I GOT A DDD! 8863 FILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!filed on Jan 10th accepted on Jan 24th

I filed on Jan 10th accepted on Jan 24th i filed hoh eitc ctc 2 dependents and 8863 american opportunity credit and from jan 30th til 2/10 i had message we received your return and it is being processed you should receive your refund within 21 days. On 2/11 message changed to your return is still being processed a refund date will be given when available. on saturday 2/16  i was NOT able to order transcripts and yesterday 2/17 i woke up to a DDD of 2/22. I did not try to order transcripts since saturday for i have my ddd and a copy of my return from when i filed. Hang on everyone
  • My return similar to ur yet I wait on a ddd irs told me feb20
  • Lucky you mzcharell....same scenario here but still no update on IRS site. Still "being processed".
  • There is a light!!!   Wish we could all see it..... in time , in time..
  • Sme here no update DD will be provided whn avail, same info as ur Mz Charrell!! Congrads i was told should see an update by the 22nd!
  • Mzcharrell, did you ever call the IRS prior to this great news?  

    I wish my copies would work for the college, but they now require the transcripts.
  • kevanbolduc, please do not troll the forums... and resist the urge to post unless it is useful to the early accepted ones.  We did not file too early, TT transmitted them early after the program said TT would hold on to them until the 30th...
  • agreed!
  • I got a DDD this morning of the 25th. I filed on 2/4, was accepted on 2/14 with form 8863 and EIC.
  • Filed 1/31, 8863 filer included/ moving expenses, Child Tax Credit, etc. Accepted shortly thereafter, DDD 2/25 appeared this morning.  Was able to order transcripts yesterday afternoon, but not in the morning.  Friend was an early filer on 25th with 8863, shows DDD of 2/25 also.
  • I just hope we actually get it on the 25th.
  • Got my dd today! 2/26! I filed early - Jan 18, accepted Jan 30, on hold for 8863, and sitting on pins and needles ever since with a "still being processed" message well past the 21 days Turbo Tax was estimating. I think part of the issue is that if you were accepted before 2/14 with education credits, TT still counts back to the original acceptance date.  Now my question is how long after it is dd from IRS does TT get it to us?
  • I am exactly the same as SARAHJANE562.  Found out I have a DDD of 2/26.  But I was wondering did anyone else get "you should also read" suggestions about "the topics that may be relevant to your tax return"
Great news. Same here except I was accepted 1/25. Woke up yesterday to ddd of 2/22. Hope it actually comes
  • Did you call the IRS prior to this great news?
  • Interesting...I wonder why some who were accepted in late January have DDs and others do not...
  • well we could still have more getting DD's tomorrow, as they didnt process yesterday. so no new DD's today.
  • Also my transcript is finally available for 2012. I just ordered it today :-)
  • :(  mine is not available yet.  accepted 1-24
  • We're 26'ers and I was able to order a transcript last week. No DD date though.
  • mine either four and same date as u 1/24/13
  • My transcript ordering  is saying that the info doesn't match their records.  It's done this before so I used last years address and it worked, but it said that my returns transcripts were not available yet.  Now, nor my previous or current addresses are working.  Anyone else have this problem?
  • my address works but transcripts arent available. I feel like I am in Refund Hell
  • Mine work too but transcript for 2012 is not available, I dont know what that means, if anything at all!!
  • Does anyone know if there are going to posting any DD tonight? I know that none were posted for last night, but I was just wondering if anyone had information about tonight downloads since it is President's Day? <fingers crossed, fingers crossed>
  • Me too fourkids I was accepted on the 24th as well and my co-worked filed last monday and received her ddd already it is so frustrating to watch others get the answers we need
  • A friend of mines filed on 2/11 and got theirs DD on 2/19.....I have nothing
  • oh wow!!! Good for them but WTH is going on with us who were earlier?  OMG
  • I got accepted on the 24th of January and Have yet to receive my dd date either....... Just says the whole "still processing and a date will be given when available" bull....... I am beginning to wonder if it has to do with what school the credit is through. a bunch of my friends and I go to the University of Phoenix online. None of us have ours but some from other schools do.... Anyone care to share their school and whether they are accepted or not. Maybe thats what the issue is????????????????
  • I also get the same message, filed on 26th and was accepted the same day.  I also go to UoP but this did not happen last year.  I think Turbo Tax should waive our filing fees because of this ridiculousness.
  • Filed on 1/13, accepted on 1/24, ordered my transcripts today (2/21) how long will it be before I receive a DDD?
  • Colorado Christian University here still nothing but still processing a refund date will be provided when avail - I can not order return transcripts and there is not tax topic on mine - I lost my bar on the 11th
  • I finally received my DDD yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeayyyyyyyyyyyy filed 1/13, accepted 1/24, Transcript 2/21, DDD 2/26 hope this is good news to the rest of the early filers
  • Thanks for the news...I still have nothing but I'm glad to hear somebody is!
  • turbo tax took their money out today hopefully i'll get it today or but for sure tommorrow
  • @DA323King....try to order your 2012 return transcript & let me know if you have any luck!!
  • @batlover....what is your ddd & where did u got to see that info?
  • I just tried to order my transcript and it said it would mail it to me in the next 5 to 10 days what does that mean?
  • @Mspeach83 ...... i was able to order the account transcript but not the other one...
  • I was able to oder mine at 4 a.m. yesterday morning....then got a call from the taxpayer advocate at 9 with a ddd of 2/26....called the irs right after that call &was informed that the ddd was correct for 2/26!!
  • Once you can order your return transcript,  then your ddd is around the corner!!! Hope this info helps!! :)) I filed 1/16 & was accepted on 1/24...I did have an 8863...
  • thank you and I hope you are right I was accepted on January 25th and it seems like they are starting to finally move through hopefully I am next
  • today was the first time I tried order my transcript and I was able to order both of them
  • well thats whats up @Mspeach83.. so i hopefully i get mines soon as well ...#fingerscrossed
  • I was finally able to order my return transcripts this morning and broke down and called the irs and got a DDD for the 27th :)
  • I was able to order a transcript yesterday. Today when I checked my return was completed and had a date of 2/26. My return was part of the 8863 queue, accepted on 1/24.
We cannot provide any information about your refund. Be sure to:

  • verify your filing date;
  • check with your tax preparer or tax software provider; or
  • verify you received your electronically filed acknowledgement e-mail.
  • If you filed a complete and accurate tax return, your refund should be issued within 21 days of the received date. Processing may take longer under certain circumstances.

