NO DDD FORM 8863 as of today, 2/21/13

I called the IRS this morning after reading some of the forum and seeing that a lot of people got the DDD of 2/25/13. I tried to request my Refund Transcript for 2012, and it was not available.

Called the IRS, waited for a while, but got a pleasant lady who really couldnt give me much more info.  All she could say was that they received my refund and I would have it 21 days after the accepted date (WHICH IS NOW 2/14/13, NOT THE ORIGINAL DAY THAT WAS GIVEN TO EARLY FILERS).  So, I should have my refund by 3/7/13.

I do feel frustrated, as everyone is getting different answers, and being told different things.  I told her that it is frustrating that the WMR site and hotline are giving me information that my return is being processed, when really it isnt yet.  I like many other no longer have a refund bar, no date, and no refund amount. Very frustrating.

I guess we just have to wait and see...just wish we had more answers, or a more specific date that we could expect our returns.
  • My return was excepted early and I received a letter from the IRS on the 21st day asking me to contact them they needed more information to process my return.  I did not have form 8863 but I had a credit from the interest on my loan.  I wait 21/2 hours on the phone.  a very pleasant man answered and asked me question about my 2011, I guess because last year I did get the American Education credit, the only thing he asked me about this years was were did I work, was I expecting a refund, and the amount of the refund.  After all that he informs me he will but it back in the system to be processed and it will take another 2-4 weeks to be processed! I know people that have reeived theirs in at least 5 days, you would think that after all that waiting they could some how put mine ahead of everyone that filed after me.  That was on 2/19 and I keep checking WMR but the status has not changed.  I figure what can I do but wait and pray they do not want to know some other irrelevant information becausw he did take a phone number where they could reach me just in case.  If I receive my by the end of the year I will be happy.  I thinking about going back to the paper route if I still is going to take this long to get a refund.
  • I am in the same circumstance. WMR says it is reviewing my taxes but hasnt changed for the past few days. I did my sisters without the ed. credit and she recieved her refund in a week! Jealous =) I am trying to be patient but I get nervous because last year there was some issue with me getting lost in the system and luckily I finally called to inquire and got the ball rolling again. Do you have a # that will get to an actual person at the IRS? Im sure it will do no good as they are flooded with people asking the same question as me.....but....its worth a try right?
  • The number I called was 1-800-830-5084. It will ask if you got a letter press 123.  The time frame for this number is 7:00 am ct to 9:00 pm ct.  Good luck I am hoping that wmr is wrong and I will get a text from my bank letting me know my refund has been deposited.  I also helped my son and boyfriend do theirs.  They got their refund in a week.  Good Luck again!.
  • I googled that number, that is for the review letters...
  • I am in the same boat...however...I was FINALLY able to order a 2012 transcript today, so I am assuming that means my return has finally been processed. But my status on WMR still says it is still being processed and a DD date will be given when available. My return was actually accepted on 1/24, but because of the ATC, not started processing until 2/14.
  • Same here,I efiled with TT on 1/10,was accepted by the IRS on 1/25.I was finally able to order transcripts late evening 1/22.Still no DD date for my either.Both WMR phone and WMR website still say being processed.
I really feel terrible, but I'm actually in two different situations. I filed 1/25/13, but wasn't accepted until 2/14/13, this morning I woke up and checked and I have a DDD of 2/25/13. HOWEVER, my partner who filed 1/16/13 and was accepted 1/24/13, is still showing as "processing." I guess at least one of us is getting our money, but I don't think it's fair all of the early filers are getting their money after the people that were accepted on the 14th. I would have gladly given my spot to an early filer if given the chance. Sorry to everyone and I do hope my partner along with all early filers receive a DDD or just their tax money soon!
  • Thanks for your sympathy!! Yes it is frustrating, as no one knew until after they filed their taxes that this delay was being put into place.  If I would have known I would have waited until the 14th to file!! I was just under the impression that if I filed early, TurboTax would hold my return until the IRS started processing on 1/30/13 (which they did) but we didnt know about the delay until afterwards.
  • Yes, that is what we thought as well. when my partner was accepted we were super happy, we thought wow you'll be one of the first to get your refunds. HA! Did they prove us wrong.
  • I think it's complete crap that those accepted on 2/15 have a DDD already. I was accepted on 1/24.
  • I was accepted on 1/24 as well. it sucks. I just wish they could give me a definite date as to when I can get my deposit.
