I haven't received my federal income tax refund yet and turbotax said i would get it before february 20th. I had educational credits, but i got an e-mail saying they started processing those on the 14th. why do i still not have my refund?

  • i dont why i dont have any refund i did every thing i was told to on the compuer i dont why you havent got my imformation i call turbo tax they dont why is happening can let no please thanks
  • Me too I haven't gotten anything...this is not good
  • I am having the same issues I was told it was accepted on February 14 and I am also still waiting.  Is anyone out there that can help us figure this out.
  • same here when i call the refund phone number said i would have to wait 21 more days been there done that wow
  • Samehere still waiting getting upset
  • It should be here after while
  • Im waiting also.so im not alone..i was starting to loose hope i thought i got audited for some reason or another
  • Can turbo tax provide customer service for once what's their problem
  • Yeah, I'm having the same problem. Asked turbotax to call me, of course they haven't yet
  • still no refund - it was accepted on 2/14 with education credit and the irs says it's being processed.  i have friends that have gotten their refunds and had education credits- so i don't get it.
  • most people who have called have said that people with the education credit have to wait until the 18th of March every time i call i am not able to talk to a real person i gotten my state but not my federal and i was also accepted on the 2/14 and mines still stay processing the irs should say sometime about what is going on because a lot of people are waiting this is so messed up
  • I had to hold 45 mins almost my whole lunch just to talk to lady that said , her 2 screens show everything ok so far it is just still processing. I filed jan 30th, TT said excepted 14th but IRS said 15th and she said give it 2 more weeks keep checking website.
  • I'm sick of it saying still processing,, this is pissing me off! I was told to look around March 11th and i'm like WTF is going on, this is taking a long time, last year I did it through TAXACT and I had my return on the 22nd of Februry!
  • Im having the same problem as everyone else! did u guys recieve ur pre-paid cards atleast? we got the card, but no money. it was supposta be on by the LATEST ths morning. ppl depend on this stuff, ass we should!
  • Does it say ur process when u guys call in? or when u do the "wheres my refund?" thing? i cant get any info back at all when i enter my info there.
  • Mines still says processing on both
  • My Federal was accepted on 2/1, I received my state refund , but all they tell me is that the federal is being processed , I was supose to have a direct deposit, and received a check for the state. WTH !
  • Mine is processing on website and when I called IRS, also.
  • I finally got an irs agent on the phone mine also says processing and i was told to mail in my return because there was an issue processing my return
  • My refund was sent to the bank last Wednesday, but Netspend claims they don't have it. WTF? Netspend says call Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax says call Netspend. Losing faith in this process.
  • I still have no dd date is anyone else like this????? Are we going to get it or is something else we have to do????
  • have u tried calling i dont trust the WMR so i called little did i know the wanted copies
  • xiomaracarlos , what do you mean they want copies..who told you that. when did you call?
  • I called lat wednesday because it was on processing dolng they said they haddiffculty porocessing andthey need copies of the taxes w2 and school forms
  • I wonder if we do too
  • at this point call and ask to speak to acct manager as long as u write copies in red on the forms its ok that way they dont think u are filing twice
  • Did they say why u needed to send copies
  • no that was is so damn fustrating im calling again tomorrow cause i sent it overnight mail i have never waited this long for a refund ever
  • Well I am waiting along with all you guys, I received a letter from the IRS yesterday requesting me to call in with both this years and last years returns so the can verify my identity, because they are trying to crack down on fraud.  I don't think that is the issue with everyone, but just to let you guys know.  I called them earlier this week and they did not say this to me, so they might not be giving correct info when we call
  • Just got of the phone with the IRS. A guy told me that someone else is trying to collect my refund. They said there will be a letter in the mail give it up to 10 days that tells you what to do and how to resolve this issue. The way the guy sounded as if I am not going to get my taxes this year because some stupid Identify Theft Fraud. I hope they just don't know what they are talking about. Then again, I have had the worst luck my entire life. Guess I'll wait for the letter. This really makes me upset.
  • Still waiting for my refund...WMR says still being processed. I called last week and finally talked to someone from the IRS. She told me they found an error on my return on the 25th of Feb but the error was resolved the same day and it could take up to 4 weeks from the 25th to get my refund!!??It has been exactly 2 weeks today and still nothing. Im glad I can't pay my rent this month because of this BS. If anyone on here that is in the same boat does get a dd date or their money please let us know!!!
  • I filed on January 24th.  Just got this two minutes ago.....

    Refund Status Results

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
  • ya that's what mine says... was that the first time you checked today??.they change it daily but say you don't need to check it more then once a day due to that fact that they usually update overnight..soo I guess we shall check again tomorrow!!
  • My return got was accepted on jan 25 and still have not gotten my direct deposit What number did you call to reach the irs
  • Can anyone give me the number to the irs where humans answer the phone? Im tired of the recordings i need answers
  • No dang refund! My cousin & filed same day wit education credits on jan 23..he got his on feb 27th. Im still waiting & waiting!
  • Still nothing for me filled 1/29 acceppted 2/14 into processing 2/15 still in errors lady told me yesterday that they had no more days left to hold it in errors and she faxed a refferal paper to have them release it back into processing
  • I received my letter yesterday afternoon telling me to call a 1-800 number. In the letter it says before we can go ahead and proceed with your taxes you will need your prior year return. I waited 96 minutes on the phone and was ask a series of questions. I passed all the questions, and they said we are now going to take your refund off hold and put it into the processing department. Please wait until 4-6 weeks before checking to see if you have your refund.

    First filed: Jan, 04
    Accepted: Jan, 24
    Started processing: Feb. 14
    Waiting time:  4-6 weeks
  • I talked to TT to see even if I don't have my refund do I have to still pay them for their services. They told me that you will eventually receive a series of emails 3 to be exact, stating what you want to do and how you want to make a payment.  I have no money until I get my refund but by the time I get it they will already have got their money. I have an overdraft limit and I will be in the negative when they do this which they will cost me an overdraft fee as well. I got upset and said, you shouldn't get your money until I do, after all you are the one's that did my taxes. It's not my fault the taxes was put on hold. Everything I entered was correct on the forms.
  • it is a shame that we have to wait as long as this when we filed early its not fair at all
  • 1800-829-1040 just keep hitting zero it will send you to the operator
  • yeah you're right it is a shame that we have to wait this long.
  • Kalleyann: I was told the EXACT same thing 3 weeks ago when I called. I'm currently on hold with the IRS. They are saying my wait time is only going to be between 7 and 10 minutes, but we'll see. I was accepted 1/30/13. Claimed education credits so they didn't start processing it until 2/14/13.
  • Same here Accepted the 14th said I would have the refund by the 8th
  • Its march 13 and still nothing and I was told the 8th also
  • same here told 8th
  • My boyfriend files ours at the same time both direct dep. qwll he for em the following week... And I still haven't for mine. But when I went online ro xhk turbo tz it's says their was none filed so idk why they wldnt b
  • Same here, i dont understand but mine was accepted the 18th of feb and said it should be here before march 12 and still nothing and the irs status is saying processing tax reason 152
  • i still have nothing myself  accept on 2/14 because of education credit.  I call 2 time in the last 2 weeks was told about a cp05 letter witch i never ever recieve as off yet.. just want this be all over with all ready..
  • I have not received any letter or anything and I ines still say processing was suppose to have it on the 8th and still nothing and I had the education credit I seen that a lot of people have said there was some kind of problem with returns that were done b4 february 22 I don't know what is going on TT should say something about what is going on I just want my money I will wait friday then I will call the irs and hopefully b able to talk to someone
  • I just talked with a rep, to see if anything is wrong and she just said something went wrong on their side I didn't really understand because this is my first time filling, I did use school credit and did receive my first check n the mail, to clear it up I just asked her is there an error on my part she said no and its just processing so keep checking the website, so maybe we just have to wait the hole 6 weeks but its frustrating like I'm having a baby next month and I want to be fully prepared, but I can't do anything but wait
  • Same problem here. I'm glad to see it's not just me though. I hear audits suck. Maybe this is a sign that the government really is broke and we're all screwed. Here's to hoping we get out money soon :).
  • Well this is messed up I called the irs and got a lady that would transfer me to someone to talk to and she transferred me back to the recording system.  I am tried of waiting we should be able to know where are money is at
  • jdipp0217-wow let me know what they tell you once you get someone on the phone...if the wait time is not that bad today I may try and call as well
  • http://www.forbes.com/sites/kellyphillipserb/2013/03/12/hundreds-of-thousands-of-taxpayers-thought-to-be-impacted-by-education-credit-snafu/
  • Hey I found this on yahoo news..  What this is saying, it is the tax prepares fault because of a glitch in their software. Not the IRS fault.

    Due to an editing error, a previous version of this article incorrectly characterized the IRS’s statements.

    A tax-preparation software glitch caused more than 600,000 returns to be filed incorrectly, delaying refunds by as much as six weeks, the IRS says.

    H&R Block, the nation’s largest tax preparer, confirmed that its software failed to fill out a mandatory field on Form 8863, which is used to claim educational credits. The IRS would not say what percentage of the roughly 600,000 faulty returns came from H&R Block HRB +0.18%  , but the company received thousands of complaints on its Facebook page and on Twitter. An Internet search did not yield similar complaints against other tax preparers.

    The snafu is affecting about 10% of the 6.6 million tax returns containing Form 8863, IRS spokeswoman Michelle Eldridge says. Those taxpayers may have to wait six more weeks before they receive their refunds, she says, adding that the IRS is hoping to reduce that wait time.

    H&R Block confirms there is an issue with tax returns filed before Feb. 22 because the IRS changed the way it processes some of the yes or no questions on the form. While in previous years, leaving a field blank to indicate “No” on certain questions was acceptable, the IRS is now requiring preparers to enter an “N.” As a result, H&R Block says, it is working with the IRS to clear these errors, but the company would not give details on how it is correcting returns or exactly how long taxpayers will have to wait for their refunds. The IRS says it is able to keep processing these returns now that it is aware of the system-wide error, but that affected taxpayers will still face delays because of extra steps needed to correct the issue.

    The error is creating delays for taxpayers who, following the fiscal-cliff deal, already had to wait an extra two weeks before filing their returns, many of whom were counting on their refunds to pay their bills.

    Leslee Napier, a 26-year old nursing student in Princeton, Ind., prepared her return with H&R Block on Jan. 24 so that it would be one of the first returns accepted on Feb. 14, when the IRS began processing forms for education credits. But weeks after her return was supposed to be accepted, the “Where’s My Refund” tool on IRS.gov said her return was still being processed. It wasn’t until more than three weeks after her return was supposed to be accepted that an IRS agent told Napier her return was being held because of issues with Form 8863 and that it might be four more weeks before she receives her refund. “I was worried all this time that I did something wrong or that I was being audited,” says Napier, who is waiting on her refund to pay off a $600 line of credit she opened with H&R Block in December to get her through the holidays. Meanwhile, interest charges are piling up, she says, and she is waiting to catch up on bills and buy new clothes for her 2-year-old daughter.

    For students, the delays come at a time when many are facing state deadlines for applying for financial aid: the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the form for applying for federal financial aid, requires tax information. Elizabeth Havens, a student in South Carolina, says she took a copy of her return to her school so that she could move ahead with her financial aid application while she waits for IRS approval.

