My return was accepted by the irs on 01/24/13, but here it is 20 days later and still says "your return is being processed. What is going on?

Hi - Refunds strayed getting processed on Jan 30th, so there is still time within the 21 day window. Hope this helps!
  • Well I filed on 01/29 and received a acceptance email from TT on 01/30/13. I have been checking WMR and it said still being processed and now it says "We have received yourtax return and it is being processed. What does that mean my 21 day time frame is up on 02/19/13........??????
  • Hi - the 21 days applies for 9 out of 10 taxpayers, per the IRS. You may be part of the 10% where it will take longer. If you are, you should've received something from the IRS to that effect. where's my refund should have information for you about that.
  • Is there anyway that Turbo tax can contact the IRS to make sure the returns that were accepted before the 30th and were sent to an ERROR Que are now out of the ERROR Que and finally processing?  I think that ios the least that Turbo Tax can do, being that we paid our $ to use your tax filing software. Unless Turbo tax wants to refund MILLIONS of dollars to all of us. Please let us know something that is going to ease our minds about the situation
  • Well I have contacted IRS and they advised me my return was not actually accepted until 02/06/12??? Why? IRS advised me there was no hold up or letter about any hold up on my return....
  • jasonswifey - thanks for the clarification. Can you advise whether it was your tax return (i.e. document) that was accepted on the 6th, or your tax refund (i.e. your money)? If it's the return, then you are in the normal delivery timeline through to the 27th of Feb. If it's your refund, then you should've definitely received it by now...How did you elect to get your funds?

    kkm0202 - that is a good idea...however, when we've approach the IRS about this (which returns are likely to be held, which will be processed right away), the IRS advised us that they don't share this information. I am sorry that I can't offer you better information.
  • I filed early and was accepted on the 24th of Jan. I have the education credits but somehow TT was able to have the IRS accept my return early. I had the orange status bar on WMR up until Feb. 11, then it changed to my return is processing. My sisters both have education credits and filed waaaay after me. They were just accepted on Feb. 11 and already have 2 bars on WMR. When I called the IRS on Feb. 15th I was told all of the early accepted-with-8863'ers were suspended and moved to errors department. We were just released on the 14-15th and now our 21 days starts now.
  • Yes I can IRS said it was my tax return that was accepted on 02/06/13 but TT email I received on 01/30/13 stated it was accepted that day. I chose the direct deposit method. I understanf the time frame is now for 02/27/13. I guess where I am confused is why did TT give me a date of acceptance for 01/30/13 and IRS 02/06/13??? Can you clarify???
  • It could be because we use slightly different terminology. We say "Accepted" as it relates to the tax return (documents), while the IRS uses "Received" (note that this is something that we on our side need to make consistent)...The IRS uses "Accepted" in a different context on the Where's My Refund tool, as it relates to the tax refund (money) it's possible that the 2/6/13 date is your tax refund accepted date, in which case you should've received your money by now. Does this help?
  • No and I don't understand. Initially WMR was saying " Your return is being processed and a direct deposit date will be given when available". Now it is saying " We have received your tax return and it is being processed"??? What does it mean when it says it is processing and now saying they have received it.
  • I filed with Turb Tax on 1/31/2013 and Turbo Tax said that it was accepted by the IRS on 1/31/2013 an hour after I efiled. The time frame on the Window is that I should get my tax return before 2/21/2013. when I checked the wmr site the orange bar said processing.  I called the IRS last Monday and they told me that they didn't start processing my refund until the 2/7/2013 and that my time frame is 21 days from the day they started processing. I try to order my transcripts the same day I called and nothing, and when i checked the WMR site that day the ORANGE BARS WERE GONE.  I was finally able to order my transcripts on Thursday 2/14/2013, but still the WMR site says my refund is still processing and a dd will be given when available. Why does Turbo Tax give us the WRONG window of dates of they really don't know when they will start processing it and does anyone have any idea where the ORANGE BARS WENT ?  My sister can still see her BARS that show processing and she filed a day before me.   
    Just a little frustrating.
  • Sorry to create confusion...If you look at Where's My Refund tool, which chevron is highlighted?
  • i filed my taxes with tt on 1-29...this is what i get everyday, and when i call...We cannot provide any information about your refund. You must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement e-mail that your tax return was received by the IRS.......i would like to know what is going daughter filed hers on 2-4 and got hers direct deposit the next day.....where is mine?
  • so are you trying to tell us all that filed before the 1st of feb are on hold while those who filed from the first until now are getting theirs right away?
  • This is so crazy !!  I will never ever use TT again.  And I am reading more and more and I think it is TT's fault not the IRS.  People are getting their money AFTER we the 01/30 people did ours.  I am on the verge of losing my mind waiting on this money.  I have a child in need and a home in need that I can not provide for and some person behind a desk is playing with my and my childs life.  I want a refund from TT plain and simple for false advertising.
  • i also on 1-29 paid $29.95 to make sure my taxes were done correctly and $10.00 for the transfer.....and to make make sure it was a speedy going get get this money back from tt?
  • I no longer have a bar , so there is nothing to be highlighted. It just says still processing.
  • i agree
    this is so not cool
  • i cant even get an anwser
  • @Turbo TaxSacha, with the education credit, why is TT giving an estimate of you should receive your refund by 2/19.  I was, according to TT accepted on 1/26.  How is it that some are processed and have a DDD and others are not, if the hold up was form 8863?
  • my aunt filed hers on jan 21 and got her direct deposit in 2 getting more then upset about this
  • is there anyone else in here thats not getting responded to? or is it just me asking questions that could really clear up alot of stuff?
  • It seems that the only people who seem to be affected by this so called delay are does who somehow according to TT got accepted early.
  • i was accepted on jan24,2013 and it says that my window was from then to the 19th of Feb, that i should get my taxes it also says that 78 % of people have received theirs so when exactly should i get mine cause all its telling me is that my taxes are being processed and its been saying that for weeks now, im  really confused and need some help.?????????????please can some one help me with some answers..... and i don't have a bar anymore just a circle with everyone else percentages that have been received.
  • mccstudent1979 that means you r under review
  • no answewrs here either. accepted on the 24 by the irs.  I got an email from them on the 31 oJanuary telliing me that my date of accepance wa the Jan.  Nothing yet still waiting and noanswers.
  • Hi - thanks for all the feedback. I will provide as much info as I can. I would like to set expectations on a few things, so that you know exactly where you stand and what to expect:

