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Did anyone, with form 8379, get there refund yet?

Injured spouse form
  • Hi. This is my first time filing a 8379 form but I'm having problems understanding how to fill out the form. Also, do I send the form directly to IRS or what? I read something that says that you have to file the form where you originally filed your taxes. Is this true? I'm very confused. I'm just trying to file the form so that I can get my money as soon as possible. Please help. (AT)
  • alexis- have you already filed?  If so then yes, you need to fill it out and mail it in.  If you click your state on this link it will tell you where to mail it to.

    if you have not filed you can efile the form using turbo tax- just search for form 8379 in the other tax information.  Turbo tax will ask you questions and fill it out for you and efile it with your 1040.
  • Follow up question:  Did anyone who filed Form 8379 not include a copy of their W2 and 1099's?  I forgot to include them and am thinking they will either ask for them or my return will be further delayed.  Sent the 8379 in on April 8 but forgot to include the W2.
  • why do you have to mail in a transcript
  • Mail whom a transcript of what?
  • Good luck I have been waiting 18 weeks so far
  • Good luck I have been waiting 18 weeks so far
  • Good luck I have been waiting 18 weeks so far
  • Good luck I have been waiting 18 weeks so far
  • That's crazy I have been waiting 12 weeks and I haven't heard anything
  • I finally talkes  a person and I was told that I was paat my 11 weeks and should hear something within the next 30 days.  If I dont hear anything to call back on 7-5
  • Oh and the best way to a person is when you call the 800 number pick your language don't push a button after that and someone will answer your call :)
  • My refund was accepted 2/14 last Tuesday I called since it had been almost 15 weeks!! The girl looked it over and said 11 weeks is what it should have taken with injured spouse and that she doesn't see any reason it hasn't been finished. I was also told she put in a referal to the service department and to "wait another 30 days"
  • I have been waiting over 16 weeks I filed Jan. 31 and have been told the same thing as aMichellstewart..... wth is it taking so long? This is so frustrating we need that $$ so bad.... Wish we could sue the government for it and the interest there collecting by keepi? so long....a class action lawsuit  of some sort....
  • June 10 was 12 weeks I  called today. And was told. an adjustment. Was made June 5 and within. 3 - 4 weeks we. Would. Receive money or call back in . 2 Weeks and they could give a specific deposit date.  So now more wait....
  • the IRS are crooks, they want your money but when they owe us they make you wait forever, I e-filed back on feb 9 and added the injured spouse form and since then they have sent 1 check for 1900 to my child support(which my husband does not owe) but being in a community property state they take some for me. But then a week later they sent the remaining amount also to my child support instead of him getting his part of the refund. so now I am fighting like mad to get it back outta them. I filed the proper papers and they still screwed us. Now they tell me I won't know anything until june 24. I gt an advocate involed and that is a mistake too. They are a waste of time! The IRS owes us 1650. and I was told by advocate that on that day she will have an answer as to where it is or why he isn't getting it. That is wrong he is entitled to his refund it is not his debt. If anyone knows what I can do please help me. It sounds like they are gonna ignore the injured spouse form and take the money anyway. How do I get his money that is owed to him?
I called the IRS and the representative told me it will take 45 days from the day they reveived my form.  They received my form on 2/5/13 so I should have my refund buy 3/22/13 according to what I was told.  Hopefully this is the case.  I will keep you posted.
  • Did you e-file?
  • I e-filed so hopefully I get mine soon then because mine was accepted on 1/31/13
  • I e-filed my return but mailed in the 8379 form.  The IRS rep confirmed that it was received on 2/5/13.
  • I e-filed my return and mailed my 8379 form as well. Did both yesterday. I am wondering how long it will take to receive my refund and when I receive my refund will it be for the full amount?
  • All they can tell us is that it takes up to 11 weeks - no way to determine exactly when we'll get our refund. You will only get your portion of the refund, though. They will determine what amount your husband should have gotten and apply their portion to whomever their indebtor is.
  • What if my spouse didn't have any income for the tax year? Do they still take a portion of the money or will I get my full refund? I don't live in a community property state.
  • This is our third year filing injured spouse with the same thing you're describing Liz_papp .  The past two years we received our full refund.  Obviously still waiting this year but expecting a full refund.
  • How long did it normally take to come back on average for the past 3 years of filling that way?
  • Last year accepted February 1st and DD on March 28th.  The year before we were accepted mid February and DD on March 5th which was fast but since it was my first time filing that form I had no idea it was fast.  This year accepted on January 30th and still waiting.
  • new2... you should get your full refund, then. We are in the same boat. He didn't make enough to file last year so I'm basically the head of household. Next year, however, I will only get my portion; his will go to whomever.
  • Actually, I am on Social Security Disability and my husband works. He had a regular job and then joined the military last January. We have two children so we were suppose to get earned income for the kids as well as the child tax. I'm wondering if they will only look at the money he would have gotten back without the kids. or will they include the entire refund in their consideration?
  • Filed Jan 31st and still waiting..  About two weeks ago it switched to this message:

    "Your tax return is still being processed

    A refund date will be provided when available."
  • E-filed Jan 30th. 3rd year filing this form. I don't think it's ever been this long for refund. Filed the same way for 3yrs, live in a community property state so it simply makes them split my return in half. Was told when I called the irs 11weeks since I e-filed it, 14 weeks if I had mailed it in.  I can't for the life of me even fathom why this justifies an extra 2 months processing.  Hmmm, form 8379...... state = washington = 50\50 state. Tax refund x .50 = cut the checks and quit procrastinating!
  • I haven't got mine yet and it's just as easy if not easier! Injured spouse made all the income and it's not community property.
  • Amen to that, custom454!!
  • This is my first year filing too. I was accepted Feb 22, and  yesterday was my 3 wks/21 days. WMR now says the classic "Processing, a date will be provided when available". I called just to make sure everything was good, at least to make sure they got the forms the day TT said. I was given the typical 11 week answer too. Figured I'd wait and call back by the end of this month. Since it seems like some get theirs as early as 5-6 weeks after being accepted.
  • Filed 2/2, Accepted 2/2. Irs has said accepted 1/31 and 2/5 (rolls eyes). Still no word on mine. WMR says processing when available. Going on six weeks now. 3rd year filing. First year it took 8 weeks, second year it took six weeks.