    Students still waiting on their returns to be processed can manually enter their financial data on the Fafsa and then return to update the information once their returns have been accepted, according to the IRS.
  • I read through the articles a TT rep replied to someone's comment by basically saying the glitch with H&R has nothing to do with Turbo Tax. Hmm do we believe this??
  • I really think this is some bogus statement they are telling people because they do not have any answers as to why refunds are being delayed.  i filed my cousin's return same day as mine with education credits & he received refund on feb 27 & Im still waiting. WTH
  • a friend told me to go to CNN Money.com for info about delays.
  • What number did you call to actually get an IRS agent?  I have tried the phone number and I just keep getting an automated message and then they hang up on me.
  • i need the right phone number
  • could you please give the number that you called because every number i have tried i can not get a live person thanks
  • It would appear we are all screwed... so much for the education credit ... 6+ weeks delay?
    Awesome ... I love how it says Turbo Tax users were not affected ... clearly that is BS
  • i got that same message almost 2 weeks ago, what is going on?
  • Everyone I am affected as well call 1-800-829-1040 prees 2 and then 0 to speak to someone thats the only way to speak to a live agent.
  • my tax returns got accepted in the 21 Feb. and is says is still processing ... :( is been 3 weeks now
  • My return was accepted Feb. 14th. I received a letter from the IRS requesting tax information from 2011 and 2012. I answered all the questions and all the woman told me was that it would be an additional 4-6 weeks until I received my refund.
  • I am having the same issue as everyone above...unfortunately, those that have been flagged with Identity Theft Issue is a huge headache! We were flagged in 2010 (for our 2009 tax returns) and did not receive our tax refund until October 2010.  They did provide a pin to use the following year, which did not cause any issues last year (although we owed money for 2011).  This year however, not sure what is going on.  Our returns were accepted for federal and state on March 4th and are now showing as "flagged...please contact IRS".  I filed a form 8917 for tuition...not sure if that form is impacted as well.  In either case, on hold for an hour and no one picked up.
  • I am in the same boat..  accepted 2/14, it is now 3/21 and i just got an email that turbo tax is debiting my bank account for their processing fee because my refund has not been made.  I called the IRS on Monday the 17th and they gave me another 6 week timeframe.  They didn't indicate I was flagged, she said that there was a delay in processing the education 8863 forms and this is the reason for the backlog.  She said be patient..  Honestly, if everyone is claiming big credits..  wouldn't the money accrue interest as its sitting there?   Total crap
  • I also heard that the gov't erroneously gave 4 billions dollars of refund money for education credits that they shouldn't have over the last 4 years.. maybe Obama is just making sure that doesn't happen again.  Can't say I blame him.  He's overseeing the education loans too.. apparently there was a lot of shady stuff happening in prev. administrations.  but, of course, no one will give him credit for that.
  • That's exacly what they did to me.
  • i am in the same boat as everyone here. I have been waiting over a month for my return. I need the money I am getting for my 2 kids. This is highly upsetting.
  • Thats the same thing that happend with me, ANY luck so far?
  • still no luck with mine. its so irritating having to wait so long
  • I have a dd of 3/27 but still no sign of money ???
  • Within an hour of filing my taxes I was sent two emails stating that my Federal & State refunds were both accepted and approved. By choosing to have it directly deposited in my bank account it said I'd get my refund within 24 to 48 hours....now when I check the status it states that I'll get my refund within 21 days. Why am I being told one thing when I'm paying for the extra Turbo Tax packages and expect to get my refund fast especially since my refunds for both federal & state were approved and accepted so fast. I feel like I was douped!!
  • I've gotten a 4883c letter too, and got verified, but had no education credits to report? Still waiting.
  • i bet you have a substantial refund due you though, right?  stall tactics.
  • Filed my taxed feb 3rd was accepted feb 4th recieved form 4883c feb 26th verrified same day. No word for almost 5 weeks called several times they couldnt tell ne nothing. Finally called the tax advocacy and with in 4 days i had a refund date of april 4th. My recommendation to all is call them they will help u.
  • What was the tax advocacy telephone# you called xxdoodlebug11xx?  I'm in the same boat as you and everyone else.  I have called the 800-829-0582 x 352 and 800-829-1954 and the only thing they can tell me is that my taxes were corrected by the software company on 3-7-13 and that it would be 4 weeks after that, but my thing is why is turbo tax not owning up to their part is this obvious huge error on both there end and IRS end because I was told by IRS that it is just a big mess this year as far as these education credits etc.  I was accepted back on 1-26-13with education credits and then all this stuff came out about then not taking returns with form 8863 on them until 2-14 and I have been calling every week for over a month and still do not have any more information or a deposit date on my money.  I am beyond frustrated at this point.
  • Also, xxdoodlebug11xx will you update us and let us know if you get your return tomorrow please?  At least you have a date of 4-4-13 and I don't think the rest of have that all my keeps saying is still being processed and return date will be provided when available.
  • rissa35 mines is saying the same thing and has for awhile i am not sure if anyone with a education credit has received a refund and it sucks because now turbo tax wants their money for filing and i have not even gotten a refund yet and i have already received my state which wasn't much awhile ago and i am still waiting on my federal
  • I am in the same boat as all the rest of you. I don't know what is going on, but the IRS website says that we should receive them early to mid - April. I hope this helps some you all, I know this is frustrating, I am too.
  • SO, here is my update on having a delay for education credits,AND the identity theft verification:::
    I called tax advocacy (1-877-777-4778) with hopes of some valid info. Wait time was about 7 min. The nice woman I spoke with informed me that the verification process delayed my refund and was just closed as of yesterday( coincidence, sure..But I had to call and verify my identity with my 2011 tax return info on March 18 in the Morning). So it would be another 4-6 weeks before I get my refund(hopefully). I've given up stressing over my refund that was to be used for tuition, childcare, books, and wedding expenses for my 9/21/13 wedding..Well now the stress is that I need a copy of my refund transcript for my college's financial aid dept in order to process my aid for summer qtr--the paperwork is due 4/28/13. Without my taxes being processed, they cannot provide a 2012 tax return transcript. The woman did tell me I can call 1-800-4FINAID and ask if there is any other acceptable forms to process my financial aid for summer. The gov't really effed up. not only do the students who are STILL waiting for their refunds need the transcripts by a few weeks, but if we don't get those transcripts by the deadline we're screwed for financial aid for summer quarter. it's all a catch 22 and some serious BS!
  • Dam I thought I was alone to man now I'm not as mad
  • We filed on March 10th...no money yet.  Did file an education credit.  This is really rought...especially when people DEPEND on this money!  Are people still waiting for the money?  If you filed earlier than March, how long did it take to get your money?  Thank you for any advice you can give...
  • @jessicahite1 u are not the only one still waiting I to am still waiting and I was accepted on Feb 14 no one knows what  is going on every time I call the Irs I get a different answer from people but supposedly there was a problem with processing the refunds with the education credit
  • we were all ACCEPTED!  right??  If they''re blaming this on software error or pointing fingers at Turbo Tax and H&R Block, then they should have sent us a REJECTED status!!   they better pay us interest!!   facebook.com/8863club is a good place to go to now to find out how to contact your congressman and get on board with the hundreds of other people that are in this situation.
  • I have a an update i just check the WMR site and it says that a refund has been scheduled to be sent to the bank on 4-12 and if the refund is not credited to my account by 4-17 i have to check with my bank to see if it has been received.  Hopefully i do get it i am tried of waiting good luck to everyone else
  • i still have nothing
  • Same still nothing. I'm beyond frustrated with this whole process..
  • I am would just the like to update everyone that returns are coming I have received my refund this morning into my bank account I had the education credit and was excepted on february 14. So its coming I just wanted to update everyone
  • Congrats gbabyt1002!  Glad to hear at least someone has gotten their money after this long wait.  Mine is still saying the same thing it is being processed and I have called IRS so many times its not funny and all they can say is nothing is wrong with it and to keep waiting WHICH BS cause I got rent to pay and everything else and need my tax info. for school for summer semester.
  • I received a 4883c letter and verified on March 11th. I have education credits and well they told me to wait additional 4-6weeks after been waiting since February. Monday will be 5 weeks and still no DDD. WMR says still processing. I am very frustrated.
  • Still no change on WMR here...filed in January...processing since 2/13
  • I filed the first week of Feb. Where's my Refund says it is still processing and no date available. I cannot get in touch with someone over the phone it will only allow me to use the automated system. I am so frustrated and have no idea what to do... Looks like I am not the only one. Can someone tell me how to get a rep on the phone when I call... it won't let me and I have tried every way I can think of.
  • safountain1, I am sorry you're not able to get in touch with a rep. I recently got in touched with an IRS rep and she was very nice. She informed me that my taxes was kicked in the errors department that's the reason mine still says processing as well. When it goes into the errors department the taxes have to be reviewed manually and once finished then they can give you a DDD. Here is the number I called. The wait time is usually 10-20 minutes.

