called h and r not irs. Irs closed today of course.
              • @tinleeann - LOL ive mixed mine with some hateraid because of all these peope getting DDD's now lol Tastes delish!!
              • dangit lol you got me all excited I was about to verbal beat down someone guess it will just have to wait until monday blah..
              • Filed 1/24 accepted 1/26 no update still saying refunc provided when available since 2/15 called irs fri saying ill get update this week. Irs did say alot if returns are takin full 21 days
              • Irs is open today and taking calls.
              • what number just tried and saying closed
              • I read on th h and r facebook page that two people have called and spoken to a rep today. Not sure what number but gonna see if I can find post.
              • yeah what number because ive tried every single one that i have and nothing...
              • I filed on 1/28/13 was accepted by IRS on 2/14/13 for 2 days i had one orange bar and then for 2 days i got a message saying they had no information and gave me a reference code 9001 then 2 days later back to one orange bar im totally clueless because I submitted my lil brothers returns and it was accepted on 2/20/13 and he had education and EIC and yesterday I checked his wmr for him and he as a dd for 2/27/13 and his refund was approved in 3 days im like are u freakin serious and people have been waiting a month!
              • @prettyprincess  - i know right thats how im feeling right about now.. what makes everyone else more important than the ones who filed earlier ...
              • are you really pretty? lol
              • Ummm, I'm pretty sure there are lots of creepy  "dating" sites online that you really don't need to say things like that??
              • exactly I have never waited this long the irs are total douchebags for this lol...and yes I am
              • @deedeehoward0898 - it was a joke lighten up seriously
              • @prettyprincess - i know it gets really tough when you owe people down to the last minute lol
              • anyone who wants too visit my youtube page and drop me a line username post35king

              WMR+NO DDD=WTF
              WMR+NO DDD.........

              I have been on these darn forums all month I don't know if this helps however here is my story ... 

              Filed 1/18  accepted and acknowledged  1/28  on 1/30 when WMR opened I had the first orange bar and the 21 day message with tax topic 152 same on the hotline ,  then on 2/15 WMR started giving me the message with no bars your refund is still being processed a refund date will be provided when available  tax topic 152 ,  well after my 21 days  I called on 2/21 the holds department "     the higest on the totom pole " @ 866-897-3315  and was told there was no holds on my account , however she could not tell me what day I was accepted on nor tell me a DD  so later that day on  2/21 I ordered return transcripts " I had not tried in over a week to order them so I do not know if I could of "  I was successful in ordering .  I was excited and after reading on these forums that after ordering a return transcripts a DD will follow usually with in 48 hrs  ....  so  I called  the number they suggest to call if your 21 days has past  800-829-0582 ext 362  the nice lady verified my personal info and told me a review letter was sent out on 2/6 I told her i had never received no letter nor had anything on WMR telling me to call . She said it was a no action needed review and that I should get my refund in 30 to 60 days  and that was all she could say  ......  I am scratching my head to why in the heck did the holds department have no record of my review ,  why I have not gotten no letter and why WMR does not say dittley squat about a review ?    I have decided to call the hold dept again on Monday if I have no update on WMR before then ..... I have also read many testimonials where people order the return transcript and get 0's and still no  DD if they are in review 
              • I also have NO delayed forms I have a simple 1040EZ  same job over 20 years  standard deductions   no kids  no  EIC
              • im in the same boat as you except i have EIC n 1 kid. I received the 4464c letter and  i called and a lady also told me it could take from 1week to 45 days before i see my refund. i askekd her what they was looking for she couldnt tell she keep saying it was to early to really know,
              • still no update :(
              I'm, going, though the same things I filed both mine and my moms, On 1/22 got accepted 1/26 processed 2/14 didn't have a dd was saying still processing a refund date will be available last Friday moms gets a date of the 26th my brother did his 1/28 accepted 1/30 now he got a dd of the 28th I still don't have a date on mine
              • This is bull I still don't have a date yet and I filed 1/29
              • you guys should see something this week or a dd atleast, i had to call because i was past my 21 days and after i called i had gotten a dd and i am a 8863 and early filer
              • I talked to 2 different people last week and still nothing
              • thats weird, but i really believe that everyone should see or hear something this week, i really hope you guys hear something.
              • @vaskls I hoping we do. If something is wrong I wish they'd tell us. I know they can see whats going on when they pull up our accounts. They really need better customer service skills. I understand that they are swamped and stressed but we have questions that need answers.
              • I just called and they said nothing is wrong with my return and that it is till processing. I might have a date bathe end of the week. So unacceptable but there is nothing I can do but wait. Dammit
              • just read this article about eitc
              • I got this error this morning first time checking it:   
                Error 500: Internal Server Error

