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On WMR it says mine is still processing but i was able to order my return transcripts for 2012. What does this mean i even ordered them twice to make sure i was tripping

  • You cannot order the return transcripts twice. Once you have done so, it will deny you further requests until after 10 days have past.
  • can some one tell me how or when or wht a return transcripts for 2012 is also irs site says my We have received your tax return and it is being processed
  • I was also able to order my transcript but it still says processing
  • That means that the IRS is looking over your return and deciding if it will be accepted or rejected, then it will go to refund approval if accepted. Don't worry goes pretty fast once accepted :)
  • Hello my friends, was accepted on 01/26/2013 with school credits. WMR still says accepted only. However I was able to speak with agent just now and I have been approved with DD of Feb 27. He said WMR is way behind..
  • Just wanted to check in to wish u a good day,,,hang in there.
  • The number to call is 18008201040 ext 362, recommend calling early.
  • Rockobull71 are you sure about this number? I just tried calling and it says "Spirit Connection" some type of psychic hotline....NOT the IRS...LOL!!!
  • that should be 800 829 1040  no ext

    or you can call 800 829 0582  ext 362
  • Opps it is 18008290582 ext 362,  sorry working at desk with a bunch papers with numbers.LOL
  • @fourkids or anyone else~ whats the difference between your "account transcript" and your "return transcript"?
  • Account.. has your history of your account.. as in anything recorded wih them with your SSN.
    The return is for the year selected, that is the one you want, as it will have the information that pertains to the year selected, if completed processing.
  • Thank you so much for that info... :)
  • I was finally able to order my return transcript yesterday and still processing :( I filed 01/30 accepted 02/04 and have been processing with the tracker status bar all the way up until about a week ago then it's just been the generic still processing message without the status bar and still is after ordering my transcript... this is ridiculous, I have an eviction notice and if I can pay before the 02/26 court date I'll be safe.....hopefully it will come before then
  • call the advocacy line they will tell you whats going on with your return 1877 777 4778
  • I filed jan 15th and got accepted on the 25 and the orange bar went away on WMR and all it would say was still proccesing and finally last night I checked and the orange bar was back and it said approved and dd date is for march 14th its about [removed] time....
It means you ordered your transcripts twice. :P

Actually it is a great sign showing the IRS is done and they are set to refund you in the next 24-48 hours. Congrats.
  • but the WMR site says still processing what does that mean
  • I ordered mine and also got a review letter when the arrived so I don't know if being able to order transcripts means anything or not.
  • Same here. If any updates please let us know....
  • I was able to order my transcript also...@jayo3620 just give the irs system time to update...
  • I finally was able to order my transcript also just a few minutes ago after waiting for almost a month.  Things are starting to look up.
  • i finally was able to get mind transcripts too a few minutes ago.. but lets see now what happens. lol
  • ok i ordered my transcript, and it said something about getting it in five to ten days...does that mean my transcript request was approved?
  • yes
  • I was able to order my transcripts yesterday at midnight, wmr still has not updated, I aslo order twice thinking I was not seeing message correctly.
  • I was able to order my transcripts yesterday morning (2/21) and recieved a refund date this morning!
  • Same here...I ordered mine yesterday morning and received a date this morning as well
  • I checked wmr lastnight and it was still giving the processing thing again but then i tried to order a transcript and i was finally able to then i checked wmr again this morning my refund was approved and i have a dd for 2/26...Sigh THANKGOD!
  • .
  • I was able to order both types of transcripts but no update on wmr no ddd
  • This wasnt my first time ordering. Every other time i tried it told me they were not able to accept my request for a transcript at the time
  • my message changed to now having topic 152 after about two weeks of jsut having processing dd will be provided when available anyone have the same situation
  • I was accepted on 1/25 and it let me order a transcript yesterday...still no DD.
  • I ordered my transcript last week and still no ddd. This is B.S.