    1-800-829-0582 ext.362
  • Safountain1, I am in the same boat as you. I just got off the phone tonight with an IRS rep and she said that I was one of a few people who were hit with a "double whammy" with both the education credit (form 8863) and the First Time Home Buyer Credit repayment.  Apparently, this year TT managed to not apply the $250 repayment for both my wife and I on the FTHBC repayment like they have done in previous years and just applied it to myself. Therefore, according to the IRS, the forms ended up showing that we were about $250 short and they are just now getting to about 800,000 people that had this same issue with the FTHBC.  The long and the short of it is that she told me, even though I have been told by numerous reps that I will receive my refund by the end of April/beginning of May, that more than likely it will take 6-8 weeks from today.  So, in other words, if you are like me and had an issue with the 8863 and the FTHBC issue with TT, then you are SOL and you can only hope to get your money by June or July.  So, unless TT wants to make things right and admit their screw up with the software this year and make things right, or the IRS wants to administer good faith pay outs, then it could be a really long time until we get our money.  SO PISSED RIGHT NOW!!! Hope you have better luck than I do
  • rayost85  Yes I was told the same thing about the two errors.  And TT did not  take off the payment even when I answered that I owed it.  They told be that It would be 9 weeks from March 4th I think.  But anyways  she said I should have the money by april 6th.   Are saying that is no so now,  WTF.
  • bet53, I've called them a total of 8x and i have been told 4-6 weeks from March 4th, 4-6 weeks from March 9th, 6-8 weeks from from March 12th and 9 weeks from March 12th, all leading up to this last call where I got the response of 6-8 weeks from Friday, April 19th.  I flipped out on the lady and she said that she is going to do a "personal referral" for me which means that she is going to track my status and contact me when there is any movement regarding my refund.  I have a hard time believing that, but in either case, there is no way of knowing for sure when I'm getting my money.  The issue is, that the FTHBC is just now starting to be processed because they are back logged by 800,000 of these, according the lady a recently talked to, even though, the WMR site has said for the last month that mine is processing.  Obviously processing to them means sitting in limbo.  On top of all of this, i very well could be getting back $250-500 less than what I was supposed to get.  Hopefully TT makes good on their refund amount guarantee if they make a mistake... hope you have better luck going forward than it sounds like i am going to have.
  • rayost85, Yes I have called over  and over again..  Beginning with I should have by March 15th because of the error to March 30th.  Four weeks from March 4th No that was wrong she said they should have told me 6 weeks.  Should have no later than April 7th or 8th.  Than no that was wrong the guy told me 6 to 9 weeks no later than May 6th.  THis is a bunch of bullshit.  I wish there was something atleast we knew what and when
  • pass that link on maybe it might help
  • when do you filed your taxes? I filed mine on April 10th and I haven't gotten anything YET!
  • I filed mine January 4th and wasn't accepted until 24 of January and then my taxes finally started processing Feb 14th and still nothing. WMR still says processing.
It's a complete lack of communication. TurboTax gives your an "estimated" date based upon past years IRS refund history, their track record. The date comes and goes (refund date) and TurboTax does not seem to update that date even after it's come and gone. The IRS says "still processing" and any attempts to get a valid date are fruitless. E-filed & accepted, 2/19/13. TurboTax "refund before March 2." Still nothing form anyone. E-file doesn't mean anything this year except saving on postage. I WOULD THINK that a company as large as Intuit could better serve it's clients by finding out what's really going on at the IRS.  I wonder how many thousands or millions of people are in this exact same situation.  Nothing has been said in the media - hello CNN, The NEw York Times? IN a better world the IRS should post, on it's web site what the delays are. If there was COMMUNICATION and INFORMATION provided, people could relax and go about their business. If the KNEW the straight answers. It's frustrating, stressful and something else that we shouldn't have to worry about in this day and age. It only seems to get worse and not better. The government and the IRS need a complete gut and overhaul (don't blame the President).  If this country has invested in infrastructure, increased the tax burden on the wealthy and not been fighting two wars (for the last 8-10 years) thank you Mr. Bush (NOT), this country would not have any of the foreign debt we have today. 
  • well, i was accepted and the irs website says processing an dno email from turbo tax saying any mistakes and then the day i get a letter saying the irs needs more information from me, wtf? never had any problems last year! When i used tax act, i will never use turbo tax again!
  • I had the same thing happen to me and I sent every piece of information that I entered into their system with the forms and they say they didn't receive it and now they want 2 more months to process this information when they have already had it for 2 months. WTF!!
  • Don't kill the messenger, it's not Turbo Tax.  The responsibility for this 8863 processing problem belongs to the IRS.. all 100% of it.
  • True enough, but TurboTax should be making an effort to let us know what's really going on, don't you think? I haven't received any email from them about my tax return since 2/14.
  • I filed my Tax on jan 31 got accepted feb 8, I went to WMR i had three bars for two weeks, after that they just disapeared and it stated that my refund is still being processed,  Yesterday 03/26/13 called Irs 800-829-0582 ex 362 spoke with a nice lady who stated my 45 days are up and she will send a referral to have my case processed , she stated that it looks like my  refund is in review and  she doesn't see where i need to send in anything, and no letter is going out to me. Now today I checked they WMR and this comes up~~>You may not have entered your information correctly. Please verify your personal tax data and try again. WTH
  • Maybe Turbo Tax is getting the run around too.  Its tricky, H&R Block is being media blamed for this and people are starting to file class action lawsuits against them, but if its happening to us too.. how can H&R come off as the bad guy here.  Ultimately it comes down to the IRS and all this media attention on the preparers instead of asking the IRS for answers is just stringing us along.
  • Nothing either
  • Does anyone know when WMR has  tax Topic 152????
  • so i am not the only one still waiting on a refund because i am starting to feel like i am the only one and i can no get a straight answer from anyone at the irs
  • i don't think anyone who was supposed to get their money who filed form 8863 has gotten their refund.   I've been offering money to anyone who can prove they got their return and no one has responded.    HAS ANYONE GOTTEN THEIR MONEY WHO FILED FORM 8863?
  • watch this!!!!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_JP1xT_epY   THERE IS NO MONEY ANYMORE and it looks like we are going to go to war soon so it won't matter.
  • i have asked also and no one has said they have gotten their money i am so tried of this waiting game i have been waiting since feb 14 to get a refund and nothing i have not even gotten a letter or anything and no one knows what is going on
  • yep me too.  i lost my phone cuz i couldn't pay my bill.  pre-contract termination charge added.  got thrown out of apartment yesterday and have to go to court now.   and I am overdrawn in my account to the tune of over $500.     My whole return will go towards late payments and court fees.   I now am homeless, but off the grid.  Which is a wonderful feeling.      Young people are getting screwed to pay for the old people.  Do you know in 15 years, the average social security payout will be $40g's per person!!!   Good luck graduating with a 4 year degree and make $40gs per person.   This country is evil and doesn't care about its people unless they are retired and vote republican.   I hate this country.
  • Hello, I filled my return on February 15th and had educational credits, the refundable American Opportunity grant and got my refund deposited to my account on March 1st. The problem is with Turbo Tax and all intuit and HR Block filing systems. They have programmed their system incorrectly and it has resulted in 600,000 returns being figured incorrectly. The IRS said it should take them about 4-6 weeks to fix any return in error from these companies, as well as noting that each company has now fixed the issue. I hate to say this because I love turbo tax but the problem is with them and not the IRS. Stay strong and I hope it works out for everyone! Oh, the reason I got my return is because I actually used a different site for the first time ever, because my income was below poverty I was able to actually do my taxes for free this year and thus led me to file with another company. Thank god I did because I really need every dollar I am owed!
  • i was an electronic data interchange manager for 7 years.   when you transmit transactions electronically between two parties, there are standards to obey and risk assessment, testing compliance that needs to happen.   No one, not TT, not H&R Block can switch around their transactions which have been moved from testing into production without going back to the testing and compliance process.   I don't care who did your taxes,  if they were done electronically, then the IRS signed off on the process.   They are the ones that set the standards and approve their trading partners (H&R BLock, Turbo Tax) electronic trading relationship.   To assume that the government is less strict about doing this than Bank of America or Microsoft would be is simply being naive and accepting that this is all not 100% the responsiblity of the IRS.   And even if this was a software problem, sending us all letters asking for identity proof, or saying that everything is fine, when it is not and giving phony direct deposit dates is absolutely false and misleading information.   If what you are saying is true, then they simply could have REJECTED the returns from Turbo Tax!!!  BUT THEY DID NOT DO THAT!!!   Case closed in my opinion.
  • mroe10,  you have to be the only person in america that filed your return on 2/15 and received your refund on March 1st.    They were not even accepted until 2/14 and people were in line way ahead of you.   you have any proof ??
  • LOL, um how would I prove that to you. They started accepting them at midnight on 2/14, and even if there were people in line that would make no difference. I did my taxes of freetaxusa.com. I filed them at 11:23am on the 15th and I received my deposit on March 1st. I am telling you the truth when I said that everyone that filed a tax return with education credits from TurboTax, H&R Block, and any other Intuit subsidiary has their return being held by the IRS because the way Turbo Tax and HR Block had their system calculate the amount of your education credit was incorrect. SO, now the IRS has to manually go in and fix each return from these 3 or 4 companies that efiled returns with incorrect figures. If you are still not believing me you can go search on google about it and you will see the article where the IRS says it is currently holding 600,000 returns with educational credits efiled by these companies until they can re-figure the correct amounts.
  • Well to address your comment, first of all if you received a letter asking to prove your identity then this has nothing to do with your situation at all and I would probably do what they asked you to do. I was talking about the exact parameters I listed in my post. Also, if you think that the IRS signs off on each companies programming code your crazy. The IRS sets rules and parameters, absolutely. Unfortunately, what has happened is HR Block and Turbo Tax thought they had followed all guidelines for computing returns correctly. Nothing was done intentionally. Once returns with educational credits started to come in through efile, the IRS noticed that there was an error in the way these companies were computing the educational benefit. Never once did I say that who did my taxes, which was myself, was in any way better than anyone or that I hinted that I had a way to make it go through. Everything I have stated in here is public knowledge and if you paid attention to the news you would most likely know exactly what I am taking about as it has been all over the stations for over 2 weeks now. If anyone has any questions that I can help with please let me know!
  • all i am worried about is if i am getting my money or not just like bagelboard my account is over drawn and i just received an email from turbo tax stated that they were going to debit my account to pay to for filing which i believe is bs because i have not even received my refund yet i don't watch the news very often but something should be said about what is going on and not left in limbo
  • I agree with you bagelboard
  • I wanted to give more detail of my experience so far. I have never filed for an eduction credit before, so this has been all new to me. I filed on January 30th using TT. (First time using their service aswell) everything went smoothly. I got accepted on Feb, 14th. TT refund tracker ETA for my refund was March 6th. So far so good. The 6th came and passed.

    On the 11th of March I recieved a letter from the IRS. The letter stated that they needed more information from me, and that i shoukd have my pervious year returns handy, I called them right away.

    I was on hold for about a half hour, finally I was able to speak with a woman. I told her why I was calling, I gave her my personal information, then she called me about the letter and what the cp number was. I couldn't find any cp number. I read the letter off to the woman. She then pursided to tell me that there is no record of me supposed to be getting a letter. She then continued to tell me that my refund was sent to the error department and that is wasn't any errors on my part but that it was the IRS.

    The woman gave me an ETA of when I would be receiving my refund. 4-6 weeks! So I did some quick math and figured from the date of the letter to the 4-6 weeks I'm thinking I should have my refund by the 8th OR 22nd of April.