                Please contact the site administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.what is the number
              • 18008290582 ext. 462
              • I'm on hold now.. my 21 days was up yesterday and my message change Saturday to your return is still be processed a refund date will be provided when available.  I hope they know something
              • Thanks calling now say  10 to 15 min wait
              • mine has been like that since the 15th. ive told so many times that i do not need to do anything that there was error with the education credit but today when i talked to the irs they said they sent me a letter and that i have to send in information for them to fix my return and it could take up to 40 days afterwards to receive my refund
              • So after being on hold. I was told that Irs didn't get it till the 5th. Of february. so my 21 days is not up till tomorrow.  But tt. And 2 other Irs peeps told me it was accepted the 3 of February . I don't know. She said if I don't have a dd date by tomorrow to call back... ugh! I quit.
              • On  hold now I did not call before but my 21 days are up and I want answers....... Lets hope for good news!!!!
              • ^ im in the same boat cogle406 - let me know what they tell you?
              • Call tomorrow that's my 21 day's.  Bs when I filed and got accepted. On the 3rd. They are telling me the 5tg
              • ughhhhh
              Hi guys!
              So i just got off the phone with a very pleasant agent. She looked into my account and told me that they received my taxes on the 15th eventhough I got a notification from turbo tax stating that I was accepted on 2/14 at 9am smh! She said that everything is coming along and there are no problems. She said my projected DDD is 3/4, next Monday. Hopefully we are all in this next deposit batch next week. Im crossing my fingers for myself aswell as everyone else. We've suffered enough with the guessing games!
              • Just got off the phone as well same old you have to wait 21 days from the 14th not sure why. I waited for sure she said no errors however not sure. Still confused lol !!!!
              • I've been waiting since February 3rd... nothing yet
              • i just got off the phone with an irs rep and she told me she couldnt even look into my account and she told me to wait because im still in the 21 day time frame. so wait,.
              • I would tell them my 21 days are up and they only way they can  argue me down is if they look up my account.
              • @shamekia lol.... the darn IRS has no love for us.
              • thats what im about to do because this is getting crazy. i need to know something
              • I told the lady that I was in desperate need to know a timeframe because I need to fill out financial aid forms. Thats why she told me.
              • I am in pretty much the same boat. got the 8663, accepted on the 14th, 1 bar, and still processing. this is my 11th day (i know im impatient) but nothing, whether its the mobile app, or the wmr site itself. I called once, and asked to be transferred to ext. 362, the lady was like I dont know what that is. Then I said I had a couple questions about my refund, she said she'd transfer me, then dropped me. heck turbo tax doesnt even give their thing anymore, they said as early as 2/24, as late as 3/6
              • UPDATE: I spoke with a very nice agent who told me there wasnt anything wrong with my return and that I was still being processed. I do have an offset but he told me that wont hold it up. He said there were no letters or signs of delays, that i should have my refund by the 21 days. I hope everyone else has the same thing going on with theirs! Good luck everyone :)
              • I just got off the phone with IRS and she told me that a letter was sent. I havent received a letter. When I spoke to someone friday they never said anything about a letter
              • @fluffykitty wow so sorry to hear. Thats some bs. Im sure they knew your first few phone calls that something was funny and they couldnt even tell you. I dont belive shat the IRS says. I'll believe them when my money is deposited.
              • same here did they tell u when a letter was sent
              • I filed 1/15/13. I was early accepted 1/24/13. Because of the form 8863 they didnt even acknowledge my return until 2/14/13. I called on Friday and spoke with a rep who said they JUST received my return on 2/20/13 and should just keep checking for an update. I finally saw a change on WMR 2/23/13 saying my return was approved and scheduled for deposit on 2/27/13.

