Did anyone with form 8863 get a DDD this morning ?

Did anyone with form 8863 recurve a DDD today
  • I was accepted per turbo taxes on 1/25. I spoke to a IRS rep a week ago who filed a claim for me with the tax advocate dept. Today, my assigned rep called and advised me that my dep date is 2/27. The WMR and IRS app tells me that my refund is still processing and a dd will bbe given when available! Early filers check all next week to see if you too will get your funds! :)
  • Thank you for this update Latoya082! I filed on Jan 18, but accepted on Feb 14. I am still not seeing any change in when my dd is coming. Hopefully it will be any day next week. Good luck to you!
  • Mine just updated today on wheres my refund. I have a dd of the 26th, filed Jan 10th accepted Jan 24 and sat in the errors department due to form 8863.
  • Thx Ajja2003! She even told me where the funds suppose to go. Im having my fees come out of my refund so its going Santa babara bank on that day and forwarded to my account. Good luck to u as well
  • yeah i called this morning mine will be in the 27 of feb you gotta call them first thing in the am they dont have attitudes then lol but just say i want to make sure i put the right bank info in and they transfer dont say im calling to check my refund good luck
  • I just talked to a rep and she said that my refund is being held and a cp05 letter will be sent to me in 30 days. so frustrating, i then called the tax advocate line and got a guy who was rude and hung up on me. im beyond pissed as i am a veteran and have paid my dues for this country and all i was asking for was some information or help. im so glad i served for a deuche bag like that guy. just wished i could remember his name. SMH
  • Did they say what the letter was explaining?
  • WMR was updated from still processing to Refund Approved and have a DD of 2/26.
  • no but i looked it up on line and this is what i found out.

    Understanding Your CP05 Notice
    We’re reviewing your tax return to verify the following:

        Your income
        The withholding you reported on your income and social security benefits
        The tax credits you claimed
        The household help you claimed
        Your business income

    We’re holding your refund pending the results of our review.
    supposedly its done randomly WTF! why this year lol
  • mine change from received to still processing.
  • I'm dealing with this crap too... Who should I call and what number?
  • there is no one to call i tried talking to the tax advocate and the guy hung up on me.  the letter supposedly says that they are reviewing your return and it is on hold and says do not contact them unless they request information on the letter. b.s. it says they will contact u lol
  • Yes!  Finally.  I submitted my taxes on 1/26/13; accepted on 2/14/13; DD scheduled for 2/27/13.  I also paid through TT so I expect my money 2/28 or 3/1
  • I finally have my ddd of 2/27. I filed on 1/20 with TT and supposedly got accepted on 1/25. I've had the standard "Processing, a refund date will be given when available, etc". Starting last Tuesday, my refund amount disappeared & I had the topic 152 message. Then yesterday morning I could order my transcripts, but my wmr still showed, "processing". This morning my WMR showed 2 orange bars and a refund date of 2/27. However, my irs2go app said it was unavailable. Finally!!
  • I actually received my deposit this morning. Was scheduled for 2/25.
  • i hate you.. lol it's all good you will have it spent in less than 24 hours and when I get mine you wont have any money again LOL
  • @krickyk- thats awesome!
  • I received a DDD for the 27th on IRS this morning up until then it kept saying processing. I will see on the 27th
  • Me too finally got a dd date of 2/27. This has been agony as i bought a new car 3 weeks ago and am using the money for my down payment that is finally due on the 27th. WHEW! Thought i was going to have to give it back....I was shitting myself.
  • So there is an additonal delay when you pay with TT????
  • -----
WOOHOO!! Woke up this morning to a DDD of 2/25, Originally filed 1/28 accepted 2/14 
  • Well, I am about to check WMR now. I originally filed on the 1/26 and accepted 2/14 so hopefully I see a change. If not I freakin' give up!!!!!
  • I'm not holding out any hope though as the last update is still 2/15. This is rediculous!!!
  • FREAKIN' NOTHIN', I am so damn pissed off right now. There should be some change in the status by now!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR
  • I have heard a lot of people say that they have gotten deposits and WMR still had the first bar and said processing... I hope you get some good news soon!!
  • Where do you see a last updated status?? Im not seeing one
  • My WMR had just changed this morning
  • I just talked to the Irs for the 3rd time this week and was advised those of us like myself who filed early and haven't been provided a DDD and account shows still processing have an error in their refund that the iRS hopes can be fixed by Monday.  She said they see if more often than not and if unable to resolve automatically that we will receive a notice in the mail.  She could not tell me what the error was but I did find this article online that offered up some in sight to the issue.....


    FEB 20, 2013


    Michael Cohn
    The Internal Revenue Service said Wednesday that it has observed problems with the filings for education tax credits that could be delaying processing of the tax returns.

    “We have observed instances in which the Form 8863, Education Credits, attached to the Form 1040 and 1040A is not completed correctly,” the IRS said in an email Wednesday. “These instances are causing downstream processing delays.”

    The IRS noted that it has experienced the following two conditions: (1) Form 8863 Part III Line 25 Yes or No checkboxes are not completed when required, and (2) Form 8863 Part III Line 26 Yes or No checkboxes are not completed when required.

    The IRS pointed out that the Form 8863 instructions specify that if taxpayers have checked “Yes” on Line 24, they should go to line 25. On line 25, taxpayers should check “Yes” if the student completed the first four years of postsecondary education before 2012. Otherwise, they should check “No.”

