has anyone went from seeing the status bar to no status on irs.gov? what does this mean? is that a good or bad thing

  • Shit dnt make no sense my taxes were accepted on the 1st
  • Let me knw when u find out
  • im in the same boat been accepted since the 25th
  • Same here...filed on Jan 6th, accepted on Jan 24th, still "pending."  No word or status bar on Where's My Refund.  WTF??
  • I filed on the 31st, my return was accepted within 30 minutes and the same thing has happened to me.  I know four other people who filed on the 31st and they received their tax refunds in full on the 6th.  At first there was a status bar and the amount of my refund and now there is just a message stating that my return is still being processed.
  • Both my husband and I filed jan 10th accepted on jan 25th and 28th and both are past the 21 days and still no refund.........WTF
  • i agree man this is so crazy. some people are saying that the status bar being gone means our returns is on the way. i dont have a deposit date until tomorrow which will be my 21 day mark. i swear if y returns come between today and tomorrow i will make sure i post an update that when you see a no status bar that mean that your returns are on the way
  • dude what do you think this means????? two people i did returns for about a week apart are now saying the same thing. still being processed...im worried guys what does this mean someone please give a a answer
  • I have same issue, return received on irs.gov, return accepted on turbotax.com, yet on irc.gov status bar hasnt changed to refund approved.
  • its nothin u did the IRS has new systems I heard n everyyones returns r late. Go to IRS.gov n click on where's my refund n offset number is 18003043107
  • sumitted returns on 2/8 apprvd 2/15  sorry accepted 2/15 bar still orange till in acceptance stage hasn't been approved yet. Ppl r struggling need the money
  • Can u please update.. Because I don't have no status bar either my just sayin waiting on a refund date
  • I am going through this now the bar is gone and today I got a letter saying my taxes are under further review and I think it is just a way to keep from paying what they owe back to us. This is crazy cause mine was accepted on Jan 26. Today was to be my direct deposit now it says when a date is avaible I will be notified. All these new things the IRS has created is a waste of our time, just give us our money, they get theres.
  • I filed on Jan 30th and I haven't received anything from the federal government and my status still shows pending, I already received my state tax about 2 weeks ago, what is going on this is the first time that I have ever had a problem getting back my return!!!!
  • Did anybody get there taxes yet
  • Elections have consequences  people. what did you think the IRS was going to do with YOUR taxes?
  • not me but i called yesterday and they said that they were working on them and to just keep checking.
  • The IRS recieved my taxes on the 14th of Feb, I am still showing processing. However this am I was able to order 2012 tax transcripts, as well as upload my tax info to my fasfa.
  • I was able to order my transcripts yesterday but still no updat on wmr site, how much longer do we have to wait?
  • I should have received my refund by today but haven't.  I was able to order my transcripts yesterday and I just found another number to call for update and you're supposed to get a live person.  I tried it and "due to high call volume" they are unable to take my call.  Here it is in case any of you might be able to get through....800-829-0582 ext 362.
  • I called the number I posted above and spoke to a Mr. Higginbotham.  My return has been in the errors department due to "missing information".  They are going to release part of my refund next week and will release the remainder of my refund when I give them the missing information.  He was unable to tell me what the missing information was but that I had been mailed a notice (which I have yet to receive).  I don't know if this helps any of you, but, here is what I found out.  Good Luck!
  • They are fucking lying n i was told the same thing and I never received a damn letter either! I think their just telling people anything the system they got know is chopped n screwed n they know it! And if u had any errors in your tax return the software u used would have stated so n told u there were errors n to go back n fix it before u efile. It's the new system they are using that has delayed people refunds!
  • Hi, I heard some people got scam mails from others saying to give your bank info and a payment. If you did then do not do anything with it. Further more the irs is running slow on everyones returnes. They said there systems have errors so to call them if you want a answer. I heard to press payment info to get to somebody faster. Some people are getting there's on the 26th. Mine still says being processed to. I had a due date of the 20th and still got nothing back and I filed on the 31st. So its some kind of error. Good luck.
  • i hate to be the barer of bad news but it mean u  r under review
  • Who's under review? Is that what a status bar means? I never saw a status bar on mine irs.gov.
  • Hey guys, I filed my taxes the first possible day...maybe Jan3rd and they were accepted Jan 25, expected refund date was Feb 19...here it is Feb 23rd and nothing (still being processed crap).  My sister got her money back and she filed Feb 6th and received her money Feb 23rd.  This is unbelievable and unacceptable.  I will be changing my exemptions and they can wait for me to pay them...not the other way around.
    Please keep in mind my audit risk was way low.  I filed a fairly simple return.  UGH!!!!!
  • if on irs . gov say your refunds is still being processed will have a date when available it mean your return is under review i been telling ppl on here this for weeks and no one listened and said i was wrong but now all the ppl who thought i was wrong that got letters in the mail stating they under review and it could take up until april 11 to get straight
  • irs say the most tax fraud happen in the first days of the tax season, ppl steal other ppl id and file be4 the victims do .so the new program the i.r.s have  snitched up alot of early filers returns and  sent them to the error's or review departments
  • There is a lot of peoples saying still being processed. They said the system on irs.gov has errors and if you want info to call them not always belive what you see. I got accepted and still being processed like a lot of people. I say to call them if you want answers. There only open mon to fri. I never got any letters in mail and I got my state but nothing else.
  • the thing is turbo tax said u was accepted not the i.r.s if its being processed that mean they didnt accept it yet
Ok, for those of you that still need answers about the disappearing status bar, I have an answer straight from the IRS. If the status bar Is no longer present on the IRS web site or the mobile app, it means that the IRS is holding your return due to either an error or errors you made or a processing error or errors the IRS may have made.