  • I've been in the same boat as everyone else.  Yesterday I was unable to order a transcript and return was still processing.  After reading this forum I tried again and WAS able to order a transcript but status of WMR is still that same.  I will check tomorrow and report back.  Maybe just maybe there is light at the end of this fricking tunnel!!!
  • Were would my dd date be at
  • Mine were accepted on 1/24 also. Wmr says mine are still processing. This morning i was able to order my transcript which I need for school. I've heard that this is a good sign.
  • Update - after being able to order transcripts yesterday, this morning I have a ddd of 2/26.  FINALLY!  Best of luck to everyone.  Hopefully this will all be over soon.
  • I checked WMR this morning after waiting and waiting, I have that 8863 form and I filed early (1/26) and I (NOW) have a DDD of 2/26! Thank goodness I have something to look forward to in this mess! Good luck to all of you! I never called IRS or got a letter from them. Just checked WMR everyday :)
  • @trishpacheco422 & @mklare -- I also was able to order my transcripts this morning.  Do you guys still have no DDD yet? I do not. I am hoping tomorrow we will have a DDD as that is what most people are saying.  And I'm pretty sure it is updated through the weekend so lets keep our fingers crossed!!!
  • sd1234... same with me, i was able to finally order my transcripts this morning but no DDD yet.  I read a few places it takes 24 hours for the wmr to update after requesting your transcripts.
  • I also ordered my transcript today, am hoping tomorrow i  will have DDD. If the WMR is updated on the weekends!
  • Mine was accepted on 2/15 and we still do not have a date for direct deposit.  This is the first year in 11 years using turbo tax that we have had this much for doing better by myself and furthering my education.
  • Its the first time that I have ever known of this happening period. Its crazzy they say its all because of the fiscal cliff situation. So.......... wish everyone the best of luck
  • I was able to order transcripts last night, but am still showing "still processing" bull crap. Any ideas?
  • @Amber u prob have a ddd ...I no yesterday I called and a rep gave me my DDD 2/27 after she said I could order my trans:) wmr showed still processing unti this morn so tthere is a glitch with that
  • I ordered my transcripts late thurs night and got my date this morning so you should see something by Monday the latest
  • Yeah the WMR says "You may not have entered your information correctly. Please verify your personal tax data and try again." now. I ordered transcripts last night after midnight. I'm sure I have a DDD just not showing on WMR. The refund hotline says there is a delay in processing my refund. I called yesterday and they said there was no problems. UGH! But now they want me to call them. UGH! This is so frustrating.
  • Not everyone who submitted on 2/14 has a ddd.  I waited to submit until 2/14 and I am still processing.  In fact I was told yesterday that they didn't start processing the returns until 2/20.  There really doesn't seem to be any logic to their process.  It is very frustrating.
  • I now have an reference number 1541 and have been asked to call a certain number. I am assuming its because I completely forgot to file 2009 taxes but the lady I spoke with the other day and she said she would send me the forms and it wouldn't be a big deal. So I will see about getting those faxed Monday.
Just ordered my transcript. Hoping this helps to finally get a ddd. My b-day is on 2-27 and my wedding is on 3-15, refund would greatly help. :) my return was accepted on 1-26, and like everyone else who filed an 8863 early, this has been pretty frustrating.
  • How did you order your transcript? Mines cannot be found. Return accepted 2/14
  • i still cant order a damn transcript
  • Or you can call 18008291040 and go through the automated system I believe its the personal income tax info prompt you push then you'll hear transcripts that is what I did. But I'm still wondering bc wmr hasnt chamged
  • Me either this is so frustrating! Am I being reviewed audited what.  the not knowing is the worst I was accepted on the 14th and I filed on the 17th of January TT thanks the fear that I won't get a refund is driving me nuts!
  • Finally able to order my transcripts. I have been trying forever and it went through just now. Crossing my fingers for a DDD today or tomorrow. Accepted 1-26, Form 8863, been told everything from they cant find my return to error resolution, hoping for a DDD!!!!!
  • I am so excited I could cry!!!!!!  I was able to order my transcript just now!!!!  Filed 1-18, accepted 1-25, removed from limbo on 2-15.....hopefully a dd in the morning!!!
  • I was able to order my return also at 12:00am I know that it doesn't take that long for a DDD cuz that's what happen to my mom she process on 02/12 was able to order her 2012 return on 02/14 @7:00am and had a DD date that night at 9:00pm for 02/19 got hers 02/15 instead so I'm really at peace now
  • When do they update? Wheres my refund that is?
  • Omg yes! I just woke up and saw DDD updated on WMR! Gonna be DDD on 2-26-2013! Will be right in time!
  • Yes I have been approved and my due date is February the 25th. I also filed January 30th with an educational credit. And I also received my state Refund in the bank.