    If the taxpayer has checked “No,” they should go to line 26. If they have checked “Yes,” the student is not eligible for the American Opportunity Credit, and should therefore skip lines 26 through 30 and go to line 31.

    On line 26, the taxpayer should check “Yes” if the student was convicted, before the end of 2012, of a federal or state felony for possession or distribution of a controlled substance. If the taxpayer has checked “No,” they should complete either lines 27 through 30 or line 31 for this student. If they checked “Yes,” the student is not eligible for the American Opportunity Credit and should skip those lines.

    The IRS noted that it is working to implement business rules to reject the incorrectly completed returns, but has not determined the date for the new business rules.

    In the interim, the IRS is requesting that software packages be modified to require completion of the correct boxes on lines 25 and 26 when appropriate. In addition, the appropriate checkboxes should be completed for lines 23 and 24. The IRS also asked to communicate this information to the tax practitioner community to avoid delays in processing returns.
  • This shouldn't be the case with mine. I called Tuesday and the lady said there were no problems with my return that it is being processed.
  • This shouldn't be me either, I just looked at my form, so hopefully things will start moving along for both of us jforcefan01!!
  • What happened to the so-called big update today?
yes DDD 2/25 finally
  • Filed 14th...accepted 14th...able to order transcript yestetday....this morning ddd 25th....good luck
  • there is another TT feed and there are quite a few people saying within the last couple of hours they have talked to IRS agents and they are saying the WMR has been down and they all have DD dates for 2/26.
  • Chrissy535, you are correct.  I spoke to a really nice IRS agent who was able to tell me that my refund will hit my account on 2/27/13.  He said that the system is so inundated with requests that the system keeps crashing.  People might want to try calling the 1-800-829-1040 number and selecting "where's my refund" for updates instead of using the website.
  • Have you checked to see if you can order a transcript nackota134?
  • filled 1/17 accpected 1/25 topic 152 on 1/21 ddd rcvd 2/22 for 2/26
Hey everyone! Letting you all know my status. 

I filed: 1/28
Accepted: 2/14 (with 8863)
Direct Deposit Date: 2/25
Ordered Transcript Last night: 2/21 ( got a direct deposit date this morning.)