    Also got a amended return with IS form. I am told it is set to be released 3/27, but it also said open control which meant Injured Spouse department still had it.
  • Filed on 1/24 accepted 1/26. Mailed IS on 2/4 they received it on 2/7. IS claim processed and approved and my case was closed on 3/7. Now just waiting for them to issue my refund
  • where are yall getting the phone number to speak to someone?  I tried to call today 1-800-829-1040 but dont get to speak to a live person.  I filed and it was accepted on 2/5 and I have the same message on WMR "Your tax return is still being processed...A refund date will be provided when available."  I am the sole provider for our home, so all the money is mine so why do they take so long to see he doesn't work and I don't owe the money :(
  • For a live rep call 1-800-829-0582 extension 462 or 362
  • Thank you I will give it a call today
  • i Got my REFUND check in the mail yesterday 3/18.  Filed on 1/26, accepted on 1/28.  Mailed in form 8379 seperately and the IRS received it on 2/5. Good luck everyone.
  • Whoa, a mailed refund beats an electronic?  Whaaat!?  In this day and age LoL.  Mine was accepted 2/4, STILL update on WMR.  I hope to see someone on this forum get their refund SOON, can't wait much longer.
  • Hey catsmom, did you call?  If so, what happened?                      zahallen, I suppose you called, what was the outcome?
  • I called last week and that is when I was told my check was in the mail. I received it yesterday.  i got a check because I didn't file form 8379 electronically, I mailed it in.
  • Good to know.  Thanks.
  • @nnarsh I e-filed the same as you, Feb 4th and still haven't heard anything. Hopefully mine won't take the full 11 weeks.
  • This is my first year using form 8379, so any info is appreciated.  Thanks!
  • I filed form 8379 for the first time (and the LAST time). I sent my form in after I received a notice that our refund was being offset. I mailed the form on 2/7/13. I called to check the status on 3/13/13 (and actually had my husband call again later that night just to confirm we were told the same thing). We were told our check was processed and mailed on 2/9/13 but have not received our check yet. Hopefully today!! Good luck everyone!!
  • Hmmm, maybe I should have mailed mine VS electronic.
  • FYI-I filed my original tax return electronically (was accepted on 1/30/13) and then filed form 8379 separately after we received notification that our refund was offset. It does say on the form that it only takes 8 weeks to process the form that is mailed separately (as opposed to 11 weeks when you mail the form with the return). I am guessing it is shorter this way because the tax return was already processed, which means less hands for all of the paperwork to go through.
  • I called the irs today at (800) 829-0582 ext 462 after our refund was not in the mailbox. The guy on the phone indicated our refund is not scheduled to be mailed until 3/22/13 (despite two other reps telling us that the check was mailed out on 3/9/13). The irs person today indicated the refund was only "closed" on 3/9/13 and checks are mailed out 2-3 weeks after this date. FIngers crossed the refund comes this weekend (which would make it about 6 1/2 weeks since I mailed in form 8379 separately from my return).
  • im still waiting and being told that they wont have any information on my taxes until around may 9th. im hoping they get it done before then. i filed feb 9th and was accepted feb 15th and still waiting.hoping i get a dd soon.
  • I replied to this yesterday but it's not showing up...weird.  Anyhow I did call yesterday and was told that they have it and they see no issues with it and I will have my refund by 4/26...I filed and it was accepted on 2/5.  I am the only one that works, so there is no trying to figure out how much of my income needs to be offset the whole refund comes back to me.  Why it is taking 11 weeks this year is beyond me since there is no problems.  Kinda makes me mad.
  • This is my second year filing.  Last year it took 6 weeks from accepted date.  This year my form was assigned on 2/13 (the refund portion was accepted 1/31 and had been completed) and the person said she did not think it would take much longer but.....I am still waiting for my refund.  I could be waiting until 4/19 but I hope not.  I too expect my full refund.
  • Filed 1/31 Accepted 2/1 Received refund via DD 3/22.  E-Filed Injured spouse form with my refund.
  • vi3t thank you so much for the update!! much appreciated! :)
  • NP I had called IRS a couple times and from what I understand it all depends on how fast your caseworker gets your stuff done, luckily I had a good one this year, good luck all!
  • I still haven't got mine. I filed february 9th
  • I just want to know how far into the processing it is but can't get any answers. its my first year filing the injured spouse.
  • @tamtam You aren't alone. I e-filed and was accepted Feb 4th. The returns I have heard that have gotten refunds are the ones that were filed in January. The IRS says it takes 8-11 weeks for injured spouse returns and even more if there are special circumstances.
  • I filed Jan 30th, accepted same day, still waiting here. I honestly don't think they know what the hell they're doing this year. :/
  • I understand certain thinks take a while but what is frustrating is not being informed of what's going on. its my first year filing injured spouse and I'm really nervous. will I get anything back?
  • *things
  • If you live in a community properly state then the injured spouse should receive part of the return. If not then it depends on the circumstances.
  • I live in california which is a community property state
  • Then the spouse that isn't paying for the debt will receive their half of the return.
  • ok thank you. I was stressing out over it.
  • Fyi-I received my refund today (via mail). I sent in  8379 on 2/7 after we learned our refund was offset.
  • oh wow congrats. I'm still waiting on mine. I called the off set department today and they said an off set hasn't been made yet
  • what day did you file? I filed february 9th and still nothing
  • I filed injured spouse with my tax refund electronically
  • I am kind of bummed that people who filed after me are getting theirs while no word on mine that was e-filed and accepted 2/4. I realize it depends on how fast your case worker goes, just frustrating that mine always takes months each year.
  • it is frustrating. and as happy as I am to see other people receive their refunds it seems like those who mailed there injured spouse forms are the ones receiving their refunds.
  • I just called the IRS for an update and they said mine has been assigned but not started. She told me not to expect it sooner than 11 weeks. I filed on Feb 4th so that lands me somewhere around April 22nd. Oh well. At least I can stop hoping lol.
  • oh wow... then I'm assuming that mine hasn't be started yet either. since I filed and was accepted after you. I've been trying to hang onto hope but I think I'm losing it lol
  • I haven't called the irs in a while other than the off set department. they probly dnt have any different information than I have. but I mght call sometime this week just to see what they say
  • Anybody heard anything on their injured spouse returns? I will be sure to update here and at if I get any news : filed and accepted 2/23, went to processing message 3/15, ordered account transcripts and return transcripts 3/18, cycle date 20130905 which translates to April 4 if you calculate 9 weeks from jan 30th and 05 means Thursday, processing date 03/18/2013. From what I see trending it looks like the irs is issuing most 8379 refunds  about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks after the cycle date, with a few lucky exceptions. Good luck everybody.
  • what does the cycle date mean? mine is 20130805
  • @tamtam I believe if I'm reading right that's supposed to be the irs system for deposits. So if yours is 20130805 that is a date of march 28( 8 weeks from jan 30 & 05 is thurs)  so I'm thinking yours should be here in a couple weeks if not sooner since they are running a few weeks behind on deposit dates,  crossing fingers for you  :-)
  • I filed and was accepted on Feb 4. I called a couple of days ago and it hadn't even been started. She said not to expect it before the full 11 weeks.
  • @angel I was told 45 days by one rep and 8 weeks by another, some 8379 people have received their refund in less than 21 days, the 11 weeks is a general estimate and it can't hurt to be hopeful :) good luck to you
  • I haven't seen even one person get their 8379 back in 3 weeks. Most of them are at least 6 weeks and those are the lucky ones. The reps and the site both quote 8-11 weeks.
  • @angel if you google there are several people that have gotten theirs back in under 7 weeks and two of which have gotten theirs in's different for everyone depending on the case worker and I already stated what I was quoted by the reps..I'm just communicating the information I have received I'm not here to argue with you.
  • That part is gone
  • Great. Although I do enjoy being optimistic, a lot of people really depend on returns and you shouldn't be giving them false hope. That's all I'm saying. But yes, I'm done with you.
  • Thanks @faridaumatan that's what a lot of people have been seeing happen on WMR before their dd comes :-) good to know btw thanks for sharing even though you already got yours :-)
  • @angel I'm sorry you are on edge about your refund, I'm sure it is stressful if you are depending on it, I'm not trying to give false hope I'm just trying to relay information, but I believe any hope is better than none. We are all supposed to be on the same side and I apologize if I offended you by putting out my own information. Good luck to you.
  • You didn't offend me, only irritated me by giving false information. And yes, good luck to you smartgirl29!
  • None of the information I relayed was false :-), but thank you for your well wishes @angel!
  • I filed injured spouse on 2/6 still nothing
  • Wow! @smartgirl29 thanks for the information, this is a turbotax community for everyone to share their experiences and I appreciate you sharing yours I personally filed 1/31 was accepted 2/1 and still have the message on WMR that refund is processing, but the part about providing a date has disappeared so HOPEfully we get something soon
  • i just spent a while on the phone trying to talk to someone at the irs just for the phone to get disconnected :/
  • I got an email from turbo tax... My payment for doing taxes online was to be taken out of my refund...
    Well the email said I had no sufficient funds from refund...
    Should I assume that the injured spouse didn't work??????? Or does this happen to others???
    Am I getting a refund??
  • @dinky I would contact turbotax directly via phone. Make sure this was sent from them and not email spam. They should be able to figure out what is up or set up another payment source. Once that is fixed, call the IRS directly to make sure it was accepted.
  • Thank you angel... I searched the community for my question...  It seems that this does happen, if your refund has not reached you yet, TT is just wanting their money.  I think that I will call just to be safe!!
  • i got the same email
  • Woke up to my money in my account this morning! Thanks for the info smartgirl29! I filed 1/31 accepted 2/1 hope you all see something soon!
  • @angel. I have been filing 8379 for about 5 years.  The 8-11 weeks is the time frame the IRS gives you.  Now,  I received mine one year in about 4 weeks. Look at it like this,  when you place an order online it may say you will receive your product in 3-5 days but its w chance you will get it on the 2nd day.
  • I was accepted on 1/24 with injured spouse, due to education credit waited till 02/14, I had a cycle date of 20130805 (3/28/2013). I still have beemn waiing,have had  same message on WMR of date will be provedd when avaiblaef for about a month now. Called IRS and they told me that it is taking the full 11 weeks this year.
  • I called irs today and the lady told me that they are required to give the 11 week line.
  • Hi all! Filed a form 8379 after discovering that the funds were being seized. Trying to wait patiently for our refund as I figure that's all I can do without driving myself mad, lol! My question is about actual refund amounts and what others' experiences have been. Filed married jointly. All taxes taken from us were from my husband, as the only work I had to show was for my friend's restaurant, and I didn't even work enough for her to have taxes taken out. We have one child, and our income is small enough that we get pretty much everything back (so our refund was 'supposed' to originally be over 6000). What portion of that should we expect? I know, or am assuming, we will get all of the actual fed Inc tax that was taken from his paychecks,  but wondering what to expect from the rest, if anything (earned income tax credit, etc). Any info or personal experiences appreciated!
  • Are you in a community property state?
  • And whose debt is it? If the debt is yours and your spouse made all of the money and you don't live in a community property state then you should receive your full return.  If you live in a community property state then you will get at least half.
  • Live in Ohio, so not a comm prop state, right! Almost positive. And the debt was all mine (school loans from before we were married) and the income his...I hope full refund! Don't wanna get my hopes up TOOhigh, though ;)
  • Your situation is exactly like mine and I got 100% of my return. The debt was all hubby's and all income was mine and I received every penny.  I am in a facebook group with other injured spouse filers and this is what happened for everyone else in our situation as well. Good Luck!
  • Oh, that will be good news if true for us!! Thanks for the info. Enjoy your return ;)
  • I have filed one for ten years now. I didnt work for the first five years, and our income was from my husband. He owed $56,000 in child support before we met. They give me most of the refund. For example last year we were to get back $4,280.00 they intercepted $745.00 and I got the rest. The child tax credit, and school credits were for me, and our kids. So they gave us most of it. Hopefully that helps.
  • Just an update.  WMR updated to DD on 4/8/2013.  I was accepted 1/27/2013 and efiled form with return.  My husband who has the debt was unemployed so I received my full refund.  Good Luck to everyone.  I called a few times and got the 11 week mantra but it has taken 9.
  • First time filing injured. Filed & Accepted on Feb-06-2013 with 8379 for the expected offset. No update to WMR since the 21 days have passed. 11 weeks will be April-24-2013. I've read in the FAQ section it could potentially take up to 14 weeks..... Any confirmation that about having to wait 14 weeks?