                So everyones still just waiting and there's nothing anyone at the IRS will tell you until after 21 days after 2/14. Hopefully everyone will get there update sooner than later
              • I get a different story each time I call.  Filed on 01/28 accepted 01/30.  Been in Processing Hades for ever.  I spoke to a very nice lady last week and she said give it 5 more days it was in the error department a system error.  OK.  I gave it 2 days not 5 and a man said it was not recieved till 02/14 (i have no education stuff) and give it 6-8 weeks .  But he saw no error and no letter.  Who do you believe ?
              • I believe none of them know and just interpret things however they please. Really they wont help you until after 21 days from 1/30/13.
              • Hi guys I just spoke to a rep at the IRS although TT said my return was accepted on 2/14/13 the IRS didnt recieve it til 2/15/13 and she advised me that there were no errors and still processing and if anyone recieved an error code referencing 9001 that was just a system error because it crashed or something, she also checked to see if any notification was sent out and there wasnt (I asked because i moved and had to send them my new address a week ago) so although it sucks a lil to have to wait the whole 21 at least most of us are still processing and no errors, and she also advised that if a letter was sent or there was an issue with our return, we would have recieved some type of notification asap so hopefully we all will get an update soon!!!!!
              • I was told by the IRS that a letter was sent but i have not received a letter. Called again this morning and a very nice lady said that there was no letter sent. Where do they get all these different answers?
              • Yea I am hoping prettyprincess and Karly192, I called a few times in the past week and they told me no error processing and then this morning they told me for over a week all kinds of stuff was going on... I was in the dark until this morning , seeing people get  DDs and looking for mines with out one.  Now I am back to waiting.  Maybe DD this well when the 7 day hold is lifted by system.
              • yeah ive been told everyday that i wouldnt get a letter until today. im praying the lady is wrong and i get an update this week like they said
              • Not true mines held for over a week, no letter I just found out when I kept calling this morning. when the 200 error came in this mornng
              • I just want to know how I get 2 different answers in one day. The first lady said a letter was sent. The second I just spoke with said there wasnt a letter sent out. Im starting to wonder if theyre actually looking up my info
              • They give a blanket answer, you will know if they look into your account becasue they have to ask questions to secure the account
              • @chug did they tell you about the error or was it on WMR?
              • No one informed me last week when it started, I guess that was why I stayed in processing so long They told me when I called this morning about SS# error, I thought I was timed out when becasue I checked too many times yesterday.  So If I did not call and got those two nice ladies this morning  I would still be clueless and waiting DD
              • Well I called twice back to back the first lady told me that I was being reviewed because I filed on Jan 22nd too early for them and that I would receive a cp05 letter or rather I should have already received one and to wait for 2 more weeks the 2nd lady after having me on hold for 30 mins said there was some questionable stuff on my tax returns and that I should receive my letter in 30 more days I file the same AOC 2 years in a row didn't have any problems now all of a sudden they found some stuff and want to make you wait before they send out a letter I need my money now
              • Its crazy!!!! I got 2 different answers in the same day also. The first lady I spoke with told me a letter was sent out. I called right back and another lady said no letter was sent out and nothing looked wrong
              • Did the second person give you a date?
              • no she just said that I was processing!!!
              • Mine too they just said I was processing I think they are penalizing everyone who filed before Jan 30th that's what I was told
              • Well i filed 1/31 and I'm in the same sinking boat they said letter was sent but then i was told everything is fine and as of today still processing and was able to order both transcripts on 2/20.
              • Even after I spoke to a rep this morning and she told me i should have my refund by 3/4, I went a few steps further. I called the review dept and the holds dept to make sure I was not tied up in either dept and both said they dont see anything for me on my acct within their dept. So far Im in the clear. I dont want any letters popping up.
              • Ive called the holds department but what number is the review department? Please
              • what number you call
              • I am still not able to order transcripts
              • Also, a family member of mine was processing with 8863 and EIC and checked WMR today and got her DDD for 3/4. So there is hope. Well, I hope there is hope.
              • The holds dept 866-897-3315. and the review 800-829-0582 ext 362.. Good luck!
              • I ordered an account transcript. No luck with a return transcript
              • Thank you. I called the 800-829-0582 number and they didnt tell me anything. I also have 8863 and EIC. I was accepted on 1/24
              • i called that number too and all they could tell me was that i will receive a letter and that once i take action could take up to 40 days to get my refund
              • Wow. I keep getting so many different answers that its driving me crazy
              • To bad they dont get our money to us as fast as they threaten us when we owe them.
              • me too. i dont know wat to think anymore i guess ill wait on the letter than see what happens afterwards
              • I just checked wmr and still processing, accepted 2/15... So basically from reading  all the threads its between now and March 7, if its not held in review or lost somewhere.. lol. . Im not calling the IRS I refuse especially after reading everyone elses experiences, it will just freak me out.. Ill wait.  Does anyone know if SBBT sends an email when they receive your money???
              • The first lady I spoke with today told me a letter was sent but I never got one. I called right  back and  the second lady told me that no letter was sent out and evrerything looked fine
              • @amanda do you have form 8863 and accepted early?
              • @fluffykitty So now holds or reviews or anything? Are you just stuck in processing like myself? ive called everyone I could and no one is seeing anything?
              • yes accepted 1/26 filed mj 2 dependents 8863 eitc
              • @TMB Ive called every number I could get and they say everything looks fine and that im processing. i think I might be lost in processing land. Ive been processing since 1/30
              • @amanda same here...accepted 1/24 with EIC and 8863. I was told I had an error because of getting accepted early with the 8863 but no letter or problems they can see
              • yea thats what i was told up until today
              • Did they tell you what the problem is? why they are sending a letter
              • I PrincessDi, I refuse to call either. Even though I really need the money, I will drive myself crazy if I get the run around that has been going on. I'm just crossing my fingers.
              • I believe someone who is still processing will receive DDD by wednesday. Lets see how this week goes cause most of us 8863, 2/14 people are coming up on our 21 days next wk. I think the IRS wants to do what they got to do cause Im sure most of the calls they get are the same, people hunting down their money. They want us out their hair im sure.
              • @Amanda have you demanded to speak with a supervisor?
              • will sbbt notify me via email or text when they receive it or do I have to keep checking??
              • Ive tried speaking to a supervisor and they wont put me threw to one
              • I hope you're right TMB1118! That would be great.
              • @atlyvi Im going to remain optimistic for the next 24-48 hours about us all. Its our money, its due to us. We work hard all year.  If we dont get good news this week Im going to call the IRS and scream on everyone's behalf lol
              • fluffy  I have the same issue as you  I called 2X  the holds dept said everything was fine , the ext 362 number said i had a letter sent out on 2/6  and I know for a fact I did not get one and they do have my correct address   I was accepted 1/28 been processing since 1/30  simple 1040EZ  no delayed forms  no kids no EIC   and  no flipping DD  :(
              • The IRS keeps telling me that there is nothing wrong with my return. If there isnt any thing wrong then why dont I have my money? I think they messed up somewhere!
              • I just found out that my return was rejected
              • Oh wow how did you find out?
              • How did u find out?