Hope everyone else is finally seeing theirs.
  • Call the IRS no matter the wait time. I called this morning DDD for next Wednesday!  Order transcript this morning!!!!!
  • I was able to order transcript this morning but no ddd yet so hopefully coming soon!
  • Who do you guys call to to get information about your tax return? Everytime I call they say just check WMR...agents have no further information regarding your return... #lies
  • so yesterday the irs gave me the date the 25th i check my sbbt site today  and its it there and they said they sent it to my bank and to give it 1 to 2 days process
  • Well I was supposed to get a refund on Monday but just checked WMR again and it seems someone has taken my entire refund. I don't owe child support or anything like that, so I have to wait for a letter that won't come for more than 2 weeks to find out why I didn't get any money and it was over $2,000!!!!!!!!! Got married in August, car got stolen the following day, thief stole my driver's license, Penndot suspended it for 3 months, but currently serving 6 months for my very 1st ticket (because they lost my forms), lost my job because the thief took my car, can't get another job because I can't drive, bills got piled up, needed this money and now it's gone....I think I've hit my mid life crisis...and now it looks as though i'm going to lose my house on top of everything else. 2012 can kiss my ass and so can the IRS. Hope everyone else is finally seeing their refunds. =(
  • Omg Nycki. I'm so sorry. That is horrible. I'm praying for you. The IRS has definitely been full of crap. I don't know why people have to wait for a letter. If they're taking your money they should just tell you why over the phone. That's ridiculous. You are in my prayers. I hope something good happens so you don't lose your house.
  • Call offset 800 304-3107
  • Just called. It's Unemployment that I owed from over 4 years ago, after all these years of filing they wait until the year that I actually REALLY need the money, to take it. The past years I've gotten even more, so why wouldn't they have taken it than? So sick of everything going wrong that can go wrong. It's occurrences like this that cause people to commit suicide, especially when they're going to lose everything. I just can't take any more bad things happening. It's been ongoing since August, every week it's something. If that guy wouldn't of stole my car and the other 40 that he took, I'd at least still have my job to fall back on, but I have nothing. This has vanquished the last bit of hope that I had.
  • @nycki- the irs is always a couple years behind with this stuff. I'm sorry that you are going through this. Do you have someone you can turn to? I hope that you would not harm yourself because it will get better. You just need a game plan and take it one step at a time. I wish I could do more for you. :(
  • @nycki. So sorry to hear about the bad stuff but please keep positive, you are still alive and this is temporary. It shall pass, please remember there is always someone worse off than you. I will keep you and family in my prayers.
  • Nycki please don't give up hope. I went through a rough patch a yr ago. U just have to keep praying. And have faith that u will pull through it. I know it doesn't seem hopeful right now. But please don't even consider or think about suicide. U will make it somehow. Is there any family members that u can turn to? I'm going to keep praying for u. Please don't hurt yourself.
Filed 1/25
Pending until 2/14
Accepted 2/14
Ordered transcripts 2/22
DD date on WMR for 2/27 this morning.
  • I can certainly agree with everyone that this year was stressful, and would like to update that my stress is over.
    Filed 1/2
    Accepted 2/14
    DD date for 2/27
    However, I did have an intercept so that may be why I am getting mine today instead of yesterday. Either way I am happy to say that everything looks good on this end.
    Hang in there everyone who hasnt gotten their DD yet. It's coming.
  • Filed 1/22
    Accepted 2/14
    Still no DD Date on WMR... WMR+no DDD=WTF
I haven't posted on here...just been watching for about the last 3 weeks. I filed on 1/30 with the 8863. Then was accepted 2/14 for federal and 2/15 for state. I got a dd date of 2/26 for state last week. I hadn't seen a dd for federal at all yet. Was still stuck on the first line on wmr. I was able to finally order my return transcript yesterday morning (fri) and now got on this morning and have a dd date of 2/27. Finally :)!Hopefully everybody else's is just around the corner.
  • I did the same thing and after a month im finally excited!
  • Same here 2/4 filed 2/15 accepted ordered transcript s yestereday this morning update approved with dd of 1/26. Good luck everybody
I did what I've been hearing and ordered a transcipt and got my DD this morning! I shall have my return in four days. The orange bars have reappeared as well. So I suggest ordering the 2012 transcripts, at first I was like whatever and tried it and am stoked it worked.
  • Mine wont let me
    filed 1/22
    received by IRS 2/14
    here I am 2/23 and it went from 1 bar (received for processing) to no bars (we cant find anything on your return) WTFO
    I have been trying to order these transcripts all d@mn day lol
  • I went to the wheres my refund website, wel the IRS website, and in the search bar type order transcripts and it took me right too it. I did it last night, if you cant reach it today I'd try tonight.
  • yeah I know how to get there but it wont let me order ill try ordering tonight like you mentioned hope it works..
  • I heard at night works best, I did it at like 930?
  • I finally got a DD of 2/27 today!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ill be doing it all night trust me juct clicking away all night IRS is a bunch of idiots.
I had no DDD last night, but this morning I checked and finally have a DDD of 2/27!!!!  Accepted on 2/14 with 8863.  Ordered transcripts on 2/22.  FINALLY!!!  WOOT WOOT!
no not here calling  1800-829-0582 ext 362
  • Not yet ..Did the system update last night due to the holiday?
  • On hold now......no change. Accepted 1/25.
  • no change for me:(
  • I'm guessing the system didnt update last night.
  • no change here either
  • no change.........
  • No Change...
  • Hell no....
  • No I just checked wmr!
  • No change here either.
  • No for me
  • irs just told me we that sent our returns early..were sent to the error dept but should not take any longer than the 21 days from the 14th.
  • Nope. Accepted 25th. Still stuck with "DD date will be provided...." message.
  • The guy I just got of the phone with at the irs told me that it would be 21 days from the 14th which will be the 8th of fucking march. I'm so done with the irs. I'm changing my w4 to 6 exemptions and they won't get another dime from me!
  • The guy I just got of the phone with at the irs told me that it would be 21 days from the 14th which will be the 8th of fucking march. I'm so done with the irs. I'm changing my w4 to 6 exemptions and they won't get another dime from me!
  • The guy I just got of the phone with at the irs told me that it would be 21 days from the 14th which will be the 8th of [Removed Profanity] march. I'm so done with the irs. I'm changing my w4 to 6 exemptions and they won't get another dime from me!
  • Lena I am considering doing the same! This is just unbelievable at this point.  Especially the fact that this is mainly impacting students who really need the money.
  • Yes angel enough is enough. I am Assn accounting major and dreamed of working for the irs now i just want to burn the place down. They aren't helping us any at all. The should have rejected all the returns and allowed us to file without the 8863 and amend later I hate them right now.
  • Thats my point exactly.  I only got an extra $600 for my 8863 and I would have GLADLY submitted without it and amended later if I had known about this or had been rejected.
  • Ok, now this is too funny.  I just got through to the IRS switchboard and the rep told me that the reason for the delay was congress.  I swear all I asked him was what really happened? I said, "there are so many of us on the fence and we just would like an answer or direction."  He replied, "well congress didn't have everything done, so when they finished, we had to create new reports and up date the system."  I responded, "ok, not a fair answer, but why will the system give us no information about what are status is accept for "still processing"?  His response, "hold on let me connect you."  Now the IRS is blaming congress.  I think we all deserve something other than the "blame game".  Good luck all.  Hopefully this mess will be over soon, and we can all move on to brighter days in the future.
  • I know im gonna get shit for this but lets face it  if turbo tax did not do whatever they did on 1-23 through 1-26 we would not be in this boat. I know i never agreed to having mine sent before the 30th of jan and they did. If they would of left them be they would of found out on 1-28 they could not have been sent until the 14th and everyones would been sent in together or we would of been able to ammend our taxes and filed without the 8863 form. Im so sick of seeing people place the blame on whoever when it al stems down turbo tax screwed up royally and have not addressed the issue
  • i just called that number and and it said it couldn't connect my call. Really....this is getting ridculous now. Can't even call a 800 # to get answers on our own tax info.
  • @miami Thats what I am saying too! They did this crap to me last year too.  I was gonna wait to file ours til the 30th or after but, my husband went ahead and filed them before hand.  He forgot all about the problems we had last year.  But, even with the problems we had last year they were no where near as bad as this year.  We had our refund in like 20 days I think.  I bet TT is gonna lose ALOT of customers from this fiasco.  I know we won't be coming back
  • 3 weeks is the standard time I have had to wait.  I knew beforehand from a tax accountant that there would be a delay in filing form 8863 and it WAS due to Congress and the changes in the tax code.
  • I increased my exemptions too. I OVERPAY in taxes every year. Just put aside some cash so if I do end up owing some money next year I'm good. The IRS has no problem withholding taxes every 2 weeks on my paycheck but takes them over a month (with 8863) to get my refund. I've been getting an average of 1500 in refund, but this year with 8863, I'm getting 2900. That means the IRS has been borrowing 2900 from me for the entire year, interest free. Hope to reduce my fed refunds to zero or 300 at most from here on.
  • I filed 1/18 accepted early on 1/26 got a ddd this morning of 2/26! Finally! Hang in there people, they're coming!
  • I filed ours last year on 2/2 and it kept getting bounced back by TT saying I had corrections to make but my return was accepted by the state. Went to tax gave me another number advocate  where they said  I had an identity theft problem. I wrote all 3 credit bureaus  about it and they didn't know anything about it.
    Finally got our DD in mid October. Glad I didn't need the money for something like feeding my family.
My status changed.  Now when my spouses SSN is entered on WMR, this is what comes up: 