    This has been beyond a pain! I really hope it won't always be like this in the following years..
  • im still waiting also accepted feb 14 had to get an advocate involved
  • Has anyone thought that maybe the possibility of turbotax sending our tax returns to the wrong department within the IRS, and they are swamped, understaffed, or off at partys, working out in the private gyms-they get paid well and should be on top of taking care of Refunds! Could be a small mistake, computer glitch within TurboTax, don't know and wont know until someone checks but whatever, after all, this is all via internet....just my thoughts.... I think I will file our taxes else where and in person...im not taking these chances...thank you all! Good Luck!!!!
  • Bullcrap!  we were all ACCEPTED!  right??  If they''re blaming this on software error or pointing fingers at Turbo Tax and H&R Block, then they should have sent us a REJECTED status!!   they better pay us interest!!   facebook.com/8863club is a good place to go to now to find out how to contact your congressman and get on board with the hundreds of other people that are in this situation.
  • I have used TT for a few years now and NEVER had the chaotic, unprofessional, and apathetic treatment like this year ever before. Speaking of the link that Wayne mentioned above that will give you basically a 'guesstimate' based on past years IRS refund date history; I was just looking for that link and can't find it. And if it is the link I think it may be, it is not working. So, I started up a chat with a tax 'pro' (yeahhh right) and they had no clue what I was talking about. Over and over again she kept giving me the link to the IRS 'Where's My Refund' tool. She even told me that she needed to help other customers while I was looking at the bogus links she provided me, told me that there is nothing wrong with the page that I'm unable to login to that I think may be the one I'm looking for and to try back in 24 hours, didn't respond when I asked her if there was any way I can send her a screenshot of the error I keep getting when trying to login, when I asked her to get a manager who knows what I'm talking about, she basically told me 'no, she's not going to do that', then advised me to call the IRS to find out what I was calling TT to find out-when the whole reason I'm talking to them is because the IRS doesn't have the answers (DUH!), and lastly (that I can remember right now b/c I'm so PO'd and seeing red-but I copied everything in the conversation to send in and complain ASAP) when I told her that I was done with her so-called 'pro' help, she said 'goodnight' to me. Wellll, it was 9AM here CA time, and although it may be ahead in some parts of the country, it definitely was not evening anywhere in the USA. I don't recall having ever speaking to outsourced employees from India, or wherever before, or getting the rude treatment like this from TT not once. If they did outsource to countries half way around the world before, they must of made some serious cuts in their budget and be hiring even worse illiterate, rude, couldn't care less about customer service people this year IF that's possible. Or who knows...maybe even children like some of these scumbag companies do. I will NEVER use Turbo Tax again.
I also was told by TurboTax I would get mine before Feb 20. It is Feb 21, still nothing and the IRS website still says that mine is processing and will give me a date when available. I also had the education credit. My friend did as well and hers is now saying she will get hers on Feb 25, she filed 5 days after me. Really annoyed! 
  • Same here. My friend filed almost 2 weeks after me. Both of us have education credits. He got a notice that his would be here monday. Mine still says processing.
  • Me too!!! My friend did her taxes 3days after me and she gets hers back on monday but mines still says processing. Everyone else i know received their money within 8 days after it was accepted by the irs. Smh so pissed
  • I'm mad!  This is ridiculous!  Mine is stikl saying that too. No date.
  • Mine also, and it also says it cannot find my tax return. I am getting annoyed, I have two friends that filed two weeks after me, both of them are getting theirs on Monday Feb 25th, what is the deal
  • Finally got a DDD of the 27th!!!
  • Thank God me too Feb 27
  • Did your friend use Ty also
  • No she did not! This is actually my first time using Turbo Tax myself, last year I used Tax Slayer and I had college credits then too and I got mine back within one week. I don't know what's going on. My refund still says processing.
  • Mine is still processing to I wonder if calling really helps
  • Calling helps but some times u get mean reps the true story is most people won't get there refunds till end of feb and early march,, weres my refund site will stop saying processing and give you a date about 3 days before there gonna issue the refund out they did this to every one I no,, there delayed its not the tax prepares fault but just keep calling them they told me I was missing forms and a other lady told me I will get a letter in the mail then I got a nice lady on the phone and told me my due date,  3 days later I got it and my friends also. Waited 1 month
  • I contacted Turbo Tax by chat and I had a very helpful rep. He did everything in his power to tell me what was going on. He provided me a list of numbers and who to contact. I ended up contacting an IRS agent by chat and I asked him what was going on and he gave me a smart remark it's processing that's what is going on. He said do not contact the IRS again unless the Where's My Refund tells you to. I was like okay and thanks. I just couldn't believe how rude some people are. I guess I will wait.
  • Did these other friends process theirs through turbo tax, or a different provider?
  • Most of these guys on here went through TT but their are a few that went the H&R Block.
  • we were all ACCEPTED!  right??  If they''re blaming this on software error or pointing fingers at Turbo Tax and H&R Block, then they should have sent us a REJECTED status!!   they better pay us interest!!   facebook.com/8863club is a good place to go to now to find out how to contact your congressman and get on board with the hundreds of other people that are in this situation.
Okay everyone I just got off the phone with the irs and the lady said that all the Education credit people that got accepted on feb 14th that they are all under review. I asked if this was normal and she said yes that they review them to make sure there is no mistakes on them.  the 21 days is business days so the 21 day mark will be the 18th of march.  Hope this helps everyone.
  • That's what I posted earlier, I heard that also. But I also know about 50 people that had same credit and got there's weeks ago
  • They told me theres a lot of identity theft i had to call and answer a bunch of questions. I will post when i recieve mine i would calk the irs
  • @clynngoodell thank you that is very helpful so i guess i can stop freaking out at least for now hopefully it does come in at that time
  • what number do u need to call i always get the automated thing and never an actual person
  • @mwats04 who told u to call
  • So I just spent my whole lunch on hold with IRS. I was told mine was excepted feb 15th , I already knew that. No red flags, I am still processing keep checking website I should get it in a few weeks.
  • No one i just got sick of waiting so i called they said they sent me a letter in the mail on the 28 th i was in errors they gave me a number to call when i called i had to answer a bunch of questions because identity theft. He said i passed but it could take 4 to 6 more weeks to get he said it prob wouldnt but they have to say that.
  • Filed 1/17
    Accepted 2/14
    I called today and was told that many returns with education credits was push back/resequenced by 2wks after the Feb 14th acceptance.  I was told mine was in that group and my 21 day was now 21 March.  I was originally told by TT and /IRS when I first was calling that my 21 day was 7 March. Today I was told that no errors, review, or audit was noted on my account - just delayed by 2wks due to the education credit form. I was given my new 21 day date, but no DDD.  WMR says "processing...refund date will be provided when available"  - no bars. I've been getting that msg since 3 March. Still can't order transcript. I hope something changes next week - Iike a DDD.  It would be nice if WMR would reflect processing delays instead of these messages that no one can figure out. Thing is, if I call next week I'll probably get a different answer than I got today. It's a shame you can't get accurate information about your tax return/refund - seems like if you talk to three people, you'll get three different answers.  Who knows!!!  At this point I'm like..when it's in my bank account I'll believe I've received it.
  • the transcript ordering thing is nt true cause I order mind and I still hvnt got my refund nor a date it still sayind that ur refun d is still been processed, a refund date will be provided when available,so I really dnt kn I hope we all hear sumthing soon.
  • we were all ACCEPTED!  right??  If they''re blaming this on software error or pointing fingers at Turbo Tax and H&R Block, then they should have sent us a REJECTED status!!   they better pay us interest!!   facebook.com/8863club is a good place to go to now to find out how to contact your congressman and get on board with the hundreds of other people that are in this situation.
Efiled on the 4 th of febuary wmr says still Processing called them several times got all kinds of excuses one guy said a form 8862 was missing or error, till today got a nice lady that told me he got that wrong 8867 and 8863ers are delayed do to there system problems and that my refund will be deposited on the 27 finally thank God just keep calling till u get a good rep 7:30 am best time to call till 8:30 am there.I had to call several times there very rude!!!
  • As of today the WMR site stated that I was approved and scheduled to be deposite on the 26 th. :-)
  • Jealous! Mine is still processing!  People who filed after me are getting dates and I'm not!
  • Keep calling them 1800-829-0582 ext 362 !!!!
  • There making excuses were all delayed we won't get anything till the end if february!!!!
  • so even if mine still says processing I should get it by the end of February right? This is just ridiculous I can't get anyone to answer I keep telling me I have to wait 15 minutes for a representative
  • now it is saying I need to try to call back tomorrow
  • I had to wait 1 hour
  • Try callin in the mornings
  • I would also call first thing in the morning...they open at 7 YOUR time.  I wouldnt' say you should get it by the end of February, as we dont' know your situation and have no idea if there are any issues.  LOTS of things could hold up your refund.

    ON the other hand, most people get their refund within 21 days of filing...so for us that's around March 6th.
  • Some of the reps are telling the truth most of them are not there very rude there systems are backed up on sending out refunds half got them & half of us didn't!!!!
  • did anyone get a msg from tubro tax saying you owe them fees because the refund amount wasn't sufficient? im yet to get my refund does these mean im not getting anything back?
  • This year the IRS has made this process very fustrating. To make matters worse TurboTax is not relaying the message that if you filed for the lifetime education credit your return will not begin processing until Feb. 14, and th IRS has up to 21 days after to issue the refund. Ive been anticipating my refund since January, and I filed early because im afraid of being a victim of identity theft. So ive spent all month in a nervous reck wondering if my refund has been approved, so I know how you guys feel. Im praying that theres no other delays and the date the WMR provided is accurate.
  • I got an email!!! I'm on hold now trying to figure out the issue. It said it will take it out of my account by 3/22/13 if I don't pay.
  • Its March 5th, and I still haven't received a date for a refund since it was accepted on the Feb. 14th. I'm so frustrated. What the hell is going on?
  • @ncjonesz -- It's EXTREMELY frustrating! WMR still says, "your refund is pending. A date will be given when possible". UM, HELLO?! I submitted on Jan. 24th, and two weeks later was made aware that they wouldn't accept edu. credits until the 14th. So here I am, six weeks later, with not even a date. I'm wracking my brain wondering if I did something wrong... Am I being audited? Did I enter the wrong pin? I have no clue; and I'm pissed, to say the least. This refund was supposed to book a cruise for my husband (who is returning from an 8-month deployment!!) and myself and without it, no vacation for us. UGH.
  • I filed on Feb 1st, got my state back a week later, federal i havent seen, the turbo tax site says its due on march 7th, 2013 but when i try the WMR site it says "we cannot provide any information on your refund at this time" im starting to really worry..whats going on?
  • This year is the worst year by far. I can't believe it's taking so long to get a refund back. Never had a problem like this before. I wish everyone the best and hope that the one's that don't have a DDD including myself will get it soon.
  • wondering the same thing? Here it is march 5th an dnothing
  • Hey I was wondering do you count weekends when counting to see if it's been 21 days? Thanks..
  • Yes but they still took 27 days my return was sent in on the 4 th of feb with no ED credits just hang in there it will come everyone is going thru the same problem
  • The IRS told me today not to count weekends.
  • u dnt count weekends its only working days,bt ppl can get a date on d weekends and get a refund on the weekends,bt dey tell u to only count working days,im in d same boat file mine on 01/04/13 d IRS say dey didn't get mine until 02/12 and dey wasnt taking credits until 02/14,now hea it is 03/07/13 and I still don't have a refund check.I dnt kn wats really going on,my nerves is a total reck.
  • It will take about a month from the time they receive it,  no lye it's coming try not to stress it GBless
  • My return was accepted 2/15. TurboTax said I should have it by 3/8 at the latest. Here it is 3/7 and the IRS website says my refund is "still processing". I've never had to wait this long for a  refund before and there's no explanation for the delays--if there was then I'd have some peace of mind at least!
  • Call because i was told to mail in a paper copy
  • @nyjet81 u hv to keep a check on ur bank to cus just because it say processing ur refund could b at d bank, ik a few ppl dat it say still processing and they dn got der refujnd,so keep a check on ur bank to
  • @hortonjerri thanks I definitely will keep that in mind. I check my account everyday anyways just to see. It's March 16th and still no refund. I did get a letter about a week ago (3/10) saying that it would be another 2-3 weeks before I get mine. Mind you, I e-filed on Feb. 15th with TT. I don't know if it's just NJ or TT or what. I'm absolutely fed up with this mess though
  • we were all ACCEPTED!  right??  If they''re blaming this on software error or pointing fingers at Turbo Tax and H&R Block, then they should have sent us a REJECTED status!!   they better pay us interest!!   facebook.com/8863club is a good place to go to now to find out how to contact your congressman and get on board with the hundreds of other people that are in this situation.
Its good to hear im not the only one. Filed 1/17 "accepted" 1/25 . Still no ddd. 8863
  • Yeah I still have no DDD as well, I contacted the IRS today and they told me to wait within the 21 days and after the 21 days if I still don't have no DDD to contact them right away. I have nothing wrong with my tax return as far as I been told.
  • you are well past the 21 days call them everyday if u have to
  • we were all ACCEPTED!  right??  If they''re blaming this on software error or pointing fingers at Turbo Tax and H&R Block, then they should have sent us a REJECTED status!!   they better pay us interest!!   facebook.com/8863club is a good place to go to now to find out how to contact your congressman and get on board with the hundreds of other people that are in this situation.
Hello everyone