              • I called. He said it was an error by the person that did my taxes.....thats funny
              • Wth... so what now? Do u have to wait another 21 days. And smh all those calls u made and they couldn't help u?
              • What i keep reading all your posts and now they told you it was a error and it was rejected how was it rejected when its at the irs. So what did they tell you to do. I feel for you b/c i too keep getting told different things
              • I have been reading ginormous amounts of differents forums for this entire month and can honestly say that I have no more of an insight on what's going on with my now than I did a month ago! No definitive answers anywhere!
              • Irs messing up big time they telling wrong info then make you wait 100 years for the right info they sure don't take this long snatching your money smdh
              • This morning when I called they said there wasnt a problem but when I called back they told me it was rejected
              • Everything was the same this year as the past 5 years except for the 8863. This year was the first time I did it
              • I've been getting the same $ 1,000 refund because of the 8863 form now all of a sudden its questionable when there isn't anything wrong with my taxes
              • Thats what im saying. There should be nothing wrong. Now i have to wait for a letter to tell me whats wrong so it can be fixed and then I have to resubmit and start waiting all over again
              • I left out been getting it for 3 years
              • What is the review number
              • This year is crazy. ive never been rejected, reviewed or audited
              • This board is a very small percentage of 8863 filers, early filers, and filers in general.  I find it very very hard to believe that the IRS has pulled, rejected, audited, or screwed up all the people on this and other boards.... The one common denominator is that WMR isnt updating and the IRS customer service is giving any information that is unreliable and changes from one rep to another. Im as frustrated as the rest of you without a DDD date. But I still find it hard to believe.. People are getting refunds with WMR stating it's still processing and it's clear they are giving themselves 21 days. Patience is hard, but I still find it unbelievable, especialy with the cut backs at the IRS with less employees working
              • No sbbt Does not email you to let you know once they recieve your money but you can.check. the money is usually recieved the day before the irs dd date and then they Send it to your bank
              • I was accepted 1/24 with 8863. WMR says ive been processing since 1/30. I found out today that I actually havent even started processing. I was put into the holds department because of the 8863 and im still there. And of course she could not tell me when I would be pulled out
              • did you recieve your dd? i had date for 27th but no money in account ,,,wmr says approved but no deposit smh
              • I read that another person is having the same problem. Was suppose to get deposit today and nothing is there
              2/28 just checked, no update on WMR,, no DDD, no money at SBBT. Just says processing and wait 21 days.
              • When did u file?
              • it was accepted on 2/14, not sure of when I actually filed It sat in TT waiting for the 8863 credits for awhile..
              • I filed 1/29 TT said I was accepted 2/14 the IRS said they received it 2/15 and didn't start processing until 2/18 I kept calling until I got a date because people who had the same credits as me and filed before and after me was getting their money so I didn't know what was going on. I kept trying to order my transcripts until yesterday morning and it finally went thru after speaking to the IRS and getting a date. I never got anyone rude at the IRS because I called as soon as they opened lol. I lied a ill to get an answer. I said WMR didn't show anything but an error.
              • HH, EIC, 3 defendants and 8863
              • So many people have posted that reps over at IRS are giving inaccurate information and no 2 reps can give you the same information, I figure it i call they will just freak me out over what is probably nothing.  Ive  also read from others that transcript thing is unreliable also. I personally dont see a point,  it's only a few more days til the 21 days is up.
              • yeah, Im HH,2 dependents and 8863 too
              • Yea I read that also so I called 8008290582 ext462. After speaking with them yesterday and she said my DDD was March 4 as soon as I hung up I was able to order my transcript and I went from being processed yesterday to approved today. I sure hope it's there Monday. Hopefully by Friday you will have one as well
              • Im not strapped like so many for money, my bills are still paid and Im working. Ive never depended on the government or child support, both are just a disappointment anyway and a very happy suprise when it happens. Dont get me wrong the extra $7,000 would go far but so would the $78,000 child support Im owed, Im not holding my breath for either.
              • Hey guys. Just found out im in review. I was randomly selected. My 21 days started on 2/18 when I started processing. And the irs has a extra week when thoroughly reviewing. So i cant get any more info until 3/18. I wont see my money until april lol smh
              • who told you that, cause Ive heard others say they were told that also only to talk to someone else and find out, nope not true. they say that just to by themselves more time.
              • That's what the rep told me when I called today. He said I was picked for my review to be looked at thoroughly and call back on the 18th and said he put a note on my acct. He said no errors are on there and everything looks good. Idk whatever lol. I still gotta pay my bills and not let it stress me
              • TMB1118...isn't it strange how IRS claim they cant shit on your return when you call asking about your money being refunded but they sure so find the area on the screen that say you are under review..They make me SICK as HELL....it's a damn game to them and I hope they loose their jobs and filing taxes to totally automated that way we don't have to bother calling them (with their bad azz lying azz attitudes)....LOL (had to vent) :)
              • @harts5329 lmfao!!! the IRS has put me through the motions for the last 2 wks. I hate them with a passion lol. Ive been told my refund is coming, its still processing, nothing is wrong, give them 30 days, and now Im selected for a random review. I came to terms its out of my control. I will indeed get my money but not when I want, which is now lol. I just wish they told the truth upfront to alot of us instead on bullsh!tting and lying. The IRS can kiss my @ss lol
              • I just spoke to a tax advocate. Im not in review!!!! LMAO oh em gee... this is ridiculous!!!
              • see!! That's what I said.... LMAO and the reason I refuse to waste my time and energy with calling.... I wonder if the whole sequester hitting tomorrow has anything to do with this....
              • WOW!...Oh well..Just read article so hopefully those if us waiting, maybe they will hurry the hell up and send our money....feel bad for those who cant file until March 1...Shit tommorow (damn thats awful)
              • might wanna read this one, it affects us too
              • Were all screwed lmao!!! Gotta laugh from crying...
              • I just found out that im still in the errors resolution department!!!
              • I was able to order a return transcript this morning..... I guess that is somthing.
              I have been calling the IRS every damn day to order a transcript as my husband and I need it to get approved for a loan on this home!! I have been told 21 days from the 15th! ugghhh I effin hate the IRS..they can all go to hell.
              • What does it mean you can order both transcript
              • February 28, 2013at 8: 25pm To All Tax Filers! http://www.accountingtoday.com/news/No-More-Holds-on-EITC-Returns-Says-IRS-65830-1.html?taxpro According to the IRS and articleabovedated Feb25 we all shall start seeing updates within a few days!! ! ! Everyonethat has filed EITC and/or 8863ALL returns wereon hold until 2/25 ! All EITCholds have now been lifted!EVERYONEthat filed these forms werein theerrors department.Anyletters that were genrated weresent automatically when the IRS systemdetects an error.Due to thesecircumstances we have only been processing for3 days! !! TECHNICALLYwe did not start processing until Feb 25which should finally start giving everyone DDD’s within a few days! !! According to the IRS 8863returns werebegan processing FEB14, howeverAccording to this article http://www.accountingtoday.com/news/IRS-Warns-Problems-Education-Credit-Filings- 65757- 1.html dated feb 20th8863 dueto problems EDUCATION forms STILL werenot updated as of the20th! !ANY returns containing theEITCin addition to 8863were held until the 25th! !I understand MANY filers received dd w/8863 ONLY, within thelast week!This dueto thefact they did not have EITC. According to the IRSdated Feb8th ALL EITCreturns were being held dueto FRAUD!Again these holds have been now LIFTED! Here is aTimline to explain:

