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Turbotax says "Congratulations! The IRS has accepted this return, and you're finished with your taxes" on Feb. 14th however as of today the irs wmr says they have received my return.  Does this just simply mean they have handed it off to the irs?  How long does it take after you reach this point? I got really happy when I got this e-mail until I started reading other post and checked my bar to see there were no changes.  My son got his refund approved and sent the same day and later the same evening got notification from his bank the deposit was posted. I have never seen or heard of such a thing but I am hopeful.  I also didnt know we should only check once a day on the irs wmr site. Sorry if my checking has blocked someone else from getting in there. I am reading all of the information now that I am not seeing any changes.
  • I am in the exact same boat.  Turbotax sent me the same message on February 14th....yet I am still just 'processing' on the IRS website.  I filed on January 30th but of course I had to wait, due to my education credits.  So I wonder if I'm approved or not.  The wait time when I called was unbelievable.  Has anyone else that has experienced this issue received a DD or at least been accepted now on the IRS site?
@Cee, hopefully you will be able to order transcripts this week and have a DD date, iv been seeing about 4-5 business days processing time.
  • I've never tried to order my transcripts but I see alot of post mentioning it.  Is it a case that if you can order your transcripts your return has possibly been approved?
i filed my return on January the 13th it was accepted the turbo tax web site it should be dd today feb the 19th the irs has been processing since feb the 1st what seems to be the hold kids received their  dd in less than a week. if there is a hold up way hasn't turbo tax changed their web page to reflect this.
    I filed mine on the 11th of February and never had any updates from TT, mine sat in a accepted status on WMR for almost a week till I was able to order transcripts then 2 days my orange bar moved to refund approved.  I would call and see if maybe the IRS does have your return and maybe something just didnt update correctly?
    • I filed mine on 2/15 and got acceptance message through TT quick after that. However, WMR doesn't recognize me at all, been now 4 days as a 'ghost'. Called IRS and they can't see my return either...I'm puzzled!
    • Hmmm, weird. Did you make sure all our input was correct when you entered it on WMR?
    • scottjkyl, if you mean me, I've checked WMR several times over the last 4 days. But the things is, even IRS didn't find it, just wondering if the reps also actuallty use WMR when checking status, lol!
    • I get the same thin.  It tells me to check my ss# or tax id.  Upon being accepted by turbo tax I was recognized through wmr (1st bar) received but since that day I've been in re-enter mode by them so I called irs this morning to get them to just verify they received it but the new rule is per Ms. Fisher "you must re-enter the correct information in the wmr".  This is why I dont understand why others can get them to verify for them they have actually receved ther returns.
    • Yep, and even closed out the browser to re-enter because I wanted to make sure it was clear. Weird right? Thats why I called them but with the new rules and the wmr inconsistencys (forgive spelling) its hard not to call.  I know they are really busy and I hate to bother them but when the tools dont work for you what do you do?  Im a single parent and I need all the help I can get
    • Have you tried calling the WMR 800 number and check that way?
    • Ms. Fisher at 18008291040 refused to check for me.
    • Wow @scottjkyl you filed later than most of us and already recvd your return.  I filed Jan 30th but I understand that the IRS didnt accept 8863 until Feb 14th.  Mine has been in the 1st bar accepted status since Feb 14th.
    • I filed mine on 2/4/2013 and it includes the 8863 form and the only thing I ever got was an email from TT saying my return is in line to be processed. I called IRS this morning and they told me they have no record of my return!!! So I contacted TT and they said the IRS has received the return it is sitting in a queue to be processed because of the 8863 form. It is kinda of scary when the IRS says we have no record. Hope this helps!
    • AND TT is still showing my return pending.
    @Cee, yes, if you can order your transcripts that means your return has been processed :)
    • @scottjkyl thanks   I'll try to order mine.
    • I ordered mine. I wasnt sure which to order this year so I ordered both and each said I will receive it in 5-10 days.
    If you were able to order 2012 transcripts then yours have been processed @Cee :)
    • Well I can't pull  it up on wmr. It tells me to reenter or put date approximately sent and  how I filed the I get they hv no information message.  Any ideas
    @tbush2, if you are getting that message then they say the system has been overloaded and to only check once a day, it normally updates at night.
    • @scottjkyl I got that message thismorning. I'm not sure what you are telling me.
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