    Also for those who have gotten their refund. Since I filed electronically with my 8379 form, I assume it will be direct depositied. How long did it take for your refund to reach you from the time WMR was finally updated? Did they even give you a refund date?
  • @kmfdmangelI was accepted 01/24/2013 but filed education credit and had to wait till 2/14. I’m still waiting and WMR has a  date when be provided when available. By checking other sites seems as the wait is about 7 to 9 weeks and for most people it is being direct deposited. I’m seeing  several people getting DDD dates and refunds in the past couple of days. It seems as WMR changes to “Received and being processed”, when you about to  get a DDD.
  • So ideally WMR goes from "Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available." To "Received and being processed" with nothing in regards to the date. Am I understanding that correctly? I'm right in between 8-9 week period. I am really hoping to receive my refund before the sequester hits. I bet that will slow things up even more. At least next year I will be better prepared with my expectations of my taxes. I just want to know how much we will be getting back so I can plan how it will be allocated in my household. Thanks for the reply j33. :)
  • Just a quick note, still here. Been reading as the posts come in, congratz to the few that have received theirs. Wednesday the 10th will be 10 weeks since I e-filed my 1040 and 8379 and still no word on a refund date. Looks like they are taking the full 11 right now for mine.  Last year I filed normally and once they sent notice of taking my refund I mailed 8379 and they sent a check for my part right out.  From the sounds of others on here that seems to be the quickest way. Maybe don't wait on notice from them and e-file taxes normally and then mail 8379 a week later, timing seems like that would be about right. Good luck everyone!
  • I called the IRS today again for an update. I was accepted 2/4 so it's been 9 and 1/2 weeks. The woman told me that my case had been assigned but that my worker hadn't started it yet. This is the same information I was told at 7 weeks. Looks like it will be the full 11 week at the very least.
  • Accepted 2/4 with form 8379.  All electronic filing.  Checked WMR this morning, updated that refund should be sent to my bank on 4/15.  Finally!
  • @nnarsh Guess I just have a slow worker. Hopefully I will get my good news soon. Grats on getting your WMR update :)
  • We were accepted 2/22. Today I checked WMR and noticed the statement "a date will be provided when available" had disappeared. I called and found out our form was processed. However, instead of the 3109 we were expecting, we are only getting back 975. To help others out, I discovered that the EIC will be split between each individual's earned income proportionately. Since my husband and I both worked he gets a portion too.  In addition, he made more than me since i was on unemployment for part of the year [which is unearned income], so they allocated the majority of the return to him. Also, it did not matter that my son is only his stepson, and technically has no legal rights too him. [In other words they took money from my son and me to pay for back child support for another child. Even tho I have approximately 70k in back child-support owed to me by my son's father. Very backwards system in my opinion. Especially considering I can't file separately if married and still get the EIC. Bah!  Another thing, We live in TN so this has nothing to do with community property either. I was told, I received my education credits in whole because it's not a community state, otherwise that would of been split too. On a side note, last year they took 6k the first time, and I didn't fight it because it was a new bill because of a lawsuit,  that had to be paid at sometime. I was working and making good money so we didn't really NEED the return to help us so I never fought it. The IRS rep informed me I can file for that money today and take back my portion just by filling out another 8379 for 2011 and mailing it in. So if you have a similar situation, don't wait do it! P.S the money is to be DD 4-17
  • Does anyone have experience with how long it takes off there is no offset.. I accidentally filed the form.. They say 11weeks but I was hoping not.. I filled on 3/16, accepted 3/17, received state return on 3/21.. Where's my refund tool says we have received your return and it is being processed.. The orange bar is gone..
  • It may still take the 11 weeks just because the form was filed. Mine hadn't even been started at 9 weeks. Next Monday will be 11 weeks for me and no word or update yet. My state refund was DDed in less than a week because it has nothing to do with federal taxes.
  • I jus checked wmr and its still being processed. Getting tired of this waiting..11 wks already..ughh
  • @ashtrine It still takes the 11 weeks or longer, you need to call the 18008291040 ask for the injured spouse department and then let them know you filed form and do not need it. The same thing happen to me I filed the IS form and did not need it on 1/24 and I just had the form removed on 4/10 and received my DDD today for 4/19. Do not let them tell you they can not remove it because they can , I was told 3 times they could not in till I asked for the injured spouse department . the representative in IS removed it for me while I sat on the phone.
  • @j33 thank you Sooo much for tor help finally called and since I knew what to ask them to do they helped.  The rep told me he took the isc off our return and at most takes 30 says from there to process  now.. Which is still less than letting it go thru isc dept for no reason.. Crossing my fingers it goes quicker! Regardless thanks for your help.. Everyone else Todd me there wasn't anything we could do.
  • Filed and accepted on april 8! Turbo tax says that ill recieve it within 21 days!  Sure hoping for it
  • Did you file 8379 with your return? If so then it will be 8-11 weeks. If not then yes, within 21 days is standard.
  • @angel yes I e-filed it with my return. Turbo tax just sent me an email stating that I should recieve it within 21 days
  • So it took 7 days from when they removed the form from your return to get a ddd which was 2 days after that day.. Thise is Sooo exciting to me.. Husband is unemployed and I just used all my employment money so we are flat broke and at the end..
  • Cakegirl..I did the same as you.. Only I shouldn't of filed the isc.. Regardless.. Turbotax and irs both told me within 21 days which its now 30 days.. 21 days is standard so that is what they say for everyone.. If you have an offset and isc is correct then it will take 11 to 14 weeks to process.. Sorry
  • @ashtrine,  what's isc???  Well ill just be waiting then! It still says processing but ill call tomorrow to see what they say! Cuz I could sure use the $$$$
  • @cakegirl if you filed injured spouse then it will take 8-11 weeks. The original quote time of 3 weeks is just a standard auto response email.
  • Isc=Injured spouse claim
  • Ok thanks.  Now I try accessing wmr and the app and they say that maybe im entering in the information wrong or something.  Its tripping now
  • @cakegirl06.. The system updates every night (late).  When it's updating WMR is not accessible.
  • Ok thx
  • Hello everyone! filed 2/23 accepted 2/23 started processing 2/28- got a DD this morning for 4/22-good luck to you all!
  • Update: e-filed and accepted 2/4. Called the IRS today since 11 weeks is Monday. She said mine still hasn't been started yet. She said call back Tuesday because she can't do anything now.
  • im still waiting for my injured spouse refund,efile since 2/15,injured spouse dep got it since 2/22/13,its 9 weeks still waiting
  • I guess they just change their story from person to person, as I was told 78 days. Go figure. It's becoming very frustrating.
I haven't got mine yet either. I filed on January 30th and was accepted on January 31st. The refund website says that mine is still processing so I called the IRS to see what is going on yesterday. The man told me that it takes 8 to 11 weeks to process and if I don't receive a return date by the 11th week to call back. I hope this is helpful. This is my first time filing injured spouse because I just got married last year and it seems to be a pain in the butt. I hope that I never need to file this form again.
  • you have to do it every year, if you are the injured spouse. Sorry.
  • Mine go accepted the same day 1/31 I e filed the form with my returns and FINALLY got it direct deposit into my account this morning. So you should be getting yours.
  • @Faridaumatan did WMR change for you?
  • No it's still the same "we recieved your return and is being processed" @smartgirl29
  • I filled 2/9 and still no update on my refund
  • Thanks @faridaumatan that's what I thought :-) just wanted to make sure. Does it say a refund date will be provided or is that part gone?
  • @tamtam did you file an 8863 with your return?
  • Never mind @tamtam I see in your comments you filed feb 9, and got accepted feb 15, which means you probably did file 8863, and that's why your cycle date is further out, the irs system for 8863ers was FUBAR but I think they got it fixed, now they are playing catch up.
  • @tamtam if you didn't file 8863 then it may not hurt to just call and check the status you might get a nice rep? :-)
  • This is for people who filed 8379 which is the injured spouse form not 8863.
  • @angel I am aware of that, 8863 is the education credit form that can be filed with your injured spouse return, if anyone did file 8863 with their 8379 their return would not have been accepted until on or after feb 14th..
  • Yes I know what it is. When I called in 2 days ago my return hadn't even been started yet. I filed and was accepted the 4th of Feb. The rep told me not to expect it before the full 11 weeks. That puts me at April 22nd.
  • @Angel Ok?
  • I filed mine back in January also and got accepted on January 30 and still nothing. I called the other day and the rep told me that it is probably going to take the full 11 weeks also. He told me that my file hasn't even been touched yet. He told me that if I don't receive anything by April 17 which will be the 11 weeks then call back. This is ridiculous! When the government wants their money, they want it now or you have to pay interest. why can't they treat us the same?
  • Hey @liz_papp just so you know people that are getting dd are seeing the processing message on WMR stays the same, except for the part that says " a refund date will be provided when available" this usually disappears a few days before dd, just wanted to give you a heads up in case you check WMR regularly :-)
  • @lizz_papp I'm sorry to hear you are still waiting. I know how you feel. I know it's frustrating but hopefully you will get it early. Keep us updated if you do!
  • i have the 8863 form and the 8379 injured spouse form
  • I have filed both forms as well.  This is my first time filing 8863 but I have been filing 8379 for about 5 years.  Year before last I received my refund in 4 weeks.  The rest took 8-11 weeks like expected.  My was accepted on 2-14.  I called IRS the other day to make sure there were no hiccups.  She told me its being processed and to call if I do not receive it by May 6.  I am used to receiving mine in mid April so if I get it before hand,  I'm lucky.
  • It will take 8-11 week to receive if you e-filed.  If you mailed your return it will take 11-14 weeks.
  • I have filed the form 8379 for ten years now. It usually takes the full 11 weeks. The first couple years it was 18 weeks, they dropped that to 11 now. And they always seem to take the same amount every year. If the are going to dispurse the same amount every year, I dont see why it takes so long. I filed on Feb 2nd but my return wasn't excepted until Feb. 14. So that put me back about two weeks.
  • I got mine in the mail 42 days from the date it was received in the IS department, 7 weeks total.  A couple of people in the injured spouse group got theirs in 21 days.  It's really the luck of the draw, sadly.
  • Accepted 2/4 with form 8379.  All electronic filing.  Checked WMR this morning, updated that refund should be sent to my bank on 4/15.  Finally!
  • E-filed and accepted on 2/4. Received refund DD today. WMR never updated and is still showing that my tax return is being processed.
  • Update:
When I filed mine last year I didnt get my refund until July. Hope you dont have to wait that long
  • My return was accepted on Feb. 13th. I called today to check on it and all they could tell me is that it takes up to 11 weeks to process. He said he doesn't even think WMR updates in situations like ours; that it will just deposit whenever they approve it.
  • WMR should still show, it always has in previous years, the phone WMR at least!
  • Mine never shows on WMR until after the fact when I file 8379.
  • Per the IRS, it takes 11-14 weeks.
  • I see some are having the issues of ppl who mailed their 8379 in vs e-filing it with TT.  I found out that TT didnt mail the form until 2 weeks AFTER my return was filed and accepted (Accepted 3/2, IRS received 8379 on 3/22)  If I would have known that, I would have done it myself - Note to self and all that is concerned:  Mail it in the day after you file your return!  They will get it much faster - by WEEKS!
  • Accepted 2/4 with form 8379.  All electronic filing.  Checked WMR this morning, updated that refund should be sent to my bank on 4/15.  Finally!
  • E-filed and accepted on 2/4. Received refund DD today. WMR never updated and is still showing that my tax return is being processed.
Here's an update for me and hopefully will help everyone else who needs it.