                1/22— IRS delays filing until1/30 1/30– Tax Filing officially begins 1/31– IRSdelays8863 Education Credits will be processed2/14 2/8— IRS states most EITC will beheld dueto Fraud 2/14– IRSbegins processing 8863 Education 2/20– IRSsays8863 still being delayed due to errors 2/20-?–8863 forms fixed 2/25— IRS states ALL EITCHolds havebeen lifted 2/26–present —ALL EITCreturns begin normal proccessing
              • Wooowww thank you so much for that insight!
              Hey guys!
              Im reading posts that alot of ppl who have been stuck in processing land and unable to order return transcripts, woke up today and were able to order the return transcipt. I tried this morning and was indeed able to order the transcript. So now that a bunch of us are maybe this is good news. Maybe we are the next batch to be paid out. IDK. but please guys check. I would like to hear about someone receiving good news that Ive been interacting with.
              • I heard if you can order transcripts now that if you call they are giving dates for 3/5 and 3/6
              • Okay so i called a tax advocate today after getting no where with the irs... she said they were mailing a letter because of possible identity theft (WTH) and said to follow the instructions on the letter -- but it could take weeks to receive the letter --- does anyone have the number on the identity theft letter????
              • @fluffykitty Where did you hear that? I tried to call after I ordered my transcripts this morning to see if I had a DDD but the rep would not look me up lol. So I guess I have to see in the next coming days. I will post my status. But remember yesterday the rep told me I was in review and then the tax advocate said I wasnt. Have you tried to order any type of transcipt yet?