    - Live Community is a message board designed to help TurboTax users help other TurboTax users. Employees help as much as we can (and almost all do only during our spare time), but the message board doesn't guarantee that you will get an answer right away.
    - For immediate assistance, please contact us via chat from inside the product.  

    As it relates to when you can expect your refund, the IRS has changed their processes this year. Many things that you could expect in the past are no longer true, including:

    - The IRS no longer guarantees a specific date when you will get your refund. There is a 90% chance that you will get it within 21 days after you are accepted.
    - The only party that knows when you will get your refund is the IRS. We have no visibility into what their processes are. If you selected eFile and direct deposit your refund then that is the fastest way to get your money.   
    - If someone filed later than you, they might get their refund before you as the IRS processes each return a slightly different way.
    - It is impossible for a refund to be issued that day after they accepted a tax return (the paperwork). However, if the IRS accepts the tax refund (the money) on WMR, the date they gave you is the date that the funds will arrive at your bank...but note that it can take the bank longer to move the funds into your account.

    In addition, due to the late passing of tax laws, it's quite feasible that there are forms inside your return that will delay when you will get your refund. There was also a situation where one form (the 8863, the educational tax credit) was original accepted, but then placed in  pending state because the IRS wasn't ready to process that form. In this case, you would've received an original acceptance, but were then subsequently held in pending state while the IRS was getting that form ready. You should've received an email from us about this back in January.

    I completely understand how frustrating this can be, and I hope that this provides some new information. I do encourage you reach out to us so that we can help you with your unique situation (e.g. what tax forms you had and whether they were impacted, what your efiling status is to see whether the IRS has the forms). If you know for sure that IRS has your tax return and is processing your refund, then note that they would be the best people to contact.