What is interesting is that I could not as of 7AM eastern time, but it is now 8:30 and it accepted my transcript request!!

WMR still shows the same date, no processing, just that dumb message.

But I am hopeful that as I am able to order my refund I will maybe get a date tomorrow?

There is hope people!! :)
  • that happened to me yesterday... got my ddd of 2/27 this morning!
I filed on 1/25/2013 with form 8863, accepted 2/14/2013. I received a status on WMR the day I was accepted. I checked every day throughout the day the past week. I could not order a transcript until this morning (2/22/2013. 7:30 am). WMR still shows the "21 day processing" message. I called the IRS and spoke with a nice lady who refused to look into my account. After further prodding, I was able to get a refund date of 2/27/2013.

On the other hand, I filed my dad's return on 2/7/13 (one dependent, no 8863), ordered a transcript on 2/14, but no refund date. His status on WMR shows the "21 day processing". Hopefully he will have his refund next week also. 
  • still nothing for me. still says processing.
  • I got a DD for the 26th accepted on jan 25th
  • I called as well because of something else and got a 2/27 ddd. @am2kds I would call, although you can't always believe what they say. Just yesterday I was told my return was rejected and I needed to refile, or that I was sitting in ers for 16 days. It's crazy.
  • @keeperslady77 I called Tuesday and they said they didn't receive my return until 2/18 even though TT said it was accepted 2/14. Tuesday on WMR it was like they didn't have my refund and Wednesday it said processing. I'm about to call now
    @am2kds I will tell then WMR told me to call
  • If they say anything about rejection or errors it's bs.
  • This is crazy I originally filed on 1/29. All I want is a date. I'm on hold now
  • yeah i understand i think you will have a DD by tomorrow b/c they update on sat also
  • I just spoke with someone at the IRS who said I am still being processed. And to allow 3 weeks from 2/14. So I guess I won't get mine until March.
  • Has anyone filed around February 3rd that didn't have a 8863 form,  still having trouble getting there return!
  • Yes a ddd of 02/27/2012
  • Me toooo I'm excited
Just got off the phone with a really helpful lady. Informed me that i was still in the error department simply because I filed early with education credit. Informed me that beside that I was processing just fine and as soon as I come out of that department ill have a ddd. She told me not to worry and just give it time. So ill just wait it out. She also informed me that I couldnt order a transcript until my refund was processed.
  • anyone no the turn around time for the bank turbo tax uses
I filed 2/3, accepted 2/ ddd, no transcript, still processing.  Are most people NOT in this boat anymore with form 8863???
  • I filed January 29th I believe, was not accepted, but it was automatically sent back in on February 14th. I Spoke with an IRS rep and she said my return was received on 2-15.

    I am STILL processing, and not able to order a transcript either. ... really losing hope. =/ Its so frustrating. Oh well. Can only sit back and watch.
  • yeah, I'm happy for everyone that is getting DDD's and their refunds, but I wish mine would go through too!  I'm sure it will, but I get a little impatient when there is a large chunk of cash involved lol
I filed 1/27
Accepted 2/14
Ordered transcripts 1/22
Called IRS 10 mins ago and got a DDD for 2/27.

