Will I be able to download 1099 from Morgan Stanley Wealth Management(formerly Smith Barney)?

In the past the 1099 and all transactions have been downloaded for Turbo Tax. I have heard that will not be possible this time (2012 tax report)
    yes.  mine just worked on the old smith barney side.  if it says your credentials are bad go back to the old www.smithbarney.com site and try and login.  if it doesn't work, click the forgot password link and go through the steps to reset your password.  once done, go back to turbo tax and try it again on the morgan stanley smith barney (formerly smith barney) side.  1099's for activity from Jan to July are available now.  1099's for july to december are on the other morgan stanley smith barney side.  you need to do both if you had activity during both time periods.
    • I was really hopeful that this would work for me but I could not get to the old Smith Barney site.  I called Morgan Stanley and they indicated that the old site was no longer available and it would be impossible to use that site or download that infomation any longer.  I also tried to establish an account but it just timed out.  Surely there is a work around for us.  Any other thoughts?
    • I just called Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. They said I will have to enter everything manually, they do not plan to support 1099 import this calendar year. This is very disappointing - this capability is one of the reasons I got TurboTax. Intuit should remove Morgan Stanley Smith Barney from their list of supported brokers. They are wasting the time and effort of a lot of people.
    • Thanks.  I also talked with MS and got the same response.  I called my broker and asked him to send the word upstairs that they have some unhappy people.
    • I just spoke with someone that imported their 1099s from Morgan Stanley last week
    • I imported my Morgan Stanely information but am not sure if that includes all 12 months or if I need to manually enter my Smith Barney 1099 from the first half of 2012. Very confusing.
    • I imported my 1099 Morgan Stanly information:  it was limited and provided July 2012 to  end 2012.  The January to June information is in the Smith Barney format and did not import.  So I am pursuing that now.
    • If your account is titled as a 'trust' it may not be available for tax year 2013.  Turbotax blocked downloads due to fraudulent returns last year .
      THis applies to all brokers and mutual funds.
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