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when does wheres my refund update

TIME FRAME please.. non of the "overnight" once a day.. there has to be a specific time it updates...
  • At the risk of you jumping down my throat again...I read on another forum...some CPA community, see if I can find it for you if you want...that it actually updates between 3 -6 AM.
  • Didnt mean to sound that way...  but really what you typed to that other person... lets all try to pratctice that "if you dont like what you read, dont reply"

  • We are all frustrated...LOL...just don't like being called negative.  Far from it....but perhaps it's easy to not worry and to wonder why others are when you dont' necessarily need your refund to get caught up on bills.  Like you, I don't mean to sound negative, but disagreeing with someone isn't call for name calling.

    Sorry as well
  • My only question is so the system acually updates or status returns from 3-6am everyday. Just wondering is all. So it would be best to check for an update after 6 am every morning?
The WMR site updates on Wednesdays between 12am and 9am. It does update overnight every night, but most accurate on Wednesdays. That's when you really see the change from accepted to approved!! Hope this helps!
    I have been waiting since 1/22 for my refund to be deposited into my account. Every day says it be processed, I could done a proper form and NY refund earlier, this crap and their is so many people from January filing dates that still don't have theirs, and theirs says the same thing that is being processed
    • Me to im waiting since January 20 until now still processing .so sad in need my money
    • Did you call irs?
    • It's very frustrating when it's our money. I can't believe its taking this long. I check it 10 times a day, knowing damn good well it isn't gonna change. I know I should only check it once a day but this is getting old. I'm gonna call the IRS when my 21 days are up & demand a damn answer. Really hoping you all get yours. Sorry ur going thru this
    • Yes a spent a good quality of time to keep getting someone and all I got was due to demand again later. So I kept any number I could find and it was the same answer. With their 3" of snow they closed the government down, so I was surprised even with that response. I'll try again starting 7am
    • On the 22ns it will be a month, spent today to still get a response from a human real tired of this getting. November 2011 I retired, and the next year I didn't know that I had to pay taxes, so I got a tax bill and set it up with IRS to have $50 taken out of my social security check for each month and it was paid off November 2014. So I was honest enough to have them have access of my checking acct, and believe it was every month they withdrew. Funny when I needed to set it up I got someone right away. Tomorrow on the phone I'm going to try that again and press whatever the one that says you want to make a payment, and then I am ght get transferred to a real person.
    • Filed the 30th of January, was accepted the 31st. I was under the impression that it'd go faster this year, and apparently I was wrong. I was hoping to have them by the 20th, but my status has only changed to processing (the status bar is gone) and people we know that filed theirs after us have already spent their refunds. At this point I just want to know WHEN I'm getting it, if they can't get them done within 21 days they shouldn't say they do. I know one other person that was supposed to get hers last week and still it says processing for her as well. It's very aggravating, at least I don't feel like a dupe for paying for filing this year, have paid nearly $500 in the past to still get them late. Maybe one of these days the IRS will get their s*** together and get things done in a logical order and realize that if they just get it done they wouldn't have to deal with so many frustrated people.
    • I know if they gave a date, I would accept that but I feel we are in flinch between turbotax and IRS, as keep saying its being processed, why is only people that turbotax, others I know did papers and got theirs.
    • I tried to order my transcript online and it's not allowing me to, just gives me a toll free number to call for an identity protection specialized unit, so now I'm freaking out, either someone tried stealing my identity or they they think we're stealing our own identity?!? Ahh! Well I guess I know who I'm calling in the morning...

      UPDATE: Ok, so this past Saturday I checked my status and it said my payment would be sent on the 25th, and surprise it was sent today (the 23rd).  I didn't call or anything, I wonder if me trying to request my transcripts and having it mess something up made them actually look at my files or what (though I don't recommend that, could make it a mess).  Hopefully everyone else will have good news, technically mine was only 3 days late and I guess it could be worse (my friend's is now 2 weeks late, though she finally got confirmed for the 25th as well).
    • Just talked to a rude lady,she act like she dont know anything,smh,but allow it to process,and if my numbers are negative means a credit on my account,and no 846 code will show until they actually sent out,and whats crazy she act like she didnt know what the cycle date was,smh i know it wont be a refund this week for me smh...
    • I was reading on another three, its not to give you a script with anymore than you know now
    • I'm wondering when 21 days or sooner, if they are the weekends an the holiday
    • Reading sorry auto correct

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