We cannot provide any information about your refund.

Please allow at least 4 weeks from the date you mailed your return to get information about your refund.

Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
HOWEVER, when I enter my SSN on the WMR, this is what comes up: 

We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

You should get your refund within 21 days from the date we received your tax return.

I am very confused by this; I have contacted FMS and there are no debts recorded for either SSN, therefore I do not understand why I am receiving two very different notifications on WMR.  

  • This is normal.  You are apparently checking too much using both SSN's is what I would guess.
  • yea thats no worrys it does that to me..its just the system too busy...it will work on her ss# if u try later and not urs..its crazy dont stress that
  • No change for e either. However,  accepted on Jan 24 and  have form 8863. . I talked with a rep yesterday and she told me that iIshould see some by Friday.
  • they told me thursday or friday...
  • I was able to speak to a rep with IRS a few minutes ago, they assured me that everything was alright.  While I did file on Jan 30, it wasn't officially accepted until Feb 14 and that it's in normal processing at this time.  The gentleman that I spoke with was very courteous and helpful.  I also check the https://cisc.sbtpg.com/ site and it does show the fees for my taxes to be deducted and the amount of the refund, so I am assured that it is in order as it should be.  Finally, a small sigh of relief.  I wish the same for everyone else.
  • I have saw my fees on that website since I was accepted in January.
  • No change here either. I was early accepted on the 25th.  This is such BS!!! I have been using TT ever since the first time I filed taxes (10 years ago) and have never had issues until the last 2 years.  Last year my return was sent in "early" and it also got sent to the error dept and took almost a month to get my refund.  I understand the 8863 form was due to the IRS but the early transmission causing our early returns to get stuck in error dept is TOTALLY TT's fault! My husband and I will without a doubt be filing with a different company next year.  Luckily I had a pell grant refund that I got this week or we would be without electricity & water with 3 kids in the house.  Sorry for the rant, I am just at my very last straw with TT, the IRS and this 8863 form!
  • arbrown when I go to that website it doesnt show my info but I paid my fees up front is that why? know i am really getting worried
  • If anyone needs the Intuit Corporate Office number (owner's of the turbo tax brand) here it is:  650-944-6000.  They were very polite and helpful.
I just called and the lady wouldn't even check my status .  Told me they are not able to unless I had been given a code or it had been longer than 21 days.  .     She did say refunds are being sent out reallly quick this year.  And I shouldn't have to wait 21 days.
  • There should be a huge update tom morning. There was last Wednesday
  • Did she say 21 days from when u were accepted or from the 14th?
  • I just got off the phone with a rep for IRS (I called 1-800-829-0582 x 362 and pushed 0 until I got a live person) and this is what I was told. The acceptance date for those that filed education credits is the 14th of Febuary, no earlier. The projected date to have the refund DD is 21 days from the 14th of Febuary. So, I asked her to please check my refund status which she did, and she said I am being processed and will see my refund no later than March 7th, which is 21 days from Feb. 14th. She said my refund was def. accepted on the 14th and that there were no issues or problems. She said the reason it is not showing anything new on WMR is because so many people are checking it multiple times a day, causing the system to crash. She reassured me that I will see my money no later than March 7th, but most likely sooner than that as they are pushing them through as fast as they can. She said that those of us who filed electronically with direct deposit will see their refunds quicker. She said to just be patient and only check the WMR one time a day!!! So, that being said, the advice I would give is 1) only check WMR one time a day, first thing in the morning. 2) Try to be patient as it looks like everyone with with education credits will receive their money no later than March 7th because all of us should of been accepted on Febuary 14th. I think this lady was correct with the information she gave me because it does make sense. I will post on here when I get my DD!!!! Everyone try to relax and we will be getting our money soon :)
  • Well, tomorrow is soppose to be the day that WMR is updated with new information for 8863 filers. I don't hold out much hope that this is true. We will see!!!
  • ^ where did u hear 2ma was the day
  • I was told by an IRS agent that WMR will update 7 days after your return is accepted. It should go to "approved" then shortly after that, it should show "refund sent". Now, I don't know if this is accurate because I was also told that WMR updates daily, usually overnight. I really don't know what to believe anymore though, to be honest. I'm just hoping we all get good news tomorrow. Last time I checked the main page of WMR, it showed that it was last updated on 2/15 so I'm thinking that the 1st scenerio is correct. It just amazes me all the different information that is being told to us by people at the same agency. It makes me think they just make sh!t up!!!
  • And I also noticed that our groups keep getting closed. I wonder why?
  • Im hoping for a dd date soon too, my brother filed the depreciation form and was sent to irs and accepted the 10th, he got a dd d of 2/20 and it was in his account on the19th!  I filed 1/26 with 8863 and Nothing like you all! RIDICULOUS!
  • Filed 1/30, irs accepted 2/14 with form 8863. Was able to order return transcripts yesterday. Signed on to wmr today with a ddd of 2/25. Woooo hooo! Looks like they are making some progress, everyone. Fingers crossed more of you get good news today. :)
  • Some of the blogs may be getting closed because the script is to long, which may be slowing down access.  As for a dd, I was accepted on 1/25 (yes, I realize the process date is 2/14), and still processing.  Thank goodness I have a job and don't need to depend on this money.  I just feel bad for others that are depending on this money for rent and other essentials.  I did file for education credits so I am not expecting anything until March.  Keep your heads up everyone, the end of the chaos is near!!
  • I was finally able to order transcripts this morning. I hope I get my DDD soon...
  • 1/30 filed
    2/14 accepted
    2/20 order transcripts
    2/21 got a dd for 2/25
  • Filed: 1/28 Accepted 2/14 DDD (this morning) 2/25
  • Congrats I still got nothing lol
  • Same exact order for me nuccee
  • Accepted 01/25...still processing. I was FINALLY able to order my transcripts this morning. No DDD. But given the timeline of those who are getting DDD, I am extremely hopeful a DDD is coming very soon.
  • 1/30 filed
    2/14 accepted
    2/20 was able to order transcripts
    2/21 WMR update to dd on 2/25

