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I filed, return accepted, refund approved, now IRS site cannot give me any info on anything....any clue?

I filed on 2/13 and it was accepted the same day.  Refund was approved to be deposited on 2/22, but when I went back on the IRS site and enter my info on "Where's My Refund?"  It is saying they do not have information on my taxes now.   Is this a site issue?  I got e-mails already saying it was accepted and that a refund was on the way and the IRS site said Refund was Approved   Any clue??
  • i filed my taxes  im suppose to get a paper check sent . i tried to order the card would not let me ? how long to get paper check
Everything is fine . The system is updating , your updated info will be their after midnight
  • The IRS deposited my return, I can now see it pending release in my account.
    But I'm confused because it is less than what the IRS said they were depositing. The IRS said that my refund was reduced for owed taxes (which I knew would happen), and then showed the new amount that would be deposited into my account. However, the pending deposit is $600 less than what they IRS said they were depositing, after they took the money owed.
    Obviously I would have fees for TurboTax deducted, but that would have been less than $100. Any clue why the amoun deposited is less than what the IRS said?
The same thing happened to me. I've checked the "where's my return" everyday this week (to confirm nothing had changed) and it continued to say approved/scheduled to be sent to bank on 2/21. This morning I checked again and it still said return would be deposited tomorrow. But when I checked this evening the site says nothing found.
I'm hoping this is a system glitch!! Would love to here if anyone else is experiencing the same.
  • I have not been able to get an accurate deposit date since I filed. I filed on January 30, but because I had an education credit, it was held until February 14 and finally was accepted on February 14. If anyone knows if something is wrong with the Where's My Refund page, please let me know.
  • Ditto, but on my end, I filed on 1/30 and checked the irs site. Gave me that same error message. I checked all my stuff and it says it was accepted..I even called and said "in certain circumstances" the refunds can take longer for NO apparent reason

I also have the same issue.. When I log into the IRS website, it says that I must not have entered some information correctly and ask me to amend the info. Is this a ongoing issue with the IRS website? Or will the information be updated at a later time? Thanks.


    I filed my taxes 2/8/2015. My refund was accepted 2/10/2015. My check was suppose to be deposited onto my Netspend Premier Card 2/19/2015 and has yet to be deposited. Could you please help me? Is there a problem?

    • I have same problem I received my net spend card but no refund yet
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