After my return is accepted how long does it take to get approved?

    Seems like as soon as it gets approved, they issue payment to your bank on the Thursday following approval. Happened to me and for my son.
    • is that business days or just 21 days?
    • Just 21 days. I got mine today (2-21-13). I submitted it on 1-31-13.
    There is no set time for approval but the refund is on average released within 21 days of them receiving it if there are no issues.
    • I also have an education credit and still no date.  Nothing has changed says still processing.  aggravating  i know people that have done education credits and filed after me and they have their money.
    • I am in the same boat my still says processing also, have you spoken with anyone about your taxes.
    • Mine was accepted way back at th eend of January, but still says processing so not sure what is wrong.
    • mine was accepted January 25 and still says processing I have education credits also but recieved an email stating that the IRS will start to process returns with education credits, but my status still says processing. Not understanding at all whats going on, but just trying to be patient. Do you have education credits also.?
    • I have education credits and am trying to be patient as well, it got accepted around the 25th as well and has been processing ever since.
    • I have education credits too, my were recieved by the IRS on 2/14/2013. FINALLY they were approved 2/20/2013 and I got a DD date of 2/25/2013. I am so glad to finally be getting my money this wait was terrible!!!
    • Yes I have education credits as well.  this is so frustrating tried calling the IRS they were no help.
    • I have education credits, mine was accepted on 2/14 and the refund was approved today per the IRS Where's my refund link.  TurboTax's website still only reflects that my return was accepted.  Maybe check the wmr link on the irs website
    • I also did the Edu Credit and it is still processing. I did read that that want you to check the "where's my refund" only once a day. It processes at night and they stated the high traffic on that is causing delays. Mine was approved/accepted on the 14th and still nothing, so I guess we all just wait.
    • I have an education credit and filed on the 18th of january  and it was accepted finally on the 14th of Feb! Still no answer though to when it will be processed. This is insane. I did this last year and it took 3 weeks to get my money, why is it over a month now?
    • I have an education cred too my refund was accepted jan 26, I filed the 23, IRS  wheres my refund still says pending, How long do I have to wait, i have friends that filed after me with education credits and they have their refund already, What is the deal with the IRS, They should be starting with the oldest returns first and working foward, Not starting with the newest and that seems to be the case. If anyone on Turbo Tax has an answer to this please let us all know what is going on, The IRS doesnt seem to know what they are talking about.
    • Filed the 30th of Jan, IRS recieved it on the 14th of feb, this morning rcieved a DD of Monday the 25th. Good Luck everyone.
    • Still waiting for my DD as well.  Filed at the end of January and it was accepted by the IRS but then held up due to the education credit form.  Then received another email from TT saying the IRS would start processing those returns that had Form 8663 (or whatever it is) on 2/14.  Still waiting and getting frustrated.  I usually get my DD 10-14 days after filing.  I hope the IRS waits until the absolute last possible day to process every single member of congress' return so they can wait even longer than all of us have for their refund!
    • Have educational credits, excepted on Feb. 14 th, still not approved, tired of waiting!!!
    • mine was accepted 1/31 no education credit and still shows processing :(
    • MIne was accepted January 31 and I got my full refund today in my bank via direct deposit! I am ecstatic!
    • Mine was accepted on the 14th and still waiting.  Was told on of before Mar 7....
    • I called the IRS and they said that the ones that were submitted prior to the 30th were put on hold by the IRS and the ones that were submitted on the 14th were put ion for processing and that the IRS released the other ones on the 18th. Yes this sucks mine still says processing but now it says something about form 8888???? Also my return was accepted Jan.26th!!
    • Mines was accepted on the 14th and I received a dd of 2/25
    • Really hoping that I get that wonderful message showing a ddd soon, I also filed 1/30, was accepted 2/14, but still no new information. WMR showing my status as still just accepted. Praying that I possibly see a new message in the morning and a ddd.
    • Mine was submitted at the end of January, but had education credits. With this, it finally got submitted on 2/14/13. My status went from "Return Received" to "Refund Approved" on 2/21/13. It states that my funds should be sent to my bank on 2/25/13, and if not received by 3/2/13, to check with my bank to see if it has been received.
    7 business days
    • I agree. I did mine on 02/10/2013 and it was accepted on 02/16/2013. Then on Sunday they had a deposit date of 02/21/2013!
    • Ok thanks for the input!
    • @beabechico.. did u claim any of the education credits?
    • Yes i did
    • i claimed an education credit and my return has been accepted on 2/14/13 and I've had no update since. No approval yet.
    • Same here just trying to find out ifany one has got theres yet
    • Same here and all turbo tax says is earliest expected refund February 24th but I was told they only deposit on Thursdays so I'm thinking next Thursday for sure if accepted on the 14th
    • same situation here..accepted on the 14th and no dd yet
    • accepted on 2/1/2013 and no ref yet
    • i just checked and it says it has been accepted not approved wait 21 days, i also had the education credit and was approved on the 14th.
