Why is the irs taking so long to give me a refund date I filed Jan 22nd

I filed my taxes on Jan 22nd they were accepted on Jan 26th I knew that the form 8863 wasn't going to be processed until Feb 14th so I waited when Feb 14th came I checked WMR before the three colored bars were at the top now when I check I am getting this message:

Refund Status Results Print. Take the survey. Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available. Please Note: For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day

My whole refund is coming from the American Opportunity Credit is anyone else going though this and if so have you heard anything I need my refund asap because bills are due why is it taking so long for the irs to send my refund or even to give me a refund date my brother did his on Jan 30th and he too was waiting on the AOC he got a refund date on March 6th

Turbotax said I should receive my DD Before Feb 20th which well tomorrow is the 20th
  • I'm going through the say thing. Turbo Tax says that I was supposed to get my refund yesterday.
  • Same here. Filed Jan. 30th. Turbotax says I should of gotten my refund before today. IRS tracker says accepted & being processed like it has since I filed. I got bills too & no time for this!
  • same her filed the same form and still shows that it is being processed.
  • Yea same here same message. I filed the 17 of january and its was accepted the 20th. I was supposed to get mine yesterday.
  • Same boat too. Yesterday ways day 21 and still pending....
  • i am going through the same thing!!!! i filed the 30th, didnt get accepted till the 14th!!!! and all it says they received it and its being processed and i have to wait 21 days!!! my mom filed the 28th got hers feb 5th!!! and now today she just got her state refund!!!! what the heck is going on here!!! I had the education credit as well but seriously this is getting ridiculous!!!!
  • I did a standard deduction and its the simplest no other credits and I still havent got anything now im on hold for a hour tryin to talk to these people. Lets see whatbthey say oll post something once I gey off the phone woth them
  • I called because this exact same thing happened to me, apparently it's probably because they are putting a lot of people under review. Mine is for the first time ever.
  • Same here. I filed and was accepted the same days as the OP. wmr is still saying processing and has not given me a refund date. Turbo Tax's refund window ended 2 days ago for me. This is so frustrating.
  • I am beginning to wonder if it's something having to do with TurboTax having messed up something because a lot of us seem to be having this issue....
  • It isn't Turbotax fault its the irs they made updates to their systems January 28th or I should say they waited 2 days before they started accepting to update didn't test it and now it backfired on them
  • That would make more sense. lol
  • You would think the government would know that lol
  • Has anyone received their return after getting that message "Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day."????
  • Yes I keep getting the same thing! Turbotax told me that I should have it by the 19th. Well it's the 21st and STILL no tax return. What the crap is going on?! I need that money!
  • I wonder if we are under review?
  • Yeah mine still has that message
  • I filed 2/4 accepted 2/5 and I have had the 1 Orange Bar then it changed to that message since 2/8.  NO EIC, NO Dependents
  • Mine did that too I guess we all have to wait until March 7th which is 21 days from Feb 14th when they started processing the education credits I hope next year they will have a better system
  • I dont even have education credits and mine is still delayed.
  • Well I got a letter in the mail today sayin there was info missing and to call them within 30 days
  • Wow the irs is very behind and why do you have to call back in 30 days why not tomorrow
  • Within 30 days I called this morning. Its to verify I am a real person filing my taxes and not a fraud person.
  • mine was accepted on january 24 my deadline for my refund was on the 20th of this month and still nothing.. the irs web site says it is still processing <<<< i dont understand why it was accepted and then in process again !! this is so frustrated !!!
  • Well my mom finally got a DD today for Feb 26th I did hers with Turbotax on Jan 22nd and submitted it at 3:42pm and mine on the same day submitted at 3:38pm and I still don't have a DD maybe I will have one tomorrow or something cause it seems the the irs is going backwards and not doing them in order of who submitted first
  • So have you got your taxes yet????
  • Not Yet irs tripping
  • Wat is the IRS saying?
  • That I should have gotten a cp 05 letter when I told the first rep I talked to that I didn't get one she said I would it in 2 weeks I called back the same day 10 mins later the second rep said 30 days I looked up the cp05 they said its an extra review letter and I didn't have anything to worry about I would just get my refund in 45 days
  • Wow what is a cp05. Well I haven't called nor got a letter because I got my state check Monday so my federal has to be coming. Have you even got your state check yet?
  • cp05 letter is a, we need to review longer letter and I'm not getting a state just money from the American Opportunity Credit
  • Mines got accepted on the 14th and I'm still waiting. I only have education and W2. A co-worker of mine files her with calming children and she got her Federal within a week. This is CRAZY! If the IRS did update their system then you would think that would of updated the system before tax season! So unprofessional from the IRS!
