turbo tax is having software update issues with some states

Thought some of you could find this interesting.  Got it off the Minnesota DOR website today.

"The Minnesota Department of Revenue has been notified by the tax software company Turbo Tax (Intuit) that they are not processing some returns because they have not completed their software program updates. They anticipate that programming will be complete by February 26, 2013."


I've been doing business with TT for many years.  You'd think they could have come clean with this on their own weeks ago.  Pass it around folks.  Wow....I just don't know how this truly makes me feel right now.   Shame on you TT.

  • I live in NJ and I started my taxes in Jan 2013. TT has been having problems with my state as well. State return rejected every 3 days for a month. On Mar 13. 2013 when I went to the "help me fix error" in TT there was a message that an update, available on March 27 2013 is needed to correct line 48 of state return, which is the error on my state return causing the state return to be rejected. Went to TT on March 30, 2013 and resubmitted state return thinking the update is working. I got a rejected email again this morning. I go to the 'help me fix' and there is the news that an update will be available on March 27, 2013 to correct this error. What is wrong with TT this year?
  • filed State Return yesterday in AZ and was rejected. TT says everything is ok. just resubmitted. what do you do if TT keeps not working and the 14th comes around?
  • Same issue with Illinois state return - rejected time after time saying that the secondary tax payers (we are joint filing) e-signature is not valid despite putting in the correct details and confirming with IL Department of Revenue that the data is exactly what they have on file.  I have tried it with  prior AGI figures, driving licence numbers and the ILpin but it won't accept any of them and always comes back 12 hours later rejected - how can I get around this without having to paper file - there is no notice of an upgrade due for the IL return that I have seen.
  • I have the same issues for AZ even after federal accepted.
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  • Same my federal got accepted straight away - IL state has been rejected 5 times now - how do we make TT aware of this to get it sorted in time?
  • I'm having thisw problem with NM
  • Vermont. Wtf??
  • I am having the same issue with IL
  • Here's how to reach TT Customer Support by phone or online chat:


    When at that support page, in the search line enter a keyword or question without quotes. (You don't have to fill out the personal info area.)  On the next page, skip the suggested topic links and scroll down until you see two interfaces ONLINE CHAT or CALL US.  It should show the wait times for each.

    Support hours are 5 AM - 9 PM Pacific, 7 days a week.   Least busy times are early AM; busiest times are evenings.  Support hours are scheduled to revert to the normal hours this coming weekend.
If you have already completed and filed a return, you may need to file an  amended return. You can contact Intuit directly at The phone number in the link below and/or see if those are effect you for assistance with filing the amended return. 
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