Has anyone received their 2013 CA state tax refund after having been approved on or around Feb. 13?

I filed my state (and federal) taxes on February 9, was accepted the same day and approved (state) on February 13th but haven't received my DD. 

Has anyone else with roughly the same approval date get their DD?
    No...filed on Feb. 4th.  Nothing yet!
      Filed feb 4th... still nothing :(
        The state won't give you a DD, just keep checking your acct.  I filed 2/15, accepted 2/15 recieved approved refund on 2/16 and was in my checking account on 2/22.

        good luck, just keep checking.  Normally Ca only deposits on Wed. but this year 2013 they deposited on a Friday....go figure...just keep checking.

        Also create a FTB account and check your 2012, it will tell you how much you are getting back but it also shows if you owe any state money that they will take out of your refund.
        • Thanks for the response. I wasn't looking for whether or not I received a DD date but rather a general time frame for when I can expect a refund. I did receive a Notice of Intercepted Funds dated Feb 19. Apparently I owed the City of Inglewood $102. I wonder if I now receive a check for the rest or if the FTB follows through with a DD.
        • No they will mail you a paper check so start looking for it in the mail. That happened to me last year I had a parking ticket, and once they took the money I received a paper check within a week.
        • Thank you! Do you happen to recall how long after the Notice you received your check?
        • It was about 5 days...I am very anal retentive about money so I remember! Keep checking the mail. Also to ease your mind call on Monday and the ftb will tell you if they sent it out.  Just tell them you are going out of town and don't want your check sitting in the mail, people like to know why you are asking questions. Good luck...
        • efield mine got accepted on the 7th and said was approved on the 14th have no refund yet
        I filed around the same time, as of now (May 2nd) I still have not gotten my DD. Does anyone know what's taking so long?
          I'm still waiting for my 2013 CA tax refund. I filled way back in Feb. It was accepted on Feb. 28, 2013. What's taking so long?
          • I filled in feb. After calling and calling then finally calling the ca biz number instead of individual fillers' number I got a person. all he did was verify that ca received my filling in feb and it was being processed. he could me not give an estimate as to how long it would take. so its been almost 120 days sense my filling!  I know business receive a statutory 10% penalty for not paying within 90 days of receiving an invoice. California keep the 10% extra you owe me and pay me my refund already. I won't add the 10% that should be owed under any normal course of biz
          • if anyone know a lawyer I should add contact please let me know
          I filed Jan 31st and I'm still waiting too. I called FTB and they said they are overwhelmed and it is taking 18-20 days sometimes. I'm at 20 days since it was accepted. Still waiting....
          • Filed Feb 3rd. Nothing yet. Did get a letter that it would be offset. I know an offset means an automatic, though not mentioned anywhere, mailing of my refund which now puts it at 25-30 business days. Been in touch with the agency who is expecting my overpayment (it's already been paid in full) from FTB. They have not gotten anything yet either.
          • My bank account was recently compromised. They are waiting for this direct deposit to arrive, close the account and issue a new one. This is the second time in a year this has happened. Can't do much with the account now since the security has been tightened up. I am worried about my bank info I gave them only to have it mailed to me. I know they use a vendor to process deposits so any amended returns may be too costly to process.
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