  • I went through H & R block and having the same issues. When I asked them about it and the education credit they said I should have it by the end of March. Never have I waited so long and this is very frustrating as I certainly was planning on it for some bills this month.  And you are so right about, why did the irs wait until tax time to make changes. That was foolish, WTH
  • I feel you its been over 21 days for me and still nothing I was told that I would or should have already gotten a letter in the mail still nothing no letter, no ddd, etc
  • I filed on February 15th, accepted 10 minutes after I filed...still no DD 21 days later on March 6th....called and was told they had just reviewed it for the first time on March 5 because that's when they started doing educational credits...I had childcare credits but no educational credits...they told me that my 21 days started from March 5. I was blown away...still nothing...no letter...nothing...very frustrating...
  • I filed on 1/30/13 and my return was accepted 2/15/13.  It is now 4/2/13 nd it is still being processed.  I only claimed the educational tax credit....no income.  It is becoming very frustrating to daily check my status and see the same thing :your taxes are being processed".  What is there to process???? I HAD NO INCOME!!!!
  • Ebryant~ Have you received it yet?  We filed around same time you did and still nothing.
  • I also only had childcare credits. I filed on Feb 14th and it was accepted within hours. I called in on March 15 and asked what was going on and they said their was some error with Turbotax and their software. That they've put in a ticket and I should hear something within 30 days. It's been 31 days and I havent heard one word. I called today and they told me to call back on Monday... Please update all of us if any of you hear something
My refund has been pending since January 25. After reading some comments on here last night I requested a transcript from the IRS last night and boom - this morning my refund is now approved and scheduled for deposit February 26. Don't know if that's what did it but if it was, try it, it worked for me.
  • Well I did my moms taxes same thing as mine on the 22nd approved on the 26th etc aoc was waiting on it to be processed this morning hers finally got a refund the 26th mine still nothing maybe they doing them one at a time
  • Well everyone the irs put a hold on a lot of peoples taxes because of  all the fraud goin around. They wont tell u till u recive a letter in the mail. I called over and over and they jus kept tellin me to wait 21 days and then I recived the letter yesterday in the mail stating tht I needed to call them.  Long story short if ur on processing status check ur mail and call the irs.
  • How do you request a transcript?
  • Here is the link on how to order a transcript mmcoleman http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Order-a-Transcript
  • Filed on February 2nd and still awaiting a refund. It is taking them forever. I prepared a co workers taxes on the same day andh he got his DD to his account a week later. Go figure.
  • I was accepted on the 14th as well. But its something with making sure everyone that is claiming school credits that they really went to school because so many people file school and really don't go. All I know is dat mines still is saying processing and it s pissing me off because I have bills and I need my money. I don't know what system there on but if a person has been filing da same school with the same id number then they should let it be or they should check and make sure the id number match to a school because March 7 is a long time. Or better yet do you think they are going to release our state check at least. And I did mines on taxact. However the message came up and said it wouldn't be until the 14th before the IRS would take 8863. I wish I had know this because I probably would have left school off.
  • Call them because mine was doin the same thing and I got a letter in the mail there sendin letters out so people call them back and verify all there information to make sure its not goin to a fraud person. They said its bad this year
  • Where are you calling? Everytime I've called their main number after going through a lot of prompts I get to "sorry due to high call volume we are unable to accept your call at this time please try again later"
  • Now why is it now when I check WMR it is acting like I just put it in and bascially saying I need to wait 24 hours and check back. Maybe they are about to give me a date because I get my state back on the 25th which is Monday. So maybe I will get my federal Wednesday? Has this happen to anyone else?
  • Mine is doing that too this morning it said the same ole your refund is being processed message now its just going back to the the 24 hours screen maybe your, right and we're about to get DD dates
  • Yea because everyones checkin theres back to back they that is slowin down the computer updateds call early in the morning
  • Well my little brother who did his January 28th 5 days after I did mine just got his DD today and I still don't have one
I spoke to the IRS this morning and they stated that all 8863 forms or American Opportunity Education Credits that were filed before 2/15 went into a holding "ERS" unit. This causes each one to have to be manually taken out of that unit and reviewed before processing can happen. They recommended that I call back in a week in order to get the most updated information and also to answer any questions so that a letter does not have to be sent out for more information. They stated that if a letter is sent out it could take another 4-6 weeks.
The representative also detailed that on this 8863 form the person responsible for my return could not see an answer for line 26. This answer is legible on my forms, so she wasn't sure why that note was assessed to the return.

