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my taxes were accepted on Feb.14I HAVE AN EDUCATION CREDIT. WHEN SHOULD i GET THEM BACK?

  • I filed on Jan 26 got rejected 4 times, something bogus about my children ssn. I was accepted on 2/14... wmr and the irs still states processing.. really.. I tried to order a transcript and was told my addres or ssn could be wrong.. on hold now... the wait time is fifteen mins and I'm waiting them out. Stay tuned...
  • So I could not order a transcript and she stated that it will take two to three weeks. My refund is still processing... She gave me the number 800-829-1954 to call instead of 800-829-1040. SMH this is the worst tax season ever!!!
  • Mines was accepted on the 14th too... I also claim an education credit...Mines was approved yesterday and it say the money will be deposited on the 25 of feb....My boyfriend still waiting for his to be approved his still pending also.... The IRS updates overnight....
  • Mine was accepted on Feb 14th, and it still says "processing" on the IRS website.  So now all I guess I get to do is wait.......
  • ** I also have a form 8863
So far only a person with the feb 14 has received a DD date. I think tomorrow most of us should be getting something different on the WMR tool. Almost everyone got the DD date about 7-8 days. Also, they deposit before the day they give you most of the time. A friend got his refund today and had a DD date of feb 22.
  • *only a person has posted here on TT forum...
  • I filed my taxes on 1/22, they were accepted early by the IRS on 1/26, & I still don't have a DD date! (I have education credits form 8863) I tried calling the IRS, but there is now a message stating "the IRS has a high call volume concerning the matter I'm calling about, so call back another time." WTF?? I want to know what's going on, this is getting ridiculous!!!
  • Your return was probably received on Feb 14 like most of us. Calm down! The IRS told everyone about it.
  • IRS Warns of Problems with Education Credit Filings
    WASHINGTON, D.C. (FEBRUARY 20, 2013)
    The Internal Revenue Service said Wednesday that it has observed problems with the filings for education tax credits that could be delaying processing of the tax returns.

    “We have observed instances in which the Form 8863, Education Credits, attached to the Form 1040 and 1040A is not completed correctly,” the IRS said in an email Wednesday. “These instances are causing downstream processing delays.”

    The IRS noted that it has experienced the following two conditions: (1) Form 8863 Part III Line 25 Yes or No checkboxes are not completed when required, and (2) Form 8863 Part III Line 26 Yes or No checkboxes are not completed when required.

    The IRS pointed out that the Form 8863 instructions specify that if taxpayers have checked “Yes” on Line 24, they should go to line 25. On line 25, taxpayers should check “Yes” if the student completed the first four years of postsecondary education before 2012. Otherwise, they should check “No.”

    If the taxpayer has checked “No,” they should go to line 26. If they have checked “Yes,” the student is not eligible for the American Opportunity Credit, and should therefore skip lines 26 through 30 and go to line 31.

    On line 26, the taxpayer should check “Yes” if the student was convicted, before the end of 2012, of a federal or state felony for possession or distribution of a controlled substance. If the taxpayer has checked “No,” they should complete either lines 27 through 30 or line 31 for this student. If they checked “Yes,” the student is not eligible for the American Opportunity Credit and should skip those lines.

    The IRS noted that it is working to implement business rules to reject the incorrectly completed returns, but has not determined the date for the new business rules.