For those who are trying to get a hold of a  IRS respresentative, I called 1 800 829 0582 ext 362 and I had to wait about a half in hour but I got through.  I also called first thing in the morning around 7am. Good Luck
  • What did they say
  • Just got off phone with irs i was a victum of identityvfraud they had to make sure i was me call them if u havnt recieved refund
  • we were all ACCEPTED!  right??  If they''re blaming this on software error or pointing fingers at Turbo Tax and H&R Block, then they should have sent us a REJECTED status!!   they better pay us interest!!   facebook.com/8863club is a good place to go to now to find out how to contact your congressman and get on board with the hundreds of other people that are in this situation.
I was told by turbox that I have to wait 21 days from the day it was accepted, which was the 14th. As of today the WMR says it is still processing and a date will be provided when available. Ive never had to wait this long for my refunds this is fustrating!
Why send people emails stating a ddd if their not going to send it that day!! First they say March 6th, then March 7th, then says I should have received it by now but then says still processing! IRS is so screwed up its ridiculous! This is how the government handles ur money people!!!
  • Now they are saying to wait 3 weeks from February 14.... Today is 3 weeks and still no word.  WHT is going on???
  • well, i was accepted and the irs website says still processing and do not receive any emails from turbo tax saying there is a problem and then the other day i get a letter from irs saying they need more information, wtf?
it's a waiting game taxpaper 0-irs mm still waiting since feb 3 n counting
    I have been waiting since feb 14th they said it should have been here today....haven't seen anything
    • Same here got accepted the 14 and said I should receive my refund by march 7 but nothing yet....
    • Meetoo...accepted 2/14, ddd 3/7, then another date of 3/8....nothing as of 3/7...
    • athomas_32, did you get your money?
    • I still havent
    Filed 1/14
    Accepted 2/14

    29 days and counting.... still no DDD.  WMR still the same since 3/7.." no bars..processing...refund date provided when available" 

    On 3/8, was told that I should rec'v it by the March 21 - just give it some time. The 21st is next week and today..still no DDD - I doubt I'll get it. I give up...this is ridiculous!
    • I called yesterday because I was suppose to have a refund by march 8 and they said it was an error and I should receive the letter in three weeks b4 they could release my refund. You would that would let people know without us having to call them I have heard so may different stories I don't know what to believe anymore I just want my money I would like to know how long they can keep it in processing because I have been waiting a month
    • @gbabyt1002 - I started calling them back around 2/25. I've been told so many stories it's unbelievable. I was told I was in review and I would receive a letter requesting additional information. I never received a letter. I was told on 3/4 that my return has stopped processing and a letter was mailed requesting additional information, but she was unable to tell me what letter, what info was being requested, nor when it was mailed or when I should receive it - to date, I still have not received a letter. 3/8, I was told my return was resequenced back 2wks b/c of the education form having an error, and my new "21 day" was March 21 - I was advised that I was not in review/audit and no correspondence had been sent to me. ???  3/13, I was told again about the error on the education form, but he did't see anything about a new "21 day" March 21 timeframe - just advised me to wait and keep checking. Too many stories - I don't know what to believe. From what I've been reading here, some people got their DDD for next week - I was told the 21st, but my status has not changed on WMR, no ddd.  This is some BS!
    • Ha!  I was just called again, and I was told the most honest answer to date...  the rep told me that because of so many system errors and form errors the 21 day estimation "has gone out the window".  The IRS is so backlogged that everyone should expect their refunds when they get them. They are processing them as fast as they can and the "processing...refund date provided when available" msg on wmr means your return "should" be completed within 4wks of receiving that msg.  Well if that's the case, i received that msg started 3/7, so I should receive mine hopefully by 4 April. Just in time for my kids spring break - i hope!
    • MickeyMinnie3  I wonder what that means for me  Mine said on wmr about 3 weeks ago that refund date provided when available but now for the last two weeks it has been back at the orange bar?  wonder what the heck that means..
    • When called two weeks ago I was told the 3/15  nothing has changed on mine at all.
    • @bet53 - who knows... hopefully that means you'll get a ddd next week. i've read where others got the same msg w/no bars, but when their bars reappeared they either got an update that same week or soon after with a ddd. At this point who knows! unfortunately we're unable to get valid or accurate information about own darn return when we call. why answer the phones if they really don't know? i know we all need that/our money - lawd knows i do, but at this point it's a guessing game - it's like trying to figure out the numbers for the lottery or something. :-)  hopefully you'll get it soon.
    • The reps are rude and totally useless.  They don't care.  I am just trying to laugh...it's like they're thinking, let's screw a few hundred thousand people that need money the most...who?  students!  that sounds good!!
    • I wish we just new something that was honest....I have gotten four different answers and by reading these so has everyone.  As much as we pay TT and it has been over four weeks they should be able to find out some real truth for us...like should we worry or about how long.  My son depended on this for rent and food in school,,,And we have waited over the max it was to take
    • km!  absolutely, you are right.   in 15 years the social security payout for 1 person is $40gs PER PERSON!   try and get a job with a four year degree now for $40K a year.     We just paid for old people to live well.
    I filed Jan. 30, accepted Feb. 14 but when I called after my 21 days they said my return was being held for further processing I guess do to the identity theft that they're trying to cut down on, idk. I jus got my cp05 notice in the mail yesterday dated the March 18. I know a lot of other ppl on here that got the same notice said they got a dd bout 3 days after the date on the notice. So others may be on hold for this also.
    • I got the same one yesterday, saying no further action was required.  Of course, they say they'll be done reviewing by May 2nd.  Cool, three days before the spring semester ends.  awesome.  Not like I need the money.  Assholes.
    • May 2nd?!???!!!!  are you kidding me?
    I send mine through TT on 2/12. On 2/14 I got the "your return has been accepted by the IRS" email..expected date of refund: BEFORE MARCH 7TH.  I checked WMR almost daily and it read " Processing, we'll provide you with a date when available"..Well.....today is 3/15, so I called the IRS to see if there was an error or what exactly is the delay for. I actually spoke with 2 very friendly women who each told me that this year the IRS is cracking down on ID Theft and random taxpayers are getting flagged as needing to provide additional info, as well as answer a few questions to verify the identity of the taxpayer on the accepted form.  They also told me there should be a letter in the mail from the IRS stating this information and to call the IRS Taxpayer protection line to verify my identity. The crazy part is when I filed last year, I had worked in 2 different states, had various credits( child, earned income, etc) so 2011 taxes were much more complicated, vs this year's taxes( in 2012 I was only a full time student, didn't claim my child as it was the other parent's year to claim him, lived in the same state but no taxable income and that's all). I called the number and the automated message said "" your estimated wait time is 30min." I've been on hold for 100:34,3536 seconds...
    The IRS number: 18008291040
    IRS Taxpayer Protection: 18008305084 ( but they can only help you if you've gotten a copy of the letter stating that they need additional info. LETTER 4883C