All in all the representative stated that since there were millions of these forms out there, ultimately they would more than likely be processed and taken out of that "ers" or error stage, but to keep a close eye on it and follow up weekly with calls because you do not want to get a letter. The letter will create more waiting time.
  • H & R Block told me they accidently deleted questions 25 and 26, so I got a letter asking me to clarify those two questions. They are yes or no questions, WTH. My preparer, (well, someone at H & R told me, cuz my lady is in Flordia, probably spending her tax refund) said they are working with H & R and that hopefully by the end of this week they should know something.  I can't even believe it, I am so angry.  I will keep posting updates as I hope others do as well.
  • *H & R is working with the IRS*
  • Cost too much with H b& R , do your own, I have for 63 yrs.
  • Thanks for this update. I filed with H&R also, so this information helps. Hopefully H&R will help move things forward as we are paying for a service they are supposed to be providing.
  • I filed my form 8863 American Opportunity Credit 1/22/2012 accepted 1/30/2013 processed 2/14/2013 as of today I'm on day 26th I got my cp05 letter Saturday after being told that I would receive it in 2 weeks but that was in Feb the letter is dated March 18th but I got letter March 9th of course it says that they are going to take 45 days to review but they sure don't take that long to take money from you I was told oh we are processing it as fast as we can just be patient yeah right I need my money for bills the irs is truly tripping this year
  • mine were the same exact dates, filed 1/22, accepted the 30th, and processed 8863 feb 14th.  This has been so frustrating this year it is rediculous!! Finally got an email from H & R block explaining things and that it could take another 4-6 weeks...really?! :(
  • I heard this has been an H&R block issue that has effected an estimated 600,000 tax payers.

    This link gives the latest corporate information from HR Block pertaining to the refund issue:
  • I file on the 29th of jan and the irs accepted on the 14th of feb and i have still not recived,
  • Ours was accepted on the same day my husband called they said its because of a form(in which we use every year and this never happens), it will take 11 weeks...so, I don't know. Give them a call
  • So, the 11 weeks has passed. Called the IRS again. They said it was ready but didn't have a date so he ticketed to expedite it but that will take another 30-45 days. Idk, strange
  • Me too, and I hope that you got an advocate.  still nothing and I am pissed.  My daughter college books etc have to be ordered and I am tired of using credit cards for this after pay my bills and taking care of all my daughters needs too.  No one has even thought of that.
  • they are telling u a lie, they promised me a deposit in by 28 april nothing yet.  They went past their 70day limit, and yes I recorded them, and made sure it's on the tape that I am documenting everything.
  • I just heard on the news that people who filed early with the education credit are still waiting because the IRS had to reprogram their computers.
  • this is BS I'm positive that if you own any money to them they let you know really fast with fees and penalties and no automated service but a life person recording every single thing you say to be use against you in a court of law, this same protocol should be use on returning people there money!!!!
  • I didn't file early the irs would not except until the 14th of feb, so there was no such thing as filing early with taxslayer.com... they hold ur return until it was accepted.
  • Well, we received our refund and are super excited! Praying yours arrive soon!  Thanks for your support.  It helped knowing we weren't alone in this wait. :)
  • its over 600,000 who so far they have recorded to have the Irs playing these games with our refunds.  You were not alone
  • 3 and a half months later after getting my 4464c I received a cp05a wanting proof of wages and other things I filed it took this long to finally ask for this info the IRS sucks so bad. To add to this they said if my proof supports my claim then a check will be mailed I initially had direct deposit selected so I guess when they audit you they automatically send a check instead.
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