    In the interim, the IRS is requesting that software packages be modified to require completion of the correct boxes on lines 25 and 26 when appropriate. In addition, the appropriate checkboxes should be completed for lines 23 and 24. The IRS also asked to communicate this information to the tax practitioner community to avoid delays in processing returns.
  • Found out today that my deposit will be made on the 26th... I too had education credits.
  • reader589 did it show deposit on IRS.GOV website or did you have to call them to find out ?
I got a direct deposit date finally. I checked irs.gov and got a date of 2/25/2013. Hope this helps. Yes I had education credits.
  • I have education credits as well. Filed my taxes on Jan 17th, the were accepted on the Jan 25th, but I still have no DD date.  I know they started processing them Feb 14, I read that with in 72 hours of them processing your taxes you should get a DD date (its right on the IRS website).  But I still have no date today. I called the IRS and they wanted me to call back at a later time. This is ridiculous.
  • I filed 1/10, but it was delayed due to the education credits.  I also don't have a refund date yet.  It's frustrating since I did my taxes so early to get it quickly.
  • Same with me, i filed on Jan 26th and they were accepted... But after waiting for Feb 14th processing, I'm still waiting for any update.... It still shows processing with no date! I'm very frustarted! I know you shouldn't rely on the government for anything, but come on!! they already delayed us once, now what?!?!? People depend on these returns!!!!!!! And of course you call the IRS and it won't let you talk to a live person!! BS!!
My return was sent off on 2/14 and I just got a DDD on 2/21 for 2/25. I had education credits.
  • Everytime I check my status, it says that they cant provide any information on my status. My taxes were accepted on 2/14 and have the education credit. I thought that you were suppose to know your DDD by 72 hours?
  • I agree. I keep checking and it is giving me the same response as you. Ill have my state taxes tomorrow, normally states don't release tax funds to people unless they have received their federal tax refunds.
  • Mines were accepted 2/14 & I have education credits. I got a DD today for 2/25.
    I hope this helps.
  • That's what's up
  • Thanks mabey I will get a DD tomorrow
  • I've still yet to get a dd.. If I go to irs.gov there isn't anything there. I called the 1800 number and it just still saying its being processed. Who knows..
  • I have education credits and the IRS website is telling me they cannot provide any information at this time, my return was accepted on Feb. 14th, if it was accepted why cant they give me information about what is going on?!?
I filed my taxes January 30th and they were sent to the IRS and accepted on February 14th I was held up because of education credits I checked where's my refund this morning and my taxes have been approved. My refund Is scheduled to be in my account on Monday February 25th. Hope this is helpful.
  • My return says it is still being processed as well. I filed my taxes back in the end of January with the college credit. This is getting very annoying....
  • The IRS didnt start processing education credits until Feb. 14th, have you not got an email? saying it was accepted
same boat as you all, filed on 1/11, accepted by IRS on 1/24 and since that time, its said accepted, acted like it never got anything, then said in processing and has yet to change.  I even spoke to 3 folks at the IRS and finally heard on Monday, "there's a system processing error that has been fixed but im unable to tell you anything futher, you should wait at least 2-4 weeks before inquiring".  My refund on the IRS site is one thing, on turbotax its now been reduced $70 (which was the education credit I should have gotten) so I have NO idea WTF is going on.  Ridiculous is an understatement. 
  • Mine was accepted on the 14 of feb, and it says that it is still processing. I have not got a dd date yet.
  • Mine was accepted 2/14 as well. Still no change on WMR. No DD date yet, and I'm starting to wonder if there's a problem.
  • Mine's were accepted on the 14th and it is still processing...so i don't really know what is going on, it says you should recieve it within three weeks of it being accepted so...
  • I just checked on WMR... I got the dd of 2/26. Took them long enough...  I'm just pleased everything worked out.
  • I filed on the jan 29 and they accepted my return feb 14 ,but other than that nothing has changed.
  • filed 1/25 had ed credit it  said recived 2/14 due date 2/22 recived refund 2/21  deposited in bank before 2:00 p.m.
Finally, a DD of 2/26.  I had kids and education credit.  Be patient....
  • Well I still don't have a DD date.  It is frustrating because noone knows when it will come, and I actually need the money a lot this year... oh well.  Guess I just have to wait.
  • Does anyone know if the IRS website updates over the weekend?  Or just on business days?
  • Danielle,
    Yes they do update on weekends.  Mine was finally updated this morning :o)
  • Well that is good for you, mine isn't yet, ill check back tomorrow!! :) seriously, I filed over a month ago and it feels like its takin forever!! When is ur dd date?
  • Me too- l I filed on 1/10 so its been torture. My DD date is 2/27 so even though they took forever to update they are paying in the 21 days
  • I think that they are finally processing... I bet everyone hears something by Wednesday.  Good luck all...
  • Mine took forever... I filed in January.  My DD date is 2/26.  I can only hope it is there.  I have put off a lot of bills waiting.
  • Ok it seems like everyone has a dd but me. Does anyone kno wtf is going on???!!!
I filed 2/1, accepted 2/14 with 8863 form.
Got a ddd this morning of 2/27
    It appears that this year, the IRS is just delayed on updating the Where's My Refund site and not delayed on giving the returns.  From everything I've read in my panic about not getting my return, people aren't getting the updates for at least a week, sometimes more. 
    I filed on Jan 10th and my return was delayed from being processed until 2/14 for the education credit, and I logged on every day, and no updates.  Finally, this morning, 9 days later, I logged on and there was a DD date of 2/27.  So try not to worry- they are just slow to update, but not to pay :o)
    • Well I still hope I have a dd soon!!! Mine was accepted on the 14 because 8863, and yes tomorrow will be day 10, so hopefully they can at least give me a date by then!!
    • Because it seems like I am the only one not to receive a dd yet...
    • you're not alone...I've yet to receive a ddd. accepted 2/14. I'm still unable to order a transcript.
    I also had education credits I filed on 1--29 and today is 2-23 and i had it there this morning..just federal not state
    • I didn't  get anything from state either...  I didn't get anything for my child also. Which is weird..
    • thats so weird cuz I filed 1/26 with education credit and still Don't have a dd date... Im worried... I planned a month in advance to have March rent now it looks like imma have to ask parents for another month of rent.. FML
    • I checked wmr today and the status bar has been removed and instead of it stating we have received your return and it is processing. It now states that we are "still" processing your return and we will give a refund date when available. Did any one else receive this???
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