    This is the message I just got about 2 mins ago from the IRS website
    • I got that same message, I think it is from checking too many times...I keep checking though because this is ridiculous!
    • Yes, that is a "locked out" message.  Usually if you check 3 times in a 24 hour period, you are locked out until the next update.
    • I was able to order transcrip today do dd on wmr
    • That message does come up if you check WMR too many times. I was able to order a transcript yesterday. Today when I checked my return was completed and had a date of 2/26. My return was part of the 8863 queue, accepted on 1/24. bblasio2209 you should have your dd tomorrow.
    • I was able to order my transcript as well and called irs just to see what they would say. I got one really nice gentleman Mr.George Butler and he told me that he saw my refund but didnt see a DDD but it saw a date of 3/11/13. Not sure what that means. We got disconnected so I called back and talk to two seperate people and they told me that just because I got to order my transcript doesnt mean anything that it will be blank when I receive. That completely killed my vibe. I hope I can wake up with a DDD tomorrow for next week
    • It shouldnt be long for you guys now my returns were accepted on 2/14 and I got my refund to day via netspend!
    • I just received a nice email from turbotax (sarcasm) saying that I couldn't take advantage of the fees being deducted. Now I've used them for years and ever since this whole fiasco started its been stressful. I opted to have fees taken out and the refund sent to a net spend card, provided by turbotax. So what happens now to my refund? I have NO OFFSETS I've called and verified that since theyre saying that's the reason why I now connot have the fees deducted. I'm on hold with turbotax now, waiting. But does anyone know what is gonna happen to my refund now? I was able to order both transcripts today and I have the message 152 with no refund amount showing..I'm an early filer, accepted on the 26th...HELP!!!
    I filed on the 26th and was accepted on the 28th...no further information...I am a HH EIC and Tuition Expense person...nothing more. Does anyone fit into that category?

    I was told I would receive deposit before February 19th...I have nothing.
    • Please go to irs.gov and use the wheres my refund link.. do not go off what TT has told you.
    • I filed on jan 21st accepted the 26th for both federal and state..checked irs site they show u entered info wrong so on..almost a month..who or what should I do to fix this?
    • This what the IRS website-

      Your tax return is still being processed.

      A refund date will be provided when available.
      Please Note:
      For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
    • I was able to also order my ACCOUNT TRANSCRIPT and TAX TRANSCRIPT  last week.
    • Yep, that is ours as well.  NO bars...
    • I have the same status Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available. But I cant order any transcripts. I was accepted on 1/30 thru TT. Should I be worried. Could I be under review. I havent received a letter
    • ahhhh yes, i got the same response when i called them up last week to check my taxes and they told me i should get it on the 19th and then a few days ago i recieved a letter stating that my taxes were under review for the Combat Zone Tax Deferment and then something about me filing a schedule C, complete bs because i don't have a business or anything so obviously i wouldn't be filling out a schedule c and i never served so why a combat zone tax deferment, no flippn clue!
    • (2 hours ago) Lesley said: I am an ETech (Electronic Technician) for the Internal Revenue Service. Code 9001 (in fact any 9000 series code) pertains to any system updates we perform. It does not mean you have been chosen to be audited, nor does it mean you have been selected for manual review. The only you can know if you have been audited is by certified USPS. The only way you can know you have been selected for manual review is to call and speak to a representative. Keep in mind that tens of thousands of people call daily. Some of them multiple times; in case you didn’t know, when you call your number is saved into our system as a point of reference (so we know when you last called and what you spoke to a representative about at that time). Also keep in mind that due to call volumes a lot of reps do not reference that info. *** We update our computer systems from 8pm on Friday(s) until 8am Monday(s). Your best time to call the AUTOMATED line is after business hours on Monday and Tuesday. The IRS does send out Direct Deposits on a daily basis, HOWEVER – with the system crash we had DD’s are being bundled. Most if not all DD’s will be sent out Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of the week. Hope this helps.
    • What about error code 249??
    • This code was mentioned by an IRS rep a week ago....
    • @msjlor90- OMG, there is a human being somewhere over there. Thank you for taking that moment. I knew the IRS was miner teeing these blogs!
      Please, don't go away! I know y'all are overwhelmed and overworked and really frustrated, but we are really frustrated also. It's the lack of understanding, the constant Mis information and the complete disregard for our concerns that are driving us to the point of hysteria. The majority of us are normal, rational, reasonable adults that have become consumed with this chaos.
      Please keep watching and throw in a real, honest answer every so often for legitimate concerns that are addressed.
    • That is a copy and paste from a post from 3 years ago.....
    I am having the same issue.. I just want to get my refund!!!
      Has anyone who filed on or near January 26th and was accepted in the trial run before January 30th. receive  a letter CP05?

      Has anyone received a CP05 and called IRS and receive a concrete answer?

      I have not received any news on WMR other than the return is still processing.

      I have heard alot of people say that letters have gone out on February 14th...about additional information needed for processing..and that it will be 6-8 weeks from February 14th.

      Please post anything you know regarding this.
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