  • Mine still has the 152 and privacy act but nothing about a dd even the message you guys are saying about it will be provided when avail.  I can't order transcripts at all and for the past two nights it says can't find information but after midnight each night the orange bar comes back with recieved only any ideas or did anyone else have these issues.  I am so aggrevated, I filed on the 30th accepted on the14th and should be getting my money.  Still have no state either and I am in KY.  Anyone with me
  • I was able to order my transcript last Friday and have yet to get a DDD. THIS SUCKS!
  • i ordered mine tues night and i have no DDD. called yest and rep said my education credit  was under review and should receive a letter in two weeks, SMH!!!!
  • when were you able to order your transcripts this morning?  I think that it take like a day or two to get the DD Date
  • I just checked WMR and now its telling me that im entering my info wrong and cannot find it what the  heck this is mind troubling i wish the army had there on tax service it would be very useful
  • I am getting the same no info message , try calling wheres my refund . Mine says processing where I call , and no info on the web.
  • I was able to order my return transcript on yesterday and this morning I got a due date of 2/27 on WMR! I'm finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel!
I've been following these blogs for weeks now and this is my first comment. I was a early filer. Filed on 01/16 accepted 01/25 been in limbo every since.  Last night i was finally able to order a transcript. This morning i was expecting a change on wmr, but nothing. I called and waited on hold for about 30 mins. Rep told me i have a dd 2/27.  She said she doesn't know why wmr is not showing it. Fingers crossed :-). Good luck all
  • btw..i had the education credit as well
  • markeada619 What was the number you called?
  • i called 1-800-829-1040. Keep pressing ## till you get a operator. I told them i was accepted on the 01/30 and he put me through. Now the rep didn't want to look it up but i was persistent. Be nice and don't mention the education credit.
  • just wanted to get him update I called the IRS finally got through after a 45 min hold and was told that I have a DD for Wednesday February 27th, and was advised that if was not there wednesday to give it another 5 business days not calender days. So to speak my pain is now over thank you lord seems like that us 8863ers are at the end of this tunnel.
  • Yay...It's about time. Nice to see more people posting dd dates!!
  • @ markeada619 thanks for the post I filed mine the same time you did and I got my transcripts yesterday....I hope I have a DDD soon also...I wish each and every one of you good luck on your DDD
  • This awful nightmare has finally come to a end. My DD was suppose to be tomorrow 02/27. But this morning i woke up to a deposit. I wish everyone the best of luck.
  • btw..my Where's my refund has not gone to sent. It's still on the second stage approved. That thing is not reliable!
The Where's my Refund site is heavily overloaded with people checking their statuses. The IRS told me today on the phone it is crashing more than it's up and working. They went on to say it isn't updating as it should and to check your bank account daily to see if it was deposited if you can order your return transcripts. You can also ask your bank do you have any pending deposits. This will show you as well if you have one coming (per the weekend and it will be released Monday). Good luck.

  • I am currently in the same situation...i just ordered my trascript so i hope within the few days WOOHOOO
  • Me too! Finally able to order my transcript! I hope this means good news for all of us who have been looking for answers!
  • I agree its been a long time waiting for us....filed jan 27th but had educational credits hoping soon within few days
  • YAY!!! finally i was able to order my transcript for this tax year!!! ive been waiting for this this whole time getting pretty jealous and frustrated that everyone else who have filed after us early filers getting their DDD... I feel some sort of relief that i may see it on monday like the others :) crossing my fingers
  • What do you mean your ttranscript? Please clarify
  • when you are able to order your transcripts its believed that your refund is done processing. i have been waiting sooo long for my return. this year was pretty lame. i will wait next year till the ending of january to file my taxes so im informed on the latest/new tax information. i filed on january 4 and got accepted on the january 24. to read that people have been getting transcripts and ddd made me feel left out but i finally feel like its almost over. plus too the irs deposited $1 into my checking just yesterday morning-i thought that was weird. i was told it was a test deposit. im just glad that things are moving along for me!
