If I'm able to order my tax return transcript for 2012 does that mean I should be receiving my refund soon

  • Yes it does, but there is no reason to order a transcript just to find this out.
  • Thanks
  • I orederd mine two days ago still no dd date why ?
  • I have my transcript still no refund date!!!
  • I filed my taxes on the 5th of Feb it is now the end of April I'm wondering if I should be worried. I received a letter in the mail stating that I was under review and it would be completed on or before may 2...looks to me as if I'm not getting it because I would of heard something by now...they did let me order transcripts I'm hoping that's a good thing
ordered return transcript on 2/21/2013, made me feel good, but no DDD up! Still says 'refund still processing, refund date will be available when available  I was accepted on 1/30/2013. I haven't gotten anything in the mail, I have been reading these forums and you all gave me some hope ... just where is it? Lady told me on the phone, I can't order my return transcript if I am still processing (asked someone from IRS that for my wife because she can't order hers.) What now?!! 
  • I was able to order my transcript yesterday and this morning irs.gov is showing a DD of feb 27
  • will I need to call them? I had the topic 152 and now QI don't as of 2 days ago and now I don't.
  • I still havent got one i ordered mine 2 days ago???
i was able to do the same, did you get a.DD yet? irs.gov just says processing.
  • I was able to order mine 2 nights ago...got a dd this morning of 2-26!! I was accepted on 1/25...so it took 48 hrs after I could order my transcript to get my dd! Hope this helps
  • Definitely gives me hope. Thanks
  • I was able to order mine on Sunday and I kept waiting for an update. I finally called and was told that I am under review.
  • its crazy how the irs is finding ways to delay refunds, hopefully its system errors
  • Yes I was able to order my transcript (which i need for son's financial aid) and the next day I had a DD date on MWR. My DD date was actually 02/25 but I got it today!
  • Right, it's just making me so angry. I don't understand how I'm being reviewed for identity theft and the guy was really nice but couldn't tell me anything.
  • great amanda617..im keeping hope alive..worst tax year ever
  • Do the irs give DD dates on the weekend??
  • @amanda617 who do you bank with that put it in your acct early?
  • accepted on the 28th==1orange bar in processing==received a letter of review dated 2/4==2/18 my 21 days is up==finally able to order return transcript on 2/15==same day(2/15) orange bar gone & WMR says "still processing a refund date will be provided when available"==did not receive return transcript yet==NO DD!!
  • @snackery54 yes i finally got my dd date this morning
  • Did ur wmr show you're under review? Mine doesn't. I was finally able to order transcript yesterday morning and decided to call hoping to hear good news only to be told I'm under review; haven't received any letter they said was sent and according to wmr I'm just still processing. Ugh!
  • Got my DD date this morning also I guess if you can order your transcripts then 24 hours later you can get your DD date
  • Still no DD for me; this is so discouraging on WMR online and hotline it's not saying anything about being under review and reps are telling me different stories.
  • @jai50 i got no DD either  refund date will be provided blah blah blah.. still waiting for return transcript & 6 days past the 21 days.. called the offset number & no debt with the IRS or anything.. frustrating
  • I was told by one rep thatcim under review and should've received a letter dated 2/14.....I've gotten no such letter and according to wmr online and hotline it just says still processing. Accepted since 1/31.
  • * that I'm
  • I also have no debt or offset.
  • I did 2 days ago no dd date why
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