    • I don't think that they are doing them just on Thursday's because I was accepted February 14th as well due to the education 8863 form, but I have a DD of Monday the 25th.
    • Ok. I'm was just saying that my son's was accepted on a Friday as was mine. He got his on a Thursday Just like I got mine today. Every tax return is different. Every one has totally different situations like I am a childcare provider so I file Self employment. My son on the other hand gets a W2.
    • mine was accepted on the 14th not approved just accepted and I have education credits also, still waiting on a date of when my funds should be deposited, :( glad i'm not in this alone.
    • It looks like I am not the only one with this problem. I filed on the 30th, had to wait until the 14th, and its still processing. A friend of mine has nothing to claim but one child, has had the same job for 8 years, and no other forms or credits, she has been waiting 3 weeks and just called today..They told her she will be getting a letter in the mail in the next 5 business days letting her know what else she needs to do...This is a joke!
    • BIG JOKE....the government manages to take the money pretty darn fast and with how ever much they will they "need" but hey, if you work for a living, bust your butt and fingers to the bone and pay out the A$$ in taxes so all the people who don't wanna work, then you are gonna have to wait in line so all the people claiming kids with no income can get their refunds first =/......Sounds to me like I need to start popping out kids, not work (on purpose) and just live off the everyone elses hard earned $.......
    • Im totally joking about the not working thing, not my charater or how I was raised.  Just making a point!
    • did anyone get the section 152 refund before their approval?  mine has that on it now.. hoping that means good news.  having mortgage interest shouldn't postone it either should it?  just checking with everyone.
    • tfoster I have kids but I work my butt off and go to school too You are not the only one waiting for a refund I am also waiting and I filied the 23rd of Jan. I just feel that making ignorant comments about others is not going to get my refund faster.
    • Submitted January 31, got my refund today via direct deposit! 2-21-13. Today is a good day!
    • beabechico- Not sure if your comment was directed towards me, but if so I was not referring to anything that you previously posted. I was actually referring to a comment made by Brandielaraemoor who said she was told that deposits were made on Thursdays.
    • pwmcdaniel - ignorant maybe, honest and true I'd say so .....!!! do you choose not to work? i dont believe you do, in fact I am sure you are a great parent and provider,  so it has nothing to do with you personally and for those who know where I am coming from then I speak the truth.  Is this the place to post my issues with our government and how they are crooks, probably not but do not take offense, unless it is someone abusing the system, your taxes, and your kids future, then there shouldn't be a problem with someone speaking the truth  =) ......
    • You don't get a refund if you don't work and have kids you have to work to get 1 so ignorant yes you are
    I filed my taxes on 1/22; the IRS accepted the return on 1/26. Just like everybody else I received an email 3 days later saying that it was held up due to form 8863. On 2/14 I get the other email with "Good News" IRS will start to process returns with form 8863. Bad news is  today is 2/21 and mine still says "processing". I spoke with an IRS agent yesterday that stated that they started to process the 8863 returns on 2/14 but they are not processing according to the file date.  Per the IRS agent I spoke with, my return (and all others 8863'ers) was basically thrown back into a pile where now I have to restart my 21 days from 2/14.  What is the point of getting something in early if people that get it in later still get processed before you do?  I assumed that it would be common sense or logic to process according to date filed or date accepted, but that isn't the case.  As of today I have no anticipated refund date and there is nothing I can do about it.  I agree that the IRS is a BIG JOKE, but what can we do about it- NOTHING!!!!! 
    • so mines says excited accepted from turbo tax so what does that mean? sorry im only 18 years old so im new at this
    • Filed and accepted on the 30th as soon as the irs accepts them, then says it was postponed due to the edu credit, still no update just says my refund is being processed on the irs website tool. Patience wears thin.
    • I am wondering, I am in the same boat as most of you, I filed on 1/25/13 and had to wait until the 14th due to education credits. The catch is that to begin with I had not received the 1098-T(form from the school) and just input what I had paid. Then, after receiving the 1098-T, I thought it'd be best that input all the information I had. So after doing so, my amount to be refunded changed a bit(still can't figure that out) but now it seems that the irs had gotten both returns because on Wheres My Refund, one day the first amount will say processing an then the next the second amount will say processing and the first amount will say i entered it incorrectly. I don't know wth is happening but i don't have a date yet either.
    • Turbo tax app on my phone says estimated refund date before 2/20/13...but the irs website say still processing..I also have education credits...anyone know anything about this?
    • I had educations credits and got my refund today 2-21-13. I filed on January 31, 2013. Took exactly 21 days.
    I filed January 26th it was approved 2/14 and this morning got a DD of 2/27 & I used education credit.
      21 days. I submitted mine via turbo tax on 1-31-13 and received my refund via direct deposit in my bank account today. 2-21-13
      • Did they send an estimated refund date?
      • Yes. A few days earlier.
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