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How do i file last years tax return?

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  • How would I file last years Federal Tax Return?
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Last year?  You mean for 2011?

You can't do a prior year return online or efile it, but you can buy either the cd or download the desktop versions for 2008-2011  from Turbo Tax here....
(Look on the right side for years 2008 to 2010.)  You need to buy each year separately.

Or you can check for  Turbo Tax for all years on Ebay or Amazon, etc.

Either way you will have to mail in your return.  And if you are doing more than 1 year, send each year in a separate envelope. Sometimes the IRS will just staple all the sheets together and miss a second return.

Or if you have a simple return you can get the blank forms from the IRS and fill them in by hand for free
For prior year forms go to
And put 1040 in the search box OR put the year in the search box and select Revision date in the next box
  • Hi I can't answer your question but wanted to ask you if you sent yours in and if so have you heard anything back yet? I too just sent in my previous yrs return recently and was wondering how long it might take to get my check.
  • -Yes we have already sent it in and we filed at the beginning of march-It was accepted by IRS and we were suppose to get the refund between 3-14 and 36-21.And then we get a letter from IRS saying we are being audited they want proof of residence,rent receipts,light bills,marriage license,grocery receipts,repair bills and divorce papers and this was a real simple return.But because of so much fraud last year they are tightening down this year and we have to prove he is head of his household.So don't be surprised if you get a letter like this.Happy Waiting.
  • Oh sorry, but to answer your question are you getting a check in the mail if so then it could take 4-6 weeks even 8 weeks
  • okay so I sent mine in about 3 wks ago by mail of course. It is 6 to 8 wks from that time normally? also how did you find out when they were sapposed to be sending you your check? I can't check the wheres my refund tool cuz it only shows up this yrs taxes. Did you call and do the recording thing or was their a number you have?oh and thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question and good luck on the whole audit thing :( ps I have noty recieved any letters or anything for that matter from the irs, fingers crossed.
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