    Hope you all start seeing money in the bank soon, yes I filed form 8863
  • Accepted 1/25. Still no DDD but, I was able to order transcripts this morning and my NC state refund was deposited this morning as well.  Hopefully this is a good sign
  • Filed 1/28
    Accepted 2/14
    DD this morning of 2/25
  • filed 1/28
    accepted 2/14 or 2/18?
    ordered transcript today
    WMR says being processed no tracker anymore ?
    I hope this is a good sign :)
  • filed  feb 4th
    accepted 14th
    ddd 25th
Yes I did and I get my refund on 2/22 no later than 2/25
    DDD.. still processing :(
    • acceppted 1/26 still no ddd or able to order transcripts :(
    • Filed...01/28
      DDD.. still processing :(

      *update, Ordered Transcripts today 02/22
    • frostpmr I was able to order my trascripts this morning. I called and the rep gave me the dd of 2/27 the wmr system is so backed up its not always accurate. Call them!
    I filed 2/8 I was accepted on 2/15 and I checked wmr this morning and it says refund approved and ddd of 2/25, yeah I'm so happy, my sister is upset because she didn't get an update but she filed after me so she might get one tommorow. Keep hope alive.
    • That is what makes me so mad. All the early filers are getting pushed to the side and they are processing the ones who were accepted after the 30th. The IRS and TT were the ones who took it upon themselves to use our returns as test batches so the least they could do is process the ones who filed early before the ones who filed after 1/30. Who filed before the 30th and has recieved a DD? That is what I would like to know.
    • amen, this is bs, im gald for people getting them, but why are we waiting so damned long right?
    • I filed on 1/20, accepted on 2/14, was able to request a transcript yesterday and this morning got a DDD of 2/25. It pisses me off that it took so long this year, but at the same time, I'm glad I stuck it out instead of double filing with another tax preparer and having to file an amendment to claim the education credits. I've increased my exemptions after this whole debacle so the feds can withhold less tax each pay check; and if I end up owing taxes next year I'll just take my sweet time to pay it by the due date.
    • My boyfriend who filed the same day as me (1/14) has a DDD for tomorrow (2/22), and even though I filed minutes before him with all of the same forms, and we live at same place, I have no DDD, not able to order transcripts, nothing. We were both originally accepted on 1/25 and then were accepted again on 2/14 (according to the emails TT sent us).
    • It's a game and I don't wanna play anymore.  I'm seriously looking at changing my deductions so I don't have to ever deal with this again.  I was accepted on 1/25/13 and I am still processing.  It is refreshing to know that people with educational credits are getting their deposit dates.  Congrats!
    • Increase your deductions and set aside some cash in case you end up owing taxes on your next file. I've been overpaying my taxes and get a sizable return every year. Means the feds been using my overpaid income interest-free for 12 months and then some.
    • This is just a cluster f*@k of a situation. You would think that the people that they screwed over by using them as test batches would be seeing this information by now. I have got to stop worrying about this because I have school work to do but I'm so worried about my bills it is hard to concentrate on homework!!! If I could just make some progress I would feel better, but having no progress since the day I was accepted is so discourging. Filed on 1/21 and originally accepted on 1/26. I haven't seen a status bar in over 2 weeks and keep getting the same message, your return is being processed and a refund date will be provided when available. How freakin' long do they need to process my return?
    • I am still processing but I was just able to order my return transcript about an hour ago. WMR wont update until overnight so hopefully tomorrow I have a DD date!
    • @sweetmelissapa had you tried earlier today to order or was this your first time trying to order today?
    • nackota 134 I was just saying the same thing about changing our deductions to avoid this in the future
    • @sweetmelissapa I was able to order transcripts about 2 hours ago so I'm hoping for a DD in the morning. I will post on here tomorrow morning to let you guys know if I have a DD or still stuck in "processing limbo".
    • You should contact the National Taxpayes Advocate because I heard that early filers like you tax refund got sent to the error department and that may be the delay.  Dont panic I also heard that the error department received these returns because someone put them into the computer prior to the acceptance date of Feb 14 for people with 8863 so they were all rejected and sent there.  This information came from the National Taxpayers Advocate.  The IRS is working frantically to get all the tax returns sent there in error to the right department.  Call 877-774-4778 and check to see if this may be why.  No trying to scare you I just think you should check to be on the safe side if you are still in the same situation.
    • This nightmare is finally over. Thank God for that. Stupid irs
    • I just talked to a rep and she said that my refund is being held and a cp05 letter will be sent to me in 30 days. so frustrating, i then called the tax advocate line and got a guy who was rude and hung up on me. im beyond pissed as i am a veteran and have paid my dues for this country and all i was asking for was some information or help. im so glad i served for a deuche bag like that guy. just wished i could remember his name. SMH
    how do you order your transcripts?