    Thank you.
  • No bar means your refund is on hold with the IRS for some random review..does not make since because the letter is post dated and has information about Combat Zone Tax deferment....this is ridiculous....Again it only happened to people who where supposedly accepted before Jan. 31st.
  • TurboTaxSacha this review only seemed to affect people that were accepted early" no one else seems to be affected with this Combat Zone Tax Deferment Letter that according to some was a printing error.
  • this still does not mkae any sense.....lucky1111 if this were true then why did my aunt get hers back in 2 weeks. she filed on jan 21
  • pccrmonroe I did NOT say it affected everyone who got accepted early...I said it seemed to only affect some of those who got accepted early.
  • pccrmonroe..go through all the post concerning the CP05 and you will see that it affected only people who were accepted before Jan. 31st
  • yes lucky and i understand this.....i guess what i truly meant was all this sounds like it has to do with this form 8863...i thats what the big hold up is....right?
  • This will be the 2nd week mine has no bar.  The bar went away on the 8th, a day after they told me they recieved it.  and When i called on Friday they told me nothing about it being held or on hold and they told me it was processing and I have recieved no letter.  very confusing and again very frustrating. Why can't they just tell you what is going on.
  • all i get when i check is...we cannot give you any information.....what does that mean.....i have not reccieved any cpo5 or whatever...when i call it redirects me to automated...i just dont get it
  • I don't get it either. But we have no choice but to wait.  :)
  • call me weird bu i just want to thank our government for our misary
  • lol
  • When I called they said if I see no bar then it is under review and will be 45 days from Feb. 25th before they could provide any more info.
  • yeah then i go to the chat assist...and im 140 in queue
  • yay
  • WTH ???? Are you serious ?  When did you call ?
  • pccrmonroe....I agree this is ridiculous they could at least give a legitimate reason for the delay or just release our money.
  • im in live chat window now.....the phone line is more the 2 hour wait
  • Thanks for contacting TurboTax. Currently wait times are longer than we’d like. We might answer your question faster at where you’ll find helpful articles and answers to common questions. We look forward to chatting with you and will connect you with the next available agent.
    You are currently at position number 148 in the queue.
    All agents are currently busy. Please stand by.
    An agent will be with you in a moment. Thank you for your patience.
    You are currently at position number 140 in the queue.
    The next available Agent will be with you in a moment.
    All agents are currently busy. Please stand by.
    You are currently at position number 133 in the queue.
    An agent will be with you in a moment. Thank you for your patience.
  • On Thursday and Friday
  • whats one thursday and friday?
  • wow.....I just find this whole ordeal to be year I am going to just file a week after they began accepting
  • The "progress" bar on 'where's my refund' has just disappeared today. I was "accepted" on Jan. 26th, but thanks to education credits I was told that I would have to wait until Valentine's Day. Now my information just says processing, I highly doubt they even know where my return is, or care...they'll probably run across it sometime in June or July. However, God forbid that any of us are late when we owe something, I'm sure the "IRS" will be right on top of that. I really hope it isn't a Turbo Tax issue because I feel that their product is extremely helpful and user-friendly, but if this delay is due to a TT mishap, I will unfortunately consider taking my business elswhere when the next tax season comes around.
  • yes I called IRS on Thursday and Friday and this was before I received the damn letter they did not even say anything about the letter...I got the letter on Saturday
  • Having no bar DOES NOT mean a review... many have had that same unidentified WMR option and gotten a DD date.

    If I missed it, from the turbo tax employee, was there an explanation from you on this strange Wheres My Refund status?

    No bars
    Your return is still being processed, a refund date will be provided when available.