I filed on 2-8 and it was accepted 2-9.  The 11th week mark from then would have been 4-27.  So I called on 4-29.  They told me that it was received and they were still processing but that according to their records it wasn't started until 2-25 and that was the start of the 11 weeks.  So from that date I should have an answer about what was happening after 5-13.  They put a note on my account to make sure that it would be looked at.

I called them again on 5-13 and the lady told me that it was finished and approved for full amount the week prior.  She couldn't give me a date but said that I should hopefully receive my refund in 2-3 weeks and that they were running behind.  

I went ahead and called again this morning (5-16) to see if they could give me a more accurate date.  It is now scheduled to be deposited on 5-20.

I filed electronically my return and the 8379 form at the same time and this was my first year of doing it.  I called 1-800-829-0582 Ext. 462 each time I spoke to them.  My best advice is to call frequently and ask specific questions each time.  Hopefully this helps if anyone is still waiting and wondering.   Also I asked them when I called on 5-13 if my Where's My Refund (WMR) status would be updated and they said it should but that with them being behind it doesn't always update.  After I talked them this morning it was updated to state my deposit date.  So I would suggest calling to get an answer rather than checking the WMR site.
  • thank you for the advise...
  • Your welcome
  • Update:  checked my account and the full amount was deposited either today or yesterday (didn't check it all weekend).  So it was even sooner than I expected.
  • @henleymichael when did u file and get accepted?  Did u efile???
  • I e-filed on 2-8 and it was accepted 2-9.  But they didn't start processing it until 2-25 according to them when I called.
We were getting a large return. I called IRS and talked to them and was told all was well (I wanted to make sure we were getting it because we had to schedule some medical things with the $. I was assured it was done and had a deposit date. We never got it (early feb) and 2 weeks AFTER that supposed deposit date we got notice they were keeping it. So I did amended spouse and amended return. Followed instructions exactly - attach together put "injured spouse in corner of return" attached w2's and mailed it.

15 weeks go by and nothing. Not even update on the "where's my amended return site". I call. They recieved amended return on 3/4/2013, but that's it. Nothing was ever done on it and no one knows why.

The worst part is  They claim there is no record of any injured spouse form being submitted anywhere. I tell them they were attached that if there's one there's the other. Nope, No record I have to do it again. But miraculously the amended return site shows some action a day later, but says I have to call with my return. I am on hold now for 20 minutes........

I am curious......we show donations to the Mormon church and are conservative republicans. They aren't targeting the every day joe also are they? For those that got theirs already are you democrat or liberal?  Just curious. Not likely but with chicago politics who knows

    I finally received a DDD this morning for 4/19, after being accepted on 1/24 and waited till 2/14 due to education credit. I had the IS form taken off  on 4/10 since I did not need it. I was told that after the 11th week that you needed to call back and ask for a TA.   I was also told it was 11 weeks form acceptance date and then form 2/14 then from the date my returns was accepted by IS department on 2/25. I did read in the IRS website that it is from acceptance date but who knows… I hope you all get your DDD soon.