    • https://sa1.www4.irs.gov/irfof-tra/start.do - if you're able to order transcript (return transcript), it's safe to assume you'll have a DDD next morning.
    • thank you. I filed 1/28 but didn't get accepted tell 2/14 because of the form 8863. A lot of people I know got there's yesterday and some have a date for tomorrow and the 25th it sucks mine still just say's processing. and there is a 152 link under it now. this is frustrating.
    • KooBear thanks for the link. I'm going to see if I can order transcripts.
    • @ KooBear it let me order a transcript and I chose the return transcript. Is that the one I needed to order? It said it will be mailed to me in 5 to 10 days.
    • I filed the 18th and got accepted teh 25th and it still "processing". My roommate however filed a week and half ago with the 8863 credit and has a direct deposit on 2/25 already! i have been waiting for a month for my status to change and she already hers accepted and DDD
    • me too been waiting since 1-26 NOTHING this bites
    • I agree I am a first time TT user and I am very disappointed at how little is known by our tax professionals. These people should be the most up to date on there information and they are NOT. I know the delays are not the fault of TT but some warning and correct information would have been nice.
    • @ raineyday16 and wildroze62 did you try ordering the transcripts? I was able to order them (return transcript) and if what koobear says is true, hopefully I will see a DD tomorrow. Here is the link https://sa1.www4.irs.gov/irfof-tra/start.do, let me know if it works :)
    • @wildroze62 we were "accepted" the same day so if you are able to order transcripts, maybe we will get lucky and see a DD in the morning!!!!
    • I just checked the site and I was being processed but now I am getting a message:     We cannot provide any information about your refund. You must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement e-mail that your tax return was received by the IRS
      Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
      Tax Topic 152, Refund Information

      has anyone had this happen?
    • DGorham09, if you are referring to WMR on the IRS website and you check it multipy times a day it will give you a message like that. I was checking 3 to 4 times a day and was getting that message. Now I only check it one time a day, first thing in the morning, and I get the generic message "we are processing your return and a refund date will be provided when available".
    • @jforcefan01 - yup, that's the correct transcript. It looks like you'll get your DDD tomorrow morning. If you're getting an error on the WMR page, it's probably because you've checked more than 4 times like jforcefan01 said, within a 12 hour span. Wait it out and it'll be back to normal. Happened to me all week, lol.
    • @kooBear I hope that is the case and thank you for the advice :)
    • Keep us updated!

      Here's a recap of my situation:

      1/20 - filed and on pending status
      2/14 - accepted by IRS
      2/20 - able to order transcript
      2/21 - WMR updated with a DDD of 2/25