  • on the irs site there is a link to order your transcripts which show your filing status address etc just info about your return. from what i have seen if you can order your transcripts it means you should be getting your DDD really soon
  • I talked to an IRS agent and she informed me that if you are able to order a transcript then your taxes are done processing...and that you should get a refund in 7-10 days....so I'm patiently waiting...
  • when you order it does it show you or is it mailed to you
  • were do you order transcript
  • I have a question for everybody I was he will to order my transcripts for my account transcripts in my return transcript. Can anybody clarify a what that means when I spoke with the IRS yesterday they said that my return will still being processed and that I should have my refund any day now and if I didn't have it by March seventh and or 8 to call them back and find out what the holdup is. Can anybody clarify what me ordering my transcripts means, does it mean that I should be getting my refund soon or should I just check back in the morning to see if I have a direct deposit date or should I call the IRS and somebody but me know what I should do thank you.
  • if you can order your transcripts that is supposd to mean that your your taxes are in the final stages of proessing your refund should be approved and you should be getting a ddd very soon. if you cant then they are still processing your taxes for whatever reason.
  • thanks for the help @ jessmore 2016, and yes I was able to order both of them I had to look twice sad when it says your requests has been received I should receive them within 5 to 10 days. I'm hoping this is the end of the proverbial 8863 hell, I will keep everybody posted  when I see my direct deposit date.
  • I ordered my transcripts received them and still no dd did receive a letter saying I was under review
  • did they say why
  • No and wmr it still says processing I did mine on 1/29 nothing different always the same easy 1040 said I will get them by April 16 and that was all
  • thats weird but what i have noticed is that most of the ppl who filed early are the ones being reviewed i ordered my transcripts today so i'll post if i get a letter but many of the feb filers with ed credits like me have rceived ddd already but imstill waiting on my ddd
  • John, i have been hearing that lot from people who said they order their transcripts. they said they never got  a DDD. i just wish u all luck
  • what day were you all accpted i was 2-14 and just was able to order a transcript.
  • accepted 2/15 filed 2/2
  • I was accepted on 2/14 and I was able to order my transcript today. Yayyy me!!! Hopefully I will be getting my refund soon.
  • i don't know if that is correct about the 7-10 days after ordering transcript!   i ordered mine on 2/6 - got them but STILL no refund!!  and no info other than "processing" on the WMR site!
  • i ordered mine tues so im in the same boat no DDD
Jayo when I talked to an IRS rep who told me that if you are checking the WMR site numerous times during the day that it will not update,She actually told me to hold on while she reset the the site for me.  I waited 24 hours and checked and was given a DDD of 2/26...maybe if you called and spoke to a representative and they reset the site for you, you could possble see an update...I hope this helps
  • I am not sure why a rep would say that, but they cant "reset" it for you.  WMR is a secured site, updated overnight usually between 3 and 6 am .
  • what department was that rep in cause i called an asked and they told me they could not do that
  • All I know is she put me on hold because she said she was "resetting" the WMR and the next day I got a DDD of 2/26...FourKidsToFeed are you employed by the Irs? If not stick to feeding your four...thanks!!
I was able to order nine too! But I still have the processing message. I hope this is good news! I think it is :)
    I could order my account transcript but not my return transcript, and wmr still says processing, a date will be provided when available. Hopefully by being able to order my account transcript it means that they are about to give me my ddd.
    • wherendo i order my account transcript and my return transcript
    • what does it mean when you can order an account transcript but not a return transcript anybody know.  I could order my 2012 acct. transcript but return transcript is not avail.
    • Ordering transcripts or being able to order transcripts just lets you know that yes irs has your returns and something is moving, but won't really be a determinate on your refund time.
    I was able to order my transcript on Monday my wmr said still processing till today it has a ddd of the 26th
      I just checked wmr and I it says approved with a ddd of 2/28!!! i'm so happy hoping it comes before so I won't have to be evicted
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