    • Update- I received my refund in the bank this morning, I hope everyone gets their DDD soon.
    • E-filed and accepted on 2/4. Received refund DD today. WMR never updated and is still showing that my tax return is being processed.
    I got mine in the mail 42 days from the date it was received in the IS department, 7 weeks total.  A couple of people in the injured spouse group got theirs in 21 days.  It's really the luck of the draw, sadly.
    • I am sitting at 54 days today. Thats good you got yours in that time frame.
    • im still waiting and waiting and waiting some more. hoping i get it soon.
    • im also in the injured spouse facce book group and it gives a lot of information and everyone in there is so helpful. it helps maintain sanity lol.
    • what is this injured spouse FB group y'all are talking about?
    • The group is awesome. I joined it, called the IRS and the rep told me my return "Is none of my business." It is my business. It is my portion of the money being held up. I posted it and I got a number that was useful, called that and got the information that I needed. It keeps us updated on certain situations, and support for all of us Injured spousers!
    • I am so beyond frustrated at this point. I e-filed our return along with the 8379 and it was accepted on January 26th. I the WMR site was showing the standard your return has been processed and date will be provided......I called 2 weeks ago and got the standard, we have received it, and it could take 11 weeks. On Wed 4/3 I got an email from Turbo tax saying my refund should be deposited soon. So I went to WMR and the site has the return has been processed, but the date comment is gone. Logged into turbo tax and it shows I should get back $638 federal and $154 state. ( I did receive that amount from state 3 weeks ago). So I called the irs again and they said that my deposit date was 4/3 for the amount of $69.4 because my return was offset. Called the financial management number and the automated line said they took the refund for the child support (which was my husbands before we got married). So now I don't know whether to believe Turbo Tax or the IRS, after all, I got the amount TT stated for my state and the IRS has so many people, that one dept doesn't know what the other is doing......Anyone else have this happen?
    • Turbo tax doesn't take into the account of your offset. You filed the 8379 ahead of time so you knew an offset was coming. The IRS will refund back YOUR portion of the return. Each state does it differently and has different laws concerning offsets. I would expect the amount quoted from the IRS. The state refund is irrelevant at this point. I'd call your financial institution to see if anything is pending.
    • That's just it, I paid in almost as much in taxes as he did, but they took all of the refund for the child support. So the 8379 form did me absolutely no good in my eyes.
    • Technically it did do well. If you didn't file an 8379 you would get absolutely nothing back. Next year you can always file separately. Perhaps speak with a tax professional that is licensed in your state to why you did not receive more of the refund. I have found that the IRS is VERY stringy on releasing their formulas when figuring out returns for this circumstance. I have been told that it varies from state to state. Community Shared States guarantee you they'll take at least half no matter what. In Theory I should get my entire refund back because I made all the money this year, however in some states that still isn't always the case. I am still searching for the "formula" used for my state.
    • I am sitting at about the 8 week mark, which doesn't really bother me. My big concern is that WMR doesn't even pull up my information anymore. It started last week, instead of getting the typical "we are still processing" message, it says it cannot find my information. I know I am putting everything in right so now I am a little freaked out. Anyone else having that same problem?
    • Accepted 2/4 with form 8379.  All electronic filing.  Checked WMR this morning, updated that refund should be sent to my bank on 4/15.  Finally!
    • E-filed and accepted on 2/4. Received refund DD today. WMR never updated and is still showing that my tax return is being processed.
    I called IRS again today to try to get more information, I was told that I needed to wait till beginning of May for my 11 th week . I was accepted 1/24 , I had education credits so waited till 2/14. I was told that my return went to IS department on 2/25 and I had to wait 11 weeks from 2/25. He said if I did not have my refund by then to call back and ask for a TA . He did say my return is still being proceeded, since I do not need the injured spouse I asked him if there was anything I can do. He then just told me to hold and reviewed my account and he took the time to take off the freeze off my account, he told me to hold on the line till he finished unfreezing my funds. He then told me I was all set. I have called 4 other times since I filed to let the IRS know I did not need the form and they all told me I had to wait it out and there was nothing I could do. I did ask to speak to the inured spouse line and when representative came on line the first thing he asked if I filed injured spouse claim. So I’m guessing only the injured spouse department can remove form since this is the only time I asked to speak to someone in insured spouse department. Does anyone knowhow long it would take after they unfreeze funds to get DDD? I forgot to ask I was just so happy that he removed form.
    • Accepted 2/4 with form 8379.  All electronic filing.  Checked WMR this morning, updated that refund should be sent to my bank on 4/15.  Finally!
    • Did you recieve yours?
    • Mines keeps saying its being processed..
    • E-filed and accepted on 2/4. Received refund DD today. WMR never updated and is still showing that my tax return is being processed.
    • I'm still waiting also and it's the 14th week for me...????
    Still waiting.accepted feb1st..called and was told I need to wait out the 11 weeks which would make it today april 15.hope I get it soon
    • I am right there with you. I was accepted 2/6 and the 24th will make my 11 week mark. The website says up to 14 weeks although reps are saying 11 weeks....... I think this has to do with a difference for efile and mailing in. I could REALLY use that money right now.
    • I efiled mine..she told me 11 weeks..these past years never took this long..4wks max..its getting very frustrating.
    Okay so I called again today the rep said my 11week mark is friday the 19th..if I dont receive it by then to call on monday.I havent received anuthing in the mail stating if they are taking anything for my husbands child support..this is the longest I have ever waited for my injured spouse refund
    • That seems to be the common consensus here lately that this year has been abnormally long. This coming Wed. will be my 11 week mark.
    So confused. I filed my taxes electronically as well as IS Form. They were accepted on 01/31. No status updates. I called the IRS on the 11 week & was told everything seemed fine and there was no decision and a message would be sent to tax rep, which could take 30 days (5/20). Is this a bad sign? This is my first year and I'm the only person working. Only thing I heard is the rep tell me an amount which was more than my expected refund.
    • Nothing here.ill be calling tomorrow monday may22 to find out again what's going 11week mark was so frustrated with how they are dealing with all the injured spouse cases.even when I check the status on irs2go it stills says its being processed..funny thing too is that I put my daughters info in and it says the same thing but she already received hers..I think the site is jus messed up.
    • Let me know how it goes. I'm trying to wait until Thursday before I call, but my patience is wearing super thin. Wednesday makes 11wks and I'm at the point I REALLLLLLY need that refund now.
    • Today is 11 weeks for me and nothing yet. I will be calling today as well.
    • Just called IRS. Efiled and accepted 2/4. Today is 11 weeks. She said my return was just processed Friday but the offset was still pending and should take 2-4 more weeks to receive a DD.
    • Glad to know you got somewhere! I think I'm going to go ahead and call myself. Impatience has the better of me.
    • Okay so I was on the phone for 2 and a half hrs being transfered all over the creation finally I got an refund was processed a while back but they didn't release my funds for some reason..talked to the rep and she finally released it today..but now I have to wait 2 to 3 wks to receive it..omg..another long wait..but on the bright side it has been released so jus have to be patient again...
    • Ohh and if I didn't call I bet I'd still be waiting for it to be released..smh!
    • @deekahakua I'm glad that it worked out for you. I'm still waiting : ( Did you request direct deposit orginally?
    • @abcwallace 25
      Yes I did do direct deposit..keeping fingers crossed..I will update as soon as I receive it
    • Jus keep calling..make sure they are releasing your return..I stayed on while at work being transfered 3 times and finally got what I was waiting for..
    • 18008291040.
      Press 1 after that dont press anything will ask you twice to choose an option...dont!! Jus will transfer you to a rep..once you get to a rep tell them ur situation and you want to find out what's going on with your refund..stay on the phone dont hang may take a long time or if your lucky it will be a short wait..I stayed on for a total of 2 and a half hours being transfered and waiting..
    • Ur very welcome..praying you get good news..lmk how it goes..
    • will do and appreciate it
    • I called yesterday too. A rep told me that because my 11 weeks wasn't up until Wednesday she couldn't really do anything like a referral or push it through because they get that entire time. She said to call back next Monday, but my 11 weeks is up Midnight Thursday so I'm calling then. If their system is so automated then it will be automated enough to be able to have the options it should. *grumble* Anyways, will keep posted.
    • Ugh. I originally e-filed in January, and realized that my refund was used to offset my husband's student loan debt on Feb. 1. I mailed in my 8379 early the next week. I just called in today and they told me that they are working on it. She "expedited" my request so it should be complete in 25 days? Not terribly expedited in my opinion, lol! We are moving in less than 3 weeks and I was reeeallllllly hoping to have this before then. Did any of you call, get a 25 day window, and happen to receive it before then? Because I need some hope here, lol!
    • If you are moving, be sure to change your address with the IRS. Mail from them is not forwarded by the USPS.
    • @laura  Did you request DD or paper check?  If paper, I would definitely call them like SweetieJean mentioned. Otherwise it could get lost in the mail for a long time. If DD I doubt it would even make a difference unless you are moving far and are changing banks.
    • @laura.viars

      I was told the same thing. That it was expedited but can take 30 days and that was on 04/19.
    • so im new to this and have a different situation. i did not know my husband owed . e-filed/accepted feb 14th, found out first week of march it was being offset and they took a little over half my return. received the rest exactly 21 days after being accepted. i lagged on filling out the IS form and they received it in the mail and it was input in the system april 14th, per the IRS rep i talked to today. she said thats a good sign and allow up to 8 weeks but sometimes less. I took that as maybe she can see it'll be processed soon?? *crosses fingers* i guess my main question is, i live in a community property state (ca). all the income was mine. the majority of my return was the EIC and education credit. If im reading it correctly, even in community property states they cant take your earned income credit to pay your spouses debt? im confused on the way that all breaks down
    • md121405, the tricky part of offsets is that each state has their own set of rules. Even community property states vary although the rule of thumb is 50/50 even if all of the income earned is yours. You can try to look up the state of CA's laws on the matter although I know those can be like trying to read Greek.
    • Hey, Angel! Yeah, it will be a paper check, not a DD. I am not terribly concerned about it not reaching me... I will have my mail forwarded with USPS so it'll get there. My main concern is actually that I really needed that money ahead of time to fund the move... that's my deposit right there, lol!
    • @abc, good luck! Hopefully we'll both be pleasantly surprised, lol! :)
    • We also filed an 8379 this year for the first time.  They offset our return for student loans.  We mailed out the 8379 form a day after receiving the offset.   They received it and told us to wait the 45 day period to find out about a refund.  April 17 was tje deadline.  Called them back and they said our caseworker never got to it so they put a "rush" order on it and give them 30 days.  Im not in a "rush" but would like to know if we are to receive any of it.  Not just call back in 30 days.  Anyone that's been through this advice would be greatly appreciated.
    • @jgomez, That's the exact same situation I am in (except I am in a rush, lol). Good luck!
    • @laura, I would love to have it back.  It was a decent chunk of change they took.  They could at least give us some type of reassurance on the refund.  Not just the call back in x amount of days. Lol.  But they told us it wouldn't take 30 days. We shall see.  Hope you get yours soon laura.
    • Update...called today and they barely started working on it.  Hopefully soon now.
    • Same here.
    • I called them back on Friday, which is 12 weeks and a day, to check to see if there has been any action since it was expedited. I was told there is a refund pending and IS was closed on 04/23. So I'm hoping for a check soon. Does anyone know how long it takes now? Lol
    • On monday the lady told me 2-3weeks.
    • I'm glad for you @deekahakua. I hope I'm right behind you!
    • @abcwallace25
      I hope you are too..I jus kept being persistent and calling..that final call got my refund released..if not idk how long more I would have been waiting..keep me informed on your status...aloha
    • welp its my 11th week and still no date so im calling 1st thing 2morrow morn and they better tell me somthing i wanna hear
    • @jawannwilcox12
      Good luck..let us know what happens
    • i will i just dont understand the reason for the delay 11 weeks is more than enough time to get this situated
    • I feel the same way..this year is the longest I've waited
    • I know right..ill keep yall updated if it goes thru
    • Congrats Deek for getting a DD for your return. I have not been so lucky. I called Thursday because that was supposed to be the 11 weeks mark. I have a date that my return was accepted on the 2/6 when I called they changed it to an acceptance of 2/8 so I had to till today to call. On the phone with a rep he told me all he can do is send a referral to the offset department saying it is passed their due date. He put me on hold and of course we get disconnected, so I'm on the phone again waiting to talk to someone. This is just complete BS. -_- I understand they are extremely busy with the sequester going on, but some sort of answer other than "They'll mail you information or you'll get your refund." is not an acceptable response.