      My GF filed on 1/24, accepted on 1/26, processed on 2/14 - couldn't order a transcript yesterday and didn't have a DDD, was able to order a transcript today so expecting DDD tomorrow morning like many other here
    • I filed with TT on 1/20 got accepted by the IRS 1/25. I am also in processing limbo.....I was able to order my transcripts about an hour ago. It was the first time I tried to order them. I've talked to the IRS numerous times and they all say different things, however they have all told me it should be no longer than 21 days from the 14th of Feb. Hope this helps
    • @kooBear, I will def. let you know if I receive a DD tomorrow or not.
    • I did.  I filed my return on Feb 2 was accepted on Feb 14 and got a DD date of Feb 25 this morning.
    • Not true, I was able to order a transcript last night for 2012 return and still no DD date on WMR.
    • Dont worry guys your DD is coming hold on a little longer.  Although the IRS updates over night every day Thurs is when the IRS does a major update and Sun too.
    • filed 1/24
      accepted 1/26
      used form 8863
      able to order return transcript last night
      no DD date
      WMR still has the "still processing message"
      so being able to order your return transcript does not necessarily mean you will have a DD date the next morning.
    • @chrissyk535 that is what I am expecting also lol as I kind of lost hope of this ever getting resolved, though I know it will it's just the waiting and really needing the money!!
    • OK, maybe not the next morning but very soon after (perhaps the morning after, i.e. 24-48 hrs). I wasn't able to order a transcript up until yesterday. Checked my WMR after ordering the transcript and got the "could not find your info" error all evening, came back to check this morning at 6:30AM PST and saw my DDD. From what I've been reading across the TT board, this seems to be the case: once you're able to order a Return transcript, a high chance of getting your DDD happens the next morning or very soon after. Reason: you can only order a Return transcript if and only if the IRS has completed processing your return with no errors.
    • I cant order a transcript it says unavailable.....very frustrating
    • I cant order a transcript it says unavailable.....very frustrating
    • I agree...but my friend could not order one and she got a ddd this morning for the 25th....she filed on the 30th...
    • Filed jan 27th
      Accepted feb 14th
      Able to order transcript feb 20th
      Able to get dd 21st
      Dd 25th
    • Just to confirm, my GF was able to order Return transcript yesterday and this morning she got her DDD for the 26th. As soon as you are able to order your Return transcript from the IRS (not Account), there's a good probability you'll see a DDD within 24 hours.
    Stressed out filed on 2/3, accepted on 2/14 and still not able to request a transcript :(
    • I am with you! getting frustrated! We filed Jan 18th, accepted on the 14th. I checked our return to make sure there are none of the errors with the yes/no boxes and we are fine, so what is the holdup?
    • Filed 1/22
      Accepted 1/26
      Got the email saying my return would be delayed due to tax season not opening until 1/30
      Got another email saying my return would be delayed due to form 8863
      Haven't heard anything about being reaccepted since 2/14
      Was able to order a transcript 2/21 (hadnt tried prior to tonight)
      No DDD showing as of now - will check again tomorrow!
      I will update tomorrow if I notice progress!
    • U just checked those lines and mine are correct.... :(
    • sorry meant to say "I"
    • Just checked in and finally was able to request my transcript...... hopefully it really means something
    • mykidsmyworld, I have checked a zillion times and after reading your post I just checked again for a zillion and one and you were right, I finally got to order mine!! I hope to goodness this is over! LOL GL to you and everyone else, Im just sick of not knowing like everyone else! My brother said that Thursdays are big updates, let hope! When were you accepted, and did you have 8863 form?
    • forget it, I see your post earlier, did you have 8863?
    • I tried to order my transcript earlier and I couldn't order it so I tried again and I could order thank goodness I hope this is good news.. hoping for a ddd
    • I just want to let everyone know that I finally got approved and a DD of 2/26!!!! If you can order transcripts, your DD will show on WMR the next day. Looks like this is almost over for us. Good luck all!!!
    • Filed 1/22
      Accepted 1/26
      Got the email saying my return would be delayed due to tax season not opening until 1/30
      Got another email saying my return would be delayed due to form 8863
      Haven't heard anything about being reaccepted since 2/14
      Was able to order a transcript 2/21 (hadnt tried prior to tonight)
      2/22 finally showing a DDD of 2/26
    • accepted 2/14 with eic, hoh & edu credits. I could order transcripts yesterday and this morning I have my ddd of 2/27. Good Luck!
    I was able to order a transcript this morning! No DDD though. My boyfriends money was in his bank account this morning (he had 8863 as well). Lucky him, I'm jealous.
    • I ordered a transcript yesterday and woke up with a DDD this morning. DD set for 2/26. FINALLY!
    • That's Awesome.  I woke up this morning and after checking about a gazillion times I was able to order my transcript hope that means my DDD will be followed shortly behind !  Fingers crossed!
    • 2/4 filed     2/14 accepted.     2/23 approved with dd of 2/26 fingers crossed for us all....Yes had eic  education.credit.  fingers crossed for us all tt says a still pending smh
     My information as it has happened:

    Filed 1/25 (sat pending with TT until 2/14)
    Accepted 2/14 (still accepted on the WMR site)
    Called IRS yesterday and was told that the 8863 form was not truly ready until the 15th or 16th (don't believe it) and that I wasn't pulled until the 18th (which was Monday, so they did work on a holiday) and I had no errors, my education credit was accepted. That I should wait 21 days from the 18th??
    However, I had been trying to order transcripts every day and I just tried and was finally able to order. So I am hoping that I will see some update on WMR or that I will get a surprise deposit to my bank account.
    • Filed the 18th got accepted the 25th and I was finally able to order a transcript about a half hour ago!! Hope this means something
    • FILED 01/30
      ACCEPTED 02/14/2013
    • Everyone who can order transcripts should get a DD tomorrow. :)
    • filed feb. 3rd accepted feb 14th able to order transcripts just now by phone,hope this means good news soon
    • keep your fingers crossed people
    • I tried ordering my transcripts this morning. I filed in early January, was accepted Feb 14 with education credits, and am still in processing. However, my issue is that I am trying to order the transcripts and I get a message saying the info I provided does not match their records. Is that the message I should be getting until I can actually order them?
    • You will get that until the IRS has finished processing your records and the address is on file for the current year. I got the same message until today.
    • Filed 01/24, accepted 01/26...ddd 02/26. Yay! Finally.
    • so why am i getting the message still? I have been reading on here for a couple days now and see that the DDD are kind of random. Like some people who were accepted after the 14th have a DDD and some who were accepted are still in processing. But I am also seeing that most people who did get accepted on the 14th are getting updates. Im confused and dont want to wait on hold forever to find out that they just havent finished mine yet. Does it make a difference that we filed jointly and both my wife and I filed for the education credit? I dont know if it actually makes a difference.
    • I am sorry but that I can't answer. I filed Head of Household because my husband and I were separated last year, so my education credit was just for myself. I do know that they have to verify you have not claimed it for the past 4 years to still be eligible for it. If there are 2 of you though claiming the credit that may be the hold up. If you really want to know, just call. Tell them you can't get any straight answers, or that WMR won't give you any information. Do not hang up until you are satisfied they are giving you all the information you can have. It is your return and you have a right to know what is going on and how the processing is moving.
    • I guess I will have to give that a shot. Thanks
    • Filed 1/17, accepted 1/24, no DDD yet but was just able to order
      My tax transcript! I will check again in the morning and let you know if I got a DDD yet! Keeping my fingers crossed.. So sick of waiting!
    • Hi everyone, here is my 2012 tax schedule filing with 8863

