My return is under review how long does this take and what happens next someone please help me

  • Does anyone know anything about this
  • yeah it's called Obamanomics so who knows when returns will be finished
  • lol thats great!
  • I called and my taxes were accepted 30th then they were rejected and under review. It took them 16 days for them to review it and except it again on the 17th of February. So guy says I should have my taxees by march 2nd. So it does take some time.
  • Do you know why they were rejected?
  • It's rediculous that you're blaming the president.  This process has always taken time.  Way to rear your small-minded head.
  • It's ridiculous your not blaming the President.  It is his governing by "crisis" that has led to these delays.  If we had real leadership in Washington DC and that includes Congress we would have much needed tax reform like a flat tax.
  • His governing by "crisis"??? Romney would of had a crisis on his hands too you numbskull.  You swear that a single man can who doesn't even work for the IRS doing tax returns can make yours come faster.  Be realistic and not thick-skulled.  It's easy to find something or someone to blame so you don't actually have to look around and see what the cause of the effect was.  It's harder to be open-minded and realize that the man you're bashing is the President-ELECT, who was ELECTED BY THE MAJORITY.  So sorry you didn't get your man in but stop being a poor sport.  Is that what you tell your kids when they lose a basketball game to another school?  Just hate them?  Get real or get lost.  Or go to North Korea where the way you single-mindedly think would probably be more appreciated.
  • Okay let's not turn this into a political debate.  It's unecessary.  The point of this thread is for us to help each other figure out our refund situation.
  • Name calling is unnecessary and your completely ignoring my point which is that all of Washington DC is broken.  Governing by crisis means they all knew the fiscal cliff, sequester, debt limit etc were on the calendar but what do they ALL do wait until the very last day to kick the can down the road.  And you are assuming that I liked Romney, I didn't .  I didn't like anyone running for President.   But I do hold Obama responsible for all the political gotcha going on.  He is the PRESIDENT, he has the bully pulpit and is supposed to be leading, not making strawman arguments waiting til the last minute leaving the poor folks at the IRS 1 day to get their software corrected.  What we need is a real leader who really is interested in reforming the tax code which is a joke.  And I blame them all.  The last time we had anyone who was really able to work together and move the Country in a fiscally sound direction was Clinton and Gingrich and Reagan and Tip Oneil.  Proving that it doesn't matter which party they are in it matters if they have the will to put the country first.  Obama only puts himself first.  And I voted for him the first time too but he doesn't govern like his campaign rhetoric, I wish he did.  Have a nice day.
  • @ walisanette i,m with you when your right we all need to help each other where all in the same boat ...i just want my money drug dealers are getting paid faster than us sad but true smh
  • @sherkariaparker.  Tell me about it.  They are getting paid faster.  This hold up is ridiculous.  The IRS does not tell you enough information to make you fully understand what's going on.  Am I getting my damn refund or not?
  • just got off the phone with one lady and was told that know one has even review my taxes said they are still on dec what the hell she also said that it could be 60 days i,m just like huh i,m not sending nothing else i done sent everything to prove my case what next a dna test this is some bullcrap
  • @sherkaria, why are they giving you so much trouble?
  • i dont know i ask the lady that she said everybody has to be review one time in there life sometime twice i dont know what the hell they be talking about i just listen what did they say...
This type of "review" means that your return has been set aside for a manual look-over by an actual IRS employee. This is not quite the same as a full-blown "audit" although it can lead to one if there is anything on your return that doesn't seem quite right when the human looks at it. A certain number of these are random -- nothing that you did at all, just luck of the draw -- others are semi-random meaning that it isn't necessarily your specific data but that your return contained claims that are "hot-button" items such as credits that the IRS is watching more closely due to fraud. Then there are some that are selected based on formulas that analyze the data or combinations of data on your return. For instance, one thing that can lead to this is TOO early filing. If you filed on January 2nd, for instance, the IRS is going to guess that there is a high probability that you filed using your last paycheck rather than your W-2 -- even if you really did use a W-2 -- so they want a chance to verify the data. That's just one example but there are many other issues that can trigger a review (withholding or 'box 2' amounts that are very high is another).

On average this delays your return by approximately 4 week. Sometimes it is much less than this -- and if the IRS finds anything that is supsicious it could be much longer. Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done to help this process along - it will work itself out and you'll either get your refund with 30 days or so OR you will a request for more information within that same time frame. If the IRS is requesting specific documents from you before processing a credit (such as EIC or a child credit) then your timeframe will be long as it will be 30-90 days AFTER the receive your documenation before your refund is issued.  However, they will generally release the part of your refund not related to the credit to you during the review time (if applicable).  I believe the letter should tell you something to that affect but I haven't seen one for this year yet, so I am not certain. The service/software that you use to prepare your return doesn't have anything to do with these types of notices. 
  • i file my taxes the right way i claim my son as i always do i sent in the information they request now i,m just waiting
  • how did you know if you were under review. My return status says still processing and a refund date will be given when available. does it tell you on wmr if you are under review.
  • How did you find out that you were under review? There really isn't very much information to get on the IRS website and when you try to call you can never get through to a person, just automated messages and voices telling you that "your estimated wait time is...FOREVER" I know that on my thing on the IRS it says that there is a delay in processing my refund and if i have questions to "contact" and when you click on that link, it says "1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 312" but when I enter that extension, I just keep getting a message that says that due to greater than normal call volume the topic you have chosen cannot be accessed at this time, please try your call back on our next business day" and then it happens all over again. I really don't know what to do at this point. There has been no letter and no explaination of any kind. I am very seriously having panic attacks over this DAILY!!!!