      Does anyone have any advice or is this the best I can really get right now?
    • Okay so the next rep was a little more helpful. The referral is still the *only* way to go apparently. It notifies the department that 11 weeks has elapsed and the offset department has 30 days to respond to the referral which will either result in a letter as to what the hang up is or a DD. That is it. *sigh* So.... all I can do again is wait more. This is beyond discouraging.
    • I filed my return with the injured spouse return around February 7th.  It was accepted on February 9th.  Yesterday marked the 11th week and I just called IRS.  They said they didn't start working on it until February 25th and that was the start of the 11 weeks.  So according to them I should and answer around May 13th as to what or when I will be getting my refund.  So probably late May I'm guessing.  They also put a note on my account.
    • E-filed and accepted on 2/4. Received refund DD today. WMR never updated and is still showing that my tax return is being processed.
    • I got my check in the mail today! Completely unexpected! I called and spoke with a representative every day since last Friday and was told no refund was authorized and it was pending and it doesn't mean it would be approved! Liars! Smh And the website was never updated still says its been processed! This was a horrible first experience! Wish other people better luck!
    • Hello everyone. I have been filing Injured Spouse for about 8-10 years now because of student loans, and I can tell you that every year is so different! Last year I had received my return by the middle of March, this year, I am STILL waiting. My return was received by the IRS on 2/17. I am almost at the eleventh week mark, so Monday I will be calling if I don't have a refund by then. I saw earlier comments about the Turbotax charge coming out of your bank accounts...this also happened to me but after calling Turbotax the gist I got is that they only wait a period of about eight weeks or so to get their fee if you have elected to have it taken out of your refund. So if you don't get your return back by the end of their time period, they charge your account. It shouldn't be a reflection on whether or not you are getting a return. Also, just some advice, you can always call your local tax advocate office if you don't hear anything. One year, we filed injured spouse and waited MONTHS, only to find out that the IRS had misfiled our return. They weren't going to do anything about it and told me to refile. I called a tax advocate and he helped us get our return. Unfortunately, we didn't get it until AUGUST!!! But at least we finally had it. Stay on top of it! Good luck to all! I sure hope I get some good news soon. Sounds like we are all in the same boat.
    • Electronic filing accepted 2/13, called today and was told it was sent to IS processing 3/4 and the return was completed 5/2.  Should be approx. 3 - 4 weeks before my direct deposit.  I have filed Injured Spouse for 5 or 6 years and every year it has taken exactly 11 weeks, this year looks like it might be up to 15!  YIKES!
    • Got my refund today, Where's My Refund never updated, but it's here!
    ok finally got funds direct deposit thru turbo tax bank. bank transfer said 05 01 13 and was in bank account after midnight.  Was accepted with injured spouse form and education credit on 02/14/13. Called several times for updates. where's my refund never updated, still saying return being processed.  Spouse had no income but over payment for Veteran Affairs- I paid tuition and books for him and claimed the credit back. But since it was under his name for who went to school, $514 education credit was paid to his dept. not to me.  Turbo tax couldn't wait for their fees and took that out of my checking account thru ach draft 2 wks before getting refund. IRS will usually send paper check for injured spouse if both spouses received a refund. I thought it would all come to me. But was saved by having turbo tax bank account setup in both names to receive refund. If not papercheck would have been mailed 05/01/13 and Friday would've gotten money. Took full 11 wks to process. Hope others check bank accounts too. If you call offset number and an amount comes up for any offsets than the date they give you is the date of your refund. Good Luck all, until next year
    • What number should I be calling to find out about things other than the general number for the IRS that sends me to a refund department that tells me all they can do is to send a referral and wait another 30 f-ing days?
    • Try the Tax Advocate:!
    • i called today and they said my returned had been closed out on the 30th of april so i should see my return in 3-4 hoper sooner but we will see what happens...the site still says pending so no return date has posted
    • oh and the crazy thing is nothing was offset so im ending up with our whole return so i basically filed injuried spouse for nothing lol
    • That happened to me last year...cuz my husbands Supplemental Security Income was non-taxable?? I'm the injured spouse...I gotten the full amount also...hope it's the same this year:):)
    I efiled injured spouse return on 2/18 they accepted 2/19. I've been informed it reached injured spouse department on 3/7. Still no return! It's been 11 weeks and I'm in dyer need of my return. Can't even feed my family this week! Last three times I've called I've been treated very rudely and told it takes 11 weeks from the date it enters the injured spouse dept. it clearly states on the IRS website that it's 11 weeks from the date you filed not the date it enters injured spouse. How do I speak to someone who knows what they are talking about and can help me??
    • @fortaties Call 18008290582 Ext 462 After 11weeks they should expedite it which can still take 30 days but you can tell them you are having a hardship and depending on the circumstance they could speed it up.
    • Thank you so much for the info! This is my second year filing IS due to my husband being disabled from a work injury and owing student loans. He really needs to have his disability forms completed by his doc so we don't have to go through this. Last year it only took seven weeks from efile date.
    • THANK YOU FOR SHARING! I like Foraties have been going through some serious hardships too financially and I've been waiting for my return. Right now I'm looking at having to short my rent which is now late just so I can feed my family. I'm going to check right now for any updates and then dial this number. Thank you so much!
    • @kmfdmangel I called this morning to be told for the fourth time that it takes 11 weeks from the time your return reached the injured spouse department.  Which puts me all the way to 5/28 before the 11 weeks is up.  I am furious over being informed of this information as it clearly states that it takes 11 weeks from the date you efile.   I just feel they are making up excuses due to being behind this year.  I called the tax advocate department after hanging up with the individual return department.  Apparently, if you can prove a hardship such as eviction, foreclosure, repossession, or possibility of a major utility being shut off you can qualify for a hardship and they can possibly move your return along faster.   I paid my rent on Saturday which leaves me with $2.00 until next Friday when I get paid again.  I am awaiting a call from my local tax advocate office to see if I qualify for any assistance in moving my return along.  I will never file injured spouse again, I told my husband that he best handle his business this year.  I work too hard for this money and count on this every year to catch up since he's been disabled and I'm the only working parent.   The IRS is treating my return as received as of March 4 instead of the actual date of 2/18, which is 100% BS!  Here is the number to speak with someone in the advocate department 877.777.4778.  I wish you luck, as I feel all of us IS folks are in desperate need of it this year!
    • @fortaties

      This may sound awful, but I'd call again. It is 11 weeks from your accepted filed return.

      This is a quote from the instructions form of the 8379

      "Time Needed To Process Form 8379

      Generally, if you file Form 8379 with a joint
      return on paper, the time needed to process
      it is about 14 weeks (11 weeks if filed
      electronically). If you file Form 8379 by itself
      after a joint return has been processed, the
      time needed is about 8 weeks."

      So if you filed your form WITH your initial return then 11 weeks. If you filed got an offset letter in the mail and then filed your 8379 it would be 8 weeks from the time they got that.

      I did a preemptive file knowing we would have an offset. I called and was told they JUST worked my case and closed it on May 1st and the refund amount takes about two weeks to post from that time and then roughly another week for direct deposit. There was no other information as to what the hang up was with my refund or anything, but to expect a direct deposit on the week of the 19th and if I did not get it that I should call again using the same number and extension I did before.