If you are able to order transcripts then you should have a DDD within 24-48 hours.. This made my day!!!
  • oh fantastic!  We filed jointly, but only my husbands SSN worked.  Is that a problem?
I was told the same thing - 21 days from the 14th.  I GUESS that's acceptable.
  • Yeah I mean what can we do? I just hope it is 100% by 3/7/13 as I am leaving for a trip on 3/8/13 and am going crazy.  I have DEFINETLY learned my lesson on counting on my taxes for certain I guess we really never know what can happen with the government. Sucks.
  • Mine was accepted on the 14th and this morning WMR says DDD 25th and the bar says approved...also yesterday I ordered my 2012 transcript and it went through...I hope this helps someone.
  • Ch130 when did you originally file? I guess its like the rep from the IRS said today..every return is different and there is no pecking order to how they process them. It is just so frustrating because some of us have been waiting for over a month to hear anything..and they still have no answers for us.
  • @sd123 I originally filed 1/26/2013 but wasn't accepted until the 14th.  But what's strange was I found a post that a guy said he ordered his transcript then the next day the WMR updated with a DD date, so I order my transcript yesterday and this morning I see a DD I'm not sure whether if it's something with the system or just good timing...order your transcript and see if it updates tormorrow I think their system is broken.
  • @ch130 i tried ordering my transcript today and it says it is still not available...I'm going to try daily until it goes through, then i will know i'll get my DD date!
  • I had been trying to order a transcript for a while too and it just went through today so I am hoping to have a DD date tomorrow morning. I filed on the 24th and got an acceptance on the 25th. I had a 8863 form as well in my return. At this point I am not counting on anything until the 7th of March. I'm hoping sooner but I wont hold my breath.
  • I just order a transcript for 2012 taxes it said my request was I should recieve them in 5-7 days since it  accepted my request does that mean it's ordered please someone let me know??????????????
  • my request was approved forgot a word sorry
  • @Kayla.jacobson - this is what mines said yesterday when I ordered it and this morning I had a DD date. So check your WMR in the morning and you should have a DD date as well.  Your taxes are completed by the IRS if you were able to order transcripts which in your case you were able to that so congratulations!
  • what is wmr and how do you get on it
  • I was told the same thing.  The lady I just talked to told me that my return was out of the error resolution dept and was corrected.  Now, she said just wait the 21 days from the 14th.  That wasn't too much help but at least I know it is corrected and in the process of being approved.  This has been one heck of a tax season.  I am gonna wait until the day of next year to file because this is crazy.  Everyone that wasn't approved with the form until the 14th are receiving their DDD for Monday or Tuesday of next week. I don't understand why they didn't get the old filers out before trying to process the new ones.
  • do anybody know the date that their return went into processing? mines didnt start processing until yesterday and i was accepted on the 26
  • How do you order a transcript?  Thanks!
  • I filed 1/29 and accepted by IRS on 2/14 according to the website but when I spoke to the agent she said they didn't receive it until 2/18. Yesterday it went into processing
  • I got a DD for the 26th accepted on jan 25th
