i need help! NetSpend Premier (the debit card offered by TurbTax) is holding my refund money HOSTAGE.

TurboTax always had their own Visa debit card(by greendot) that tax refund could go to. This year it changed to NetSpend Premier. I selected Netspend because I never had issue with TurboTax before. My Federal Refund was Deposited To the NetSpend card that  I was sent, it was activated successfully (2-19-2013). I spent less then $200 on the day activated (2-19-2013). Had card less then 10 hrs when a purchase was declined. Now Netspend has put a STOP on my card not allowing me to access any of my money. They won't give me good reason. But telling me I have to send fax of drivers license, my W-2, Social Security Card, a utility bill and a pay stub!!!! Then if approved by their security dept it will be 2 business days to get STOP taken off my card. The IRS did not even require this...
  • Im in similar situation except my money has already been deposited and I dont have a card yet. They say it was mailed 2/8. It is now 2/22 and still no card and they wont transfer to another card or my bank account. How long did it take you to get your card and have they freed up your money yet?
  • Netspend needs to be investigated. If you google all the complaints there are tons of them. People's money disappearing...transfers to other netspend cards...blocking funds...the list is ridiculously long. Every person from their call center is outsourced from another country and we hand over faxes of all our private identifying information without question. No wonder identity theft is so big. I just hope your money doesn't disappear off your card now. Good luck.
  • I had the same problem. I ordered my card on January 19 and with having to fax my social and i.d I barely received it on Feb. 8. Now I'm just waiting for my refund which is taking forever.
  • So where is my Turbo Tax card that my refund was put on and when do I get it
  • you have to call netspend and see when they shipped it out
  • i have the exact same hostage situation, i refused to send copies of my information and was told they would either keep the account until i do or send it back to the irs.    another rep refused to let me speak to anyone in the fraud department or anyone else, he said hang up and call to get someone else.  i refuse to send my personal information to them and cant find any help anywhere on getting my money from them.  i too had spent money on the card when i received it and then was blocked.  demanding personal info like this should have been addressed before the approved my account and definitley before they accepted my funds.  they didnt need it then, they shouldnt  need it now,
  • and why is there a 855 number to call instead of 866 on the back of the card?
  • make those assholes Fed-x you a card! They are doing the same thing to me!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i was on someones return checking something and decided to reply to this, but want it noted I am not steven harmon,,you can know my name ...I don't care...Janette Arra from San Bernardino
I know its inconvenient and I would be upset as well but why don't you just send them the information they asked for.  In the end its for your protection.  Fraud is big concern of most people, every year I see people who are victims of identity theft. I for one am glad that NetSpend Primer is doing this. It might be a inconvenience but I guarantee in the end if you don't send them what they are asking for you will not get your money. You really only have 2 options 1) Send them what they are asking for and I'm sure they will release the hold. 2) Don't send them what they are asking for and your money will be held until you do decide to send it.
  • Do you work for them? Lol.  No, im not giving them  copy of my ssc, i asked if they could compromise with the other two, which i am not comfortable with either but they refuse.  They didnt need it to openthe account or to accept my money but to give access they do.  They are collecting intetest off all this money they are keeping from us, and its not just a few people thathave this problem.  Google it, endless complaints, same situations and even worse.  The fedsral trade commission says we should not be forced to send this info as they are not government.  This is bs, and im fixing to file complaints with every agency and website that will allow it.  And tben they can get my info from my attorney.
  • No I don't work for them, but I do know how the financial industry works, so good luck you can fight it in on principle but it the end a financial institution such as Bancorp, which is who issues the card has every right to ask for that information if they suspect fraud. So in the end you'll send it if you want your money or you just plain will not get your money.
  • SBTPG did that to me too. But they only ask that I send a copy of my state ID or Driver License and a copy of my W2 to reissue my refund after my bank rejected it. once i faxed them a copy my check was mailed and I received it in 2 days. Netspend sent me card I did not request way before tax time I never activated the card because they charge a lot to use it. If they send it back to the irs it will take longer for you to recieved it. I argued with the rep from SBTPG about having to valid who I was and they informed me it was for my protection. Truth be told they already have your SS#. if you read they papers you signed you have authorized them to see your tax return.
  • Yes, i understand that, that was part of my arguement, they want me to send them copies of information they already had when tjey are speaking to me.  I have had issues like this before and they ask several questions to verify, sending a copy of your social is not acceptable to me.  I can give the number over the phone and not have a whole identity traveling thru cyber space.  Or give me a location to come in in person and show proof of identity.  And after all the complaints i found googling this issue, im not just proving a point, many others have complied and sent the info and still have declining cards and zero account balances.  There are many cases worse than mine, where money just disappears.  And the customer service reps are rude.  They basically call you a liar, say sorry you feel that way, one rep refused to transfer me to anyone else, then hung up on me.  I am not a complainer, i never post or file negatively but this is not right.  They are not protecting me, i pd my light bill, same address on all my info that they have.  What is suspicious about that?  If they needed this info they should have got it before approving the account and definitely before accepting my money.
  • greetings turbo tax users and netspend users. my net spend card was suppose to be here within 7-10 business days ordered on the 14th no card in the mail it is now the 30th.

    i would like all customers to consider this option.i have read many stories about net spend taking money from  u.s citizen.  im pretty sure that will be my luck this year i have that feeling. what we need to do is work together. net spend has a cooperate office in Texas their number is: 512 532 8200. call the cooperate office and complain over and over and over again. send emails regarding your issue keep those emails and have a paper trail. you see by calling the customer service line will get us no where. who is accountable for us citizens not receiving their money net spend cooperation is. net spend is subjected to u.s law, no think about this if we only contact the customer service line net spend can deny they have any knowledge however by calling and email net spend cooperate the liability is now on them.  the have knowledge of what is going on. how can the deny to a civil court and the u.s government that they have had no knowledge of the issue at hand when we have a paper trail backing our claims. to get our money returned to us and them some punitive damages so forth and so forth, we have to prove net spend corp was aware of the situation at hand. so we can presented that before a court and pin point the problem monies missing on net spend corp. the CEO so they can not blame the net spend customer service. there is a lot of issue people not getting their money i know it sucks, but we are Americans and there is a great thing called the justice system to right wrong doings. please people get on bored call and email the corp office. get all your ducks in a row. then my suggestion is take them to civil court one by one by one. there will be an overwhelming amount of people petitioning an action is civil court net spend will no be able to keep up. and i know this will draw the attention of the fed government.  i would not recommend a class action that can last up to ten years before any one receives a dime.  call the corp office email them get a paper trail going and sue net spend. this has not even happen to me but i am already pre gaming it. i will help any one that needs advice or instructions to protect themselves and there money. again net spend corp number is 512 532 8200.
  • I am on board!  I have been having the same issue with them.  I have not received mu card (2nd one they issued) and they did register me to be  able to logon online.  But now I am not able to " for security reasons" which they love saying.  I am pretty upset.  If I don't receive ny card soon I do plan to show up at their corporate office which is only 2hrs away from me.  I do agree with you this has to stop and they can't take advantage of people like this.  Please keep us informed if your situation and good luck.
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