      FILED: 1/20
      ACCEPTED: 1/24
      TRANSCRIPTS: 2/21
      DDD: 2/22 for 2/26

      Hope this helps everyone, it did take a little longer than normal this year. Hope all of you get your refunds soon as I will praying for you guys. It is coming try to be patient.
    • So you ordered your transcript and they let you know the next day about your refund? You checked WMR or called the irs?
    • Mine went the same way as datgurl, and WMR changed the day after I was able to order my return transcripts, from processing to approved with a DD date.
    • Filed: 1/31
      Accept: 2/14
      Transcript: 2/21
      DDD: 2/27
      I am so relieved hope everyone gets there DDD very soon!
    • 2/23 woke up this morning and the refund was in my account
      2/25 was my DD
      Hopefully you will get yours sooner also. Good luck everyone.
    Hey, so is WMF accurate or calling is better? I got my state refund but not federal. Also I just ordered my tax transcript today.
    • @kiara.dejesus if you were able to order your return transcript, I would say wait until tomorrow morning and check WMR and you should have a DD. That has been the norm for most of us.
    • I hope this is true, I finally was able to order mine 1;30 this morn. Hopefully dd tomorrow, gl everyone!
    • Hey guys, I just got an email from TurboTax saying that my federal refund was not large enough to cover the TT fees of $60. However my federal refund is supposed to be $1103, so why would I get this email? I have not even received a DDD yet, was just able to order my transcripts this morning. Any ideas?
    • yikes @acloern thats sounds like another headache!
    • @wildroze62, if yours goes the way others on here have, you should have a DD tomorrow morning :)
    • And your DD will probably be 2/27
    • Yeah I'm freaking out...on hold with TT and will probably not get any answers.
    • Acloern, just got the same email. Trying to chat with them now
    • I found out through the forum that it is automatically generated after 21 days and that everything is still fine. I sat on hold for over 40 minutes before giving up and finding out the other information. I hope its true. From what I saw about 10 people that have posted have gotten the email.
    • hope that helps
    • Anyone who is having problems getting their status through the IrS or WMR should call the irs and press 0 until you get transferred over to a rep. After that, tell the rep that you want to get transferred over to account management department. When you get transferred tell the rep that you are calling to make sure that you put down the right bank account for your DD. don't say that you are checking the status because all they'll do is transfer you over to the automated system. Once you tell them that they will gather some information and put you on hold while they look it up. You should be able to get your status then. The WMR is backed up an will continue telling you that your refund is being processed.
      I filed on 01/15
      Refund accept. 01/29
      Started processing 02/14
      Ordered my transcript on 02/22
      Called IRS an Hour ago and they told me that my projected DD is on 02/27.
      Hope I helped many of you. :-)
    • I filed 1/24
      accepted 1/26
      was able to order my refund transcript 2/20
      this morning my status on WMR finally changed to DD date of 2/26 this morning
      checked my bank account online and they are showing an ACH DD pending from the IRS for 2/26
      Looks like the craziness is over!
    • OMG... I really hope mine is the same as yours. I filed 1/22 and it was accepted 1/26 so thats the same date yours was. I ordered my transcript today. I also called and the girl wouldn't tell me anything. It is still showing processing so I am praying they will update it tonight! I am happy your craziness is over but I am ready for mine to be done too!!!!!!!!
    still updating for me too, and when I check wmr in the evening it shows a msg as if they have not recieved it. The next day it will show still processing. This has been going on all month. I filed on jan 10 and got excepted jan 24. Still no answers
    • I was able to order a transcript yesterday and today AND says there is a delay in processing my refund. .....I am freaking out
    • Stacy690- if you were able to order your transcripts then that means your taxes are finished and you should get a DD soon.
    • It says to take action....there is a delay in processing your tax return.....then it gives me a number to call and a reference number......has this happened to anyone else?
    • Anyone please help.  I was able to order a transcript but today AND shows a red flag and says take action...did this happen to anyone else
    • My friend has same message Stacey, he called irs and was told he is under review.
    • Stacy690- It does mean that your taxes are under review. I found this forum where people are having the same problem https://ttlc.intuit.com/questions/1627141-under-review .... I hope this helps a little.
    • I don't understand why I could order a transcript if I am  review. It says delay in processing with a reference 1541.....I have read other posts saying it could be a mistake....or it is taking longer due to education credits
    Hi,ordered transcripts yesterday,ddd today with form 8863. Filed1/18,early accept 1/24, accepted again
    2/14, ordered transcript on
    2/22, ddd 2/23. What a process! Will feel better when I see my actual $$$!
    • filed feb.3rd accepted feb 14th, able to oreder transcripts 2/22,ddd this morning for 2-27
    I finally recieve a ddd for 2/27
      Yes I have one for 27th got it this morning
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