Mines starting saying that this morning also had topic 152 no direct deposit anymore so I called.  I was informed that there was an issue on their end because of bank info, but i should receive refund by 3/8 filed since first week of January all I can do is ...smh 
  • Yeah pretty much same story with me.  I am hoping that next week I'll be able to get my transcripts, since that is what people are saying is the first step to getting the refund..but I cant get my hopes up after all of this waiting and confusion.  Should have planned better and not banked on returns..but this has never happened before, and I know we are not alone.  Just wish they could speed it up a bit since we were the firsts to file!!
  • I was just able to order transcprt so will see
  • If you were able to order your transcript you might have a DD date tomorrow.
  • I just called IRS I filed with 8863 on 1/24 accepted on 1/26. Still processing on WMR    The guy I spoke to looked my info up and was able to provide me with ddd of 2/26
  • I filed with form 8863 on 1/31.  I was accepted the first day they took returns with this form which was 2/14.  I checked WMR this morning and it says that my refund was approved and would get DD 2/25.
  • @lisa711 what number did you call
  • 18008291040
  • Hello peoples!  I talked to a tax advocate yesterday and I was told that all of the early filers had to have their returns go through an errors department.  The wonderful lady on the phone said that anybody accepted before the 14th had forms that were incorrect.  I filed on 1/17 and was accepted on 1/25.  She told me that my return was almost done and should have a DDD sometime for the end of this week or beginning of next.  I did order a tax return transcript just a few minutes ago and it went through.  Crossing my fingers here.
  • Just ordered my transcripts and im wondering does this mean forsure my taxes are done processing? And what is the number to speak to a live person
  • filed 1/30, accepted 2/14 ddd 2/25 never ever file before the start of tax season! it sucks but im just so happy to know it around the corner.
  • I already received my return transcript   2/19. still no ddd. I don't believe everyone that can order a transcript is getting ddd . Great if you do though. Good luck everyone.
  • im in the same boat i ordered my transcript tues night but i have no DDD.  i do have the topic 152 now on my wmr but who knows
  • I ordered my transcript yesterday and received a dd of 02/26/13 today.
  • Well still not able to order a transcript, however I did call and LIE just so they can open my account. I contact the IRS this morning. After being on hold for only 2 min when the rep got on the phone I simply lied and told him I receive a letter in the mail 2 weeks ago a Cp04 letter and I told him I fax info stating that I was never in a combat zone....... He then transferred me to accounts where I was on hold for only 5 min or less. I told the same big fat lie to  MRS. SWEET Sweet Johnson. She  took her time to pull up my account and was very nice about it. She came back to inform me that there was nothing wrong with my return other than I filed to early.  She then gave me a ddd of 02/27. I filed on 01/10 and was accepted on 01/24 and I did have form 8836. Shame that you have to stoop so low just to get answers. I help with filing over 300 returns using TurboTax and I have to say they really did drop the ball this year.
    "Tax Experts" will never allow this to happen if they knew filing early will delay our refunds,,, smh only upset at myself tho. This will be the last year I will use this service. Not telling you good ppl to lie but hey.......Hope its helps somebody! Enjoyed the info .