    Changed to that 2-11   (I was accepted with form 8863 on 1-24)   I still have no other information or a dd date.
  • i agree ricomt21
  • We cannot provide any information about your refund. You must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement e-mail that your tax return was received by the what does this mean then?
  • i have got this same messege online and on the phone sense 24 hours after getting the email
  • FourKidsToFeed...if you have No bars and you have the message Your return is still being processed, a refund date will be provided when available means that your refund is on hold and under review. This is what I was told by the IRS rep. She said it does not mean they need any info from you but that it will be another 45 days before any other info can be given it may be sooner.
  • Pccrmonroe are you still waiting to chat with an IRS rep?
  • no bars doesn't mean it's under mom and my aunt's said the same thing..and neither of them were under review.and it said that for 2-3 days and then they got a dd date..and have since received there money!
  • Do you guys know what it means when it says "We have received your retun and it is being processed"
    It went from your return is being processed to we have received .... I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!
  • Once your return has been accepted, it is out of TT's hands and is up to the IRS.  The 21 day time period is not a guaranty.
  • @lucky1111, then tell me why so many on here have that same message and are getting DD dates?  I have spoken to two reps, and neither said anything about any issues.  So I think you are another victim of a rep not sure about something so just told you this to get you to stop calling.  They do record your number and reason why you call each time.
  • I am very aware that they keep record of NOT be frustrated with me because you have four kids to feed. I was just passing along the what was told to me...if you do not agree that is fine with me.....just ignore the message and keep it moving!!!!
  • one more proof

    I do not appreciate the judgement of the "four kids to feed"   Not everyone that has kids is a welfare receiving non working human...
  • Not making fun of you having kids at all I just think you are giving me attitude and frustration when I am in the same situation you are in trying to help.
  • Nope, no attitude or anything like that.  It is just there are at least 6 threads all disproving this WMR message meaning anything about a review.   I know the refund is coming.. just frustrated (not at you) that cant get anything specific on when to expect it.  

    on a side note.. never again will we file early... did not realize it would cause such an issue
  • I agree I thiink that is where the issue is coming from...alot of us who have not been accepted yet received a CP05 letter and the review is simply a delay tactic(I think). Its not asking for any information just saying we have to wait. I think something happened to out taxes when they accepted it early and they do not know how to fix the issue. I saw one thread that said to call  the IR hold department. The number is 1-866-897-3315. She said they were able to go over her taxes on the phone and release all but $250. So maybe this will be helpful.

    Sorry if I offended you...THis is so frustrating and annoying.
  • No need to be sorry.. I most likely misunderstood.   

    Isnt holds for if you owe though?  I dont owe anything, past , present and anything else they hold funds for.
  • YOu can still call to see. The lady had the same message we had. No bars and Still being processed . no DDD. Doesnt hurt to try!!!
  • Called spoke to a Mrs. Ford.. not rude, but definitely not helpful.  She refused to look anything up.. says no way was accepted prior to the 30th.  To call back wed/Thursday.  So I will hope to have a DD date before then, or I will call back.. I really need my transcripts...

    I told her about the message on WMR.. she says that is nothing to be concerned with, it changes to that as you near the end of the 21 day wait.
  • i'm glad it changes to that when we're close to the 21 days, i got a dd for state for 2/21, hope fed is around that date mine usually come a day apart
  • She was also very adamant that the WMR site WILL show if you are under review, and are receiving a letter.  Returns undergo "mini reviews" all the time, but its when they expect them to delay the return significantly, they send letters.  She said the WMR site will tell you also if you need to call, and it will display an error code.   (I know WMR has had its issues, but I do believe for the most part it is working)
  • I relieved a review letter and the WMR does not say anything
  • I dont know what your situation is.  How many times had you called before you got the letter?   I do know some letters went out with a glitch, and not to be too worried about it.