                @la_outlaw1970 go to the IRS website. I believe their customer service # for the I.D. dept is posted there.
              • @la_outlaw i also received the id theft letter the number is 1-800-830-5084
              • I just checked WMR, and shocked to see I have a refund date 3/6 which is day 20!!
              • @PrincessDi. I just checked and I have a ddd of 3/6....thank u Jesus!
              • OMG me too refund date of 3/11 I love all the color it adds to WMR>  Thanks you Jesus is right..
              • Good luck TMB-1118.  I did like you ordered my transcripts both of them (this was reorder for me) last night and this morning YEA DD.  Been a long time but the good news is the DD are coming in for us.
              • Me too just got a dd of 3/6
              • did any of you have reviews?
              • Is wmr working for real
              • Don't even depending that. They are people including my wife, that got her refund, the website says still processing lol!
              • I received my refund this morning and WMR still says "refund approved." Not reliable at all, lol.
              • I was put in error processing for 13 days. When I called the Irs they said I started my 21 days over and I should have my refund by march 13th. Wth
              • I just got out of the error department yesterday and could order my transcripts last night. Hopefully I get a DDD soon!
              • Hey guys. I woke up to a DDD of 3/6. Im happy to see alot of you have too. This is awesome. We are getting somewhere.

                @jgm2qg a tax accountant friend of mine I ran into said alot of ppl coming out of errors should be getting their refunds asap. So hold on.
              • @TMB I sure hope so! Thanks for the encouragement!!
              • I just came out of error resolutions on 2/26 and I recieved my DDD this morning. Hopefully they are getting things moving more quickly. =)
              • Was it on wmr
              • Hey all received DDD 3/6...processing hell is finally over....best of luck to all...its coming
              • Was it on wmr
              • I just got my return transcripts in the mail got my account transcript  2 weeks ago it says Code 150 Tax Return Filed 3/11/2013 Code 766 Credit to your Account 4/15/2013 $ 1,000 Code 570 Additional accounts action pending 3/12/2013 does anyone know what this means? I filed January 22nd was accepted February 14th because of form 8863 and I still don't have a ddd
              • mine was on wmr and hotline
              • Has anyone received a DD date, that had received the review letter?
              • i was accepted on 2/14 with 2 dependants eic and education forms.. no DDD as of yet and WMR still says processing delivery date given when possible. WTH!
              • Yea in the same boat. But I didn't have any education forms.. I dunno
              • @la- outlaw1970, its a online verifcation you can try! irsverify.gov..... idk if this will work i someone else posted it.
              • Lets be patient everyone our time will come this is just the first batch were probably tonight if they process on Sunday do anyone know
              • @datruthx26.. I pretty sure they update on Sundays.  Lets hope huh...
              • The wmr updates but the irs dont work on sundays
              • Mka2power it seems u may get yours on the 12th
              • Lets just hope they update some more returns tonight
              • i hope so.....
              • website didnt work :( ughhhhh
              • Wmr hasent worked for me all day just once at 3am even irs2go and hr website i called to order a transcript for account it still says no info for 2012 and return transcript now said it cannot be ordered for 2012
              • i can order over phone but cant order transcripts over the web?
              • no update still processing with one bar.......
              • Wmr change fron being processed to
                Still being processed a refund date will be given when avalable
              • Did you have a due date
              • Wmr change fron being processed to
                Still being processed a refund date will be given when avalable
              • still no update on wmr from 2/14 this is the 21st day so im calling now!! hopefully i get some good news
              I am still in tax limbo!! I am an 8863 early filer, and am still in the "your return is still being processed" mode with the IRS. So freaken fustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And of course the IRS can't do anything about it when I have called.
                I got email from Turbo Tax for " 1st Notice - Account Debit Pending for TurboTax Fees?"

