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first time tax payer how do I get an e-file pin #?

My 17 yr old filed taxes for the first time ever.  I can't get an e-file pin# because it wants information from last years taxes.  I have called the IRS number twice and am caught in a "press this #" loop, nothing seems to apply.  Can someone direct me please?  I mean what do new taxpayers do these days?
    Since this is the first time he is filing a return (or did not file a 2011 return) the IRS would not give him a PIN.  To efile leave the 2011 PIN box blank, enter zero for the 2011 AGI, then the program will have him create a PIN for 2012.
    • Thank you very much!  Did it, it's done and filed.  Have a great day :)
    • your welcome
    • I can not get this to work. i keep getting rejected