      *sigh* It is a better answer than I had before. Unfortunately my rent will still be shorted and late with a bank account in negatives. This is what happens when a system glitch hits your payroll department and the IRS doesn't want to come off your money. :(
    • I have been on the phone with the IRS two more times since my last post.  The first female I spoke with stated she did not see that they had received my injured spouse form with my return and that I should resubmit it.  I asked how my return was routed to the IS dept if my form was not filed with my return and why hadn't anyone informed me of this earlier.  She stated "I don't know the answer to that question ma'am"   I called again immediately after hanging up, my call was answered by another female who put me on hold after I informed her that I have received a different answer every time I call.  She came back and informed me that she was transfering me to the injured spouse department and I am still on hold.  My call log shows my call time as of now One hour and eight minutes!!!  I mean really, how many answers can they give us without giving us a factual answer?!  Not to mention when I called on April 24 I was informed that they had everything they needed from me and that I should have my return by 5/2, but still no return and not even a DD date!  Tears are forming at this point!
    • I actually just got off the phone with them, and got the same cock and bull story. I have to wait til June 6th, not this past Monday because my actual start date was Feb. 26th, almost 2 weeks after my return being filed. I even quoted the above about the form 8379, and all I got was , "I don't know what to tell you ma'am. Call back in a month." I am lucky enough to not really need the money, but it's just irritating that we have to jump through such hoops just to get nowhere. If the shoe were on the other foot and we owed the IRS a couple grand, they would get their money in a much shorter amount of time, even if it meant taking it by force. They really need to get their act together.
    • Do not let them give you that line of crap!  I called three times yesterday after calling the Tax Advocate's office and spent about 3 hours on the phone, but I was transferred to the Injured Spouse department finally!!!  The woman in the injured spouse department informed me that they had received my return on 2/18 and that they were past due on processing it!  She asked me to hold for an additional 20 minutes on the phone while she processed my return!  Can you believe that!  11 Weeks of waiting, countless telephone calls, and countless "stories" and it was done in 20 minutes!!  Do not let them jerk you around!  Call, call, call, and call again!!!  Persistence will prevail!!  Try calling this number as the reps seem to be a bit more friendly and helpful 800.829.0922.  I wish you luck!!  I will still be waiting for up to two weeks for my return to DD, but at least I know it's done!
    • Congrats!!! I have good news myself! After calling Monday and learning they had worked and closed out my case on the 1st I have been checking my status diligently to see if any changes in the status happens. This morning my WMR status changed. It now says "We have received your tax return and it is being processed." INSTEAD OF  "Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available."

      Other individuals have said that this means a Direct Deposit is scheduled to happen so I am on the phone again to see what they may have in their system that isn't showing up on the WMR website. I can't believe how pushy you have to be to get things done. I certainly hope that future filings will not be so rough as my first one. I at least I know what the worst case scenario is for me.

      I'll post again with any extra details.
    • After calling I now have a Direct Deposit Date of May 10th! Although I made all the money in the household they are taking $1000 to apply it to my husband's obligations. Really it's the credit we were given for getting married so they are taking that. I do not live in a community shared property state. I feel relieved to finally know what is going to happen and what to expect in the following years.

      So, filed 2/6 electronically but accepted 2/8. 11 Week mark was 4/26. Called on Monday 04/29 - a referral was issued.  My Case was completed/closed on May 1st. A direct deposit date has been given for May 10th. Next year I can plan a little better ahead of time.
    • @kmfdmangel-did you receive your refund on 5/10?
    I have had a strange experience with this year's filing. I didn't know that I could file a form 8379 since my husband made most of the money last year so our refund got allocated due to my student loans. This year,I submitted and efiled my form 8379 with our taxes but was also told I could send in a form 8379 on its own for 2011, so I did that. I efiled and was accepted on 2/15, and sent my 2011 form 8379 out on 2/16. Eight weeks later, I got a check in the mail for my 2011 return, which is strange  because they say that it takes at least 11 weeks, up to 14 even. Well, a month ago, my "processing" status disappeared from WMR, only to be replaced with they cannot provide any information about my refund. The two times I have called I have been told that there is no reason why I don't have my refund yet, but to wait to the 11 week date to find out what is going on. Very odd. So I am currently on hold, and will let everyone know what I am told. We don't really need the money, perse, so luckily it's just a minor irritation that I have to sit on hold and get the runaround (plus, my dryer just went kaput, so I was really looking forward to a new stackable set for Mother's Day!). It would seem that mailing the form in seperately takes a shorter amount of time. Hope that helps anyone our there in IS limbo! Will be posting again soon with some, hopefully, helpful news.
      We filed our taxes with turbo tax this year....however, 3 weeks after filing we received an offset letter for federal and state because our return was less than owed.  So we were told we have 3 weeks to file injured spouse forms and would go from there.  I sent both in USPS certified mail signature required, both were received in 3 days.  The problem remains that funds were sent to the custodial parent before any review was made.  What is the next thing to do?  I am at a lost and a hardship...what I would have gotten back would have paid some big bills off.  Since my husband's job was restructured and 12 months later finally gets a we are just now getting back on our feet and then this happens.  I made 3/4 of household income, and I have to pay the custodial parent support?   Gee...why don't I just go out and get her drugs and cigarettes instead?   Maybe I should be the one paying for her new husband's child support arrears of $ 12,000.00+ he owes.  He still has a driving license!!!!  What is wrong with this??? Any help and information would be helpful.  Thanks
      Step Mom in GA
      • If I am understanding correctly your husband owes back support for a child that is not yours and you earned most of the income last year?  If this is the case I have been there.  Even if the money has already been sent to the custodial parent, the IRS will still process your injured spouse and issue you the refund that is yours based on their calculations.  Any credit that was mis-allocated to your husband will either be added to the arrears acount or absorbed by the IRS to repay what they issued to the custodial parent.  In my experience I was told that funds that are sent to cover child support or student loans, etc are held for several months before the funds are actually deposited or cut to the third party.  Hange in there... you will most likely receive some kind of refund within 8ish weeks.
      Hello.  Lots of great info in here it seems.  My case was closed on 5-20.  They said it could be 4-6 weeks for me to receive my refund at this point.  Anyone with experience in being told your case has "been closed" and when did you get your refund?
      • Yesterday I called IRS and they said that my refund of the full amount has been DD on May 22nd into the bank of the preparer (H&R blocks account) funny thing they haven't told me of it when I called them last Thrusday on the 23rd...they are open Tuesdays and Thursdays to check on your returns if they came in...I called back to H&R after I called the IRS and told them what they told me that's it's in there bank account for a week now and why they haven't told me of it...the IRS gave me there routeing # ,bank account # and the phone # to the bank where's its at...I called the bank and ITS THERE FOR AWEEK NOW and there not letting me know??? She said it was a holiday??? She didn't call the main office (where its at) to check on it after what I told her the IRS told me and gave me...I told her I hope your not withholding my refund when it's in the bank right now and should have it by now...I called the main office and told them the same what the IRS told me and same with the withholding part they said there working on it now to send it to the office where I e-filed at...i called back a couple of hours later to check if they sent it...NOTHING they didn't send it...she got in trouble cause i called the main office thought she gave me there # told her I got it from the phone book...this is crazy...seems like there milking out there hours by withholding my refund and others probably...that's not fair and wrong to do could have been processed by now...what's the hold up anyway...I called back to the main office and they wouldn't answer there phone...would you do the same if it was your refund and waiting loooooong enough(16 weeks) for it to come in and it's sitting in the bank waiting and no ones telling you of it and knowing about it???? This is CRAZY AND VERY WRONG...tomorrows Thursday and I hope they got there priority straitened out like there's one...or explain to me why this is happen or something besides it was a holiday...they could have gotten it done the next day??? Maybe no cummnication??? This is CRAZY!!!!
      • The family and I are enjoying our refund now that we gotten a week ago:):):) on the 16th week that is...of IS...just keep calling the IRS and bugging your preparer of's hard to be patient but its worth it when it comes in at the right time...
      My return and 8379 was filed with the return electronically. Accepted on 02-28 and as of today 06-04 still not refund. 05-16 was the 11 week mark and on 05-17 the sent a referal. I spoke with a nice lady on 05-23 and she pulled the 8379 and processed it on the phone and said she has to allow 24 hours and she would manually release the refund on 05-28. Well as of today still no date and no money. I dont get these people but I call them every day for the last 3 weeks and the last to I get nothing new just that it is being worked on.
      • well as of 05-30 they requested the approval from accounting for the refund plus 5 bucks in interest for the delay.I am on hold now trying to get a date the check will be mailed. They cant to DD since the IS form is due to back federal taxes and it is all manual maybe they will have some good news today
      • As of Today the first rep says yes check was mailed on 06-05. then I talk to another rep later in the day to confirm the info and they say no there is not a check date yet. I swear what the heck do these fools look at it is really frustrating..

      This is our first year submitting form 8379. We filled our taxes back in February and a couple weeks later received an offset letter due to my student loans. My husband made most of the income. We filled it out and mailed it in after receiving the offset letter. About 3 weeks later I called and was told they had only received the form on 3/8 and was told to call back 8 business weeks after 3/8. I happen to call a week early and again was told that the 8 weeks were up that Friday and to call back that following Monday. So I called back on Monday 4/29 and explained to them that i had already called and was told my form was received on 3/8 and was told to call on 4/29 which was right after my 8 weeks. The lady that answered said she did not know why i had been told to call back in 8 weeks if the process could take anywhere from 11-16 weeks and told me to call back after 11 weeks. I decided to call back the next day and that lady was a little more helpful. She put me on hold to research our information and finally came back and apologized for the delay and said typically it would take 8 weeks since I submitted my form after filing our taxes and receiving my offset letter but did see a note on my account stating that they needed 45 days to process our form and also told me they were behind on processing the forms this year. She kindly told me my 45 days would be up on 5/10 and asked me to call first thing today 5/13. She told me that if nothing had been done with my return, they could submit a referral which would allow them 30 days.. So that is what i did at 7am this morning. Called and the guy that answered saw the note where it stated for me to call. He apologized and said that my claim was still being worked on and there was nothing he could do. I told him the lady i spoke to last week mentioned submitting a referral so he put me on hold to speak to someone and then came back and said ok i will submit the referral for you. So he NOW I have to allow them  up to 30 days to do something with my refund. This has been so frustrating, as we were depending on our refund to get on our feet. Has anyone had to request to have a referral submitted and if so, will i see something within 30 days? Does this by chance speed up the process or do they wait till that last day they have to process the form?