                Email- sent Intuit_NoReply@sbtpg.com Intuit_NoReply@sbtpg.com

                Why, I'm getting this message? My refund of course covers the fee's? Any one else got this e-mail? My refund is over 10k!! I DONT UNDERSTAND? It's not even show deposit on SBTPG? Does it mean i'm getting the refund straight the irs since it over 10k?

                Important Notice: Request for Payment 
                Balance Due: $67.65
                Due Date: 3/29/2013
                Order #: *******


                When you filed your 2012 tax return, you chose to use the Refund Processing Service. This service allowed you to pay for the TurboTax services (listed below) by deducting these fees from your expected federal tax refund, instead of using a credit card.

                However, our records indicate that your refund, after adjustment, was insufficient to pay the amount of these fees. Although we have no way of knowing, the IRS may have adjusted your refund to satisfy existing debts including child support, back taxes, student loans and state taxes, among other reasons. Because you were not able to take advantage of the Refund Processing Service, you will not be charged the Refund Processing Service fee. Your remaining fees for TurboTax services sum to a balance of $67.65 due to Intuit by 3/29/2013.

                For your convenience, there are three easy ways to pay for your TurboTax fees and services:

                1. Do Nothing. When you signed up for the Refund Processing Service, you provided us with your bank account information and consented to allowing Intuit (through its processor) to debit your bank account in the event the final refund was not sufficient to cover the fees for TurboTax products and services (listed below). Therefore, if you elect not to pay online or by phone by 3/26/2013, we will automatically debit your bank account ending in **** in the amount of $67.65 on 3/29/2013.
                2. Pay Online using your credit card @ http://www.turbotaxpayments.com
                3. Call 1-888-808-1723 to pay by phone using your credit card (Sunday through Saturday, 5:00 am – 9:00 pm PST)

                Your Order Number: ********ShippedDescriptionAmount1TURBOTAX ONLINE DELUXE TY2012 PREP$29.991TURBOTAX ONLINE STATE CT TY2012 PREP$36.99 Sales Tax$0.67 Shipping/Handling$0.00 TOTAL$67.65


                Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. If you have questions about this balance due, or how to pay, please contact us at 1-888-808-1723.

                Thank You,


                Bob Meighan 
                Vice President, TurboTax

                This message was sent to inform you of a critical matter. Please note that if you have chosen not to receive marketing messages from Intuit, that choice applies only to promotional materials. You will continue to receive critical notifications that are legally required or could affect your service or software.

                This message was sent to the following address: *******

                If you receive an e-mail message that appears to come from Intuit but that you suspect is a phishing e-mail, please forward it immediately to spoof@intuit.com. Please visit http://security.intuit.com for additional security information.

                Please DO NOT REPLY to this e-mail. If you have any questions or comments, you may visit TurboTax.com/support to contact a representative.