    • I had been waiting and I am finally getting my return on the 20th. I went on this website:  idverify.irs.gov and right after I verified it was me, my return was accepted.  Hope this helps.
    • Did u get a letter saying that u had to go there or did u just do it on your ow
    • I did it on my own.
    • the website would help, except the letter I got is a LETTER 4883C. and now when I called the irs taxpayer protection line after being on hold for 3 hours on Friday, they are no longer accepting calls. this is some true BS
    • oh and if you try to call the other IRS number (18008290582 ext 362) they make you call the taxpayer protection unit(18008300584 ext 123. your wait time will be over 30 minutes) and will not help you any further...
    • I just tried to go online and do that on my own too and put in my name social and address and then it said I could not be identified online!! GRRRRRRRR
    • I did go on to TT and checked my info out again to see myself if there were any errors I could find. I had info saved from last tax season and my daughters bday was wrong on this yrs return. Her bday is on the 3rd but it said the 30th!!! I have no idea if that is going to be a hold up or not. I fixed it but  they still can't identify me online. SWEET...as I read how TT is 100% guaranteed and if a mistake they make costs you money they will reimburse you! FML
    • I also tried to go to that website and it told me the same thing
    • bullshit..  how come its just us that are victims of identity fraud.   its a lie!  This is just a scam to keep our money because we are the suckers who went to school full-time while foreigners came in and took our jobs.    They don't care about us.  We represent a very little part of the population and ones that are not paying income taxes.   So.. get the picture.   who would steal identity of cash starved students???   Doesn't make a bit of sense on any level.
    just got a message stating they were sending me a refund for 1600 less than i was expecting because ssn didnt match what they had on file. i go back and check my files and there is NO mistakes. Go back and check prior year and its the exact same way so now im wondering how you get mix info.. They sent me a message and a number to call.. i really dont understand what is going on at all but i do know this is stressful
    My return was accepted on 1/30.  I had no educational credits but filed an injured spouse form.  I can't help but wonder how they can justify keeping money from all the people on here.  If people need jobs so bad, why don't they hire more people to help out in the tax season to pay us on time.  How can it possibly be taking them 3 months to give me money that is mine?
    • i agree . i filed on 1/18  accept 1/25 delayed 2/14 for education credit order transcripts on 2/20 got them on 2/28 . cp05 letter on 3/15 dated 3/18 and still nothing as off today.. very frustrating.. some people count on that money to pay bills and to catch up on bills or to pay things off.
    • injuried spouse returns can take up to 8- 12 weeks
    • Call Taxpayer Advocacy
    • call an ATTORNEY!!   taxpayer advocacy works for the IRS, what the hell do you think you're going to get from them?????  WAKE UP!
    i filed mine march 5th and its still being processed so im still waiting
      I filed on Jan 26th and I called the IRS on Mar 15th and was told that there was a software malfunction with the system that processed educational credits, the issue was corrected Mar 9th, and all returns that didn't have errors would be processed within 4-6 weeks of that date. It's been 5 and I'm still processing, so here's hoping only another week. You can call and have them check your return, I was told mine was fine, but since it's Tax Day, good luck on hold.
      • shaun.brand, I am in the exact same boat. I actually called the IRS and they said they were mailing me a letter. Got the letter on March 11th and verified and they were able to proceed to taking my refunds off hold and put the refund into the processing department. They too told me I had to wait 4-6weeks and today makes exactly 5 weeks that I have been waiting. I still have the same message at WMR and that is your refund is still processing. I just hope we both get our refunds soon, just tired of waiting.
      • I don't get still processing, now it's telling me it can't find my refund information. .... I'm completely pissed off right now. This is bull..
      • facebook.com/8863club will help you contact your congressman and start class action lawsuit.   i'm beyond pissed right now.
      • I am sorry smilestacy1, I get that message sometimes too. I just check back at a later time and then it's back to your refund is processing. I know exactly how you are feeling. My refund was suppose to pay some of my bills off and now we are getting disconnection notices. I am very stressed and can't wait until this nightmare is over and I have my funds in my account.
      I have the education credit too and they said i would have mine by the 19th but still nothing. Was wondering the same thing.
      • Did u get your refund yet ?
      • Nope
      • Just checked the irs website, they finally posted a date! It says i should have it by the 26!
      • Just hang in there you will get it there admitting there having system failures on depositing refunds other reps very rude
      • I myself filed around January 23rd and my return was accepted on 24th of January but was told that IRS would not start processing them until the 30th. I have an education credit as well and come to find out they wouldn't start processing them until Feb 14th. Here it is 2/25/2013 and my status still says processing. I know a friend that has an education credit and she already has her taxes back. I am beginning to worry because I need this money to pay off the upcoming bills for March. Very frustrating, I just hope they didn't forget about me.
      • I e-filed on Jan. 24th, and then found out they weren't accepting until the 30th. I have the education credit and was told to wait three weeks from the 14th of Feb. Ok, fine. Well now it is Feb. 28th and I still don't even have a date. Where's My Refund hasn't changed from "Your tax refund is still being processed. A return date will be provided when available". I mean, really. I submitted them five weeks ago. What on Earth is going on?
      • I am going through the exact same thing. The only thing we can do is just wait unfortunately.
      • Same exact thing for me too!!
      • Yeah still no DDD. I hope I get my Refund soon and not in April.
      • Same here, i was accepted the 25th of January, but have an education credit and here it is March 5th and it still says processing and i'm wondering to myself WTF turbo tax?
      • I am having the same problem...All bills are on hold waiting for this refund. Infuriating. We filed on the 21st of January and were later told the edu credit would not be processed until the 14th of February. I have called H&R Block back a few times and they keep telling me any day now. It will be three weeks on Friday from the amended date and six weeks from the time we filed. This is so frustrating.
      • Every one please read for everyone that didnt get there refund yet be patient the IRS started millions of returns on the 14 of feb not the 31 of jan with ED credits and also some other credits that people filed farmers etc, it's very frustrating this I know mines took  25 days to get a refund efiled no education credits a  irs rep thought I was a 8863er and told me to wait till early march to receive it called back and other rep look at my return and said wait after 21 days, one rep even told me i was missing 1 important form!!! and that was no such thing called back way later and the rep and wmr gave me a date and the rep said everything is a mess due to the fiscal and there computers and told me there is no missing form from my return that I filed, at least she was honest mines also said still processing and changed 2 days before me refund was deposited 50% of people got there refund the other 50 percent of people get stuck waiting the whole month sometimes but believe me it's coming the IRS is badly delayed  this one rep told me, and yes they shouldn't do this to tax payers they should at least give a due date not from a computer site thats overloaded the IRS reps should no are deposit dates!!!!! this year was bad playing the waiting game just hang in there it will come.
      • How long have you been waiting till you got your refund date?
      • 24 days
      • I have the same scenario as everyone above with education credits.  Also mine was accepted on February 14.  I am still waiting and here we are on the 7th of March.  How much longer do I wait?  This is just frustrating!!!
      • Is this a DDD for filing the education credit? Thanks I am trying to figure out when I will get mine considering I just called them today and they said the 11th of march..thanks
      • When I called this morning they said wait until the 11th of this month and if we have not received it to give the IRS a call...
      • I feel the same way.  My taxes were approved on 2/15, and my taxes are still sitting in processing.
      • I've been waiting 35 days now. Still nothing.
      • me and my 2 daughters 21 days up yesterday, bars gone monday and now says processing.
      • does anyone know the number to the irs where u can really talk to them?
      • Just got off the phone with the irs and the lady said first that it took 21 days and i told her its been 3 weeks going on 4 and she said let her check. Don't think she checked but she said it was showing processing. The Irs is full of it. Was on the phone for 30 minutes until she came on.
      • Same here!!!!
      • What I do is choose the business tax extension and ask them to transfer you to the individual tax return. Otherwise I never get an answer with choose the individual refund extension it brings us straight to an automated service.
      • Mine accepted 2/14 and told me by 3/8 and still no refund.  gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr
      • Did you get it yet?
      • Thanks y'all. Maybe the problem is TT. I'll find out next year when I pay a person not a damn machine. #annoyed
      • its not TT.  ITS THE IRS!!!!!!  blame the right people PLEASE!
      My refund was supposed to be in by 3/7 and I still don't have it.  It was accepted on February 14th After a 2 weeks wait for the IRS to finally accept it due to some forms not being accepted yet. Mine has never been this late. So I am worried. Will check with Where's my refund today to see if there's an update.
      • I check today and it still says processing was suppose to have it yesterday I am wondering if something is wrong I hate the waiting and I have not seen anyone with an education credit get a refund yet glad to see I am not alone
      • Let him me to know if what happened when you checked
      • Does anyone know how to get in touch with irs over the phone to speak to a representative?
      • I haven't been able to speak with a real person
      • I jus called the IRS because my refund isn't here(after ddd) 3/7. A nice lady told me I'll b getting a letter in the mail n if they need more info, they'll call me lol I said oh,n wats the title of that letter I'll b receiving, is it a cp05 sumthing like that n said, How do u know about those? Have u received one before? lol So that part is true :) She also stated that my review can take up to 45days!!Ohwell
      • Oh, I only pressed buttons to get to refund dept, then I pressed nothing and it automatically connected me..
      • IJS...if yr refund is late, then your letter should b on tha way...
      • what number did you call to talk to a real person because the ones i called it was the automated thing and i need to know when i should be getting my refund or if im getting a letter.
      • 1800-829-0582 (362) live person at IRS
      • I call 1 800 829 0582 and they tld me I was gn received a letter which I did,the letter stated that um beein under review mayb for the eic,ed credit and I shuld kn sumthing by 4/15 that's crazy when they dn had my return since 1/31/, bt the lady tld me dey didn't received it until 2/12,then I call bk again and one guy said u shuld hv it before the 15 and um still waiting. no more letters and no refund idk wats going on
      • mine was accepted and when i go too the IRS website, it says processing, then i get a letter in the mail from the IRS saying i need to submit more information in order for them to process my return! I will never use turbo tax again, i should have stuck with taxact,
      • im still waiting for this so call letter they said they mail out 3 weeks ago..
      Don't complain here call the IRS
      • Read up above, we have called them about 30 times different story every time and nobody asked you waz!!!
      • This might have something to do with it. http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/personalfinance/2013/01/08/tax-refunds-delay-irs-fiscal-cliff/1818261/
        Call your congressperson.
      • Venting and reading comments on here assures people like me I am not alone..I get to see the 20 diff answers IRS reps give and it gives me a better idea on what is going on. We can't get straight answers outa them but we can talk to eachother..obv Waz was on here for a reason reading everyone's comments..if you don't like what u read then just sign out..there is enough stress out there right now and no one needs ur smart ass remarks..we get enough from the IRS!!
      • Thanks for that kalleyann someone needs to tell him but has anyone heard anything
      • I was told today that i had zero days left in error corrections she faxed over a refferal to have them remove it. Said it could only be in there 30-45 days so she said no letter was ever sent last three ppl lied including hrb error corrections has 30 days to contact me if they need more info if not it will be processed best answer from irs since 2/20
      • so they will contact u if they more info i just think it is weird that they would not contact you if they needed more info and just leave people in limbo wondering what is going on.
      • I never got anything in the mail or by email saying that there was an error with mine..had to call last week and they told me over the phone it was found and corrected on the same day and it could be another 4 weeks from the 25th (when the error was found) soo i keep checking email mail and WMR....grr
      • i think the irs should at least put something on their website or someone should say something
      • agreed! Or here is a thought!!  How about don't hire people to work for you and answer the phones and not even really check out a person's situation.. there is no reason why people should be getting 2 and three different answers every few days/ weeks! It is all there in front of them..take 2 min to check it out and you wouldn't have so many people calling back on the regular!! Wow rocket science really!!!
      • i got the same thing to day an error was corrected on the 25thand it will be the beginning of apil hen i get my money this is insanity
      • You know I wasn't to mad at first and was wondering why everyone was getting excited but now I m just pISSED OFF.  We are all in this and we are not rich or we wouldn't be getting the credit so why make  us wait another 4 to 6 weeks.  I talked to this lady today and she said  IT WILL BE ANOTHER FOUR TO ^ WEEKS  FROM 3/4.  I said could we get it earlier and she said NO.  lol..what a bithc....! I asked if the error department was fixed than why won't it take us 3 weeks like the ones that are coming in now....She wasn't nice...lol
      • Thats the same thing i said about them "calling me"
      • Has anybody received theirs yet?
      • I called Friday and spoke to a woman and said it was still processing and couldn't see anything wrong. When I checked Saturday it had gotten approved for half my refund because they say that my baby ssn is not right which is crap because that's the same one from last year. Best to believe they going to give me my other half. They are so tripping this year.
      • Thats some bs they really messing up this year
      • they really are a mess this year
      • I want to call today but i dnt want to be on hold for a hour im trying to move my belongings from my apartment which tomorrow is the last day of my eviction notice tax advocates are a joke
      • Tax advocate called me about an hr ago she said i was supposed to get a 12c letter which i have not gotten i am to fax my eviction notice and ny 1098t just in case she also didnt see me in errors anymore so thats good! The latest i should here back is the 21 and the 22 is my bday so i praying for a dd before than
      • Just got an email from hrb Valued Client:

        We are writing to let you know that the IRS has confirmed an issue related to certain education tax credits claimed on Form 8863, which has affected and delayed your tax return. We sincerely regret this inconvenience and want to assure you that we are doing everything possible to work with the IRS and to resolve this issue quickly.

        The IRS has informed us and other impacted providers that they are currently processing these returns and should be able to more accurately provide refund timelines via its “Where’s My Refund?” website. Please note this website is updated overnight by the IRS, so you don't need to check it more than once a day. It may take up to 4-6 weeks to process your return. However, some H&R Block clients are already reporting a change in their refund status since the IRS began processing these returns.

        As a reminder, at this time, there is no additional action needed if you:
        1.   Received an IRS letter requesting additional information for Form 8863 and already responded to the IRS; or
        2.   Have not received an IRS letter about Form 8863 to date.

        If you have received a letter from the IRS and have yet to respond, please call 800-HRBLOCK. The customer service agent will be able to better serve you and provide next steps.

        If you applied for financial aid through the FAFSA program and you are waiting for your return to be processed, you can take the following steps to finalize your FAFSA application and proceed.

        The Department of Education suggests:
        You can manually enter the tax return data on the FAFSA application if your return has not yet been processed by the IRS.
        Return to the online FAFSA application to update the information when your return has been processed.

        This information is posted on the FAFSA section of the Department of Education website.