    She said Next Year Don't File Early!!!
  • Sometimes system does not work I filed a friends taxes he recieved his refund 2/13 tax transcript  2/16 but wmr says still processing just check your bank it's seems to be more accurate than system
  • Your tax transcript should included a date for refund I spoke to its agent stated can only get transcript once taxes have completed processing
Filed 1/31. Accepted 2/14. Called today and was told they couldnt find my return. I would need to refile. But wmr says processing. I'm sooo frustrated!!
  • Dont believe it. I filed and was rejected 6 times. They couldn't find my return I just called 3 times today and the last lady I spoke with said it was there. I wonder where they find these people.
So even if your able to order transcript it doesn't mean u will have a dd date
  • yep i orderd mine tues night and i have no DDD
  • Did u call them cause they told me once I can order one then my return has been processed
  • I also filed early with form 8863 accepted on 1/25 per TT, processed beginning on 2/14 per the IRS rep. Received the generic response of "wait 21 days from the date of processing". Ordered my transcripts on 2/21 and checked WMR this morning with a DD of 2/26. I am praying that everyone receives an update ASAP!!!!
  • Shevonne,, exact same thing here. Glad you are getting yours, too. :) Good luck everyone!
  • Great news all of my 8863 filers I was accepted on 1/25 according to TT but do to the 8863 form they started processing on 2/14 I was finally able to order my transcript Thursday morning 2/21 and this morning 2/22 I checked my status and i have a dd date of 2/26 =) the wait is finally over I'm soo excited everyone hang in there your money is coming :)
  • My refund amount disappeared but I was able to order transcript. Any idea what that means
  • I was able to order transcripts last night at 1130pm, should I get a ddd tomorrow,
  • Yes I have been approved and my due date is February the 25th. I also filed January 30th with an educational credit. And I also received my state Refund in the bank.
  • Deniyahlenae08 the same thing happened to me on 2/21/13 and than this morning I had a dd date ........ You should get yours in 24hrs good luck
  • Keeperslady yes u should recieve your dd date tomorrow good luck :)
  • I was able to order my transcript last night
  • I wasn't able to see my refund amount as of yesterday.
  • Early accepter here 1/24 ordered transcripts last night and have a DD of 2/26 Yeaaaaaaaaaa buddy
  • Just popped up this morning
Filed 1/30... accepted 2/15 at 3am... No DDD... Not able to order transcript... Called and got the "we have 21 days... " speech. SIGH!!!! 
  • I was accepted on 1/25 with the 8863 form, finally able to order my transcripts today.  I called the IRS and got a very nice woman who told me that my DD is 2/27 even though the website and automated line just say processing.  It seems that those two systems might not be communicating with the IRS system...
  • I'm still not able to order my transcripts though... so my return must not be through "processing" and accepted. It's partly my fault though... My initial return went through early 2/14 but was rejected because I fat fingered my ss# LOL!!! So when I fixed, it didn't go through again and become "accepted" until 3am on 2/15. First year doing my own taxes on I go and mess it up... such  life!!! ;)-
  • So, I just called TT and for some odd reason the lady tried to tell me that the IRS is responsible for giving me a refund for the funds that I was charged to prepare my return with TT.  I am so confused as to why she feel that the IRS should give me a refund.  She said that since my fees are being taken out of my refund that they are the ones that should process a refund for the fees.  Am I confused but don't the IRS just transfer the refund amount and then SBBT bank takes out the fees that I am being charged for preparing my taxes via TT.
  • That's exactly wat I told my sister
  • @meka that's not right ...I prepare taxes and what happens is...there is a box that asked are u a preparer if u chk yes with most tax software it will ask if u want fees deducted and u will then direct that to a separate that's weird info they gave u
  • That info.. Maybe our preparer didn't opt for that?
  • *your
  • @llatisha60 Yeah, I gave up from trying to explain to her that, that didn't make any sense.  I even asked her do she think that the IRS is gonna me an additional $100 and she was like yeah because the fees are taken by them.  I just laughed and got off the phone.  It really amazes me that these people think that we believe what they say.
  • Oh and get this... Even though I got an email from TT stating that my return was accepted on January 24 she told me that it wasn't accepted by the IRS until Feb 1... Clearly this lady just wanted to piss me off.  So why did I get an email from TT stating that my return was approved on Jan 24... hmmmm
  • @ Meka was accepted on 1/24 so I told a rep that about two weeks ago ...she got real quiet as if I had offended her lol...she says NO U WERENT THATS NOT POSSIBLE ...ummmm hopefully the system will be alot better next yr..I no they "the reps" are just following wat they are being told to say....even tho the attitudes aren't necessary.... Gud luck every one
  • @llatisha60 Yeah, I hope so too because this year is ridiculous.   I am really gonna try to hold out and file my taxes next year once the IRS is open and running.  I had a delay last year and this year it's a lot worst.  I just hope that we all see the light sometime soon.  I hate depending on something and it doesn't fall through.  Well, I try to look at it as it will at the right time.  When I really really need it.
  • Filed 1/13 accepted 1/24 delayed until 2/14. Was still processing on 2/21 according to wmr. Read this forum 2/21 saw the posts about ordering transcripts so I did. Woke up 2/22 with a ddd of 2/27!!!! Thanks so much for the info. I was so discouraged.
Congrats to everyone that has seen a positive update to their WMR status!!! For everyone still in limbo I'm still praying for changes to everyone's status ASAP!!!!
    Filed 1/28/13 state was accepted 2/8/13 got refund. Federal was accepted 2/14/2013. No ddd 8 days later ordered transcripts today 2/22/13. Will check for dd. Fingers r crossed.
      Question: Anyone that got a scheduled refund date, was it in your account that day, and were you able to see it pending? 
      • My friend ddd was 2/25 she got hers 2/22
      • my WMR is back received and processing... but i had a date for 2/26
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