                © 2013 Intuit Inc. All rights reserved. Intuit, the Intuit logo, TurboTax, the TurboTax checkmark design and Quicken, among others, are registered trademarks of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries. Other parties logos and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

                Intuit Inc., Customer Communications, 2800 E. Commerce Center Place, Tucson, AZ 85706


                • I also received this email, and know for a fact my refund should cover it. The only difference is my due date is 3/22
                • This how you know you getting a DD correct?
                • got the same thing SCARED TO DEATH I owe student loans tho they haben been hassling me and my return is at least 3 grand more thyan i owe so how can it not cover HELPPP!! I pray my money is there bc when I check wmr now its saying incorrect!
                • I don't think that's true, because I called the irs after getting this email, and mine is now in the error dept, with no sign of a dd soon. But the rep told me that my return hasn't been adjusted because it hasn't even been processed. Basically this is turbtaxes way of saying "you haven't got your money yet, but we aren't waiting for ours" it is truly ridiculous
                • Yea, it is rediculous
                • Brainfordsr it probably lock you out for attempting to check so many times. You could call the U.S. Department of Treasury Offset Program (TOP) toll free number to see if your debt was applied toward your refund. (800) 304-3107
                • how can santa barbara bank even think of charging us if we havent even had any process with them.  like we havent been charged a penny by them so why do they feel they are obligated to any of the money.
                • What I got from my email was that Santa Barbara wasn't charging, its for the turbo tax preparation fees, minus the thirty dollar service charge that comes from having the turbotax fees taken out of your refund
                • It's in there small print. They could do it, since you agree to it, at time of check out...
                • I got the same email tonight.  Bs
                • I woke up this morning to a DDD of 3/8. I filed 1/28 and received a CP05.
                • Do you have educational  credits or eict
                • No education, 2 dependents and EIC!
                • No, I don't have education credits or other credits.
                • Accepted 1/28, CP05 letter dated 2/25, just checked and it is in SBT. All those who have these letters dated from the 25th and on you will have it soon.
                • how long does it usually take for someone who was in review but is now out to get their return back? they say 4-6 weeks but does it rly take that long?
                • Depends take my account and then maybe it can relate.
                • My amount is now gone when I check wmr. Does anyone know y.
                • Most likely the glitch everyone has seen. It is in the process of being deposited.
                • I hope ur right been waiting since February 5th. But got put in error processing for 13 days and had ti start my 21 over February 20th.
                • Its been wayyyyyyyyyyyyy past my 21 days and the so called 2 weeks before I get my cp05 letter still nothing no ddd no nothing I need my money not now but right now
                • You tell em girl me to its my money and i nded it now lml just a matter lf time sweetie so holc on there
                • @mika im tha same way..filed n accepted 1/31 got my cpo5 letter 2 weeks ago with a cycle date of 3/4 so thats supposed to be 3/11 sooo hopefully ill have a dd before then....
                • i got this info. off i got my refund...Frank March 7, 2013 at 6:04 pm
                  Ok guys, as many of you know I was on last night and told everyone I had an inside contact with the IRS. (my niece is an agent, her husband is an auditer) I have the true story of what is going on. I do not want to type this all out again,so I ask people to relay this. It is your option to believe me or not, but this is fact. Here we go….if you filed your taxes at HRB before the 15th of Feb and you had form 8863 ed credit, you will not get a return or a dd yet. All of those returns went into the error dept because of a glitch in HRB system. Basically lines 25 and 26 on the 8863 were transmitted wrong. You cannot do anything until Monday. Here are instructions to get it fixed. Call IRS 800-829-1040 press 1 for english than 0 four times. They will transfer you to an operator who will ask where to direct your call. Tell them you filed and are passed your 21 days and have issues with 8863 school credit form. when the next person comes on, tell them your 21 days are up but your return is still processing because of a school credit form problem. They will then go in and ask you the questions verbally on the phone and your return will be completed. There is no set time when you will get your return, but at least it will be fixed. REMEMBER, you cannot do this until Monday. Also, I talked to a nice guy named Randall Allison today from fasfa. Anyone who needs to fill this out can do so asap by using their return but no uploading the tax info. On the question “are your taxes filed”, click yes (they are accepted, so you can do that) You can then order a transcript later and send to your school. He recommended not to delay, do it now. Also, HRB has admitted their error, however, your local tax office cannot help you, on their system it shows your return as fine, which is untrue. I heard of a possible class action lawsuit being drawn up in Cleveland Ohio today that can be joined once it is filed. Thanks guys, hope you all have a good weekend and hope i answered your questions. Remember, please forward this on so I do not have to type it again.
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