      • Amoni, Yes it is so frustrating. This happened to me also. I waited my 11 weeks. On April 29th I referral was sent. I called a couple of weeks later and my case was worked and closed on May 1st. On Monday May 6th, I noticed WMR's message had a slight change and I called the IRS and they told me a direct deposit date was issued for May 10th.

        When a referral is sent the Offset Department has UP TO 30 days to communicate via mail to inform you any problems with your case otherwise a Direct Deposit Date or Physical Check is issued.

        I was told that they are supposed to tell you it can take about 6 weeks to see your money after the case is worked and closed, but most times it doesn't take that long. In my case it was 10 days from case worked to funds given.

        Good Luck!
      • thank you for the information kmfdmangel....this gives me a little hope....So did you end up getting your check deposited on May 10th?
      • It will be 14 weeks for us on May 17. I starting to think we will never receive it.
      • It has been 14 weeks for us. I was told yesterday that since a referral was sent on the 12th week to the it can take up to 30 days for the injured spouse department to respond or issue our refund. This so ridiculous it should not take this long to do the return. I've called the number to see if there are any bills against either of us and there is not but we did the injured spouse to protect my husband so if a bill showed on me we can at least get his return. So should I call again and tell them we do not need that form or continue to wait for whenever they decide to get things done. This is very frustrating we need our return asap hence is while we filed electronically. We filed on 1/31 was accepted on 2/10 and still playing the waiting game. Ugh.
      • Filed 8379 with return on 1/31/13, Called IRS on 5/14/13 using 866-897-3315 #, two different agents said it will be deposited within 2 to 3 weeks. One agent elaborated quite a bit when asked if they can explain the process of the 8379 and what are the bottlenecks that delay the refund for so much time. Plain and simple like many of you have already pointed out, the 8379 has to be manually processed. This is becoming more difficult for the IRS to process in a timely manner. She said that more people are filing form 8379 every year. So, basically this will get worse every year until the process is changed.
      • This is absolutely CRAZY!!! When the Govt wants their money they just TAKE IT! We wait forever!~!! My Husband made all the money and I worked Part time. AES took our entire refund! He filed form 8379  exactly 14 weeks ago. He was NOT a happy camper. I am praying we soon receive the money.
      • They did the same with the referral...30 days response of y it's taken to looooong to get the injured spouse return...I'm on my 14th week still waiting...
      • GOT MY REFUND DEPOSITED TODAY!! Called them for the first time 3 days ago and BAM its in the bank.
      • @pat20081212-what # did u call?
      • Called irs yesterday and still processing!  I was told to call back on june 6th because it may be finished!  I sure hope so. Did anyone recieve their refund before 11 weeks????
      • 866-897-3315 its the IRS Holds Dept.
      • Finally!!  WMR shows DD is to be made May 23rd.  Return was accepted on 2/14.  I filed for the education credits also.  After many, MANY phone calls I found out that it was accepted on 2/18, went to IS dept on 2/21.  On May 10th I asked for a referral.  So for me, 14 weeks from date turbo tax submitted it to the DD date.
        Good luck to the rest of you, fingers crossed that the deposit actually shows up in my account this week.
      • @littlewop can you keep us posted on if you actually receive a check on May 23rd. I had a referral submitted on 5/13 and was told to allow up to 30 days but i called today and they are in the process of closing my account  now  and told me I "should" be receiving a check within the next 2-3 weeks. Just trying to figure out if it really takes that long or if they just give a an estimate amount of time to wait before calling again. Our check will be mailed out when all is done.
      • No problem :)
      • My status changed saying..."we have received your tax return and it's being proceeds"...does that mean I'm gonna get it soon???? I hope changed over the weekend...
      • I filed on 2/25 accepted on 2/26 filed both electronically. Done process on 3/4 went to IS on 3/7 they stated 11 weeks from this date which will be tomorrow. Status still says "processing". I am hoping we get something really soon. Plan on calling again tomorrow if I have not $ in my account. I have a feeling I will be one of those 14 week like littlewop...ugh
      • Money was DD today as promised, showed up in the account at midnight.  Good luck to the rest of you!
      • @littlewop-That is great news! Thanks for keeping us posted!

        I've been on the IRS calling like every other day...sometimes i get rude representatives but i called again yesterday and finally got a very nice lady who understood how frustrating this wait can be and explained to me that it was "OK" to call as often as i needed to. She even apologized to me at the end of our conversation for the delay in my check and thanked me for my patience. My referral was suppose to be sent in on 5/13 and she explained to me that they never even submitted it. BUT she did finally see a scheduled mail out date for me of 5/31. So i should be receiving my check the first week of june ...FINALLY! we filed the beginning of february, a few weeks later got offset letter, sent in form 8379 and it was accepted 3/8. finally after 4 LOOONNNNG months, i should be receiving my check :) We are only getting half of our original amount but something is better than nothing! Oh and the lady said they added an additional $7 of accured interest to my check for the delay....Good luck to the rest of you...and keep on the might get some rude workers from time to time but don't let that stop you from calling a few days later!
      • Called the irs today and they did a referral. The representative told me that it goes faster like that and told me that I should be receiving my refund before july 15. Hopefully it goes through cuz I have tuition to pay for.  Anyone had a referral and cares to share?
      • Have you received your refund yet? It has been 13 weeks  for us called the irs on 11th week they sent a referral and said it could be 45 more days
      • Hi Danielle if u are referring 2 me, no I have not received it yet. It hasn't been 11 weeks either.  But when I talked to the representative I told him I was in need of the $$$ by July 15 to pay for tuition,  it was then when he said he would send in a referral so that they would speed up the process. Im sure hoping to get something soon.
      • Jaq, just be careful, don't always believe what an agent tells you.  I was told by 2 seperate agents, and also read it on the IRS site,  that a referral can't be sent until AFTER your refund  is late.   They said if it is requested too early, then it could be kicked out.  So while the agent may have asked for a referral, it may have been kicked out of the system since it hasn't been 11 weeks yet.
        To be safe, I'd call again the day after your 11 week date, and make sure the referral was indeed sent and accepted.
      • You can talk to 3 people in the same day and none of them will tell you the same thing. I had one tell me that their system only updates every 7 days but to check WMR. I said how does WMR update nightly if your system only updates every 7 days. Makes no sense
      • Ive talked to 4 people so far and all but 1 was extremely rude. Is there a number and extension to the injured spouse department?
      • I just call the 8008291040 number press 0 a couple times a live operator will direct your call to injured spouse dept I am still waiting been 13 weeks filed mine separately from taxes
      • I call 800-829-0582  then 1 for english and extension 462 ans ask for the IS department
      • FINALLY received my check in the mail on Monday 6/3/13! it was only half of our original amount, but at least we received something. We filed beginning of February, received offset letter a couple weeks later and mailed form 8379 the end of February.  I called mid March and was told Form 8379 was accepted on 3/8/13 and to call back within 8 weeks of that date...called a week too early and was told once again to wait the full 8 weeks. I called again and nothing had been done with my form and was told to call back in 11 weeks. I kept calling regardless of when they would tell me to. FInally after the 11 weeks, they "supposedly" submitted a referral on 5/13/13 and was told to allow 30 MORE days for processing. Called a week later to check status of referral and was told referral was never even submitted! But that my acct had been closed that week and a check was schueduled to be mailed out on 5/31/13. We received check in mail on 6/3/13! Good Luck to the rest of you. It took a LONG 4 months from the date we orignally filed our taxes for us to receive our check, but we did finally recieve it! Just KEEP CALLING!!!
      • Update: I called on 5/28 to get my referral. Called again on 6/5 to check the status and to make sure it was submitted and accepted. I got a rude rep; but after a little rudeness back, they told me my hold had been released and I should receive a "check" in 2-3 weeks. Called again on 6/6 to make sure a different rep would tell me the same thing; and they did. So, I guess I will get a check in 2-3 weeks. I will keep you posted.

        OLDER POST: I filed on 2/25 accepted on 2/26 filed both electronically. Done process on 3/4 went to IS on 3/7 they stated 11 weeks from this date which will be tomorrow. Status still says "processing". I am hoping we get something really soon. Plan on calling again tomorrow if I have not $ in my account. I have a feeling I will be one of those 14 week like littlewop...ugh