        Please know that we are doing everything in our power to address the processing of your return and we will continue to update you. We thank you for your patience while we work with the IRS to expedite the filing process on your behalf.
      • So, did u have the education credits @octaviah?
      • octaviah ,I read that on line too.  If all that is true than why doesn't TT let us know....If the forms were wrong than take the blame and give us credit for our fees..And let us no so we are not worrying
      • Yes i do. Hrb was only communicating through facebook and when hrb and irs came with the solution thry sent out mass emails 1am pacfic time my time from a link someone posted on hrb fb i believe its not just hrb they also they may stop accepting TT because to many of There massachut... (to early to member how to spell that forgive me lol) state returns where submited wrobg if i can find the link i will post it
      • http://m.cnbc.com/us_news/100547218

        Its minnesota sry its a long article ill paste the part for you guys

        H&R Block isn't the only tax filing company that has been in trouble recently. Last week, the Minnesota Department of Revenue warned taxpayers against using TurboTax to file their state income taxes, finding 10,000 returns had problems, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.In a terse statement Friday, the Minnesota Department of Revenue said it would stop processing tax returns filed through Intuit [INTU 66.36  +0.00 (+0.00%) ] — which operates TurboTax — if the problem is not fixed.
      • Now as of today wmr says your refund is still processing blah blah blah they just added tax topic 152 back on it. So i know im back into processing
      • it really is a mess on the H&R fb page thee is  HUGE article about why its taking so long and people arent seeing their money for 4 to 6 more weeks
      • Yea i just posted it her its the same one they emailed me
      • Finally able to order my return transcript
      • on the phone with the irs and im dealing with a very RUDE rep..... SMH seems to me they would be more helpful this is our money.
      • this rep just told me she has to do some additional reviews and it might take up to 30 more days... RUS  ive never had this kind of problem and ive been filing the same way for the last 5 years .. smh i really dont get it
      • im so aggravated with the irs right now... How u gone accept a refund then tell me social security dont match... then u tell me its under review well why give me a ddd n u know it was under review smh im to my boiling point... then she doesnt wanna answer any  questions. you cant explain whats going on all you know is there is a problem ..well wht kind of problem so we can fix this
      • I am aggravated as well.  Mine got accepted on the 14 and I called a number for verification purposes. They told me to wait a few weeks and nothing yet!!!!!!!!!! My sister had education credits and she received hers right away.  MIne has said being processed for weeks.  When I call IRS, I am on hold for over 1 hour!!!!!!!!!
      • Just got off the phone with representative and she says around April 1st.  If I don't receive it by then to call back, I am furious!!!!!!!!!!!
      • TurboTax sent me an email o n f e b 23 stating that I did not have enough refund to debit the $29.99 cost, then later received an email stating it was an error. call TurboTax spoke with rep nothing wrong with my return it was accepted by the IRS and to expect my refund on March 6. no refund! receive another email from TurboTax as a final notice to deduct the 29.99, call rep again nothing wrong with my return expect a refund on March 19th! email was sent in error. at this point I don't know what to believe!
      • Hey Waz, can you please provide me with a phone number where I can talk to a live person at irs for the state of Florida! the automated system doesn't take complaints!
      • my refund was accepted on january 25th and sayd it was accepted and the irs website says still processing and then i got a letter stating they needed more information to process it, i'm so friggin pissed off right now!
      • i am in the same boat as you conniegates accept on Jan 25 and still nothing, this is  getting old now.. i called 2 times in the last 3 weeks and was told i should of had a cp05 letter witch i still have not recieve yet..
      • I called the IRS they already sent them my refund 6 mar 13. all they have to do is take there fees and send me the rest. right now turbotax has my money per IRS. WTH!!!!!!!!!
      • what do we do wth this debit card my money is suppose to get?  Confused on this situation i have no bank account at the moment. HELP ME!!!!!
      • Got a dd 3/18. The power of prayer yall
      • I filed my taxes on January 24th, due to my 1098-T (Education Credit) it was not accepted until February 14th. The WMR website constantly stated processing. I called the IRS (1-800-829-1040 when you first hear something press # over and over and then wait it will transfer you to an actual representative) they proceeded to tell me that my return was actually accepted on February 18th. Well, I continued to wait and then I recieved a letter in the mail stating that I needed to contact a specialty number because they needed  more information about my return. When  called all they did was varified my information and told me to wait another 4-6 weeks. Has anyone else gone through the same process and if so have you recieved any confirmation on a DD date?
      • I did but the 4-6 just depends i went back into processing monday got a dd today for 3/18
        Filled 1/29
        Accepted 2/14
        Faxed my 1098t to my tax adv. And
        Came out of errors 3/11
        On 3/14 Recieved a dd of 3/18 not later than 3/23
      • IRS doesnt have a prob with taking taxes so it shouldnt be a problem paying back to taxpayers!  And TT still wants their filing fee.  Well if I haven't gotten my money yet TT you shouldn't either, SMH!
      • WHO DID FAX YOUR 1098 TO
      • Same here..faxed 1098T Friday  to Advocate & today got a DDD of 3/22/13
      • We can absolutely complain here WAZ!!!   that's the whole point of a COMMUNITY board~!!!!!!!      IDIOT
      Allow two to three weeks from February 14th to have a refund direct deposited or mailed to you.
      • This answered correct even if your not a 8863er called irs and found out
      • Sorry, but this answer you are saying about our taxes is NOT TRUE!  It's been the allotted time and no refund yet so quit telling people false information!
      • Just called the IRS and they said because of the education credit we would have to wait until atleast the 11th of march!!!! Aaargh anybody already get their refund that claimed the education credit?
      • My Mom filed two days after me with the education credit and got her money in ten days, she used turbo tax and I am still waiting on mine. It's so frustrating!!!
      • my son filed the same day i did and he got his refund on 2/28. me iam still waiting we both had education credit..
      • My still says processing, it was accepted early on january 25th and i have an education credit as well, but still nothing, how long does it take to process? Especially when it was accepted early, WTF
      • Mine was excepted on feb 13 and said I would get it by march 6th and I still haven't,I'm worried about it!
      • I filed and was accepted feb 7 it's march 14 no refund I did not have school credits just hoh and eic as every year. I called irs and they said they sent me a letter I never recieved I really think they are soooo broke they just making things up to cover the money problems !! I'm so frustrated :(
      • they told me 3 weeks ago  they sent me a cp05 letter and i still have not recieve it. starting to think its all B/S. if their was letter i should of done gotten it all ready..
      • @jgarcia31 what did IRS say when you told them you never received a letter?? Did the give you a reason for you not getting your return back?
      • I called them again today and they said that the letter was printed on 3/6/2013 I should recieve it soon then I have to wait til they review the items I have to send them then they will finish they will send me my refund. Another month to go!!! This is ridiculous :(
      • my daughter and my sister both filed at the same time i did and both had the education credit and they got theres 7 days after filing and i still have not got mine
      • what number are you calling because every number i call i can not seem to get a live person
      • Call the regular number and keep hitting 0 until it sends you through to an operator
      • I filed my taxes on jan 27th. Then the other day, lile a lot of people I have seen on here, i got an email saying they were going to be taking $21 out. That is complete bs. I still haven't gotten my refund and I applied for it going on 3 months ago and I did not have any education credit. But I will tell you this I WON'T BE USING TURBO TAX NEXT yEar. They can keep their crap service.
      • So since my error found on the 25th of Feb it has now been an additional 21 days and still no return... I called the IRS again this morning. Talked to a nice lady. She informed me that my refund is still being processed and that her computer systems were giving her no reason what so ever for this delay..she could see no other errors and there were no idications on her end of needing more info from me. So she then wrote up a letter and sent it VIA email to the "higher powers" she called it an alert letter stateing that I have not received my money within the time frame they gave me and there is no explanation and to give me one right away (im sure she worded it differently) so I gave her my cell and gave persmission for anyone to leave me a VM in regards to this..she informed me they would either call send something in the mail or give me a DDD asap...however before we hung up I asked her how long it takes for them to get back to people...and while they SHOULD get back to you right away they legally have 30 days to respond!!!!!!!!!!! Theres the kicker!! So my waiting game continues..hope some of you have gotten your money or DD by now..me on the other hand...I must continue to wait!!!!!!!!!
      • you r not the only one still waiting i am to this is so messed up that they r keeping our money like this and no one has any read answers.
      • Filed 1/17;Accepted 2/14
        I was told the same thing last week. The rep said she was sending an email to the error dept and requesting that they either send me a letter stating the issue or finish processing my return.  Same "kicker" I was told it could take up to 30 days.  I'm so over it!
      • i think today, i'm going to register a business as a sole proprietorship and write my refund off as a business loss, so next year I can say that the IRS defaulted on their payment!    I'd probably get something for the write off.     I'm over it too... we'll never see this money.    I'd bet my cat on it.  LOL
      • its like what happened to the housing market.. make buying a house seem really attractive and then screw over the people that went for it.   Going back to school was too good of a deal to pass up, or so it seemed.   It's always the poor people who get screwed.
      • kalleyann..  that's word for word what was told to me on 3/18.   They don't know either... i bet the IRS employees are gettin a little worried about job security by now.
      • I had education credits, just got mine deposited yesterday, still havent got state return but at least their moving on the federal
      • when did you file?  did you get a cp05 letter??
      • i filed on 2/9 and got accepted 2/14.  no letter, no nothing.
      • no kidding? vargasdeleon_yo?  you got yours?
      • bagelboard- so you have no heard ANYTHING since you got the same responce on 3/18?? This is so insane!
        vargasdeleon_yo- When did you file and what state do you live in? From my past history State returns have always been 80 times faster then federal? This is another weird situation seeing that you got your federal first... I wasn't able to file my state  when I originally filed ( 1/25) but recently did it..im not depending on my federal anymore, and was really counting on getting atleast my state in a reasonable time so I can pay my rent for April! I just wanna scream!!!!
      • I just dont understand. Wtf is the issue and why are they not telling us ANYTHING except sit and wait 4-6 weeks or ive even read some taxpayers have been told wait 8-12 weeks. FOR WHAT?? . Its almost as if the irs wasnt prepared for a tax season thats been coming annually for decades.  If anyone knows anyone who works for the irs, let them read this. It seems apparent that the govt has no idea what people are going through, but if they do they need to notify all of us affected. Since we have to sit around and wait for our money, how about the irs send letters to those who we owe bills to and explain the delay and how they are at fault. Or we should all just wait until april 14th next year and overload the irs.....
      • i have received nothing from IRS.  i got an email from turbo tax that said they were debiting my account for their fee since my return has not shown up yet.    I got my california state refurn in a week.    If it smells fishy.. probably is.   Honestly, I wrote it off as a loss.  I'll work under the table from now on and keep my cash in a safe at my house.
      • Report the IRS to the credit agencies as delinquent bill payers!!!!! Let their credit rating tank!  Do to them what we have had done to us!  Write to every paper, alex jones, jesse ventura, anyone and everyone.  Bring awareness to this issue.   File a class action lawsuit against Turbo Tax as is being done to H&R Block.   See, they are screwing over the students because no lawyers would be in the mix.    Any law students on this thread??   Youtube videos about it.  Scream and Yell.   And ask those who say they got their refund to show you the proof, because I'm sorry, but I don't think those who are claiming they received their refunds are 'real'  customers of Turbo Tax, I think they are employees of Turbo Tax trying to make the situation appear more normal.  sorry, just my opinion.   don't mean to offend.