  • in my case the system told me i was beening review after a week of processing
  • Oh ok, I just can't get any information at all and I can't find anything out just get the message that my return has been "delayed" but no reason why. Were there any reason codes or topic codes? I am so confused by all of this and just don't know where to go for answers at this point. Turbo tax is still telling me that my refund should be issued on or before 2/22, and that is today and there is still nothing. No changes here and no changes with the IRS. I definitely think that I will NOT be using TurboTax again.
  • did you try calling the irs they told me what i was beening review for then i got an letter cp75 ...i sent in all the information now i,m just waiTING
  • I did try calling but can never get a person on the phone. I just keep getting a message that say that they are expecting high call volume and that I need to call back on the "next business day" this is so frustrating. LIke if I need to send something in, I will, but just tell me that!
  • call this number 1866-897-0177 and see if you could get a better understanding ...
  • Thank you so much! I haven't been able to get anywhere with any info that I have research online! I will let you know what happens
  • ok good luck
  • @ cspicuzza83  Interested in knowing how the call plays out. I think I am also under review, but no letter has been received. Accepted 1/ ed credits, EIC and child credit. Pretty simple return.
  • @gdycus Mine was what I thought was a simple return as well. I had no education credit, just head of household with my 3 children. I am going to be making the call on my lunch break here at work, so I will let you guys know what is said!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me! This is such a frustrating situation. I have been researching anything i can online but no answers... :(
  • I called the IRS. Was told that mine was under "review" and that they didn't need anything else from me, but it "could" take up to 45 days. In my effort to be polite (when all i wanted to do was scream), I forgot to ask if it was 45 days from when it was accepted (1/30), or a different date. Anyone else in this situation?
  • EIC and child credits, while "simple" are this year's IRS hot button.  They are reviewing a much larger percentage of these returns this year than in prior years.  You get to thank your fellow Americans who may not be as honest as you about their right to claim these credits for this one.  :-(
  • I'm in the same boat.  it seems that my taxes have been accepted but are on hold.  The man I spoke with sent a message to the advocacy group.  Here's the site for them:
    If you're stuck waiting and are in dire jeopardy like I am right now, they can assist apparently.  I was told that I'd get a letter in a week or two.  By then I'll be in over my head financially.  If you're hitting a wall and in trouble, I strongly suggest you check out the site and call your local office as soon as you can.
my return has been accepted by irs on the 4th of this month. i corrected a error on my form but haven't heard from irs since. what is the problem? curtis
    i was told the same thing on wed i called back on thurs said mine was processing and out of the errors dept. i was finally able to order transcripts this morning so im expecting a ddd sometime over the next couple of days thats whats been happening to everyone
    • were told you were under review? Did they say you would receive a letter, or did you receive a letter? This is all so frustrating!!
    • i call and was told i was beening review got a letter tuesday fax over what i thought was enough had to go to the school today to get some more information proving my son lives with me this is bull i want see a refund until may or june cause they havent even start reviewing me yet
    • @gdycus76 yes i was told i was under review because of an error they said i would only recieve a letter if they needed more information from me if it was not something they could correct on their end today is the 1st day i have been able to order my transcript so that means mine is processed it could only take a couple of days to fix or a while sorry mine was accepted on the 24 with eic and 8863
    • I filled January 21 with education credits. My federal was accepted January 29, and my refund now reads,"processing". I was finally able to order my transcripts today, so I feel a little better knowing that the IRS has received my taxes. I am upset that Turbo tax let me process, H and R block was not letting you process due the IRS not taking ed credits. That is why I filled with Turbo Tax now I wished I would have waited.  If I would have filled on Feb. 14, I wouldn't be losing my mind checking the IRS website for updates so frequently.
    • I called the IRS. Was told that mine was under "review" and that they didn't need anything else from me, but it "could" take up to 45 days. In my effort to be polite (when all i wanted to do was scream), I forgot to ask if it was 45 days from when it was accepted (1/30), or a different date. Anyone else in this situation?
    it depends on a lot of different factors...but mainly it seems to be 5-7 business days from what i have seen to be reviewed...then u can use the irs smartphone app" irs2go" to help stay up on it.
    • this app has been down and for the past couple of says keeps telling me they have no information on my refund
    • Those who do know how to get a hold of someone, dial 800-829-1040. Follow the prompts in the following order: English = 1, then 2-1-2-4-2. It will ask for your social. At times it will ask for you social after the second 2. You can only speak with someone on Wednesdays and Thursdays. This is how I found out I was being reviewed after my return being accepted on the 5th. Learning this today. No letter or anything. She said I should be receiving a letter shortly. I assume I was flagged because of the EITC and additional child tax credit.
    i,m under review to i got an letter in the mail tuesday requesting information about the earn income tax credit i sent everything back in tuesday through fax and sent additional info tues now i,m just waiting the lady said it still can take up to three months ugh why so long ...
    • What did they want to know about the EIC?  Mine is under review, too, but I was told that I wouldn't get a letter until after March 4.  What the heck?  If they KNOW they're going to send me a letter, why are they waiting for 2 weeks to send it to me?
    • they want my lease saying i,m head of house a light bill statement i had to go to the school to get a letter showing my address on his records report card and everything else i just about had it with these people the ones they need to review there not it just dont make i have sense ,,,DRUG DEALERS ARE GETTING REFUNDS FASTERS THAN US WHAT THE HELL NOW THOSE ARE THE ONES THEY NEED TO BE REVIEWING SMH ONLY IN AMERICA/...
    • Wow. I wish I knew if this is what the hold up is on my return or what is going on. I am getting no answers from anywhere and can't even get a person on the phone. What are those of us who are HONEST and WORKING supposed to do when neither the IRS or Turbo Tax will help with any kind of information.
    • i got a letter requesting that information stiill a long way to go before i recieve my money it suppose to be a 60-90 process i done bout had it
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