    Like the rep told me, if the review was expected to take a while, a letter is sent.. I am not sure what to tell you on the WMR status though.
  • So I just got off the phone with IRS who told me my Return was being processed then they came across an error and corrcetd it on 02/11 and because of that error whatever it was she did not want to tell me. She stated it would not be until 03/25/13 or 6 weeks later before they release my refund.........I asked her why I had not received a letter and she stated it was too early to receive the letter and I would receive it soon...... This totally sucks!
  • ok heres what i was told... filed on 1/29 acceptd on 1/31 wmr states your taxes are being processed and a dd will be available when they get one... just hung up the phone with a rep name (john) he stated to me my return does have a hold from what he sees are is under review it just has not been processed yet. he states they are backed up which i can assume but doesnt help me at all he stated just to keep checking and the big updates on wmr is done over the weekends. he said it could be weeks but its not under review so therefore idk what to think i guess its just a waiting game.... im very stressed.....
  • typo error..... it does not have a hold.........
  • and it is not under review...     Damn computer keys........
  • so Confused ... I called the IRS this morning, the first person couldn't tell me anything , he transferred me to someone he said would be able to tell me the status , he was super nice, but the person he transferred me to was SUPER RUDE !! She told me that it was processing , i told her i could not see anything on the website and I no longer saw the status bar. She said it was processing. I told her i was just worried because I could not see anything online. She asked me when I filed and I told her i efiled on 1/31, and she said "OH YES, I SEE WE RECIEVED IT THAT DAY"  "IT'S STILL PROCESSING AND WE HAVE 21 DAYS FROM THE 31ST"  
    When I called last week they told me they recieved it on the 7th. SO WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH..
    I'm not going to call or check it anymore. If they want to give it to me they can if they don't want to then i guess they can just keep it. Theres no beating the IRS anyway, and I don't have the TIME or patience anymore. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.
  • Almost same situation as mine ....WMR still saying We have received your return and it is being processed since 01/30/13. Well my 21 day time frame was up today. I contacted IRS they advised me my return was actually accepted on 02/06 not 01/30 as TT email stated. She then told me there was an error found on my return but did not give me any details as in what type of error it was anyway she told me it would 6 weeks before they are even able to give me my refund ....So confused never received the letter from the IRS about the hold .....THIS TOTALLY SUCKS!!
  • so  I call the IRS back and a different rep told me that it was accepted on 02/06 and there was an error on the service center part not on my return and they corrected it on the 02/11 and that I am still within the 21 day time frame from the 02/06. She also stated the previous rep was just telling me anything. WOW ! Now I am really confused.
  • Thats crazy.. Well my 21 days if from the 31st will be on Thursday. But if it is actually from the 7th, then it's next Thursday. I'm just going to wait unitl next Thursday and see if anything changes and if Not then I will call, because I would be within 21 days of all dates I have been given.. lol.... I think some reps are telling the truth other reps are just saying stuff to get you off the phone. oh well. until NEXT THURSDAY TURBO TAX.   I don't think i will use Turbo Tax again. Everyone i have spoken to that used Turbo Tax has had an issue. Everyone I have talked to that used something else has had no problems.  Not bashing Turbo Tax, It just didn't give me a good expierence this time.
  • @ nlilliana i feel like you do , i've gotten where i barely check anymore, i'd rather come on here. I received my state today , it was supposed to be deposited or processed  by 2/21, i'm hoping my fed. come they are usually  deposited a day apart
  • yea @nlilliana I agree with you this is my first and last time using TT. My mom filed on 02/03 and she received her return on 02/12. The second IRS rep that told me I was witin the 21 day time frame also told me they are receiving too many returns and they are really backed up and everyone waiting will most likely be waiting the full 3-4 weeks until they receive their return. Best thing to do at this point is wait because they are just telling us anything...I'm like it is what it is. WMR is not helpful and IRS2GO sucks too lol so I'm done with it......
  • Anyone else think if the IRS is having this much trouble, maybe they oughta bring back out the old system to help out MeF ?  Seems MeF cant keep up on its own.. and is causing way more problems than necessary.
  • @Four i agree i'd had my money yesterday, it's usually 10-14 days with the old system and i file and got accepted for fed. on 2/4 and got accepted for state on 2/5 and i got state today.
  • Hello, we E-filed on 2/6/13 using taxactonline. We still haven't received a refund and our refund is being "processed". On 2/28/2013 we finally received a letter "Important information about Combat Zone tax deferment" Notice CP05. We are not military affiliated, and have had no major changes in our life events. The letter is post dated to 3/11/2013, and says on the back their review will be completed by 4/25/2013. They do NOT need any additional information from us. We are owed Earned Income Credit. It seems a lot of people are having similar problems no matter how they filed. I found another group talking about it on Yahoo here:
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