      • We could have invested this money and made a lot of money off it by now.   They say not to depend on this money to pay bills, but they are making money off our missing money.  If they can invest our money instead of paying us with it, then that is preventing us from making money off our money by investing it, not paying bills with it.    That in itself is a valid reason to sue.
      • *******  ATTENTION ALL YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!     WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!  ***********************   THIS IS THE REASON:
      • You're probably right :/
      • Filed mine Feb 11 and still waiting, I am thinking I am going to be audited, I have rent and bills and I am the only one out of friends and family to not get mine back.  WTH is going on!?!
      • We are the softspoken students who have chosen to go to school instead of work full time.  They are screwing us over because we have no clout.
      • and me too jplp87,  I was accepted on 2/14.  I called and they are telling me it looks fine, no issues .. still processing, wait 4 to 6 weeks.   Its been 4 weeks.   in two more weeks, I'll get a letter saying they need more info.   And then another excuse after another excuse after another excuse.   Write this money off as a loss  because counting on it will drive you insane.
      • I filled my on Feb 9 and it was received on Feb 12 and they didn't start the process on my till the 8th of march and then told me that  it would be received with in 21 days of them starting my process. It has now been 2 months and then they sent me a letter stating they need more information on my forms. They were sent ever scarp of paper they needed when I mailed it in. I received my state taxes 2.5 weeks ago and still not my federal return as of yet. NO delivery date posted as of yet and I need that money. I want to know what is going on and when will i get my money.
      • Filed Feb 15th/ accepted Feb 17th. It's now APRIL 2ND and still NO REFUND. TT said I would be getting it no later than 3/6, which of course came and went. I received a letter from the IRS on 3/11 stating it would arrive within 2-3 weeks, and of course that time frame came and went. Called the IRS this morning (the best time to call is early in the morning between 7 am and 9 am), got a rep almost immediately and he had to research my acct. Said the refund was being held because of some IRS error and the they allegedly sent out a letter on 3/26 that explained the error and when I was going to get my refund. This is absolutely INSANE. A number of friends of mine have filed and received their refunds within days. It's been going on 2 months since I filed and I still have no refund. This is really ridiculous. TT tried to say that my refund wasn't sufficient enough to pay for their services; So I immediately called a rep and rectified that issue--I haven't gotten my money yet so they can hold off on theirs. I am really at my wits end with the IRS this year, I've filed the same way every year for the last 5-6 years and NEVER have had an issue like this. This letter the IRS supposedly sent better arrive soon, it's ridiculous the witch hunt I'm currently engaged in for my own money!
      • SAME here, filed earliest I ever have, January 30th!  Was accepted in three days, received state refund in five days.  not a WORD from federal until 2/19!  That was the letter that I had to call them.  An hour on hold, an hour to give them figures from the past three years' form 1040.  Then she says 'Okay it all looks good, you'll receive your refund in FOUR to SIX WEEKS!!!!'    Today it has been SIX weeks, still nothing!!!   So I am on hold again!!!   Same message, like usual at Where's My Refund:  your return is being processed.  And I had NONE of the education credits or other forms that TT had problems with!!    Someone mentioned on here they got some action when they contacted the tax advocacy.  Can anyone tell me WHO that is, or how we contact them????   This really makes me mad!
      • Found this link for taxpayer advocacy, going to fax the form to them now.  http://www.irs.gov/uac/Contact-a-Local-Taxpayer-Advocate
      • Well don't hold your breath.  I just reached a person at the 1-800-829-1040 number.  I told her I do not want to be told to check Where's My Refund again, it says the same thing.  After being on hold for an hour, she looked up my account.  It went through their SECOND step just YESTERDAY, 4/1.  So NOW I can expect to receive my refund in a 'few or several weeks'.  AND if I don't recieve it by JUNE THIRD, I should call them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     JUNE 3RD!
      • The IRS sent us all ACCEPTED statuses, and now its a software glitch?   Send us an AMENDMENT called a REJECTION!!!!      this is total bullshit,  where is the class action suit!!!!
      • student attorneys!!!!!!!!!!! are you all filthy rich???  where are you guys?
      • Update on mine: filed and accepted on 1/29; did finally receive it yesterday, 4/9.  Supposedly, if you chose direct deposit and to have the CA bank handle it you can call their number and they supposedly can give you an actual esimated DATE you should receive it.  Sorry I don't have the CA number, but Turbo Tax can give it to you, or it probably shows on the first page of your Turbo Tax documents.
      • TT should be calling on the phone every single person suffering from this "software glitch'' and telling them what is up with their money.  How come the first question on TT when I started my return was ' did you receive a form 8863'??  and why if there was a problem were our returns shown as "accepted".   This is a total outrage!!!!!   Can you imagine if we pulled this crap at our jobs for our customers?? wouldn't we be fired and have some hard-core explaining to do????  This is total BS!    Why don't you screw up the rich people's returns??????
      • We filed out tax on Jan 25. and it got accepted Feb. 14. We had a school credit so that's why I was certain it was going to be late. I had a DDD of Mar. 6 or 7th I can't remember. But that day came and went. After that we called IRS and they said our papers were sent to error which scared the crap out of us and to wait for a letter from the IRS. The letter came and it was the IRS VERIFY paper. We did it online and we were relieved thinking that was it. Well we came back again from the philippines March 30th and we still had nothing. Called again and the IRS said to wait another 2 weeks because our taxes looked fine. We called the TAX ADVOCACY number on the IRS VERIFY LETTER or i'm sure you can find it on the website and they said they never got the IRS VERIFY we did online. After verifying with them all our info our taxes from 2011 and 2012 she said to wait another 3 weeks. WELL WE DIDN'T HAVE TO WAIT 3 WEEKS WE ALREADY HAVE A PENDING DD FOR TOMORROW APRIL 17TH. hopefully this helped if you had the ID verify and did it online. Just keep calling and the wait on the phone is long but worth it. Hopefully turbo tax will be more attentive and help. ALSO we called turbo tax because they wanted to charge us even if our refund hasn't arrived and we just told them to take it off until we got our money and they agreed.
      • mao_andy, Same here TT tried charging me and I was outraged. I told them I have no money in my account until my refund arrived. They agreed to not take the funds out of my account or the funds out of my taxes. Just pay them when my refund arrives. It's been 5 weeks and 2 days since I received the 4883c letter and verified. They said wait 4-6 weeks and I check everyday and still no DDD.
      • Just called the IRS about my return they said that it's usually 6-8 weeks realistically. They gave me an estimated date of the first week of May when I should see some results. The reason they said it took so long because it was kicked out of the processing department into the errors department and that a real person would have to take a look at it. Hypothetically speaking lets say your name is Julie Cypress Roberts one little error such as your middle name being Cindy instead of Cypress could cause it to go into the error department. Missed social security number etc. etc. They told me my paper work was fine and that there could be a small mistake somewhere. That they are currently working as hard as they can to get these taxes back to people. I was upset at first but too be honest the IRS is not the one to blame. They are doing the best they can to fix these errors. I had a very polite IRS agent and I am very please with their performance.
      • i still have not recieved my refund. its been over 8 weeks now after calling the irs after i got my letter in the mail. turbo tax then took the 29$ fee for my federal out of my bank account innstead of out of my refund. wtf!!!!!!!? where is my dough.???
      • I am still waiting on my refund for almost 3 months and still nothing. I am still waiting and they can't give me any information as to why it is taking so long to get it back. I have bills to pay and they aren't waiting on this money to come in that is for sure. And when I live pay check to pay check and have to buy food and gas as well, I am overdrawn in my bank account every payday. They need to figure out what is going on and why it is taking so long for us to get our money back.
      • My wife received another letter today from the IRS saying her taxes are under review  after going through all the same problems you guys have gone through. Now the letter says you should receive your refund within 60 days!!! WTF!!!!
      • I am sorry to hear that you guys too are having problems. Everyone has been waiting for a very long time and falling behind on bills. mscosmo3, I don't know what number you have been calling to talk with someone about your refund but the best number to call is 1-800-829-0582 ext.362 Every time I called, I received a nice polite IRS rep.  To you davidcascio24, I am sorry to here that you got another letter saying that your taxes is under review. I believe the reason that they seem to be beating around the bush is because the government is in so much debt that they are extremely broke. That's just my opinion of course so I may be wrong.  I hope we all get some results very soon.
      • UPDATE: I got my refund date May 1st. Look for the message "we recieved your refund and it's being processed" when you check WRM. It means it's coming! My changed to that a few days after calling the IRS again last week. To verify my ID because I wasn't asked to do that when I called on Mar. 11th after getting the letter. Have faith guys it's coming.
      • Congrats.. smilestacy1, I am glad that you got a refund date. Thanks for keeping us updated.
      • I filed my tax return early Feb, but as of today, it's been 12 weeks, my refund status is still "Your tax return is still being processed"! Where I should call to ask for it?
      • call the irs. i called them again 2 days ago after talking to them 10 weeks ago when they told me 6-8 weeks. they screwed up and deleted my tax return (WTF!!!!?) anyway the dude i talked to fixed it (he said) and now its being sent to processing. going to be another 6-8 weeks. but he also said ill get interest on it for the 16 or so weeks or until till i receive my refund. if they don't screw it up again. plus if turbo tax tries to take another 30$ out of my refund im going to be pissed because they already took it from my bank account instead of the refund. this tax year has been nothing but bull crap for allot of people. the irs and turbo tax as well as others need to get the crap worked out.
      • what is the number to call? I tried to call but it always goes to automatic answer
      • 1-800-830-5084. it will start off with a recording telling you if you already talked to a rep they cant help you at this number and other bull crap. just hit the options to talk to an operator and tell them your problem. they will connect you with the office to help you.
      • I first filed Jan 04, Got accepted Jan 24th. I didn't find out that they wasn't processing education credits until Feb 14th. I called the IRS and asked why I am still processing they said that I was a victim of identity theft which was a lie. They sent me a letter 4883C on March 11th that same day I verified. They then told me once I verified that they are releasing my funds to processing department and that I should receive them within 4-6 weeks.  That time past and I called the IRS again and they said that it usually takes 6-8 weeks not 4-6 weeks. I waited 9 1/2 weeks called back again and they said you should have your refund by the first week of May. I still don't have my refund or a DDD so I asked them what was going on, and they said that March 11th the day when I verified someone forgot to send my information to the processing department and now I have to wait another 6-8 weeks. That means I won't be getting my refund until June or July if I get it then. Seems as though I have been waiting and waiting as if they don't have the funds to pay me or they just don't know what they're doing. This is ridiculous, but there is nothing I nor anyone can do to make the process faster. We just have to wait. I just wish they could tag on $1,000.00 for making us wait since the government claims that every year there is thousands even millions of dollars are unclaimed.
      • Call this number you will be able to talk to an live IRS rep with 10-30 minutes and every time I talked to them they have been very polite to me so this is the best number to call.

        1-800-829-0582 ext.362
      • I filed my Taxes in February got a letter for more info, called give them the info the person said that's all the info they need and nothing else to do on my behalf, but April, May June July and still no refund every time I called they told me it still being processed and to call back in a month, I call back only to be told the seem thing. Today July 8th was told to call July 6th, but only to be told to call back July 22nth. What is going on?.
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