I had the same problem happen to me. I filed 5 tax returns, 2 for my boys, 2 for my friends, and 1 for my boyfriend. My boys had simple ones, my friends each had Schedule C forms, and my boyfriends had me as a dependent (I am disabled and have no income), and on his return I included my student stuff on Form 8863 I think it was for Educational credits. All of the returns were filed on the same day. All of them received their tax refund about 10 days later, except for my boyfriends. I kept checking it day after day and 6 days ago the status bar disappeared. Today I called the IRS and ask them what it meant if the status bar went away. The lady transferred me to someone immediately. The next lady said that usually means there was a processing error on your return. After my boyfriend gave her permission to talk to me, she had me hold on while she reviewed the return. When she came back she said not to worry, it was an internal error and it was in a huge batch that needed reviewing due to an error. She said my boyfriends taxes were fixed now (she fixed it) and we should expect the refund within 4 weeks. I ask her if all the taxes had errors that were showing up with no status bar and she said yes. She also added that most people will never know there was an error IF it is/was an IRS processing error because the return is put into a queue to be reviewed and corrected and once corrected, it is released. If it has an error that you made, you will receive a letter in the mail instructing you what to do.

Sorry this was so long but I wanted to explain everything in detail.
    Same thing happened to me. Orange bar said accepted. Filed on turbo tax 2/6. Then on 2/14 the bars disappeared and it said something about being processed. I got real worried because the amount of my return disappeared but all other info remained. Then finally Saturday 2/15 I think it said approved and the amount showed up again the orange bars are back and it says they will be sending it direct deposit by 2/21. I hope this is helpful. I just hope it's there on the 21 I will keep you posted.
    • I'm just curious, Did you have education credit (Form 8863) in your return?
    • Good question, supa!!
    • thank you kimmikai cuz now it said its been processed and it will let me know whe the refund is available and i got worried now i know its just a matter of time
    Yes i have and i wish someone would tell me wat the hell is goin on
    • mine were accepted on the 22nd of january and i still do not know where my taxes are...
      i called the irs and they say they have my return i spoke with turbotax and they didnt tell me anything that i dont know so wtf is really goin on
    • there nothing about turbo tAX THET IS TURBO ANYMORE........
    This table lists your personal tax information.
     I also got no tax bar
    Your Personal
    Tax Data
    Social Security Number

    Filing Status:
    Tax Period Ending:
    December 31, 2012
    Refund Status Results
    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
    • i have the bar but it still says its processing..
    Us treasury is empty once filled up then we have refund till hold it
      The Government has already stated that anything before the 1st is going to be needing hand input so they are not computer generated. They also said that the first few weeks after the upgrades to the computer system will have possible errors and etc. So you may have gone to the error dept or on hold for review. There is a few billion people submitting taxes so if 1% are said to have errors then it can take awhile, since they are all hand reviewed. Also if you are claiming college or another topic they didn't start getting processed until feb. 14th so regardless of when you submitted it the government wouldn't have even looked at it until valentines day.  All this information is on the irs website. or you can google tax delays 2012 and see what is going on instead of being mad.
        It happened to me yesturday and then reappeared today. I was told if you check it too many times a day that happens
        • Yes, yesterday, I kept checking then it started saying it couldn't find my account. Then it started working again after midnight.
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        • I received my refund right on time, I had the education credit and all is well here in Indy.
          Haven't you all noticed this is not a "NORMAL" tax year? Never have i seen this type of response from the IRS. if you all don't want to beleive your president had anything to do with it, you are all wearing rose colored glasses, open your eyes people,,, before it is too late!
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